April 27, 2008 - May 3, 2008
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May 3, 2008

To: Alison & Andy
Thank you for six & five years of hard work and for making it possible!!!!
—Holly .

To: Karen Morabito
Thanks for the 36 years of caring and loving the short bald guy. Your the best. Love, Pete
—Pete Morabito

To: Dick Barnes & Sandy Armentrout
Happy Birthday to Grandy and Grandpop-- nothing like spending it in the hospital! much love, Jake, Walter, Hazel, Ivy, Alek and May
—Caitlin Ruthman

To: The McCandless 5
Wish you were here, glad you are listening...we will see you next weekend at UMaine graduation!
—Erin Murphy

To: Mom (Clara Tucker)
Happy Birthday mom! This is yout first birthday being spent in Heaven. How we love and miss you. Nan
—Nancy Tucker

To: Catherine Sage Kapilileilani
Happy Birthday Honey - Sorry about the 17 letter middle name, it seemed like a good idea at the time, 15 years ago. Surprise, you are a part of Prairie Home Companion today. Have a wonderful 16th trip around the sun...Mom, Dad, Mary Ellen, and Granny too.
—Rachael Sharp

To: Joe
Hi Brother, it won't be long be long before the herring and humpbacks return to the Gulf of Maine. I've got the Bombanat all fueled up, come visit soon.
—John Viechnicki

To: Noble
Dad, tell Gracie that the red squirrel are on their way. I promise to hang the hummingbird feeder soon. And trust me, your cactus will not survive outside in Maine. Love, Idjet
—Mindy Viechnicki

To: People in Northern Maine
Here's hoping that after a long, tough week, Prairie Home Companion can help you laugh. Thoughts are with you from another part of Maine.
—Kara Sassone

To: Gwen
Hello to Gwen from your brother, Gavin. I took the SAT exam this morning, then I sang in the Holocaust Memorial Day concert this afternoon, then Mum drove as fast as she could to get us to the Show this evening, and we knew we'd be late, so I hope I'm here.
—Marcy Willow

To: Gary
To Gary in Bar Harbor -- keep your spirits up. Win or lose, I will always love you.
—Glenon Friedmann

To: Emily Jones
Happy 3rd birthday to Emily Jones whose parents left her ON her birthday to attend a show in Bangor... We love you, Mom and Dad
—Greg Jones

To: Lauren Kolb
Tyger looks down with approval
—Richard Chen

To: Lisa and Minnie
Hello to Lisa and Minnie from Avery in South Korea. I'll be home just as soon as the ship gets built; don't eat all of the moose meat without me.
—Avery Brott

May 2, 2008

To: Marika Shimkus
Congratulations to daughter Marika (MAH'rika) on completing her masters in expressive therapy at Lesley. Hope the money is better than waitressing at Friendly Toast.
—Beverly Wiegler

To: Peeps and Aaron
Congratulations on your move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Hope you have enough room in your new living room to blow the air mattress all the way up. Love from Daddy and Bev
—Robert Roxby

To: All our friends listening
Lisa & Duane Wheeler from Waterville, Maine, say HI & LOVE YA to all our friends and family from Las Vegas to Omaha to Greensboro to Boston, listening to the show. We're really here!!
—Lisa & Duane Wheeler

To: Stuart McConnell
We miss you...but are happy you enjoy living in Incheon, Korea...and teaching English there. Great work. Tell Winnie "Hi". Love....
—Jack McConnell

To: laura in Fort Kent
Hope you're high, dry, and ready for the black flies.
—Carol Red

To: Kari and Lin White
Congratulations on the May Day arrival of your little Clara. We hope the whole family is doing well in Orono, ME.
—Tara Williams

To: Marjorie
Congratulations to Mom/Grandmother/Greatgrandmother on your graduation from Georgia State University(Doctorate).It,s been a long road and we are very proud of you.
—Suzanne and Mike Faust

To: Bonnie wilker
Happy Birthday Bonnie Wilker. We won,t mention your age. Nonnie has 6 grandchildren who love her. We love you too.
—Larry Wilker

To: Dad
Hope you are having fun in Colorado. Make sure you take photos of any fish you catch to back up your stories. Hurry back: I like your kids, but only in small doses. Love, Jen
—Jen Cantwell

To: Rachael & Ben
We are awaiting word on your recent interview and return to the North Country. Hoping you get the job. We need help shoveling the roof.
—Donna & Tim (Mom & Dad) Dunton

May 1, 2008

To: Annette
Happy Anniversary to the Wife Of My Youth. You’re still my favorite. Thanks for taking me to see Prairie Home Companion in Hot Springs.
—James McClellan

To: Imogen Page
2008 Maine State Spelling Bee Champion! Good luck at National Bee. Enjoy tonight's show - your 13th birthday pressie. Love Mum, Dad, Cecily, Sam, Blue Hill friends
—Lucy Benjamin

To: Ray
Thanks for taking care of me while I was sick. Aren't you glad to be sleeping together again?
—Donna Perkins

To: Sarah
Congratulations to our Mistress of Divinity. Love, Mom and Dad
—Jim Vekasi

April 29, 2008

To: Paula Collins
To my wonderful Florida friend, you have been to many PHC live shows now here I am in Bangor at my first one thinking of you.
—Anna Louise Lopez

To: Barbara Stewart
America, let's celebrate! Barbara Stewart's eighty-eight! Peace Corps, Berkeley, Mom -- and all Let's hear it for that Tennessee doll! ...From your Public Health School Gang
—Leigh Trivette

April 28, 2008

To: ms molly g
Congratulations on completion of your MFA degree for Theatre for Youth @ Arizona State University - the kids love you and but we are your biggest fans - we are very happy for you - mom, dad and JJ
—jeff gittelman

To: Michael
Another birthday and you're turning 39 ... again! I love you but you are still older than me!
—Mary Wolfenbarger

To: Grandma and Grandpa
Just saying 'hi' while I'm at home getting ready for Prom. See you tonight or tomorrow. Have a nice night.
—Ryne Baumhover

To: Bree and Lexi
Girls: Enjoying our Christmas gift - dinner at Dysart's and Prairie Home live. It would only be better if you were here, too. Dad and Mom
—Erik Steele

To: Catherine Sage Kapilileilani
Happy 15th Birthday Surprise to our lovely Catherine Sage Kapilileilani from your family who loves you very much...oh yea, and from (Kai) the dog too!
—Rachael Sharp

To: Mom ( the Mera Mera or Boss Lady)
even though we put you through so much mama-drama, we want you to know you really truly are a beautiful, wonderful woman and the BEST. MOM. EVER. happy mom's day week.
—Genevieve, Jeannie, and Tony Borich

To: Jeanette "The Boss Lady" Borich
Hello Mom and Happy Mother's Day. I hope to recieve extra Mommy-points for getting the message on the Show! With Love
—Jeannie Tony and Genevieve Borich

To: Grandma Dahlgren
Greetings to Grandma Dahlgren in Yarmouth. I can't believe I'm actually graduating, and I thank you for all you've done to help me get here!
—Luke Letellier

To: Ken
Can't wait to marry you this fall at camp and get a chance to use my 3-o-8 engagement rifle.
—Shannon Kirk

To: Pasha
Congratulations on your M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Penn State next month! With your motivation, persistence, and ingeniuty, the field of energy is lucky to have you! Hugs, MOM
—Barbara Petite

To: mischa and courtney
Only a month to go until the wedding and then life will return to normal--only better! Love--your folks in Maine
—stanley chan

To: doreen and brian
All good things finally come to maine! From Mattress
—ilona mattson
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