September 20, 2009 - September 26, 2009
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September 26, 2009

To: GK
ooooooo you sound gooood! xxx
—Tillie Arlett

To: Charlie Nauen
PJ and Charlie, Happy 20 something ANNIVERSARY. --ted and colleen
—Ted Kroeten

To: Chad and Nina deBoer
Wishing both of you a wonderful First Wedding Anniversary, and for an incredible lifetime of experiences together. Thinking of you every day. Ever so much Love, Dad
—Rick van Vliet

To: Greg
Thank you for 11 years of bliss! May the good Lord continue to bless us.
—Patti Paxton

To: Hartley 6
Best of luck at Columbia University! I love you all.
—Cecilia Schudel

To: Garrison Keillor
You are the man with THE VOICE Which makes you this listener's choice with smoke or on fire you're the one I admire you're better! I dance & rejoice!
—Sari Max-Fiss

Happy Anniversary Julie and Michael
—Mary Wardle

To: Marg & Gerry
Celebrating their 50 anniversary and Marg turns 70 next month. Here to see the show from Washington State. Sorry we don't have any Geoducks here in Minnesota!
—Ken Hayden

September 25, 2009

To: Mom and Dad
Happy 50th birthday Dad! We hope that you enjoy celebrating it with Garrison tonight - on your trip to Minnesota, all the way from the little town of Minot, Maine to the big city of Saint Paul! Say hi to Garrison!
—Joe Patry

To: mike
Shout out to Mike, Austin and Kelsey in San Diego. Hope you survived the triathlon and that swimming and Kathy Griffin are great! I'm having a super time in Minneapolis...Prairie Home rocks!
—Barb Mittman

To: steve
steve, thank u for the 20th anniversary present at prairie home companion. remember our first date feb 14, 1989 in chicago at Gariison's fell asleep after 3 martinis. 20 years and 3 sons later, what a wonderful surprise to come to st paul and see my other hero! love sara
—sara grassi

September 24, 2009

To: Richard and Linda Lindquist
Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad. Not sure if it was the biscuits or the raw bits but thank you for a conscience, guts, and a good example. Love, your son Erik. they're in the audience tonight for the first time ever!! they've listened to the show probably since in FIRST aired. PLEASE READ!! It would mean a lot. Thank you.
—Erik Lindquist

September 23, 2009

To: Bob and Norma Klimpke
I'm hoping you'll be willing to help us share some exciting news with our family during your show. This will be the first time they're hearing about it. Here's our news: To Bob and Norma, Thank you for the wonderful summer vacation this past July! Bob and Norma were kind enough to rent a cabin on Round Lake with their entire family (3 children, 3 spouses/partners, and 1 grandchild) to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Everyone had a fabulous time at the cabin -- and now your third grandchild is expected in April! With love, Siri and Eric
—Eric & Siri Klimpke

To: Patrick Goebel
We're here celebrating 3 things tonight (9/26 show)...Happy 30th Birthday 9/26 to my loving husband Patrick! We are also celebrating our 1 year anniversary on 9/27! And, Happy 4th Anniversary to my brother & sister-in-law Arik & Randi Hemquist on 10/1! Thanks Dad & Mom (Hank & Sheri Hemquist) for bringing us to the show!
—Sara Goebel

September 22, 2009

To: Jeanet Roche
Happy Birthday to my favorite niece - you are the closest I will get to having a daughter. You are the sunshine to so many of us! Love, Aunt Debby
—Debby Peterson

To: Lucky Linky
Happy Birthday, Lucky Linky. I still remember all the fun adventures we enjoyed. I hope by now you have overcome your fear of marriage and found someone wonderful to share your life. Your gal from Vassar.
—Tricia Tice

To: The Farhat/Podeinskers
Hey kids, thanks for this great Christmas present...we've been very good this year! Love yous Mary Kelly & Tim
—Mary Kunesh-Podein

To: Pam
There's no better way to spend one's life than married to you and watching the season opener from a balcony box. I love you!
—Tim Sear

To: Garrison Keillor
Sincere concern and prayers for a speedy recovery. My Mom, a 91 yr. young, God loving Lutheran, and I enjoy listening to your radio program every Sunday after church on our way to have lunch together. We had tickets for your appearance in Sacramento and hope you can come another time. God bless you.
—Marcy Steele

September 21, 2009

To: Gerri Miller-Calkins
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LI'L SIS: Its just you and me now and somehow I like you more than I did when we were kids. Funny that. Hope your big day is full of smiles and laughter! Much love to you.
—Linda Miller-Logan

To: Garrison Keillor
We read your piece in today's London "Independent" with concern. Best wishes from two of your biggest English fans!
—Kate & Richard Packer

To: Claire Winkler and Lillian Darby
Claire is my mother-in-law and Lillian is a dear friend of hers. They drove from Greenville South Carolina to St. Paul for your opener. They are so excited to be there. Please give South Carolina's version of Thelma and Louise a big shout out~!
—Kim Geddie

September 20, 2009

To: Dear Garrison,
You are my church each weekend. I seek, and I receive, renewal and good tidings from "A Prairie Home Companion." So glad you are on the mend. Thank you for being you. Yours,
—Drusha Mayhue

To: Garrison
Dear Garrison, Your Northern California Lutheran friends were so sorry to hear about your recent stroke. We regret that won't see you in performance in Sacramento this week. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
—Donna Fairchild

To: Mr. Keiller
We in Canandaguia NY wish a swift recovery and god speed for you.
—Craig Fenn

To: Grace Erickson
Happy 11th Birthday to Grace Erickson from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She's here in the audience (9/26/09) and is hoping to meet her favorite, Guy Noir.
—Kim Erickson

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Garrison, Gosh what happened? Please take care. Your voice has been a life line to me over the radio for many years. Thank you, Maggie in Glendale, AZ
—Margaret Bretz
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