October 18, 2009 - October 24, 2009
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October 24, 2009

To: the love of my life
Hello to my husband Richard and the FEMA team helping with relief efforts in American Samoa. Thank you from all of us here in San Francisco You own my heart
—susan wilpitz

To: All my junior class friends
Congratulations! You made it through your first marking period of junior year. Yes, it does get tougher, but contrary to all evidence it does, in fact, end. Just a few more months, guys, a few more months.
—Grace G

To: Neko Case
Wouldn't you know it . . . the one and only time I miss A Prairie Home Companion (weeding the potato patch instead of all things!) you come on the show and grace the radio world with your velvet. Could you do again? Oh please!
—Amber Forest

To: Larry Frazier
I hope you have a grand time at Prairie Home Companion this week, last week "hiking the Appalachian Trail" was really fun. Miss Kentucky?
—Daryl Luxmore

To: Rich
Honey you are my one and only...from all of me to all of you I wish you a happy birthday today october 24th. I know we are celebrating by listening to The man with the voice we cherise SO much.
—Bente Rainer

To: Dad and Ceil
Hey, you two! Hope you are having lots of fun in the October snows of Minnesota. Please, please do not bring them home with you.
—Missy Wells

To: Barb
Dear Barb Glad the kids had a good time at the Pastor's home. Also glad the two officers at his door were polite about the noise levels that may have bothered the neighbor. Love you Lots!! John
—John Leonard

October 23, 2009

To: Donna Catherine
Happy Birthday Donna, I miss you there in Heavan and think of you everyday. I am sending you all my kissis and hugs today and every day. I love baby..
—Jennifer Heggie

To: Mom, Dad and Winky the Cat
Hugs from your 2 wildest, most tattooed APHC fans! Hope to see you all soon.
—Heidi Anoszko

To: Darren
Happy Golden Birthday Officer Tuerk!
—Sara Ockwig

October 22, 2009

To: KIMI Fuere
we are thinking here in Jerusalem every day about you guys in Petrolia CA and when Mr GK voice is hovering we miss you so much - we will never forget you in Jo Romania place
—ofer Greenstein

October 21, 2009

To: Linda Kennedy
Hi Sweetie! Thought I'd send you a hello by way of Garrison Keillor. I always wanted to be able to hear his show and of course I can via the web!!!!
—Barbara Cameron

To: Stephen Mosely
Congratulations to Stephen Mosely. Twenty years ago he balked at giving his salutatorian address during graduation, now he's standing in front of young minds teaching them math.
—Jane Irvine

October 20, 2009

To: Matthew Bursik
Thanks for being such a wonderful son and telling me that you understand why someone would think that I am pretty enough to wink at. I love you!
—Louise Glazier

October 19, 2009

To: Kelly
Hi Kelly, This will be your first birthday in Minn-E-Sota! You have become such a special and important part of our lives and our biggest wish is that Garrison Keillor would sing "Happy Birthday to you" to YOU! Happy, HAPPY birthday Kelly! Love, Deb and Dave
—Deb and Dave Vetter

To: Don
Hey Don! Happy Birthday - May this one be the most memorable yet! Deb and Dave
—Deb and Dave Vetter

To: Eve
Happy birthday from your very own coffee machine! (Me) Keep enjoying Garrison and the gang via the internet at our coffee break each morning. Hi to our American cuz as well! John from Downunder.
—John Laker

To: Kayla Tlusty
Would you, a beautiful Czech Catholic girl from Iowa, marry a nice German Lutheran boy from Minnesota?
—Peter Moehnke

October 18, 2009

To: Denise
Congratulations on getting everyone started on their instruments in your 5th Grade Band classroom. The brass players are properly buzzing in their mouth pieces - the reed players are still squeaking, but they are now all able to play Lightly Row.
—Lee Sebstead

To: Catherine G. Sullivan
We are looking forward to your visit-leaving the WARMTH of Saint Marys, Georgia to come visit us in cold and snow of Livingston, Montana, just proves what a wonderful Mom you are! We miss you so much and can't wait to see you!
—Julimaraie and Chad Wistey
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