June 22, 2008 - June 28, 2008
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June 28, 2008

To: our daughter Coreen
Best wishes for the upcoming birth of our next grandson. If you feel like breaking wind, feel free to go to the hospital instead.
—Ken Larson

To: Meg and Steve
Happy 25th Anniversary. We love you. love your children.
—Sydney Singer

To: Cheryl and Dave Hayman
Congratulations on your first anniversary! Can you make it back for the late shows? We can use some help in Receive.
—Marilyn Garrett

So long Uncle Mick, Heaven must have needed you more. We'll miss you.
—Tom Reinke

To: Ann Marie
Happy 70th Birthday to Grandma from all the kids and grandkids. We're glad you were able to reschedule our dinner so you could be there at the show in Tanglewood.
—Michael Ciszewski

To: Mark
To my Sweetheart - Happy 1st Anniversary -celebrating with Sue and Captain Sanford here at Tanglewood-every Friday the 13th will always be special to us. You're my Schmoopy!
—Patty Wesner

To: Major Ethan Myers, USA Airforce
Best wishes on your hardest mission yet - fatherhood will suit you well! We can't wait to meet Baby Bear Myers in just 2 weeks!
—Jenn & Todd Dort

To: David, heidi, jordan and mackenzie
Greetings from Cambridge. Did you use the red wagon? Hope the potato salad stays cold!!Enjoy the day!!
—Cindy and Jim Maguire

To: All the Naffs on the lawn at Tanglewood
Nice to be sitting together on grass we didn't have to mow to enjoy.
—Maureen Naff

To: Judy Brown
Thanks for 23 great years. Let's walk the Appalation trail next April.
—Jim Brown

To: Jessica Shukraft
Happy Birthday Jess! After 9 years of living in sin, thanks for agreeing to marry me. You've made me and my family very happy!
—John D'Antonio

To: Sheryl
To Sheryl, my "honeybunny" on our 16th anniversary! (June 28) I love you! Stephen
—Stephen Michaud

To: The Phillips Family and Uncle David and Aunt Judy
Namaskaara from Bangalore India, we miss not being with you at Tanglewood tonight, but we couldn't get a rickshaw from India to the Berkshires. Love and Kisses Dan and Andrea
—Dan Phillips

June 27, 2008

To: The Alamo Liddle's
We'll have a Sam Adams for you if you have two Lone Stars for us, miss you! Ken and Kat
—ken liddle

To: dad
Please throw the fish back after you catch them and for once trying mowing the yard in the different direction. You are wearing ruts in the lawn!
—tom, sue and larry peterman

To: Ben
Wish you could be here. Sorry to hear about the rash. Don't worry--we'll bring you back a piece of rhubarb pie. --Jarred, Kelly, and Luke
—Jarred McCaffrey

To: Setti
Greetings from Tanglewood to you dear brother! Wish you were here with your newborn daughter & the rest of the family instead of in Iraq.
—Makeda Keegan

To: Gerry Dio
Nothing could be sweeter than spending the evening with you and a PHC at Tanglewood. Hope you enjoy the show. Happy Belated Father's Day your wife of almost 30 years!
—Joan Dio

To: Grandpa Kielpinski "Keel-pin-ski"
Happy 83rd Birthday (June 26, 2008), Grandpa Kielpinski in New Brighton, MN. Keep walking 2 miles a day in your cowboy boots ;). It keeps you so healthy. Love, Your Granddaughter Christine at Tanglewood, MA
—Christine Kielpinski

To: Dad
Hope your young children turn out as good as us old ones. Sorry if we set the bar too high; but really, it would be your fault if we turned out too good, wouldn't it?
—Jen Cantwell

To: Lisa
Happy 23rd anniversary. You are still the sunshine of my life.
—Don Batchelder

June 26, 2008

To: mom, dad, and the rest
Hello from Japan, hope everyone is doing well! See you on the tenth.
—Joe Webb

To: Bob Brennan and the four Brennan Boys
From their two cowgirls: thanks for the company on the long haul from Brooklyn, New York and Lynchburg, Virginia. Yee haw.
—Terry Brennan

To: Liam and Aidan
Hi boys! We hope you are enjoying your first live performance of Prarie Home Companion. Remember to keep the hoots and hollars down when the powdermilk biscuit music comes on! By the way, Mom used to teach here at TMC. Love Mom and Dad.
—Kathy Sheahan

To: Anne Cormier
Happy 10th Anniversary, Anne! Ten years, three beautiful girls, and already a lifetime of love. Your adoring husband, Mark
—Mark Cormier

To: Dad
Thank you for all the times we sat in the car in the driveway listening to the radio. You work too hard. Love,
—Erica, Brown

To: William Donovan III
Happy Birthday, Billy the Third We are so happy you could be with us at Tanglewood! Love from Mama Llama and Mark, Tildy and Boog
—Joyce Lincourt

To: Sarah McGhee
Good luck on your research trip to South Africa! I know that PhD will profit humankind someday. Come home safe and sound. Love - Mom
—Susan McGhee

To: Kimberly
Happy 11th wedding anniversary to my wife Kimberly. Garrison, could you help me with an appropriate choice of words that sums up 11 years of marriage to a beautiful, caring and supportive wife?
—Keith Gajewski

June 25, 2008

To: "Mitch"
Happy 61st Birthday! The kids are sorry that the party isn't as large as last year. Also,happy anniversary-33 years and you hope that it wouldn't last. Sorry, they are on the same day.
—Sharon Pepek

To: Rich
Thank you 8 wonderful years and for introducing me to Prairie Home Companion! Happy anniversary! Love,
—Fonda Franciscone

To: Michael & Julie Vogel
It's great to be visiting the Prairie from Helsinki, Finland, after listing by radio for 27 years! Enjoy the fireworks on the 4th with our son Jaakov!
—Alan & Piko Schulman

June 24, 2008

To: Curtiss & Virginia
I'm doing my best to feed the ticks up in Hopkins Forest, but I think the green polka dot bike scares them off. The Berkshires aren't nearly as beautiful without you.
—Abby M.

To: Ethan and Alison
To our 3-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter - it's a delight to have you here tonight on the lawn... but it's okay if you want to fall asleep peacefully from now until the long ride home. Love, Mom and Dad
—David Polochanin

June 23, 2008

To: Harriet Andrews
Happy 82nd birthday to Harriet Andrews from your family! Didn't we all have a great time in the Prius taking Jim to Tanglewood for camp? (OPTIONAL: Trying to walk after getting out of the car was unforgettable, too!)
—Eunice Alexander

To: Ann McKee
Happy 70th Birthday June 28. So glad to be spending the day with you at Tanglewood. Billy Collins wrote " can never repay your mother"...but we're willing to try. You did say you preferred to sit on the lawn, right?
—Karen Roach

To: Pooh
New England greetings from your great granddaughter Addison - wish you were here!
—Jane Tuttle

To: Sarah
To Sarah-38 weeks pregnant! Here's hoping you will NOT go into labor out there on the lawn at Tanglewood listening to PHC tonight, but wouldn't it be a great story if you did?! Love--Chrissy
—Chrissy DeAngelis

June 22, 2008

To: Dadoo
Happy Birthday, Dadoo! Thanks for the tickets . . . I'll accept your bribes to come home any time! Seriously, though, this is great! Love, Punker
—Diane D.
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