December 5, 2009 - December 12, 2009
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December 12, 2009

To: stephen
you are my energy when I'm down love you
—debbie burkeen

To: Eli
The holidays are officially knocking at the door now, and I wish you could be here to let them in with me. We Love you and are proud of you, but the monkeys and I want you to come home and make cookies with us.
—ilse riebe

To: Dick and Betsy Rhodes
Please come home soon. Remember how you told me not to chase cars? Wellll.
—Cheggs Rhodes

December 11, 2009

To: Barbara
Barb, Happy 40th Birthday to my lovely wife! To me, you'll always be that 17 year old I stalked in the stacks of the school library. jon
—Jon Ottomanelli

December 10, 2009

To: Sandi Howard
You know, I'm actually glad the critics weren't damned. I prefer gloating over how wrong they were. Happy 10th anniversary, my love. Let's keep going.
—Sean Howard

To: Ceejay
I hope you're having a wonderful time at the live PHC in New York! I miss and love you very much! You're a wonderful brother!
—Catherine Dickson

To: Father Wally & Shelia Reynolds
Congratulations on your 45th wedding anniversary from all your parishioners at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Bartow, Florida. Your life together has taught us how we should live ours. Thank you.
—Donald Wilson

To: C.J. Dickson
Wow, my son, such a special Christmas gift from Stewart--tickets to be there in person with him for PHC! Y'all have a wonderful time as you enjoy the show and create very special memories to forever ponder and savor. Wish you could come "home" for Christmas! I love you immeasurably, Momma Bear (and CoCoa)
—Jan Rader Dickson

To: Diane Fox
Happy Birthday Mom from Ed Brendon and Ryan. Your sons are excited to come home for the holidays and spend them with you.
—Brendon Fox

December 9, 2009

To: sister su (my sister, not a nun)
happy birthday! you might die of shock hearing your name read by Mr Keillor, but there's some things in life worth the risk. much love from Cathy, Pete and Pamela
—pete friedrich

December 8, 2009

To: CJ
Hope you enjoy your Christmas gift of a LIVE performance of PHC at Town Hall (Dec. 12)! I'm truly blessed to have you as my friend. Much love.
—Stewart Everett

December 7, 2009

To: Dick T.
Happy 65th birthday, Dick T., even though you are now 66. We finally got to celebrate your birthday at a Prairie Home Companion broadcast.
—Terri Tomaino

To: Elise Hawley
Hello to cousin elise in Minnesota from cousin Kieran in Washington. Congratulations on the successful completion of your first semester in college. It's all up hill from here.
—Kieran Melroe

December 5, 2009

To: Kevin Lohr-key
Well, another Christmas finds us apart, son - you are in Bahrain, we are here at home. We are so very proud of you and your service in the US Navy. Miss you....hope to see you in 2010!!
—Mom & Rick Abbott

To: to my wife Kristie
Glad the surgery went well. The last minute abdominal hysterectomy means no little ones with our DNA, but thank God for those little hell raiser teenage girls we adopted from Ukraine and converted to something better than Minnesotan Lutherans--they're Iowa Presbyterians!
—Chuck Muether

To: Seth & Allison Kessler
Congratulations Seth and allison on the new baby girl. And welcome to the world Amelia Ray. Josh and Nathan you finally have a little sister!
—Bree Kessler

To: Ricky NYC
38 disappointments this week have no effect on my 23 years of Love for you. "The heart wants what the heart wants", and then some. 38 dinosaurs won't stop that LOVEY! Merry Xmas, Love Shaun NYC
—Shaun McGuire

To: Mom
Since before I can remember, we've listened to this show together. It took us twenty years and three states, but we finally get to see the red sneakers in person! I've never felt so proud to be a Minnesotan.
—Kate Fauteux

December 4, 2009

To: Wolfgang
Thanks for 20 years of knowing you - starting in the mountains at Brunni, and now now looking forward to many more decades. You're forgiven for proposing in the laundromat!
—Juli Unternaehrer

December 3, 2009

To: ken
happy 25th anniversary-- you still light up my love light
—Betsy Groth

To: dan murphy
happy birthday #67 to ___on Paint Creek my love since you and I were 20.
—frances murphy

To: Kathi and Angie
To Kathi and Lamb Chop...Thanks for being my best friends forever.
—Chris Risley

November 30, 2009

To: Christopher
Happy Birthday Chris! Thanks for teaching me about this great show. Someday we'll see it live!
—Lisa Assim

November 29, 2009

To: Garrison Keillor
Thanks from Hadong, South Korea. It's nice to still have a companion in the country of another country. Your show will certainly comfort me through this year of teaching abroad.
—Milo Zaneski

November 28, 2009

To: W J Little (Dad)
Hey Daddy, I lost Kendall in Times Square. Please accept his collect call this time! I love you!
—Julie Little

To: Greg Bossart
You were right; there is bluegrass in New York City.
—Mary Saliba

To: Grandma Phyllis and Grandpa Andy
Thanks for babysitting yesterday. The kids loved eating too many gummi bears and staying up too late. We hope to have them re-programmed by Christmas.
—Jen faust lefebvre

November 27, 2009

To: Naomi B.
Thank you for a wonderful year Naomi. I hope we have many more together.
—Sara Gonzalez

To: Reegan, Oat, Duffy and Keerstin
Hello to our good friends from Flagstaff. As always, wishing you the best of the off season. Save up the good stuff to tell us next year. Randy and Wendy
—Randy Goodman

To: The Family in New Jersey
Thomas' hand surgery went well@ Fairview Hospital and he is anxious to get back in full swing with University of Minnesota Men's Gymnastics team.Took him to the show so he could enjoy it through a haze of pain meds. I asked if he was treated nice at the hospital and he said,"Of course Mom this is Minnesota!" Go Gophers!
—Donna Quinn

November 25, 2009

To: Dad (Graham)
Happy 74th Dad, we'll celebrate later with the prairie gang in San Francisco in January. Meanwhile, keep planning your big 75th party with the Danes at the H-B Saloon in the Cowboy Capital!
—Kristi Santos

To: Kenneth Crum Jr.
Happy 53rd. Birthday dad! I love you!
—Jessica Grajo

To: Julie and Martina somewhere in Italy
We forgive you for taking off this semester to be migrant organic farmers in Europe. We even forgive you for missing Thanksgiving. But please come home for Christmas or your Fathers will rent out your rooms.
—Your desperate families in Philadelphia

