June 28, 2009 - July 4, 2009
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July 4, 2009

To: Meghan Melloy and Jim Melo
The Jensen Family wants to send their congratulations to Meghan Melloy and Jim Melo who, in true Lake Wobegon fashion, were engaged this morning, July 4th, on a swim platform named "BOB" on round lake outside St. Cloud. Cheers!
—Matt Melloy

To: Kristy Flack
Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart! Ours is a match made from heaven. You - the special needs teacher and myself - a drummer who needs special needs and understanding. Thanks for the last 4 years of marriage and adventure.
—Mike Flack

To: Mike Mahoney
Happy 70th birthday Dad. See you at the family poker game tomorrow. Love you, your daughter.
—Michele Mahoney

To: Emma Zinn
Happy Birthday from Drain,Oregon to my favorite 5 year old niece! I will see you soon, save room for Ice cream, I love you
—Uncle Mike Franklin

To: Grandma Karen in Danbury, Wisconsin
Grandma Karen, All those years you had my mom listen to PHC paid off - I'm only 5 months old and I'm in Avon celebrating the 35th anniversary! Can't wait til I am old enough to get the jokes. Wish you were here! Love, Binda
—Belinda Brosseau

July 3, 2009

To: Jodi
Thanks for being my wife and best friend for the last 13 years
—Randy Maile

To: Robert
Happy 55th Birthday on July 12! Thanks for being a great dad and husband and for loving all of us. Your girls, Katie, Hannah and Caroline
—Caroline Bott

To: Andy
Best wishes to Andy and Paula who will be married on the shores of beautiful Lower Spunk Lake two weeks from today
—Frank Ziegler

To: Diane & Todd Hofteig
To a team that has weathered tornadoes, kids, death and his love for Lutifisk. Happy 45th Anniversary may tonight be one of the highlights.
—Joy Schumer

To: Bernice
To Bernice in Avon: Thanks for bringing your potato salad to the picnic here today. Should we tell everyone your secret ingredient is pickle juice? Toots
—Kathleen Ziegler/Earserv

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Garrison: Happy 35 years with your Prarie Home Companion. I've never met you but it feels like I've known you forever. Keep up the great work. God Bless You

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Garrison, Congratulations on reaching 35 years of a WONDERFUL SHOW!!! We listen to your show when we can and have become total converts! I even made a rhubarb pie last night! (We live in Australia and it's not normal Aussie food, believe me....we loved it, coulda done with some cornstarch to thicken it though. Love your stories, love Guy Noir, love all the music. Hope to try to listen live for your 35th, but don't know whether we will manage. Would absolutely LOVE to be there with you all. Love from Sally and John Bloomfield, Castle Hill Australia.
—Sally Bloomfield

To: Pete & Nancy Klingeman
Wishing you both the best for your 52nd wedding anniversary! Hopefully this makes up for our neglect of your 50th!
—Derek and Chrissy Klingeman

July 2, 2009

To: Katherine H. Bihl
Let's celebrate Independence this weekend, honoring the best of the past and casting off from the worst of it, celebrating that which endures for a generation, 35 whole years. Happy birthday to PHC and to the USA! Jim
—James Bittner

To: Michael Davis
Happy Birthday Dad, We love you. Even when you tell Ole and Lena jokes.
—The Kids

To: David J Taylor
Congratulations for achieving a second Masters, PhD and Gugggenheim Fellowship Award. The house of Dreams has come true. I always knew you were destined for greatness.
—Ruth Taylor

To: 2009 Caramel Roll Riders and Voluteers
Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 10th Annual Lake Wobegon Trail Caramel Roll Ride this year. Also Special Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this year's ride a great success... see you all again next year!
—Cliff Borgerding

To: Janet Gale
Thanks for the last 35 years. You're still a hottie!!
—Tom O'Donnell

To: Larry Rodman
To Larry: Hey Man. Happy 52nd birthday to a casual individualist. Love, Grace
—Grace Hailer

To: Joan McDonald
Warm wishes from your family and friends to Joan McDonald, a lifelong member of public radio and avid PHC fan, who is listening while recovering from serious illness at Douglas County Hospital in Alexandria, MN.
—John Steffes

To: DFL friends
Happy 4th of July. Sorry I missed the parade and hope the donkey didn't cause you too much trouble.
—Laura Davis

To: To our Son, Theo
Hope Montana is fun. Is Grandpa cooking Lutefisk? We feel really guilty about the great time we're having at the show today. Love you kid!
—Mom & Dad and your brothers too Cook Hanson

To: Lisa, Adam, Alex, and Hunter
All 16,000 lbs of our stuff arrived safely from Nevada. However, the houses in Minnesota are smaller, I guess to promote fuel efficiency. I'm excited to see you on the 20th. From: your husband eagerly awaiting your arrival.
—David Potter

