October 5, 2008 - October 11, 2008
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October 11, 2008

To: Alice
A warm greeting from your ever lovin' in Osprey,Florida. No red tide, no hurricanes. Enjoy Rochester and come home when the snow flies.
—Charlie Dudley

To: Dave & Lavon Earp
are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary at the show tonight. They might come back for their 51st, depending on how it goes. Have fun, we love you!!
—The Kids

To: Brett Landow
Happy Birthday, Brett ... Your friend Peter
—Peter Blue

To: Kelsey, Olaf, and Peggy
Thank you for coming to see PHC for my birthday! Love, Mom
—Deanah Alexander

To: Nick Lowe
Happy you are here in Saint Paul tonight. Used to see you all the time when I lived in NY. While this isn't the "Bottom Line", at least it's not 32 degrees today. Come back more often.
—Donna Pedota

October 10, 2008

To: Eric Harper
Hey Bones,Thanks for taking me to the big Show! I'll wake you up in time for the news from Lake Woebegone.
—Elizabeth Harper

To: Tim Eloe
Hope your birthday found you enjoying your family, the crisp and calming aromas of autumn, and a cup of coffee. God Bless.
—Joel Hornby

To: Tom, Zachary, John
Hi to my Dad, Tom, in Virginia, he's the greatest, and my two sons, Zachary and John. Remember boys, no football in the house.
—Jessica Taft

To: Marian
You have been the light of my life and I am love seeing your sun shine on our growing family. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
—Charlie Bradburn

October 9, 2008

To: Dave & Lavon Earp
are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary at this week's show. They may come back next year for their 51st, depending on how it goes. Have a great time, we love you!
—Your Kids

To: Amanda Wilmoth
It's been 13 years since that Halloween dance. A happy 5th anniversary to little red riding hood from her big bad wolf.
—Buddy Ingalls

To: Michel Evanchik
Happy Birthday Michel! I love you very much, and I love and cherish our children. You are all my reason for being.
—Monica Evanchik

October 8, 2008

To: Mrs. Jerry
(October 11th show) Jerry and Jerry Webber are here celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary and Mrs. Jerry's recent completion of her Master's Degree in Social Work. Congratulations, we actually got through it baby!
—Mr. Jerry Webber

October 7, 2008

To: The Fitzgerald's (Jack, Julie and Anna)
The Fitzgerald's (Jack, Julie & Anna) are pleased to be at the Fitzgerald Theater to see the show live and wish a happy Columbus Day to their friends and family back home in Brooklyn, NY.
—Julie Fitzgerald

October 6, 2008

To: Husband Jerry
So good to be here with you tonight. Twenty-one years, two kids, a dog and a mortgage - it's been a great ride.
—Jerry Webber

To: Tim Masterson
Happy 4th Anniversary. Time stands still with took 2 years to get from our 3rd anniversary to our 4th...amazing!? And hello to Sam who craves ketchup fortnightly!
—Leslie Masterson

October 5, 2008

To: Bethany Rose
Sweet Bethany Rose, only one year old, How sweet it is, if truth be told, To greet you on your Birthday, Sweet, Sweet Bethany Rose, only one year old. Bethany Rose lives in Fair Oaks, California, with mommy and daddy, Lolo and David. And big brother who is 3, is thought of too with love, from their Great Gramma and Grampa up in Oregon, who say, "Thanks a lot! GK"
—Donna Gray-Davis
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