November 24, 2009

To: Laurie Robin Hammel
Happy 60th Birthday (Dec.12th). You've come a long way from Minneaple to the Big Apple. Love, Bruce
—Bruce English

November 23, 2009

To: Brother John
Birthday greetings to Brother John. Born on Dec 2, 1962 at home in Finlayson, MN. Mom came in from milking cows thinking she would wait to go to the hospital after the other 6 kids were safely in bed, but in the middle of eating the squash, she put down her plate and began dressing in her green maternity top and skirt and as the oldest (12), I was helping her fasten the garters on her stockings!! After we got one on, she ran to the bathroom (her water broke) and then to the bedroom to quickly deliver her seventh child. In addition to delivering the baby and cutting the umbilical cord, Dad had to light a fire in the furnace for the first time that winter. It had been 63 degrees that day which was OK for the other 6 kids, but with a new baby in the house, heat was needed. When the other 6 kids crowded around the foot of the bed to view this new arrival, we wanted to know what his name would be--Mom said "Hurry Up John". She didn't remember saying that, but you came home from being checked out at the hospital with the name, John. Happy Birthday from Sister Sue in Palo Alto, California.
—Sue Oksanen

November 22, 2009

To: My Darling Joyce
I know I'm not supposed to, but I still LOVE You and think about You EVERY DAY... Hi to the cast and crew of PHC
—Joe Hoffman

November 21, 2009

To: Daniel Soukup
happy 1st thanksgiving to you! happy 1st birthday to you! thank you for making thanksgiving day even more special. we now must serve punkin pie and birthday cake along with all the other goodies!! love from your yai yai, Maria
—Maria Wilbur

To: Cindy and Blake Pekkala
Hope you are enjoying the show! Looking forward to seeing you both next week for an old-fashioned Minnesota Thanksgiving filled with wild rice hot dish and excessive discussion about the weather...oh yah, you betcha! Lots of love from Boston.
—Sarah Miller

To: Julie
Surprise! Hope you didn't think that swimming gear we made you pack was for a real beach trip... Happy 50th, Mom! Enjoy the show! We love you. From your devious, surprise-planning children.
—Libby Rachel and Elliot Michel

November 20, 2009

To: Nick and Becca
John and his fiancee Doneen want to thank Doneen's sweet daughter Becca for watching Doneen's never ending challenging son Nick so we could go to APHC to celebrate Doneen's birthday. John came all the way up from Wonder Lake, IL to be with Doneen at the show and also to say hi to his friends, Bob and Dave who are listening tonight just to hear their names mentioned on the show. (aphc, feel free to edit as you wish!)
—John Boettcher

To: cheryl and bill miles
Greetings to my long lost friends who introduced me to PHC! It only took me 20 years, but I finally landed in Lake Woebegone, a long way indeed from Texas. I'm in Wausau now; where are you?
—marion buckley

To: tom and nila oakes
Welcome longtime fans from Oakland, CA., Tom & Nila with son Daniel -- in Minneapolis to celebrate Thanksgiving and the return of good health with the folks of Lake Wobegone.
—linda oakes

November 19, 2009

To: John and Dianne Rawson
Thanks Mom and Dad for the GREAT wedding way back in August. The father-daughter tap dance was a big hit! Enjoy the chocolate covered raisins back at the hotel! Love, Gabe and Abbie Holm
—Abbie Holm

To: Mom and Dad Rawson
To the best parents a gal could want-- thanks for giving me a beautiful wedding. Your relationship is my inspiration. Gabe and I love you guys!
—Abbie Holm

To: Steve and Suzanne
Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad(in the audience for 11/21 show) from Mike, Matt and Anna and your 8 grandchildren, can't wait to see you for Thanksgiving!
—Matt Seyfer

November 18, 2009

To: Dean & Shirley Eisfelder
Happy 60th birthdays to Dean & Shirley, enjoy your adventure together in downtown Minneapolis, and your newfound coffee discounts. Love, the kids & grandkids.
—Joel Eisfelder

November 17, 2009

To: Rick and Helen
Thanks so much for introducing me to Prairie Home Companion, this has become our timeless tradition, I will continue on with it in your absence. I will never forget the time we went to our first live show in Milwaukee, it was an experience that I will never forget.
—Sandy Palm

November 16, 2009

To: Dan Rondeau
Dan, this is my second attempt to wish you a happy 50th through Garrison and he'll get pretty tired of seeing this until he reads it ;-) Love, Your little sister
—Michelle Gardner

To: Pat Hearron
Hello to Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom, As Thanksgiving approaches, I can't help but remember back tot he beautiful Old White Farm House in Saginaw Michigan where as a child I curled up in front of the old fashioned Heaters and the warmth of your blaxing Fireplace petting Omelette the furry White dog, and listening to Prairie Home Companion. I learned so many things from you like how to make fruit crepes and what it was like to live in Rwanda from the slide shows we looked forward to every year of your trips. Just thinking about it right now, I feel all cozy as I feel the chill n the fall air start to creep up on us in Ohio. I know our family has grown into huge proportions and jobs have relocated you to the South where that ambience is a little different, and we will never see those days again. However, I also know that we will always have a piece of them as you are driving to Ohio to see us right now for Thanksgiving and both of us are listening to Prairie Home Companion, one tradition you taught us that will go on and on and on.... See you at the Turkey Table!!!!! Love, Steve and Angel Lawrie
—Angeline Lawrie

To: Kaylee Skaar
Congratulations on your graduation next month from the U of M. Now you get to set up a household with your new husband Evan and be a Navy wife. We're planning on visiting you alot! But first we're all going to the show this week at the State Theater. Much love, Mom and Dad Unverzagt
—Linda Unverzagt

November 15, 2009

To: Irene Perry
Irene's 50th wedding anniversary wish is to see Garrison Keillor, so Irene and Tom Perry from Tucson are at the November 21st show on our way to Duluth to celebrate with our Families from California, Montana, North Carolina and Senegal, Africa On Thanksgiving Day.
—Tom Perry

November 11, 2009

To: carrie pasko
To my beautiful girlfriend, have a wonderful birthday! Love, your boyfriend!
—chad hallblade

