December 14, 2008 - December 20, 2008
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December 20, 2008

To: Cornell
Sorry for making you miss the show on 12/6 at Town Hall because I thought it started at 8. Your formerly-favorite sister-in-law.
—Teresa Leung

To: Mary Davis
Mr. keillor- I am sorry this is coming in so late, but I am stationed in Korea and wanted to wish everyone back in the states a happy holidays, especially my mom in Joplin, MO. and friends back at Ft. Drum, NY. I miss home and cannot wait to get back. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
—Charles Davis

To: Tom
Tom A lot of people were amused to see a hot air ballon flying over Sioux Falls, SD yesterday in the 18 degree temperatures on the eve of a blizzard. It's a typical snow blizzard that were getting today, you know, those with the negative temperatures and the 40mph wind. You'll be happy to know there is plenty of snow for skiing when you get here and that our cousins from Springfield, MN will be here for Christmas Day.
—Mark Schroeder

To: Margaret
There's nothing you can't lick. Wishing you a speedy recovery from Kate, Eemit and the Chelebi girls.
—Kate Gyllenhaal

To: Dad, Susan & the Butlers
Sorry I missed the wine tasting. Spit out that old rot-gut because in a few weeks I'll bring bubbly & we'll finally have something to celebrate on January 20th.
—jamey allen

To: Ben
Congratulations on the straight A's you earned on your 1st Semester in East Brunswick, NJ High School, I know you wanted to see Bon Jovi but this show was all I could get tickets for, Thanks for coming with me, Love dad
—Mark Coller

To: Dao and Mary
Glad you made it home after your Peace Corps adventures. Sharing two years with you guys in Peace Corps Macedonia was fantastic. I will keep the light on in case you find your way back here before May. See you in the States next year.
—PC Patrice

To: James Ryan
Happy 30th Birthday Jimmy!
—Laura Reilly

To: The Bearse Family
Ever so thankful to be here at the Show after our 7 1/2 hr. drive down from Cape Cod in the "Minnesota-like" snowstorm yesterday. Great driving, Scott! Maxwell and Simon you are the best. Hello to dogs and cats at home, stay warm. Happy Holidays to all!
—Carrie Bearse

December 19, 2008

To: Vivian and Dad
A Very Merry Christmas to my lively sister Vivian and my festive Dad. Vivian - You'll get that solo, I promise. Dad - Have a jelly baby. Merry Christmas.
—Esme Cribb

To: Pop and Momma D,
Home now from The Citadel and ready to get the Christmas cheer in action. Dad the H. Upmann cigars will be burning and Mom no smoke your way but I'll send an egg nog lickety-split! Much love your son!!
—Joshua Call

To: Peter lonsdale
dad, Great to have you here from England for Christmas and your 81st
—Richard Lonsdale

To: julian
thanks for finding & loving me! although I made it easy for you by putting that sign on my back. I love you pin head
—louise st.laurent

December 18, 2008

To: edwin martin
I think one day of the we're the same age, on his Birthday thats today..... I was born two months before him on the same day...Ive Been wishing him Happy Birthday for 62 years...This year we celebrate our 80th....
—jane ann martin

To: Teeny and Don Kuhn
Dear Mom and Dad, Three years ago we tried to get you tickets for your 50th with no luck. So happy 19,338th day of marital harmony. We love you, Sarah and Margaret
—Margaret Kuhn

To: Joe Risser
To my wonderful husband, Congratulations on your retirement. Here's to more time for Jeeping, fishing, the farm and us. Your love since '65,
—Carol Christen

To: Brian Ruse
Merry Christmas! I love you.
—Ashley Zari

December 17, 2008

To: George
Seeing PHC at The Town Hall in New York City, you say? I like how you roll.
—Maureen N.

December 16, 2008

To: Jamie
Your mom and I were so touched you took the time to order these tickets while you were in China......only to discover that you and your brothers had also planned a welcome home party for tonight with 100 of your closest our house......oh well, we love you all anyway, Mom & Dad
—Tom Schellens

To: Tony
Happy 27th Birthday to my dear husband! The perfect present will be listening to the show together with our new little baby in our arms! I love you with all my heart.
—Andrea Leigl

December 15, 2008

To: Sue
Sue - Thank you for being my wife all these years - your wonderful and make me feel wonderful too! Dave
—David Sperstad

To: Diane Lindberg
Mahalo Diane for coming from Hawaii to the show in NYC. Glad we could take the midwesterners out. Sorry we haven't served you jello salad.
—Abby Hoffman

To: Bronwen
Bronwen, Congratualations on finally getting your Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree. You've proven that you're nevert too old to learn new tricks! Love, Kevin, Lynn and Caitlin
—Kevin, Caitlin & Lynn O'Connell

To: Liz
Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Eve from your friends in Portland, OR! We all still miss you terribly and hope you're keeping warm in Wisconsin.
—Erika Schneider

December 14, 2008

To: Charlie
To be read on Friday, 12/19 if possible: Dear Charlie - There is no one with whom I would rather shlep to see A Prairie Home Companion every December than you - Happy Birthday to my Brooklyn Home Companion! Much love -Didi
—Didi Lacher

To: Dad
I'm sorry I backed into your car the other day. I guess I can't use the excuse of a deer running behind me, and needing to hit your car instead since hunting season is over. Let's hope the repair center is offering a 2 for 1 holiday special.
—Katie K

To: Tom
2010 will be the really big one Tom...Happy 69th on Jan.7 2009- from your partner for life-your wife.
—Phylis Abate
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