October 12, 2008 - October 18, 2008
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October 18, 2008

To: Susanna Michael
We wish you could be here for Prairie Home Companion. Instead you have to be at Smith College with all those intelligent and talented women! Love, Mom, Dad and Jon
—Jon Michael

To: Nancy, Joe, Judy and Jen Roe
Greetings to you in Presque Isle, Maine. While we're at the show, we hope you're eating some special snacks in honor of Dad's 81st birthday!
—Becca Roe

To: Mom and Dad (Alan and Lola)
1 is paper, 25 is silver, and 50 is Gold; But 30 ROCKS! Happy 30th anniversary. (mom and dad are at the Abilene show tonight)
—your kids

To: Morris
My life with you has been wonderful! Let's keep going! I love you
—sharon fitch

To: Debbie Bullock
My beautiful bride from Amherst, TX. I love you and am always proud to be with you. As I was listening to the game on the radio, how many cookbooks and recipes did you read on our drive together down to Abilene?
—Paul Bullock

To: Dick & Sharon Newman
Thinking of you in Lexington, KY.
—Paul Bullock

To: Lola
To my wonderful wife Lola, Happy 30th anniversary. It has been "cosmic" from the beginning. (we are in audience at Abilene tonight(
—alan moret

October 17, 2008

To: Aunt Jane in Congerville
Happy Birthday from the OK Studies We Love You!!
—donald studebaker

To: Charles Haley
Who would have thought? Two nice preachers kids like us at a show like this! Can't wait to see where the path leads next!
—DeLeigh Haley

To: Anna Gillette
Thanks for the birthday tickets to the show even though our youth group has no idea who Garrison Keillor is!
—Trey Gillette

To: Garrison Keiller
I am having a bad time. Your show in Northern Ireland (ON BBC 7)is off the air at the moment. Come back quick. I miss you. Harry McMillan
—Dr. Harry McMillan

To: Megan
Happy 2nd Anniversary Honey! We've been married two whole years already and you only moved out once! That's a pretty good start in my book.
—Brock Sargent

October 16, 2008

To: My lovely wife Beth
(We're going to be at this weeks show in Abilene) I'd like to wish you a happy 50th birthday. I hope you liked your party and I'm sorry about the fire pit.
—Richard Crusha

October 15, 2008

To: Aunt Jane Stadler
We would like to wish our Aunt Jane Stadler, in Monroe, Michigan, a very happy 70-something birthday. How far that little candle throws his beams!
—Karen & Wendell Albracht

October 14, 2008

To: V
Happy 2nd Anniversary. I am looking forward to traveling to Abilene to see your hometown and PHC. Hoping for many, many more wonderful years together. All my love.
—Laura Heatwole

To: Nate Dalo(day-lo)
Hello Nate, US Marine serving in San Diego and going to serve in Afganistan next year form Abilene Texas. We are proud of you.
—Daniel Johnson

October 12, 2008


To: Aunt Sally in Bklyn, NY
Greetings from your favorite niece in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I know you and my mom always listened to the show together even though you were 1500 miles apart. Next time I see you, I'll make crumbcake without the cake for Uncle Frank.
—Karen Silvis

To: Nick and Joy Zola
Dear Nick and Joy, We're thrilled that you are attending a live Prairie Home Companion performance. Sure wish we could be there with you!
—Emily & Jeff Jacobs

To: Louise, Dee, Barbara and Jenny
Happy Birthday to our two favorite 80 something Mothers and to Baby Bebe who's 75! Jenny, tell the mechanic "no" to topping off your headlight fluid!
—Don and Susan Strickland
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