December 12, 2009 - December 19, 2009
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December 19, 2009

To: Steffi and Gerry
Happy 50th, Gerry and Steffi! Please tell us what your secret is.
—Lisa and Mona Schamess

To: The Town Hall audience...
Hello to everybody in the Town Hall from three people snowed in down in Philadelphia! Please send a dog sled as soon as possible!
—Domingo M

To: Nicolas
Hi to dad in VENEZUELA. Congratulations on running your 7th Marathon. I know you are listening wearing t shirt and shorts while we are in a blizzard. Merry Xmas!!
—Patti Jove

To: Noel and Kaye
Merry Christmas to Noel and Kaye, who joined the Peace Corps at age 60. Next time give your kids a little more warning. Hope Santa can find you in Malawi.
—Ryan Rachel and Peter

December 18, 2009

To: Moe no
You were right. It is A big tree.
—Craig Rockett

To: Nana in Micanopy
Howdy to Nana and LEG from Town Hall, all up close and personal with Mr. Keillor. See you in only 3 days. Love, Maxie and Kate
—Kate Colson

December 17, 2009

To: Susan Hastings
Merry Christmas and I loved Disnelyland and your new tinkerbell outfit! Jim.
—Susan Hastings

To: Janet & Jon Oplinger
Happy 40th anniversary to Janet and Jon (who are in the December 19th audience). Your children hope you're enjoying your weekend getaway...It's probably been 40 years since you've had one!
—Grace, Ellen, and Brian Oplinger

To: Arnold Brown
Thanks for all the blueberries from Craftsbury Common, Vermont. How's the firewood we stacked for you lasting? Stay warm! Paul, Barb, Beth and Nick
—Barbara Boudreau

To: William
I love being in New York City with you and can't wait to marry you on the 8th.
—Kristie Twigg

December 16, 2009

To: Tyra (pronounced Tear-ah)
I hope that you have a happy Winter Solstice on Monday!
—Troy M

December 15, 2009

To: Zane & Elaine
There well be no need for plastic surgery, middle aged grad student's head has offically exploded during final.Reconstruction will not included frown lines, crows feet, or the partial #11 that was developing between her eyes
—Melanie Litle

December 14, 2009

To: Paul
Happy 40th Birthday, Paul. Sadly, your 40s and winter are meant to test your resolve; but, you're strong and summer will be here soon. Ellen
—Ellen Johnson

To: Bruce and Marilyn
Hey, guys, how was your winter trip to San Diego? Bet you're happy to be back in the sunless cold and snow of Edina. We had a cold spell here in Southern Nevada last week with daytime temperatures down to the mid-forties. Burr !
—Old Gringo Dave Peace

To: Corey
We're at the show celebrating your birthday...Maybe next year we'll even get you a ticket. Happy 12th Birthday! Love, Mom & Dad
—Denise Emery

To: Ellen Yorke
Happy birthday to my sister Ellen (who is in the Dec. 18th audience); born on December 7, 1941 and still a bombshell.
—jonathan davis

December 12, 2009

To: stephen
you are my energy when I'm down love you
—debbie burkeen

To: Eli
The holidays are officially knocking at the door now, and I wish you could be here to let them in with me. We Love you and are proud of you, but the monkeys and I want you to come home and make cookies with us.
—ilse riebe

To: Dick and Betsy Rhodes
Please come home soon. Remember how you told me not to chase cars? Wellll.
—Cheggs Rhodes
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