June 15, 2008 - June 21, 2008
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June 21, 2008

To: david and amanda
thanks for the treat of seeing a praire home companion in the midst of a stormy afternoon. the show was great and so was the company. you know how much i love you and now so does everone else!
—amy griffiths

To: Fred & Louise Moritz
Happy 50th Anniversary !!! Love Peter, Debbie, jessica and Matthew
—Pete Moritz

To: Paul and Norma Reed
Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary. From your loving family Patricia, Terry, Steve, Mary Beth, Gregory, Cynthia and grandchildren.
—Gregory Reed

To: Phillip
Happy Birthday to my 40 year old prince of a husband, Phillip. I've been in this decade for 5 years before you, thanks for finally catching up! Love you even with less hair, your queen, Elysabeth.
—Elysabeth Bouton

To: Susan Geiger
I would like to wish my darling wife of now 28 years a happy birthday (the big 50). After some quick calculation I now believe I have said "I love you" approximately 10,220 times since we've been married, not to mention all the time I said befroe we were married.
—Gordon Geiger

To: Lori Schneider
To Lori, that pretty girl who twenty years ago used to hold my hand under the lane lines at swim practice. Happy wedding anniversary. Love Kurt
—Kurt Schneider

To: Peter
Happy Birthday Peter, Hope to see you in Neverland sooner than later. Running out of fairy dust. Love, Wendy
—Catherine High

To: Ken and Lori Twardziak
Hope you guys are having fun, we know you've been wanting to see the show live for years!! Maybe tonight dad will break out the "DEER ANTLERS" for mom! Love Amy, Jeremy, Nikki, Kenny
—Amy Twardziak

To: Steve
Happy anniversary farm boy! Nine great years to the same great guy! Love you, CJ
—conni cook-wagner

To: dave
Happy anniversary honey. Sorry I said I should get a medal for being married to you for 24 years! I was just mad. You're the best!
—Jackie Pinter

To: Mickey & Nadara Mader
Happy 47th Anniversary to our mom and dad, Mickey and Nadara. No one thought it would last when you were barely 20 and living in a trailer with a new baby, but look at you now, a happy, OLD married couple! P.S. Sarah, you're only 17, don't be afraid to major in English (just ask GK).
—Jacki & Dave Pinter

To: Miss Ina
Happy Birthday to our wild, wicked slip of a girl in Pinetop, Arizona. All our love.
—felice and sam serrano

To: Jesse and Pinky
Happy 50th anniversary Mom and Dooda! Love the whole Fam Damily
—gaynelle myers

To: Tim
If you wear your "Live Fast" trunks this week, we're sure you won't drown. Just stay IN the canoe!
—Shelly Silvaggi

To: Deb Weinstein
We wish you a happy 50th birthday. I hope you are enjoying the show at the Blossom on your birthday. We love you! me and the kids
—james ross

June 20, 2008

To: Jon and Karen Hampshire
Congratulations to Jon and Karen, in the audience tonight, awaiting the birth in Otober of their forst child, Hannah Marie,
—Doug DeVos

To: Marc Davidson
Hello from your parents in Minneapolis. Hope your internship at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland is fun!
—Shellie Specter & Bob Davidson

To: Candi Hamilton
Happy 6th anniversary dear, I look forward to our late night walks on the beach and finding money at Cedar Point. Love, Your Captain John.
—John Hamilton

To: Ron and Melody
Happy 35th wedding anniversary. We love you.
—Rob and Karisa Bethune

To: Caroline & Mickey
To Caroline & Mickey in Charleston: looking forward to practicing yoga with you when you return to Cleveland in a couple weeks. Until then, keep your dogs facing downward! Peace and Love, Megan & Scott
—Megan Tettau

June 19, 2008

To: Jack and Anna Mendelin
Happy 39th anniversary on this summer solstice. Hope everything is peachy in the ol’ UP of Michigan. Can’t wait to see you two next weekend for the ribs, lamb kabobs, and egg plant parmesan. Go Tigers! Love Tony and Tricia from Detroit.
—Tony Mendelin

To: Grandma Toots
Hey Grandma! Hope your enjoying the unbearable heat of the great Minnesotan summers. I'm also wondering when will you find that sugar daddy. Because I saw cute man at the grocery store and he was right in front of me. Alone. Love you!
—Celia Knieff