November 10, 2009

To: Christina
Thinking of you and hoping your heart is happier today.
—Linda Miles

November 8, 2009

Happy 83rd birthday to Brother Bob in Mulvane, Kansas from Brother Mike in Paso Robles,'re the best!
—Nanette Madding

November 7, 2009

To: Barbara Collins
Happy 75th Birthday, Mom! Celebrating AT the PHC show in Des Moines on Saturday 11/7--wish we could be there, too. From Lisa, Kevin and your greyhound grand-dogs!
—Lisa Blechle

To: Ells Cackler,Lowell Dawes,Ivan Knoll,Carroll York
For Veterans Day.Congratulations on your WWII Vets Honor Flight to Washinton.Just another reason for Panther Creek Church of the Brethren to be proud.
—kris and michelle marshall

To: Rick
wish you were in Budapest!! Don't bother coming to Hungary to drink their pålinka - Melody and Ween drank it all!
—Eileen Follweiler

November 6, 2009

To: Happy Birthday to Grandpa Don and Son, Nate.
This is the year we hope you slow down and buckle up. (both your trousers AND your seat belts)
—Myron & Joani Halverson

To: Granny
Hello from PHC at Des Moines! - Hope you are feeling better and recovering from surgery. You'll be up and about in no time!
—Derek Hoffman

To: Adam
A very merry early Christmas! We've always talked about being here in person and here we are. I love you!
—Lara Alldredge

To: dion and jane
we survived sam's 21st birthday. he has yet to return from the voodoo lounge. fran's in vegas with her boyfriend. all prayers accepted.
—tim nichols

November 5, 2009

To: John
To my husband, as we celebrate his 67th birthday. Love you
—Shirley Seebeck

To: Sandi Sturm
Happy Birthday, you make the long Alaska winter, seem a little shorter.
—Wayne Sturm

To: Michael
The tickets are from your wife. Hope you enjoys the show!
—Deborah coltrain

November 4, 2009

To: Dan Rondeau
Happy 50th birthday to Danny from Woonsocket, RI who taught me all there is to know about PHC Love, Your little Sister, Michelle
—Michelle Gardner

November 3, 2009

To: Joanne
On November 17th, it'll be 25 years together-had you killed me on the homeymoon like you wanted to, you'd be getting out of prison just about now. Loving you always and forever.
—Clifford Archer

To: Ruth Bickel
Happy 89th Birthday to Ruth Bickel who listens to Prairie Home Companion on her Mississippi River houseboat. Your children say: Wear your lifejacket!
—Bonnie James

November 2, 2009

To: Matt
If you're listening to this at work, Make sure you have something nice for lunch- tootsie rolls are not part of your diet. Signed, Yourself, in the future
—Matt Wiley

November 1, 2009

To: Mark and Marie Lenker
Greetings to my parents in Arlington, Virginia. Moving to the Midwest might have been the best thing you ever annoyed me enough to do. Thanks!
—Jesse Lenker

October 31, 2009

To: Bob Vocelka
Belated 70th Birthday wishes from 1/2 of the population of Squaw Lake, MN (pop. 99). Meet us at the Hoot and Holler upon you return from back east.
—F Tripp

To: Helen Draper
Wish we could be with you on your birthday November 12th. Happy Birthday, Love Cindy & Roger
—Cindy Draper

To: Roger Draper
Happy 50th birthday on Friday the 13th of November. Looking forward to spending the next 50 with you.
—Cindy Draper

To: Josh, Bill, and Marion Goetz
Hello from St. Paul. Hope you enjoy the show and after party. Did you remember your costumes?
—David Goetz

To: Beth and Tony
Congratulations on your new little angel and our first Granddaughter Taylor Grace. Were here tonight with Great Grandparents Richard and Vernie. Go Vikings and Brett!
—Dawn & Bob Fix

October 30, 2009

To: Richard & Angeline
Congratulations to Richard & Angeline on their wedding. Richard came from England to meet Angeline in Texas. For their honeymoon, they considered the usual places, London, Paris, Honolulu, Sydney, and Bismarck. The Prairie Home Companion Halloween party clinched the deal.
—Russ Killingsworth

October 28, 2009

To: Bradford
Happy Birthday old friend. We've ten miles behind us and ten thousand more to go.
—Christine Turner

To: Olivia
Happy 7th birthday Olivia we love you! Dad, Mom & Taylor
—Lorry Kohls

To: Richard & Angelyn
Congratulations to Richard & Angelyn, in the audience, who got married in Texas on Friday and flew to North Dakota for their Halloween honeymoon.
—Mattie Derryberry

October 26, 2009

To: Lauren Gwaley
Happy Halloween my love, I still can't understand why a good Lutheran girl like you chose a Unitarian like me.
—Michael Seay

October 25, 2009

To: Nancy and Mark
To my sister and brother-in-law in Madison, Wisconsin. We're so happy to be rooting for Brett. Go Vikes!
—Janna Peterson

To: Bruce Smith
Happy All Hallow's Eve Birthday to my dear and longtime friend, Bruce. Thank you for introducing me to A Prairie Home Companion nearly thirty years ago. Jane
—Jane Medlen

To: Maureen
Dear Mom (Maureen) The church book table needs your help! Hope your new "semi-colon" does not cause you to pause in the hospital for too long. Get well soon! Love, the kids
—susan curran

October 24, 2009

To: the love of my life
Hello to my husband Richard and the FEMA team helping with relief efforts in American Samoa. Thank you from all of us here in San Francisco You own my heart
—susan wilpitz

To: All my junior class friends
Congratulations! You made it through your first marking period of junior year. Yes, it does get tougher, but contrary to all evidence it does, in fact, end. Just a few more months, guys, a few more months.
—Grace G

To: Neko Case
Wouldn't you know it . . . the one and only time I miss A Prairie Home Companion (weeding the potato patch instead of all things!) you come on the show and grace the radio world with your velvet. Could you do again? Oh please!
—Amber Forest

To: Larry Frazier
I hope you have a grand time at Prairie Home Companion this week, last week "hiking the Appalachian Trail" was really fun. Miss Kentucky?
—Daryl Luxmore

To: Rich
Honey you are my one and only...from all of me to all of you I wish you a happy birthday today october 24th. I know we are celebrating by listening to The man with the voice we cherise SO much.
—Bente Rainer

