June 21, 2009 - June 27, 2009
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June 27, 2009

To: Jesse and Eric
Listening in from Sewanee,Tennessee.. Mamasan and Hank send their love to the soon-to-be married Southern Goo Goo and the Boston Bean...
—Melinda Haines

To: Sheri Lublin
Happy anniversary Sheri & Gerry you're here in spirit. Next year in person and in health!
—abby lublin

To: Marci and Barry
We square-danced at your wedding to the Red Cray Ramblers and we're all still dancing together. Happy 25th Anniversary. Love, Richard and Elizabeth
—Richard Brunswick

To: me ma
happy 50th part 1 - you've almost caught up to me. Looking forward to many more. Love you more - your de da
—jim devoe

To: ella & jude
Love from tanglewood.grandpa and grandma
—ed wacks

To: Kerry & Kim
Hey twin, Enjoy Garrison and Steve. We slipped the kids $20 to get lost for the evening to celebrate our 28th Anniversary. Curfew waived.
—Korey & Tana Jackson

To: Sean and Eliza Drum
To our little Lake Wobegon kids, Mom and Dad wish you were here with us tonight at Tanglewood! We love you! PS don't eat all the cookies.
—Eric and Tiffany Drum

To: Alexaalexa bysalexa
Alexa In your ninth year, I see you now blossoming into a beautiful young lady. Its been my special treat spending a Saturday or two every summer at Tanglewood with you and our other Saturday nigt visitor, mr Garrison Keillor. With admiration and pride, Your Daddy
—john bys

To: Karen Lipton
Happy 32nd anniversary to my loving wife from sunny Massachusetts.
—Wayne Lipton

To: Caitlin Read Falls
Happy Birthday sweetheart, from Daddy in the Shed.
—Dave Read

To: Jessy
Hope things are going well for you in Boston. We miss you much! love, Mom & Dad
—Greg Bonzek

To: Friends and Family
Greetings from Dano and Family from Stockbridge MA, year-round home of 2000, and that's just bears!
—Dan Helming

To: Mom, Dad, Jane, and Herb
Thank you so much for all of the wedding preparations! Only three weeks left! It will be a beautiful day!
—Rachel Henderson

To: Steve Martin
Won't you please autograph my BANJO and you can join the Kingston Trio as place of honor on my favorite musical instrument. I am in the cheap seats out on the lawn
—Genna Rittenhouse

To: Julia Mary Marino
Hello Julia Our down east girl 09's sure star in an unsure world. Love Lily, Ma, Gracie and Pa
—Liz Sorgi

To: Jim & Susanae
Happy 20th Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Glad this "new alloy" isn't too rusty yet.
—Harlin & Esther Glovacki

To: Renee
To Renee, who is in the audience tonight, a New York girl from Queens, who is now as close as she'll ever get to a prairie.
—Mark Dershwitz

June 26, 2009

To: Sam, Devon, Joe, Abbey, Angela, Seamus, and Theo
Hello 4th grade Odyssey of the Mind Team members, serving as Grand Marshalls of the Barton Hills Neighborhood July 4th Parade in Austin, Texas.
—Carolyn "Aunt C." Hubenak

To: Benn
Greetings, Wishing you a great time at Middlebury Language Academy. Please learn Spanish well so you can order food for your Dad on our next trip to Argentina. Love
—Marc and Patricia Bluestein

To: Russell and Janet Coleman
Hey Mom and Dad - Thanks for watching the kids so we can see the show close to home... we promise to feed the cat if you ever decide to fly out to MN to see it for yourselves!
—Rebecca Quail

To: Peter Stine
Happy 70th birthday, Dad, with love from Caleb, Levi, Caroline, Nico, and their aunts, uncles, and parents. If only the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band could play "I Was Born in Saginaw, Michigan" in your honor!
—Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta

To: James Seymour
Here we are at Tanglewood on our actual anniversary! 28 years, and still, the best part of any day is coming home to you.
—Alison Cuyler

To: Jeannie and Chris Given
Wishing a long and happy marriage for Chris and Jeannie on their wedding on the 4th of July. Love Mombo Queen
—Christine Given-Collins

To: Grace Masters & Family
Enjoy the show and enjoy the weather and of course let Grace know that I love her!
—Jamie Weliver