To: Dad
Dad - Your golf clubs are in my basement. Mom didn't want you to be tempted so soon after surgery. Keep Aug 30 open, we have an 8:00 T-time.
—David Potter

To: Mom and Dad
Thanks for being there. You know you're a Minnesotan when a Bostonian asks you what the closest body of water was and you get to say Lake Burnt Shanty. Love you lots.
—Serrie Hamilton

July 1, 2009

To: Garrison Keillor
I Live in the center of Nevada, where the men are men and the sheep are nervous..Listened to your show every time I can for the last 10 yrs. Grateful your show IS...Love it, and Thank You....Lee Rogers
—Lee Rogers

To: Eric
To my high-school-sweetheart, and soon-to-be husband: Thanks for moving your backpack on the bus 9 years ago so I could sit next to you. Who knew we'd be getting married 9 years later? Can't wait to start forever with you. Love, Kerry
—Belinda Brosseau

To: Garrison Keillor
Garrison, you are like a box of poppers. The box itself doesn't seem out of the ordinary, nor its contents. But if you drop some of the bundles in the box, there's this enormous POW! That's you. Your voice is a comfort, but also a kick.
—Sarah Watts

To: my husband Roy
Thanks for staying married to me even though I tune your guitar to a D chord when you aren't looking. Also I wear your gray socks & leave the holey ones for you. Love yer wife
—Peggy DeSousa

To: Sue, Shawn, Annie & Sara
We know you moved to Moorhead for great jobs and to be a part of a Lake Wobegon kind of community, but we still really miss you all back here in California. Come back and visit us soon. Love from Cathy & Kent, Isaac & Benjie
—Cathy Humphers Smith

To: Carol Rutten
Happy Birthday to my sister on the 4th of July! For today, Mom likes you best. For always, I love you. From your sister.
—Lori Goble

To: Jeff, my brother
Congratulations on swimming around the world in 35 years, 3 pools, and lots of bad weather. You can rest now. From your bratty older sister
—Andrea Alterman

To: Sandra and Timon Iverson
40 years ago in the summer of 1969, the Beatles were rocking, men were landing on the moon, and hippies were reimagining the world, but the best thing was the wedding of two Lutheran kids in Saint Paul -- we love you!
—Your Children

To: Shari
After 56 years this Norwegian German bachelor has found a pure Swede beauty in Mn.She's helping him decide Ford or Chevy...wish us luck!
—Rick Wiese

June 30, 2009

To: Taum
To my stud puffin of 5 years. It's been great walking and rollin with you. Let's have 50 more. Your neat, sweet, and petite!
—Betz Ulrich

To: Howard
I Love garrison keillor and this should be a pip!
—Richard Schiff

To: My Husband Mike
Here's to 30 years of marriage. "What a long strange trip it's been." Sorry about the snoring ... and the dogs. Love you whole bunches.
—Chris Henry

June 29, 2009

To: Ryan
Looking forward to seeing you and Linzy this August; hope you still like Pachelbel's canon, for you'll doubtless hear plenty of it when you visit.
—Lindsay Denlinger

To: Daniel Langley
Thanks to my husband who loads and unloads the truck of all my crafts at craft sales without a frown. I promise to buy you a steak dinner instead of a hamburger if you help me one more time.
—Diane Langley

To: Rebecca Hlebain-Aacker
Hello! and thanks Auntie for introducing me to PHC all those years ago at Camp Cow-Pie. Love your niece
—Angela Zylla

To: Andrew
Happy Birthday (on this day!) to my special friend Andrew all the way in Vancouver BC! Thinking of you and missing you here in Atlanta, GA
—Kerrie Kardatzke

To: Ann Wynia
To our beloved St. Paul Aunt! We love you and now we love St. Paul. Thanks for all the tours of the twin cities, Fair Grounds,home cooked meals, trips to museums,the Como Zoo and the Boundary Waters...just so much fun, fun, fun! with love, the Texas "J"s
—Melinda Jobe

To: Jonathan
Here we are at APHC celebrating our 29th anniversary! We were together at the show in St Paul when we had been married for 3 months! Thanks for being a part of our marriage and lives APHC - we listen to you in Finland!
—Ylva Rancken--Lutz

June 28, 2009

To: USAF buddies
I've been retired from the military (USAF) since July 7, 1997 and I would like to give a fine "Hi how are you folks doing and I miss each and everyone of my buddies so very much" TSgt Cady
—barry cady

To: Vince Lindgren
Annivesary - Jude and Vince Lindgren of Fargo. Married 30 years on June 30, 2009. Although we may still sing the blues from time to time, I hope to continue to grow old with you. Love to Vinnie from Jude.
—Jude Lindgren

To: Gary
Happy Anniversary to the love of my life! What a wonderful way to celebrate - with GK, Steve Martin, Arlo Guthrie, and Martin Sheen!
—Jan Hart
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