October 4, 2009 - October 10, 2009
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October 10, 2009

We are strong women, but not from Lake Wobegon! Can't wait to celebrate my birthday with you next weekend!
—Michelle Lerario

To: Shane Strasser
Good luck at your ultimate frisbee tournament. Hope that front tooth grows back.
—Ruth Strasser

To: Robert Zeliff
Robert, Happy 30th anniversary,sorry the swine flu kept you home in Florida instead of attending the performance tonight as planned. Feel better, love Gale
—Gale Zeliff

To: Olivia Stokes
To Miss Olivia; the only 10 year old that would rather see a PHC show than go to Disney World. Mom, Dam (pronounced with a long a), G-Daddy and McCarver send a warm hello from the mountains of North Carolina. We hope you are enjoying the show, this has been a dream for you since you were 5. Tell Guy Noire we said Hi. love Mom
—Clara Stokes

To: Gale Zeliff
Happy 30th anniversary. We were going to be in the audience tonight, but Robert came down with H1N1 flu!
—Gale Zeliff

October 9, 2009

To: Norine Bell
Sorry we couldn't be with you at today's show. We'll listen for your laugh on the radio. Leo & Mary
—Leo Bell

I am so excited to be here at the Fitzgerald Theater, wish you were here! Can't wait to celebrate my birthday next weekend with you!
—Michelle Lerario

To: Peggy, Robyn and Paul
I we got married yesterday and thought you should know. Thanks for all of you love and support. Have a great weekend.
—Seth and Anna Cadell

To: Lisa
Thank you for the best birthday present in years...PHC and your company. This will be one to remember for years.
—Sandra Aultman

October 8, 2009

To: Bruce & Marilyn
Departing Nevada Friday for St.Paul. Looking forward to seeing you on Sat. at the Fitz. for PHC & dinner afterward at Kincaid's. Leaving my new Montana handmade cowboy hat at home but will wear Detroit Tiger's hat for spite just because they lost to the Minn. Twins. Hope the St. Paul Hotel lets us in the front entrance ! Ciao.
—David & Carol Peace

To: Lea Ann
All will be well, ya little stinker ...
—John Hayduk

October 6, 2009

To: Gladys Helm
To the biggest Lake Wobegone fan in Waubun, Minnesota... happy 87th birthday today, October 10th, from your loving family. May you enjoy many more!
—Ricka Stenerson

To: Mom and Dad
Thanks for everything! Spain is awesome. You should come visit sometime. Love you both.
—Trevor Knudsen

To: Karen
Karen, Welcome to the Fitzgerald from New Jersey to see the show for the first time. I hope your scouting among the Gophers for the Unitarian footballers goes well. Better luck betting!
—Karen Burns

To: Lisbeth and Ann
We are so happy that your trip to the USA finally came through after having to cancel in february. We enjoy spending these fall days with you in beautifull newport RI!
—bente Rainer

October 5, 2009

To: Harry Rothberg
Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah to our wonderful nephew from your Montreal aunt and uncle! You did a great job at the temple, and we'll be at the party as soon as the show is over. Save some cheesecake for us!
—Jill and Mike Vanier

October 4, 2009

To: Natalie
Hi Mom, greetings from Pittsburgh. College is going great. Hope all is well in little Weybridge, Vermont.
—Danielle Reigle

To: Steve Weber
A final farewell to Steve Weber, a faithful listener for 20 years. Don't forget to turn on the radio in heaven every Saturday evening.
—Lauren Fretwell
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