May 10, 2009 - May 16, 2009
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May 16, 2009

To: Jean Clare Shea
Happy Birthday sis! Glad we're here together!!
—Patty Kelly

To: Mom Barb in Oak Lawn, Illinois
Ever since I got Lou Gehrig's Disease, you have been wonderful; espceally learning all of my machines. I understand when you get frustrated with all of the electrical cords. Thanks for bringing in flowers so I can enjoy them. I hate being stuck in bed. Your grateful daughter Judy.
—Judy Dague

To: Garrison
We are celebrating our 25th anniversary Tuesday by going to see your movie - the Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes. Should be good :)
—Mary & Victor Tollerton

To: diana isgar
Its about to happen, one of Lake Wobegon's most loyal citizens turns 60 yes the BIG 60 on the 21st of May. Please be upstanding for Diana Isgar, currently spending her retirement in Adelaide, Australia
—douglas coffen

May 15, 2009

To: Roger Ljungberg
Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary on May 22. I can't believe we lasted 10 years together but wine and aspirin has been helpful during these 10 years.
—Patricia Ljungberg

To: Jayne
Bah Weep Grahnah Weep Nini Bong!
—Danny Lemieux

To: Gina Roper
To my wife, Sweet Gina, Congratulations on bringing our firstborn, Alexander, into the world. Love, Bill PS: Are you ready for the 4th trimester?
—Bill Roper

May 14, 2009

To: Charlene
Have not attended church for over 45 years. One even with Garrison and I can not get the Doxology out of my head. Enjoyed the show in San Luis Obispo CA, thank you, Charlene
—charlene korsgaard

To: Camille
Happiest of birthdays to my daughter,Camille, named after a hurricane that almost took her parents lives. She is still taking on the world by storm!
—Joy Brennecke

To: Robbie Adamson
Hope you're enjoying your time in the airstream. Don't forget to return my novels.
—Rebecca Stuebing

May 13, 2009

To: Mack Holley
To our loving son: in Afganistan fighting for our freedom here in the United States, Mack we our very proud of you and we send out our love... Come home soon!
—Jeffrey & Lavisa Cooper

To: karen mccarthy
happy mother's day karen! i've met your kids and you deserve it! love, your daughter austin.
—Austin Cooper

To: mer and sofia
so glad you guys are done with finals and able to hang out and be awesome with me. i love you girls!
—Austin Cooper

To: Meredyth!
holy cow! i'm so excited to be here with you. happy birthday! i hope we stay friends for many more!
—Austin Cooper

May 12, 2009

To: Terri the Food Fairy
Meeting the cast and crew was cool Watching the rehearsals was like radio school The show from row 6 was great But I'm still full from all the good Food I ate
—Chuck Robbins

To: Cecile Ann
Congratulations on graduating with your Ph.D. in chop time. Three years from start to finish is not bad. We know you worked very hard for this.
—Grandpa and Grandma Hylton

To: Paul Woodworth
Happy 12th Birthday to Paul in Rockport, Maine, from Mom, Dad and Fran. No, you are not getting the life-size working trebuchet.
—Rebekah Woodworth

To: All MN cat lovers in springtime
my cats stay in all winter; i have to scoop and scoop. they play outside all summer, but they still come in to poop.
—Don Gemmer

To: Aunty Stacey
The vermont part of your family are all hoping you recover quickly from your surgery. Love your best nephew and family, JT, Jessica and little Aidan-Michael of Newbury, Vermont
—JT Dodge

May 11, 2009

To: Kyle Doesken
Hi, Kyle. Good Luck with all of your final exams. And i look forward to seeing you this summer, little brother.
—Michael Doesken
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