To: Dad and Ceil
Hey, you two! Hope you are having lots of fun in the October snows of Minnesota. Please, please do not bring them home with you.
—Missy Wells

To: Barb
Dear Barb Glad the kids had a good time at the Pastor's home. Also glad the two officers at his door were polite about the noise levels that may have bothered the neighbor. Love you Lots!! John
—John Leonard

October 23, 2009

To: Donna Catherine
Happy Birthday Donna, I miss you there in Heavan and think of you everyday. I am sending you all my kissis and hugs today and every day. I love baby..
—Jennifer Heggie

To: Mom, Dad and Winky the Cat
Hugs from your 2 wildest, most tattooed APHC fans! Hope to see you all soon.
—Heidi Anoszko

To: Darren
Happy Golden Birthday Officer Tuerk!
—Sara Ockwig

October 22, 2009

To: KIMI Fuere
we are thinking here in Jerusalem every day about you guys in Petrolia CA and when Mr GK voice is hovering we miss you so much - we will never forget you in Jo Romania place
—ofer Greenstein

October 21, 2009

To: Linda Kennedy
Hi Sweetie! Thought I'd send you a hello by way of Garrison Keillor. I always wanted to be able to hear his show and of course I can via the web!!!!
—Barbara Cameron

To: Stephen Mosely
Congratulations to Stephen Mosely. Twenty years ago he balked at giving his salutatorian address during graduation, now he's standing in front of young minds teaching them math.
—Jane Irvine

October 20, 2009

To: Matthew Bursik
Thanks for being such a wonderful son and telling me that you understand why someone would think that I am pretty enough to wink at. I love you!
—Louise Glazier

October 19, 2009

To: Kelly
Hi Kelly, This will be your first birthday in Minn-E-Sota! You have become such a special and important part of our lives and our biggest wish is that Garrison Keillor would sing "Happy Birthday to you" to YOU! Happy, HAPPY birthday Kelly! Love, Deb and Dave
—Deb and Dave Vetter

To: Don
Hey Don! Happy Birthday - May this one be the most memorable yet! Deb and Dave
—Deb and Dave Vetter

To: Eve
Happy birthday from your very own coffee machine! (Me) Keep enjoying Garrison and the gang via the internet at our coffee break each morning. Hi to our American cuz as well! John from Downunder.
—John Laker

To: Kayla Tlusty
Would you, a beautiful Czech Catholic girl from Iowa, marry a nice German Lutheran boy from Minnesota?
—Peter Moehnke

October 18, 2009

To: Denise
Congratulations on getting everyone started on their instruments in your 5th Grade Band classroom. The brass players are properly buzzing in their mouth pieces - the reed players are still squeaking, but they are now all able to play Lightly Row.
—Lee Sebstead

To: Catherine G. Sullivan
We are looking forward to your visit-leaving the WARMTH of Saint Marys, Georgia to come visit us in cold and snow of Livingston, Montana, just proves what a wonderful Mom you are! We miss you so much and can't wait to see you!
—Julimaraie and Chad Wistey

October 17, 2009

To: Chuck Schneider
To Chuck in Marquette hope you are enjoying your Sauna while were here at the Mall spending your money. Love your wife, daughter, and all the Ladies.
—Melissa Cadeau

To: Gavin
Congratulations on your 46th birthday today. Hopefully it will be a double celebration too. Love from your wife of three years. Let's make it 33!
—Laura Grainger

To: Don Tollefson
My dad's the in audience for his 76th birthday tonight. He's quite a fan; I'd love it if you could wish him a Happy Birthday!
—Eric Tollefson

To: Jim and Dorothy
Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to Jim and Dorothy. Here's to many more years of laughing and figuring it out. Love your kids, Grant, Kate and Sarah.
—Kate Weeks

October 16, 2009

To: Dennis Leland
Being comfortable in one's own misery is actually a form of happiness. I do believe you've nailed it, darling!
—Jay Kay

October 13, 2009

To: John
Never discount the domino effect - I don't know the cause, but I have enjoyed the effect.
—Lea Ann Powers

October 12, 2009

To: Erin Behling
hope you get your piece of rhubarb pie, though you should be studying for your Ph.d and putting our tax dollars to better use!
—Ray Libby

To: Wayne Popham
Happy 80th birthday from your 23 kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids! 80 may be the new 60, but if you insist on felling that giant, dead, oak yourself, please wait 'til Thanksgiving so the little ones can see you one last time.
—John Popham

To: Amber and Neal
Best wishes for a long, happy, fruitful married life together that begins this seventeenth day of October 2009 at the State House in Indianapolis ...
—John Hayduk

October 11, 2009

To: Rick
Rick, Thick and Thin, Good and Bad, We've had so much more Good! Looking forward to many, many more. Love you darling! Renée, Jack and the Kitties (oops! Kitties are in the birthday cake--gotta go!)
—Renée Sims

October 10, 2009

We are strong women, but not from Lake Wobegon! Can't wait to celebrate my birthday with you next weekend!
—Michelle Lerario

To: Shane Strasser
Good luck at your ultimate frisbee tournament. Hope that front tooth grows back.
—Ruth Strasser

To: Robert Zeliff
Robert, Happy 30th anniversary,sorry the swine flu kept you home in Florida instead of attending the performance tonight as planned. Feel better, love Gale
—Gale Zeliff

To: Olivia Stokes
To Miss Olivia; the only 10 year old that would rather see a PHC show than go to Disney World. Mom, Dam (pronounced with a long a), G-Daddy and McCarver send a warm hello from the mountains of North Carolina. We hope you are enjoying the show, this has been a dream for you since you were 5. Tell Guy Noire we said Hi. love Mom
—Clara Stokes

To: Gale Zeliff
Happy 30th anniversary. We were going to be in the audience tonight, but Robert came down with H1N1 flu!
—Gale Zeliff

October 9, 2009

To: Norine Bell
Sorry we couldn't be with you at today's show. We'll listen for your laugh on the radio. Leo & Mary
—Leo Bell

I am so excited to be here at the Fitzgerald Theater, wish you were here! Can't wait to celebrate my birthday next weekend with you!
—Michelle Lerario