To: Ted and Mary Hook
Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Ted and Mary Hook! We love you more than the moon and the stars. Love, Chad, Polly Josie and Sammie
—Polly Cooper

To: Debbie Bailey-Murray
The flood waters missed us by two blocks and as of today, we've been married for sixteen years. How lucky can one man get?
—Arthur Bailey-Murray

To: Chris, Shirley & Ryan
Happy 3rd Birthday to grandson Ryan in Saudi Arabia. Grandma Jan & Scott send their love. Hope to see you at Christmas!
—Janet O Malley

To: John K. Rayl
Happy Belated Father's Day. I love you with all my heart.
—Kendra Giesseman

June 18, 2008

To: Victor Neff
Victor, Just thought I'd let you know that I love you. And that I'm pretty excited to be a part of "one of your biggest dreams..." which is to see Garrison Keillor live! Happy Birthday!!!!! Love, Theresa
—Theresa Parsons

To: Florence Summers and Florence Wott
Hello to our moms, both named Florence and both ninety-one years young. Mom W, please send molasses cookies. Mom S, keep those golf scores down and say hello to Ernie (also 91)? How’s he like the new hybrid car?
—Bill and Karyl Summers

To: Marilyn and Roger Lipster
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! And you have lived in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for 48 of those years! We're celebrating at Prairie Home Companion at Blossom!
—Herb and Kathy Wise

To: Jenny and Jody
Best wishes to this couple. "If we hadn't been married today at Squires Castle in Willoughby and now celebrating at Happy Day's Lodge in Peninsula, - we'd be there at Blossom with you!"

To: Marcy Becker
To my wife, happy birthday (6/21) You seem to get more beautiful as the years go by, even when your mad at me. I love you
—Jay Becker

To: Dad
While you're at Blossom enjoying the show, I'm taking the test that could get me into school and out of your house -- keep praying!
—Michael Lander

To: Dennis Duke
Happy 55th birthday to my favorite guy. I waited a very long time and, finally, here you are!!
—Lorna Hickam

To: Mom and Matthew
Happy Belated Mother's Day and Belated Birthday...oddly enough Hallmark didn't have a card to cover both.....enjoy the show in teresa
—Teresa Montalvo

June 17, 2008

To: My brother, Raymond
To my soil scientist brother, just remember it's not DIRT until it comes into the house!
—Maureen Burns

To: Emma Blake
Happy 8th birthday Emma Blake Happy 50ish Dave "Poppy" Blake Happy 50ish Kathy "Mamma" Blake Love, Randy & Mary listening in New Orleans!
—Randall Blake

To: Sammy
You are my favorite thief - thank you for stealing this time with me!
—Lynn Kessler

To: Uncle James Neil Birney
Happy Birthday Uncle Neil here we are meeting in Ohio, you from Canada and me from Indiana. My first live Prairie Home Compagnion show, mom & dad's and gramma's too. I hope I get up on stage and sing happy birthday, from your favorite 5 year old neice.
—Hannah Amos

To: Ron
Birthday greetings to RonMop. With memories of Canterbury Hall and Longport New Jersey 47 years ago when we were 19! Glad you found me again. Love ya!
—Annie Bodell

June 16, 2008

To: The Phillips Family and Unlce David and Aunt Judy
Nameste from Bangalore, India, the land of boiled beans. Miss you and love you, Dan and Andrea
—Dan Phillips

To: Chris Cherokee Wolf
Happy 47th birthday week!!! Your other present for this year is waiting for you in the pasture, yip-yip-yip -long life to the Cherokee!
—Stace Butler

June 15, 2008

To: Monica Hammond Roby
Happy Birthday on June 27, my love. What a treat for Sierra, Mick and I to bring you to your favorite show. Many thanks to Bill and Donna for a great weekend.
—Jim Roby, MD

To: lora willis
hello from martin and grant in ohio to grandma willis in Arizona. Grant will be out soon to tour the copper mine
—john willis

To: to my brother in-law Rob, my sister Lucie, and the guys Joel and Michael
Hope you are having a good time tonight, wish I could be there with you, Is the show as good as the movie was? Love from Montréal, Québec, Anne
—Anne Fortin
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