April 26, 2009 - May 2, 2009
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May 2, 2009

To: Monica
Happy 5th anniversary Sweetie Buns. Love Sugar Lips.
—Dave Wales

To: Alan
Roses are red vilots are blue I love my husaband and Garrison too. Also, Hi to all the Darling's.
—nancy darling

To: Karen & David Baker
Greetings to Dunmire Hollow, Tn. From Collinsville, Al. Tim just burned his homemade rolls listening to Garrison Live in Nashville! Damn!
—Frannie & Tim Koe/Martin

To: Deb Helwig
Hello my dear, did you ever think you'd hear Garrison Keillor speak your name? Well now you have. Love as usual.
—Katie Cibort

To: Emily
Happy 18th birthday. May your dreams of today be the reality of your future.
—Ben Youtz

To: Barbara and Fielding
Mom and Dad send best wishes to Fielding and Barbara, who are in the Ryman audience tonight, and expecting their first child any moment. We hope they make it to the end of the show.
—Diana Logan

To: Jennifer Ohnstad
Happy "May Day" Birthday to my daughter. I'm looking forward to hearing you sing in the band next weekend. Hope you play my favorite song. Love, Mom
—Susan Ohnstad

To: Clinton
There is no better way to celebrate one year than to be here at the Ryman with you and PHC. Thank you for the best year of my life.
—Kristen Bradley

May 1, 2009

To: Mom and Dad
Happy 70th anniversary Kate and Rich. Pop, she said to please stay off the roof. She doesn't mind at this point if you get someone else to clean the leaves.
—Dan Lowry

To: Phil
The reference letter is in the mail, hope you get the job anyway.
—Bryan Burnette

To: Hun
Sarah my wonderful Hunny, I can't believe we are actually at the show. It's been a great ten years, and I look forward to a hundred more, at least. Eric a Happy husband.
—Eric Thorstad

To: Peggy and Mark
Mom & Dad - Hope your birthday present is funny. Relax and enjoy! Love - Lori & Matt
—Lori Stiggins

To: Bruce & Marilyn
Welcome back to Edina, MN, from your snow-bird winter in Florida. How sweet it must have been !
—David Peace

To: Lacy White
Congratulations on graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Creative Writing! We are so proud and welcome home! Mom and Dad
—Rob and Gail White

To: Erick Zander
On this very special day A Prairie Home Companion came our way. So, it is with much love your wife will say, Happy Birthday!
—Nancy Zander

To: sam spina
Cindy and Sam will be celebrating their 35th anniversary soon. Cindy wants to tell Sam that it just keeps getting better and better.
—cindy spina

To: Craig
Hope you can get the water softener installed. You only have a one day weekend this week. Love ya!
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: william
happy belated 1st anniversary! we had a great time celebrating with phc in nyc! next year we'll do it in st. paul!
—karilyn drago

To: Len Slizewski
Thank you to my wonderful husband for making a dream come true - Prairie Home at the Ryman! It doesn't get any better than this!
—Terri Slizewski

To: Bill and Nancy Hurd
To Bill and Nancy Hurd, celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary with a show at the Ryman-- much love from all your above-average children!
—Dave Hurd

To: Garrison
Glad you are here. It would be wonderful to talk with you, be with you, and Enjoy life together for as long as it is real.
—Diane Conroy

April 30, 2009

To: Steve and Connie
Greetings from Wichita! Can you believe that I still listen to this show even after having move away from home? You're grand-daughter grows more beautiful every day.
—Scott and Hilary Pigg

To: Adam Nagel
To my husband who proposed in Italy before Botticelli's Birth of Venus painting and who got us tickets to A Prairie Home Companion--good job!
—Heather Nagel

To: My husband Joffre in seat M-8
Happy lucky 13th Wedding Anniversary! I hope our bench-mates scooted down so we can actually sit together tonight. Otherwise, meet me at the drinking fountains after the show.
—Maria Laret

To: Kathe & Ray
Greetings from Cincy! Mike & I are so excited to come visit you guys in North Carolina! Kathe, hope you have a great birthday! Give all the critters a treat from use! Love you both, Your Favorite Niece and her boyfriend Mike.
—Amy Valentiner

April 29, 2009

To: Lucia
Tervituloa! Baby Girl, we are so happy you are hear! 3lbs. 9oz. yes, your early, but as your father says; "if your not early, your late". PS. In a little bit, we'll show you the joy's of pickled herring with cream!
—James & Carrie Helsius

To: Tracy Stone
Happy 40th Birthday wishes from your beautiful (and younger) wife!
—Rachel Stone

April 28, 2009

To: Amy
Happy Anniversary to my wife Amy: Twenty springs in Tennessee since we wed; House and three kids, just like we said.
—Joe Coen

To: Gloria
Happy Birthday Momma Lamma, congratulations on making it another year!
—Adrien Fox

To: Annette and Lezette
Happy birthday to the Twinkettes! Lots of love from Beth, Adam, Katie and the Flamingos.
—Elizabeth Auden

To: thomas Eaton
Happy Birthday twin, we made it another year. (May 2) Now we can collect out social security!!
—theresa eaton

To: Our Moms...Patricia and Mary Kay
Hello to our Mothers, Patricia and Mary Kay in Evansville, Indiana...No we didn't run off and get married, but we WERE overcome with wanton lust on our trip down to Nashville.
—Tim Shipp

To: Ben
Thank you for humoring all my bad jokes. The best gift I've gotten this year is having you back in my life. Here's to our friendship, and by the way, Knock Knock. Who's There? Radio. Radio Who? Radio not, here I come.
—Emily Louise

April 27, 2009

To: Olivia O'Donnell
Happy 6th Birthday to our daughter Olivia! You came into this world in a speeding car, and you haven't slowed down since! You have blossomed into a darling little girl and we love you very much. Love, Mom, Dad and big brother Colin
—Kitti O'Donnell

To: Lital Silverman Webster
2006, PHC driving in the rain in Chicago. Now, after 160,000 miles, we're married, celebrating with PHC. May all our children be above average.
—Andrew Webster

To: Teresa
Teresa, thanks for being my caregiver and being with me thoughout my cancer treatment. I don't know what I would have done without you. I love you dearly. Pat
—Pat Wilson
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