To: Peggy, Robyn and Paul
I we got married yesterday and thought you should know. Thanks for all of you love and support. Have a great weekend.
—Seth and Anna Cadell

To: Lisa
Thank you for the best birthday present in years...PHC and your company. This will be one to remember for years.
—Sandra Aultman

October 8, 2009

To: Bruce & Marilyn
Departing Nevada Friday for St.Paul. Looking forward to seeing you on Sat. at the Fitz. for PHC & dinner afterward at Kincaid's. Leaving my new Montana handmade cowboy hat at home but will wear Detroit Tiger's hat for spite just because they lost to the Minn. Twins. Hope the St. Paul Hotel lets us in the front entrance ! Ciao.
—David & Carol Peace

To: Lea Ann
All will be well, ya little stinker ...
—John Hayduk

October 6, 2009

To: Gladys Helm
To the biggest Lake Wobegone fan in Waubun, Minnesota... happy 87th birthday today, October 10th, from your loving family. May you enjoy many more!
—Ricka Stenerson

To: Mom and Dad
Thanks for everything! Spain is awesome. You should come visit sometime. Love you both.
—Trevor Knudsen

To: Karen
Karen, Welcome to the Fitzgerald from New Jersey to see the show for the first time. I hope your scouting among the Gophers for the Unitarian footballers goes well. Better luck betting!
—Karen Burns

To: Lisbeth and Ann
We are so happy that your trip to the USA finally came through after having to cancel in february. We enjoy spending these fall days with you in beautifull newport RI!
—bente Rainer

October 5, 2009

To: Harry Rothberg
Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah to our wonderful nephew from your Montreal aunt and uncle! You did a great job at the temple, and we'll be at the party as soon as the show is over. Save some cheesecake for us!
—Jill and Mike Vanier

October 4, 2009

To: Natalie
Hi Mom, greetings from Pittsburgh. College is going great. Hope all is well in little Weybridge, Vermont.
—Danielle Reigle

To: Steve Weber
A final farewell to Steve Weber, a faithful listener for 20 years. Don't forget to turn on the radio in heaven every Saturday evening.
—Lauren Fretwell

October 3, 2009

To: Craig
Love you so much,just want you to know I'll try once again, to get this on the show. Your determined wife.
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: Husband Larry
Oct 10th, Happy 40th anniversary Larry. It's been great fun. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Love Karen
—Karen Serafin

To: Husband Larry
Happy 40th anniversary Larry. It's been great fun. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Love Karen
—Karen Serafin

October 2, 2009

To: John Kimball
Happy 80th Birthday to a wonderful father, grandfather, great grandfather, and Father to all your parishioners. Your loving family looks forward to watching from the shore as you take your annual birthday swim in the ocean.
—Amy Kimball

To: Sandy & Russ Thomas
To My Mom & Dad, celebrating their anniversary on Sunday October 4. Happy anniversary you guys.
—Scott Thomas

October 1, 2009

To: Amy
On this occasion of our latest 'milestone' birthday - instead of simply counting the YEARS, let's multiply the two digits together... Congrats on your regained NEWBORN status!
—Amy Torchinsky

To: Susan Harris
Mom -- i'm sorry i missed sending this greeting last week for your birthday. Look forward to flying in on Monday to visit you!
—Scott Harris

September 29, 2009

To: Randy Burchfield
Happy fifty eighth birthday Dad! We hope you're enjoying the trip to Saint Paul. Don't worry; all remnants of the party at your house will be cleaned up by the time you return home!
—Jeremy and Kristen Burchfield

To: denise glover
Greetings to my wife, a faithful listener of the show, as we celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary at the Steelers game.
—Dennis Glover

September 28, 2009

To: Margie and Doug Erickson
Happy 20th Anniversary to Madre and Potato love from your kids Amelia, Zahra, and Neil, and all five cats.
—Amelia Erickson

To: Garrison & Richard
My wife, Mary, and I flew to Minnesota from Champaign, IL, just for the 9/26 show and meatloaf dinner. Thanks for one of the best times we've ever had!
—Mike McMillen

September 27, 2009

To: Garrison Keillor
Thanks for another great show. You have been one of the most important people in my life since 1980- that's three times longer than either of my marriages. I am so grateful for the joy your show has brought to me and my family.
—Marcie Mock

September 26, 2009

To: GK
ooooooo you sound gooood! xxx
—Tillie Arlett

To: Charlie Nauen
PJ and Charlie, Happy 20 something ANNIVERSARY. --ted and colleen
—Ted Kroeten

To: Chad and Nina deBoer
Wishing both of you a wonderful First Wedding Anniversary, and for an incredible lifetime of experiences together. Thinking of you every day. Ever so much Love, Dad
—Rick van Vliet

To: Greg
Thank you for 11 years of bliss! May the good Lord continue to bless us.
—Patti Paxton

To: Hartley 6
Best of luck at Columbia University! I love you all.
—Cecilia Schudel

To: Garrison Keillor
You are the man with THE VOICE Which makes you this listener's choice with smoke or on fire you're the one I admire you're better! I dance & rejoice!
—Sari Max-Fiss

Happy Anniversary Julie and Michael
—Mary Wardle

To: Marg & Gerry
Celebrating their 50 anniversary and Marg turns 70 next month. Here to see the show from Washington State. Sorry we don't have any Geoducks here in Minnesota!
—Ken Hayden

September 25, 2009

To: Mom and Dad
Happy 50th birthday Dad! We hope that you enjoy celebrating it with Garrison tonight - on your trip to Minnesota, all the way from the little town of Minot, Maine to the big city of Saint Paul! Say hi to Garrison!
—Joe Patry

To: mike
Shout out to Mike, Austin and Kelsey in San Diego. Hope you survived the triathlon and that swimming and Kathy Griffin are great! I'm having a super time in Minneapolis...Prairie Home rocks!
—Barb Mittman

To: steve
steve, thank u for the 20th anniversary present at prairie home companion. remember our first date feb 14, 1989 in chicago at Gariison's fell asleep after 3 martinis. 20 years and 3 sons later, what a wonderful surprise to come to st paul and see my other hero! love sara
—sara grassi