To: Lisa Perkins
Thanks for stepping away from the Goulash and stepping into my life.
—Tony Gubelman

To: Linda
Happy Birthday Linda. Hope you like the present of spending your birthday evening with the kids at Tanglewood for Prairie Home Companion. I know you've stopped counting birthdays long ago but each year I'm more in love with you. Kids- you've probably figured out by now Hannah Montana isn't performing tonight. Sorry about that but don't worry you'll get mom and dad back in due time. Famous Forever and Happy Birthday Linda.
—Reggie Cooper

To: Jan Grigsby
Dear Mom and Dad, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to see the show with you at Tanglewood. I'll do my best to behave myself at the Jazz Festival. Love, Chris
—Chris Grigsby

To: Kris
Happy 2nd anniversary to a beautiful woman with a beautiful name! Your loving husband,
—Chris Klatt

To: Robert Ruslander
Papa - Happy 81st birthday! Lucky for us we give you tickets to the show - so we got to tag along! Love you!
—Barbara Ruslander

To: Alex Marion, AKA, Hammer, AKA, Daddy
Your four gorgeous daughters think you're the best father ever! We'll be there when we get back from Timbucktoo, Cincinnatti, and Kalamazoo! Love, Dianeski, Baby bear, Two Shoes, and Alice the Goon Mays
—Diane Landy

To: teresa kanev
Happy 10th wedding anniversary. One child, three homes, 3 boats, its been one amazing ride!
—paul kanev

To: Mom and my sister Carol
To my Mom and sister Carol, I sure hope you printed my cyber-sent list of PBR stations, which broadcast the "previously owned" edition of tonight's Prairie Home on Sunday afternoons. . When you try to hear your show again on the turnpike flight to Boston, the reception may fade in and out. Radio-wise, New England and upstate New York are known to be tricky terrain. So, please keep my list handy. If one frequency skips away, you'll quickly be able to locate another. You don't want the (radio) waves of Lake Wobegon to get lost somewhere midst the Berkshires. Love, Richie
—Richard Howes

June 25, 2009

To: Jesse Hughes
(greeting for 6/27 show at Tanglewood) Happy Birthday to Jesse, celebrating his 23rd tonight on a double date with his girlfriend Ashley and parents Bill & Dot. We'll decide latter who gets to ride home in the back seat.....
—William Hughes

To: Mom
—M M

To: Amy & John Sharon
Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad! We hope you enjoy the show. And don't worry; we'll untie the babysitter by the time you get home. Your loving children, Emma & Walter
—Emma Sharon

To: Robin Viens
A big Happy Birthday to Robbie (in the audience at Tanglewood (6/27)) from her husband: Gino and friends: Debbie, Jack, Cheryl and George. Have fun and may all your "woes-be-gone" !!!
—Gino Viens

To: Folks in section 11, row E, seats 14, 15, and 16
We had those seats... but had to go to my cousin's bridal shower instead, so we sold them to you on Stub-Hub. Just found out Steve Martin is there... oh crap. Hope you're enjoying the show, I bet it's great.
—Ms. DeMichiel

To: Steve and Alice Brown
Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad! Hope you enjoy the show. Love, Lisa, Matt, Amelia and Graham
—Lisa Brown

To: Mary Ellen Daniloff
Happy Belated Birthday once again to my "big" cousin in Marshall, MN! We're expecting you to visit us in Wilton, NH this summer before school starts up again! We've got a place on the porch for you to sit and read and you can hang out in library next door! If the mood suits you, you can take a walk down to Putnam's store and get some penny candy, or a fishing liscense - whatever floats your boat! Miss You Lots!
—Pam Bealo

June 24, 2009

To: Janet and Tom
To the members of Team Lutefisk from the Norway Cruise. we wish you were at Tanglewood so we could sing together. Love from the Buffalo Girls.
—judy stover

To: Craig
Happy birthday & Anniversary, to the man I love more & more each day. thanks for taking me to Tanglewood for my birthday!
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: Dave and Betty Scanlon
Happy 35th Anniversary! I'm so jealous that you get to see Prairie Home Companion in person! Don't worry, Matt and Jess are taking good care of Bo and probably haven't taught him any bad tricks!
—Susan Scanlon

