February 8, 2009 - February 14, 2009
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February 14, 2009

To: Bette
Even though you think my sun looks like an orb, you are still my sunshine.
—Dan K

To: Roger Rochat
With you, my Love, I'd rather be Than with the Queen, Her Majesty Conversing on world policy Eating crumpets and sipping tea. I love you!
—Susan Rochat

February 13, 2009

To: Reuben
Happy Valentine's Day to my sweetheart. May we have many more Valentine's Days together and many more Saturday evenings listening to A Prairie Home Companion.
—Michelle Bernard

To: Sarah
Happy Valentine's Day! I love you and can't wait to marry you in July!
—Eddie Reif

To: Ray
Just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. I know Valentine's Day is a Hallmark Holiday, but I decided to celebrate anyway and went big with this on-air announcement of my love for you. (Don't give away that it's free)
—Donna Perkins

To: Our Families in Decorah, Burnsville and Oshkosh
It must be genetic! Our Valentine's Day baby is running late and so we sit here tonight hoping that parenthood doesn't strike for a few more hours. Just in case, is there a midwife in the house? Kate and John
—John Nicholson

February 12, 2009

To: Tim Fitzharris
There is a wonderful man named Tim Who is warm, witty and loveable Bewcause on this day, Fourteen years ago, I became a wife to him. And to you, Mr. Keilor We saw you at Borders You signed our books and chatted a while, He was the Dogfather and i was Antique Biscuits. So, as your new season begins, I sit by the radio taping your show, And yes, We still have that storage problem. But Alas, this poem is for Tim. My rock, soul and campion. Because to me my dear, you are truly My Prairie Home Companion.
—Gair Fitzharris

To: Richard Chapell of Pennsylvania
An emergency triple by-pass surgery due to a birth defect is totally unreasonable at your age. You should complain to the factory and go over the terms of your warranty again...
—Arthur Godinho

February 11, 2009

To: Garrison K.
Hi all, I may have the wrong Internet cul de sac but thought I'd say hello to all within earshot for fun. Have a good day all! William
—William Stade

To: Susan
Happy Anniversary... 21 years and looking forward to many more!
—Bruce McIntosh

February 10, 2009

To: Leya
Dear Garrison: It's great to hear you on KRZA out of Alamosa, CO, which braodcasts to us here in northern New Mexico. Welcome! You are my Sunday respite from a difficult world.
—Leah (pron. Leya) Alexander

To: Rachel
Wishing my favorite freshman a very happy birthday!
—Cameron Charlton

To: Jerry and Muriel Tiegel
Happy 59th Anniversary! After 60+ Valentine Days in New York, we are glad you made St. Paul your new home. Your love keeps all of us warm. Eric and Lisa
—Eric Galatz

To: Morgan O
Say Hello to Morgan O at Ithaca. Good luck with your music minor audition. Mis you though don't come home. Love Mom, Dad and Skyler
—Michael Bocciolatt

February 9, 2009

To: Dale and Joan Ewald
Happy 50th anniversary to Dale and Joan Ewald from your kids. Sue,Brad and Evelyn send love from Memphis. Tell Garrison, the Orpheum Theater in Memphis is calling his name.
—Sue and Brad Ewald

To: Florence Hughes
Mom, Happy 93rd Valentine's Day Birthday! Aren't you excited I got tickets for our first show tonight! Sorry I couldn't get two seats together. Your Loving Son,
—T. John Hughes

To: Barb Steele
Roses are red Violeta are blue I am so very much in Love with you! Barb steele From Rick T
—Rick Thiel

February 8, 2009

To: Spry family
little Patrick Keegan Spry! from yakima wa Born Superbowl Sunday! We love you Paddy cake! love Kyrsten Rebekah and Joebob
—Brandy Spry

To: Garrison Keillor
Was thrilled to see you at the Inaugural (while walking out), but the picture I got of you (with your permission)was too dark! Please send me an autographed picture! As with President Obama, it's unlikely I'll have the opportunity to be that close to you again! Was too star-struck to tell you I've seen you/your show twice, in Fort Collins, CO at the Budweiser Events Center . . . and when our girls were in elementary school we even planned a vacation around your show in Durango, CO at the Fort Lewis campus on a mesa above town! Have been listening to your show since the '80's . . . was so impressed when you pegged my Norwegian husband by saying something like "those Norwegians just aren't happy unless their cold and wet and miserable!" Thanks for the memories!
—Deborah Cape
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