September 24, 2009

To: Richard and Linda Lindquist
Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad. Not sure if it was the biscuits or the raw bits but thank you for a conscience, guts, and a good example. Love, your son Erik. they're in the audience tonight for the first time ever!! they've listened to the show probably since in FIRST aired. PLEASE READ!! It would mean a lot. Thank you.
—Erik Lindquist

September 23, 2009

To: Bob and Norma Klimpke
I'm hoping you'll be willing to help us share some exciting news with our family during your show. This will be the first time they're hearing about it. Here's our news: To Bob and Norma, Thank you for the wonderful summer vacation this past July! Bob and Norma were kind enough to rent a cabin on Round Lake with their entire family (3 children, 3 spouses/partners, and 1 grandchild) to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Everyone had a fabulous time at the cabin -- and now your third grandchild is expected in April! With love, Siri and Eric
—Eric & Siri Klimpke

To: Patrick Goebel
We're here celebrating 3 things tonight (9/26 show)...Happy 30th Birthday 9/26 to my loving husband Patrick! We are also celebrating our 1 year anniversary on 9/27! And, Happy 4th Anniversary to my brother & sister-in-law Arik & Randi Hemquist on 10/1! Thanks Dad & Mom (Hank & Sheri Hemquist) for bringing us to the show!
—Sara Goebel

September 22, 2009

To: Jeanet Roche
Happy Birthday to my favorite niece - you are the closest I will get to having a daughter. You are the sunshine to so many of us! Love, Aunt Debby
—Debby Peterson

To: Lucky Linky
Happy Birthday, Lucky Linky. I still remember all the fun adventures we enjoyed. I hope by now you have overcome your fear of marriage and found someone wonderful to share your life. Your gal from Vassar.
—Tricia Tice

To: The Farhat/Podeinskers
Hey kids, thanks for this great Christmas present...we've been very good this year! Love yous Mary Kelly & Tim
—Mary Kunesh-Podein

To: Pam
There's no better way to spend one's life than married to you and watching the season opener from a balcony box. I love you!
—Tim Sear

To: Garrison Keillor
Sincere concern and prayers for a speedy recovery. My Mom, a 91 yr. young, God loving Lutheran, and I enjoy listening to your radio program every Sunday after church on our way to have lunch together. We had tickets for your appearance in Sacramento and hope you can come another time. God bless you.
—Marcy Steele

September 21, 2009

To: Gerri Miller-Calkins
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LI'L SIS: Its just you and me now and somehow I like you more than I did when we were kids. Funny that. Hope your big day is full of smiles and laughter! Much love to you.
—Linda Miller-Logan

To: Garrison Keillor
We read your piece in today's London "Independent" with concern. Best wishes from two of your biggest English fans!
—Kate & Richard Packer

To: Claire Winkler and Lillian Darby
Claire is my mother-in-law and Lillian is a dear friend of hers. They drove from Greenville South Carolina to St. Paul for your opener. They are so excited to be there. Please give South Carolina's version of Thelma and Louise a big shout out~!
—Kim Geddie

September 20, 2009

To: Dear Garrison,
You are my church each weekend. I seek, and I receive, renewal and good tidings from "A Prairie Home Companion." So glad you are on the mend. Thank you for being you. Yours,
—Drusha Mayhue

To: Garrison
Dear Garrison, Your Northern California Lutheran friends were so sorry to hear about your recent stroke. We regret that won't see you in performance in Sacramento this week. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
—Donna Fairchild

To: Mr. Keiller
We in Canandaguia NY wish a swift recovery and god speed for you.
—Craig Fenn

To: Grace Erickson
Happy 11th Birthday to Grace Erickson from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She's here in the audience (9/26/09) and is hoping to meet her favorite, Guy Noir.
—Kim Erickson

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Garrison, Gosh what happened? Please take care. Your voice has been a life line to me over the radio for many years. Thank you, Maggie in Glendale, AZ
—Margaret Bretz

September 19, 2009

To: Nanci
I know that it's hard, my love - but we need them alive. Happy anniversary! Thank you for 15 remarkable years.
—Rodney Nanney

To: Lisa Anne Perry
As you know, we came from home in Arizona to meet all four kids and two grandkids in Duluth for our 50th, so here at the pcs show, we send you loving birthday wishes. Also love to Robert and Miriam on their wedding anniversary. See you in Duluth.
—Tom and Irene Perry Perry

To: Mr. Keillor
I haven't seen my Minnesnowta in three years but, I'm returning to celebrate my '50' years of existence. One gift - I am going to be at the at your opening show! Ah...Family, friends, fall, PHC, Walleye, and fresh Pierson Nutrolls...I don't think it can get much better. Ya betcha it doesn't!
—Sandra Aultman

September 18, 2009

To: Marty
Happy Birthday Big Sister. Wish we were closer, Big hugs to you on you special day
—sybil Gibson

September 17, 2009

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Garrison. I have always been your fan but became your biggest fan in May 2009, confined to bed in rehab after suffering a stroke. I fell in love with the radio again, drifting into each episode with anticipation, imagining the lives in your music and stories. Thank you for this happiness and I wish you well. Rest your brain when it suggests you to rest. You'll be glad you did. I'm up dancing! You stay happy too.
—Elizabeth mccaffrey

To: Pooh
I Love You!
—Lois Carruth

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Garrison, I know you don't like everyone making a fuss, but when I heard that you had a stroke, I had to write! Glad that you're on the mend already, all my best wishes for a long continunation of your wonderful career. The world (including the Chicago Tribune) would be a much poorer place without you! Steve Lill
—Steve Lill

To: Sandy Levesque
Happy Birthday Mother and good luck with the great pumpkin. I will always be your number one fan.
—Stephen Levesque

To: Garrison,
All the best wishes for a speedy recovery, and the spirit of Norwegian bachelor farmers while confronting this chastening experience.
—Andrew Henley

To: Garrison
Garrison, feel better soon but take it easy. We want you functional for a very long time to come! Blessings to a speedy recovery.
—Mary Wilson

To: Garrison
My son and I (writers, both of us) were eager to attend your presentation in Harrisburg PA this coming Sunday, but were saddened to hear of your "brain attack" as they're calling it these days. It seems like we're all constantly under real brain attack in this country, and we'll miss our favorite counter-attacker: YOU with your cast of characters and insights. We hope to see you back in town in the not-too-distant future.
—Stephen Klotz