To: Bubu Loch (pronounced, lock)
"Bubu" Loch, Eat your heart out, I'm here and you're not. Your bud, SRM
—Steve Myers

June 23, 2009

To: Martha and Peter Smith
Happy 25th anniversary mom and dad! You might get a party when you make it another 25 years!!
—Ellen Smith

To: Ben Levy
Best wishes on starting nursing school.
—Barry Levy

To: Pat
Happy 30th Birthday! We Love you!
—Annie, Jeffrey and Pilot Stein

June 22, 2009

To: Angela and Dan
Congratulations on 27 years of marriage! Never before did such a strong woman and a good looking man produce such above average children
—Claire Smith

To: Garrison Keillor
This is an unabashed fan letter. I admire your wit and humor more than that of any other contemporary writer, comedian or personality. Of course, I love Prairie Home Companion, but I also am particularly fond of the essays I read in Funny Times. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me glad I'm alive. Thanks so much.
—Nancy Mossman

To: Louise & Bill Higginbotham
Happy 40th anniversary, Mom and Dad ... A Roman Catholic and a Southern Baptist who married, became Quakers, turned Congregationalist, and lived to tell the tale. Love from your kids.
—Sarah Higginbotham

To: Terry
Happy Birthday! Did you hear what happened when the stubborn Norwegian chased the stoic Swede around the gym? Me either, but it was probably only slightly inappropriate. Hugs and licks from the Mad Town girls.
—Prudy Stewart

To: Tom Flynn
Happy 50th Birthday to Tom Flynn, from your loving family in row T. The best is yet to be!
—Lisa Flynn

To: Andrew Bennett
My Aussie sweatheart, I dream that we were together! Then I woke up and your were still in Vancouver BC and I in Atlanta, GA..missing you terribly! Love,
—Kerrie Kardatzke

To: Andrea and Bruce Smith
Warm Greetings (and we do mean WARM!)from Lake Wobegon to Andrea and Bruce Smith, former Lake Wobegonians now calling Schenectady home. Wish we could be at Tanglewood with you! From your friends Jenny and Dennis in the Big City of Alexandria, Minnesotah!
—Jennifer Schmidt

To: Layla Eileen
With your soft curly hair and eyes of green you're the most darling gal I've ever seen. Happy first birthday Sweet Layla Eileen.
—Stephanie Duncombe

To: Elliott & Louise Manke
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! You made it!!!
—Mara Manke

To: Eric
Happy 40th Birthday to a great son!!
—Marilyn Boulier

To: Neil Howard
Congratulations on surviving your first year as a middle school principal! Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary. After all those long hours, will you be coming home now? (Claverack, NY)
—Cybil Howard

To: Eric
Happy 40th birtday to my favorite brother!! Thanks for everything you do.
—Renee Reed

June 21, 2009

To: Margaret
This weekend together in Lenox is a great birthday present. But I am still waiting for my cake. You have all my love.
—Barry Herzog

To: Linda Gifford
Happy Birthday and may this year bring peace, memorable moments with family and friends. The walks on the beach are awaiting you...please visit us before the hurricanes arrive! love your younger sister
—Rita Hough

To: Tricia Downing
Happy Big 6-0 to my best friend for more than 25 years. We'll be in Tanglewood 6/27 celebrating with Garrison live for the first time!
—Ellen Wickersham

To: All friends and family in MN.
Here tonight celebrating their 35th anniversary like PHC. A Minnesota NY romance in exile in western MA. Pat Donahue played at our 3 day wedding fest.
—Kevin and Kathy Leahy

To: Garrison Keillor
Last year you did not read my sonnet on the air during your poetry contest.'s your chance to read it when I'm in the audience at Tanglewood on June 27, 2009. :) ODE TO THE BLENDED FAMILY by Donna Marie Merritt Did we think it would be easy, This merging of our lives? Children, pets, careers, and exes, Converge to give me hives. We said "I do" one wintry morn With loved ones standing near. Congratulations, hugs, and then Reality, my dear. Your brat cat hid--my dog did, too-- And still have not made nice. Three teens who think they know it all Just add a bit of spice. To this family so well-knitted, I commit--until committed.
—Donna Marie Merritt

To: Elsie Waterman
Happy 80th Birthday to Grandma Elsie! We know you’re listening because you never miss a show!
—Vicki Arkens
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