May 4, 2008 - May 10, 2008
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May 10, 2008

To: Mae Barrett-Fox
Happy First Birthday. I hope you have a Praire Home Companion party. You be Dusty and I'll be Lefty because I am left-handed. Love, Your brother, Gus, who is almost four.
—Gus Barrett-Fox

To: Tim and Barb Schmidt
Hello to Tim, Barb, Dan, and Mark, the best parents and uncles a girl could ask for. Hope you're enjoying the show in Milwaukee!
—Ellen Schmidt

To: Diane
Happy 32nd Anniversary from the guy who used to buy you hot dogs in high school.
—Tom Arenberg

To: Pat
Celebrating your 50th birthday on Mothers Day by walking on your first Susan G Komen Race for the cure.You will be jogging in them in the years to come Dave,Ali & Steve
—Dave Perrier

To: Priscilla a.k.a Mom
Here's wishing you a Happy Mother's day! Hope you and Dad are still enjoying your cross country adventure in that new home-on-wheels. Don't stay gone to long. Love, your girls,
—Moriah, Rebecca, & Toni Looten

To: Ilsa
We know you're working hard at the writers workshop in Oregon. When you come home that will be our happy ending! Love David, Sarah, Carolyn and the cats.
—David Bick

To: Katherine Valentyn
4 weeks to our wedding day (6-7-08) when we'll become partners for life at a church just 5 blocks from this theatre. Forget the to-do lists for one night and enjoy the show.
—John Jones

To: Lucia
Happy Birthday on May 19 to my old (in the sense of time, not age!) college roomie and friend of 45 years. Hope Garrison doesn't ignore you this year.
—Ann Westall

To: Ian
After your two years at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York, we are pleased to hear that “CD” means Credit with Distinction… Congratulations on earning your Masters Degree! Love, Mom & Dad
—John and Kay Cliffe

To: the creek family
Hello to my Texas transplanted family! It is 95 in Texas-but chilly without you here. Hope you are enjoying your top row seats! Love from Mom
—Linda Lancaster

To: Hannah
Happy 12th birthday Hannah, - we hope you are enjoying the show, leaving you home with a sitter on your birthday would have been sad. Love Mom & Dad (she will be there with 3 generations of listeners!)
—Courtney Goldbach

To: Abraham Corrigan
Abraham, Congratulations on competing in the National Debate Tournament. We're soooo glad you're smarter than all of us. Continue to overcome your home environment. love Aunt Christine, Uncle Ron and Cousin Mieko
—Ron, Christine & Mieko Kuramoto

May 9, 2008

To: Mom and Bill of Broomall, PA
Thanks for putting up with "The Blooms of Waterville, Maine" for more than a week last month. Couldn't get this message down to the stage in time last week in Bangor during the show.
—Lawrence Bloom

To: Craig
Happy 55th Birthday on May 18th, from your getting smaller good looking wife! Just kidding you not bad yourself! Hope your home and able to listen to the show Saturaday night!Love ya
—Mary Lou Jackson

May 7, 2008

To: Sarah Bakken
Happy Birthday to Sarah in Hawaii from Grandpa and Grandma in Minnesota! We love you and miss you.
—Karen and David Bakken

To: Roger
I am so happy to celebrate the anniversary of your birth. When you breathe, I am alive. When you smile, I am happy. Love,
—eva bowman

To: Carmen Sindermann
Hi Casi, ich wollte Dir mal wieder herzlich zum Geburtstag gratulieren ;) Wie geht's Dir denn so? Melde Dich doch bitte mal... bin noch über heiner punkt xxxxx bei web punkt de zu erreichen;) so oder so wünsche ich Dir alles Gute! Heiner
—Heiner Faber

To: Jamie
It's our 10 year anniversary today and I love you more and more as we enjoy our travels with each other in this world.
—Sam French

May 6, 2008

To: Steve G.
Steve, Since we are here at the Milwaukee show, I can't "suggest" that you paint the hallway this'll try anything won't you! Primely yours, Kate
—Katie Wildman

To: Eileen Cronk
Dear Aunt Eileen,Grandmother and Max and Dana, I hope you are all well up in Michigan. I love you all and I can't wait for you to come down to Ohio this summer! See you on the day you return from Grand Rapids too Grandmother. Love to all! Love, Seth- A proud grandson and cousin!
—Seth Crowell

To: Gene Stemple
"A correction" May 5th. I sent in a birthday celebration for Gene Stemple that said he he will be age 70. He will be age 69 on June 12th
—Barbara Chavez

May 5, 2008

To: Jim & Elaine Konkel
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary. How'd you score Row K Orchestra?
—Dave & Alice Konkel

May 4, 2008

To: Gunter
Here's wishing you my love on your 62nd trip around the sun. Also, Happy 2nd Anniversary, and thanks for putting an end to my 53 years of spinsterhood. This marriage thing isn't half bad. Love you, Barb
—Barbara Pfeifer-Woog

To: Frank and Toots
Happy 90th birthday Dad on the 25th, Mom you already celebated your 86th and Happy 69th anniversary shortly - you are heros to family and friends. And Dad, it is NEVER too late to plant more garlic. from Cyrene (serene), one of your greatest fans
—Cyrene Slegona

To: Andrew Kemper
Congratulations on your 4.0 record leading to a full scholorship to Long Beach State! Ottertail Lake will be waiting for you this year and we wish we could be there with you!
—Aunt Claudia and Uncle Mark Hapgood
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