September 16, 2009

To: Phil Patry
Dear Garrison, Please wish my father, Phil Patry, a happy 50th Birthday. My parents flew from Minot, Maine to St Paul to see your show live, the trip was the only present my father wanted for his birthday! Happy 50th Birthday to Phil Patry, Thank you so much Joe Patry
—Joe Patry

To: Garrison Keillor
Please accept my sincerest wishes for your speedy recovery from your recent illness. As a fellow yellow dog Democrat without your gift for words, I need your searing insight and razor wit to continue speaking for me in a country whose fabric is being increasingly invaded by the lunatic fringe.
—Marsha Webster

To: Garrison Keillor
I wish you a healthy recovery garrison. My prayers are with you and your family. Ive been a listener since the early 80s. Take care my friend. I love your program and your fellow actors. Your all the best!
—Mike Sivizt

To: Mr Keillor
Dear Mr. Keillor, Sending you thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery! Gina in Fairbanks
—G G

To: Garrison
I'm fairly a recent enthusiast to your show having only discovered it in the last two years. My seven year old daughter and I tune in every Sunday at Atlantic, Iowa and enjoy the beauty of a radio show with all it's fun and creativity and imagination! I can't believe we found a bridge between my generation and her's but your show has been able to bring that to us! I hope you recover and are able to bring us A Prairie Home Companion soon! We brought her to your show last year at the Iowa State Fair. She wants to visit Minnesota and see everything you have been able to share with us soon! Get well and God Bless! Linda Laurito
—Linda Laurito

To: Garrison
Dear Mr. Keillor: I'm very pleased to hear you are on the mend and gearing up for the annual meatloaf supper/street dance. My husband and I will be there and recruiting as many friends as possible to join us. Be well!
—Lori Manning

To: Garrison
Garrison, Oh my, did your stroke put a perspective on how much I take for granted the joy of listening to you each week. Please take care of yourself so that I (selfishly) and the rest of your public can have the pleasure of your company for many, many more years. Jayne Doherty
—jayne doherty

To: Garrison Keilor
Hope you are feeling much better and will be fully recovered very soon. My days would feel much emptier without The Writer's Almanac and the Prairie Home Companion.

To: Garrison
Garrison; please get well soon. My wife and I love to listen to your show. Follow your doctors orders and take care of yourself. You've got years ahead of you. Live, laugh and love like there is no tomorrow. God loves you. Dave & Pat
—Dave Mc Manus

To: Besflores Nievera Jr
Garrison: My wife and I have spent countless Saturdays at home and on vacation listening to your broadcasts for many years - our lives are intertwined with yours in the worlds of Ketchup, Powdermilk Biscuits, and so much more. We were relived to hear of your recovery, and read with great enthusiasm and interest your article in today's Chicago Tribune. Let me add to the chorus of those who wish you a speedy recovery...and we look to another great season of PHC wherever you may be.
—Besflores Nievera Jr

To: Mr Keillor
Mr Keillor Since I moved to the states, from Denmark 14 years ago. You have been a part of my life. Every saturday night I feel a little closer to home. I wish you a speedy recovery.
—Bente Rainer

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Mr. Keillor, Your oft-expressed admiration for English majors always tilts my chin up. Now I'd like to conjure for you the vision of a bevy of English majors wishing you excellent health.
—Jennifer Reid

September 15, 2009

To: Garrison Keillor
Garrison - This is not the way to advertise... But it works....! Smile The Casalotti's wish you the best ..
—Mike Casalotti

To: Garrison Keillor
I heard the news of your hospitalization in the pledge drive prattle, googled and found reports and e-mailed my friend in Hackensack, MN. Thought her response might amuse you and laughter is good medicine. "Thanks, Sue. I had heard this on the radio but didn't know most of the details so was good to read these reports. I laughed when articles reported "he is talking sensibly" ...maybe that will be a problem for this humorist :)" Hope you recover efficiently. Smiles, Sue
—Sue Oksanen

To: Garrison
Thank you Garrison, for giving the rediculous and even the most serious of events the needed touch of outright laughable humor. Garrison, you are a National Treasure. God Bless you and raise you and your voice up. Andersens at the Rockn B Ranch Phoenix and Camp Verde, AZ
—Bonnie Andersen

September 14, 2009

To: garrison keiller
Get Well Soon. We love hearing you on the radio and enjoy A Prairie Home Companion... We enjoy hearing you every week-end. God Bless....Get Well...
—joan mcqueeney

To: Amy Rainey
I hope your back to doing the things you love to do! God bless you! Amy
—Amy Rainey

To: GK
When I heard the news, I was quite distraught. Then I contacted the congregants at The Church of Perpetual Responsibility and asked them to pray. I knew they would not let you down. Get well soon!
—Julie Gammello

To: Garrison
we need the only "sane" voice back up and talking soon so feel better....Quick!
—The Bellfy's

To: Garrison Keillor
Loved the limerick. It made me laugh and recall Jill B. T.'s book "My Stroke of Insight"....all experiences ARE material. Know that I, e pluribus unum, wish you a speedy recovery. PHC and WA have become such a part of my life, I would be lost without them, and ultimately, you! Blessings.
—Vanessa Castleberry

To: Garrison Keillor
Wishing you a speedy recovery. The world is a better place with you in it! Godspeed, Mr. Keillor!
—Douglas Russell

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Garrison . . . We were saddened to hear that you suffered a stroke last week. I have been listening to your show on the radio since I was first married, and I think that has to be nearly 40 years. I am 64 so I think you were just a young man when I started listening. I pray you can make a full recovery, and that you will soon be back with us live on Saturdays. I will listen to the archives unti then. Get well soon . . . Fred & Cheryl Strickland (Marshfield, WI)
—Cheryl Strickland

September 13, 2009

To: Garrison
Greetings and best wishes for a speedy recovery! Your soothing voice, lovely fiction, articulate political views and all you've given have so enriched me and my family - and the world! You deserve a Nobel Prize in Literature/Peace/Common Sense/Good Soul, were there such a category!
—Janet Johnson

To: Garrison
Good Luck and Good health to you, sir. And when you are up and about I'd love to hear the story you told years ago about the dog that caught fish and landed in the middle of the salmon mousse, so the fancy folks had to eat jello. It's a classic!
—Cyndi Bradbury

