November 21, 2009 - November 28, 2009
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November 28, 2009

To: W J Little (Dad)
Hey Daddy, I lost Kendall in Times Square. Please accept his collect call this time! I love you!
—Julie Little

To: Greg Bossart
You were right; there is bluegrass in New York City.
—Mary Saliba

To: Grandma Phyllis and Grandpa Andy
Thanks for babysitting yesterday. The kids loved eating too many gummi bears and staying up too late. We hope to have them re-programmed by Christmas.
—Jen faust lefebvre

November 27, 2009

To: Naomi B.
Thank you for a wonderful year Naomi. I hope we have many more together.
—Sara Gonzalez

To: Reegan, Oat, Duffy and Keerstin
Hello to our good friends from Flagstaff. As always, wishing you the best of the off season. Save up the good stuff to tell us next year. Randy and Wendy
—Randy Goodman

To: The Family in New Jersey
Thomas' hand surgery went well@ Fairview Hospital and he is anxious to get back in full swing with University of Minnesota Men's Gymnastics team.Took him to the show so he could enjoy it through a haze of pain meds. I asked if he was treated nice at the hospital and he said,"Of course Mom this is Minnesota!" Go Gophers!
—Donna Quinn

November 25, 2009

To: Dad (Graham)
Happy 74th Dad, we'll celebrate later with the prairie gang in San Francisco in January. Meanwhile, keep planning your big 75th party with the Danes at the H-B Saloon in the Cowboy Capital!
—Kristi Santos

To: Kenneth Crum Jr.
Happy 53rd. Birthday dad! I love you!
—Jessica Grajo

To: Julie and Martina somewhere in Italy
We forgive you for taking off this semester to be migrant organic farmers in Europe. We even forgive you for missing Thanksgiving. But please come home for Christmas or your Fathers will rent out your rooms.
—Your desperate families in Philadelphia

November 24, 2009

To: Laurie Robin Hammel
Happy 60th Birthday (Dec.12th). You've come a long way from Minneaple to the Big Apple. Love, Bruce
—Bruce English

November 23, 2009

To: Brother John
Birthday greetings to Brother John. Born on Dec 2, 1962 at home in Finlayson, MN. Mom came in from milking cows thinking she would wait to go to the hospital after the other 6 kids were safely in bed, but in the middle of eating the squash, she put down her plate and began dressing in her green maternity top and skirt and as the oldest (12), I was helping her fasten the garters on her stockings!! After we got one on, she ran to the bathroom (her water broke) and then to the bedroom to quickly deliver her seventh child. In addition to delivering the baby and cutting the umbilical cord, Dad had to light a fire in the furnace for the first time that winter. It had been 63 degrees that day which was OK for the other 6 kids, but with a new baby in the house, heat was needed. When the other 6 kids crowded around the foot of the bed to view this new arrival, we wanted to know what his name would be--Mom said "Hurry Up John". She didn't remember saying that, but you came home from being checked out at the hospital with the name, John. Happy Birthday from Sister Sue in Palo Alto, California.
—Sue Oksanen

November 22, 2009

To: My Darling Joyce
I know I'm not supposed to, but I still LOVE You and think about You EVERY DAY... Hi to the cast and crew of PHC
—Joe Hoffman

November 21, 2009

To: Daniel Soukup
happy 1st thanksgiving to you! happy 1st birthday to you! thank you for making thanksgiving day even more special. we now must serve punkin pie and birthday cake along with all the other goodies!! love from your yai yai, Maria
—Maria Wilbur

To: Cindy and Blake Pekkala
Hope you are enjoying the show! Looking forward to seeing you both next week for an old-fashioned Minnesota Thanksgiving filled with wild rice hot dish and excessive discussion about the weather...oh yah, you betcha! Lots of love from Boston.
—Sarah Miller

To: Julie
Surprise! Hope you didn't think that swimming gear we made you pack was for a real beach trip... Happy 50th, Mom! Enjoy the show! We love you. From your devious, surprise-planning children.
—Libby Rachel and Elliot Michel
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