To: GK
Mr. Keillor, We are longtime, enthusiastic fans of you and your show and books. We hope and pray that you will make a speedy and full recovery. We wish you the best.
—joe and marianne floyd

To: Garrison
Dear Garrison- I have been enjoying your radio show for over thirty years and just want to say that I am thinking of you, wish you well, and can't wait to hear your voice again real soon, i.e your live voice. In a world that is all too complicated, your show each Saturday night brings some sense to it all. Be well & get well too. All the best- Jonny Rocket in Milwaukee
—Jon Alberts

I was so worried when I heard about your stroke. I've been lsitening and reading for probably 25 years. We are also about the same age. When I saw your limerick I took a breath, laughed and said: I'm so glad you're still here! As you said , our generation has no choice but optimism. Take Care . We love you !
—Lorraine Henrickson

To: Garrison Keilor
Just hope things are ok. 3 years ago, a highly regarded neurosurgeon opened up my skull. he found nothing, so i guess things are ok. i hope you get through your interactions with neurologists without them finding anything either!
—Terry McKenna

To: Garrison
I'm glad to hear that you're home again and writing limericks already! I'm sending wishes for many more years of fun and writing! (OK, what kind of smoke do you smell? Lovely cherry tobacco or burning house or??
—Lynn Gitelis

To: Garrison Keillor
I am so glad that you are out of hospital & feeling better -- you've made my Saturday nights a lot more fun -- keep up the good work! Sincere best wishes from Joan Walters Drake, Washington, DC
—Joan W. Drake

To: Garrison
I missed you last night and just wanted to send you my best wishes. I am a stroke survivor and can attest that all will be fine as long as you remain determined to get back to what you love to do -- gather your extended family each Saturday evening.
—jim stenerson

September 12, 2009

To: GK
A Prairie Home Companion is certainly one of the most extraordinary enterprises to have ever graced the airwaves - and your wit, insight, charm, and sheer brilliance enrich the lives of innumerable people around the world - myself included. It one of the gems of contemporary life; a rich vintage worth savouring weekly. My best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. I look forward to many decades of companionship on the Prairies, in my home and many others.
—Christopher Majka

To: Steve
Hey honey, I just wanted to let you know that I love you lots and lots.
—Cynthia Dente

To: garrison keillor
Please feel better soon! I was tuning in this evening and heard you were not well. Thoughts and Prayers to you and your family
—sheri merg

To: Kate
I wanted to write a much longer letter than allowed by this space. I have loved you for most of my adult life. Your show, the stories told there, and the music, have informed my life. You must never die. Please accept this short version of what I wanted to say. --an English major
—Kate Murray

To: Garrison
Many thoughts for good health are flowing to you...take care, take the help, take the rest, and take us up again.
—Elizabeth Zagorski

To: Aunt Ellen
Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall and so did you. Thank goodness the UW Hospital folks outsmart all the king's horses and men! Happy Healing!
—Susan Yeazel

To: G. Keillor
Glad you're out of the hospital. Best wishes on your recovery!
—Paul Suckow

To: Mr. Keillor
Mr. Keillor, I am so glad United saw fit to send our MN treasure to another MN treasure, Mayo, the number one hospital in the US! Get well and we love you!
—Maureen dostert

To: Garrison Keillor
Your program has been my favorite since I attended Washington State University in Pullman years ago. When you finally played Pullman, you had to add a show as thousands of tickets sold out in less than an hour. I took my mom to the added show for her 80th birthday, and, oddly enough, you have chosen highlights from the show we originally tried to attend to air this week. You are in our thoughts and prayers wishing you a speedy and full recovery and return to your habitat!
—Cornelia Shields

To: Garrison
Irregular Ode to Garrison Keilor You are the voice of our time, North of the Minnesota state line. So sorry to hear you had a spot of problem, I had thought you lived in radio ad infinitem. May the good lord bless and keep you, And may you regain your health too. Soon you will be back to your old self, And it will be many years before you're on the shelf. You are one of the real good guys, the best, But of course, you are modest coming from the mid-west. Very selfishly, I don't like to think of your mortality, Most of the time we all feel we will evade eternity. But always keep in mind although we will pass this way but once, Our passage has been greatly eased by your work for 480 months. I am personally sure that some time in a far distant "sweet by and by", We'll all be listening to your weekly show, somewhere in the sky!
—Duane Beard

To: Garrison Keillor
Hi, I didn't know how else to get a message through and we wanted to wish you a speedy and complete recovery. It sounds as if the stroke was minor and that you got very good medical care.We wanted to add that in Lake Wobegon, all the men are strong as well. Best Wishes
—Susan and Walter LaMay

To: Garrison Keillor
Sending our family's warm wishes for a speedy recovery. My husband and I fell in love in a hammock on a hill listening to your show (and sipping sangria) about a dozen years ago, and now our three children (ages 10, 7, and 5) are devoted fans, too -- you should see them dance it up to the Powder Milk Biscuit theme! You're in our hearts, our home, our thoughts and our prayers. Looking forward to hearing you again very soon! N.B. Just because there's a Democrat in the White House does not mean you can kick back and turn this into some kind of mini-vacation!!!
—Tricia Caldicott

To: Garrison Keillor
GK, do be well quickly! It's your turn to provide the ludefisk for the POEM meeting! :)
—Marcy Tanter

To: Garrison
I grew up in the age of television, but was fortunate enough to be raised by parents who did not. I remember listening to your show with my parents as a youngster. Your stories would spark comments and inspire them to share memories of growing up and working on a farm in the 30's and 40's. As a result, I feel your show allowed me to get to know and understand just who my parents were before they were Mom and Dad. Life ticks on. My parents have departed, and my mirror reflects a middle-aged man. I wish to sincerely thank you for these memories, and what your show has brought to my life. Best wishes for a quick and full recovery.
—Neil Benson

To: Garrison Keillor
My family and I send you heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery. You speak so eloquently for us and we need your voice more than ever.
—Mary Kendall Rago

To: Garrison Keillor
I'm a newer listener and already hooked.... best wishes and get well soon!
—Jeff Knutson

To: Garrison!!
Wishing you all the best in your speedy recovery!! From one of your newest listeners Wolfgang (3 months old) and his Mama from San Ramon CA
—Romana Sinegal

To: Garrison Keillor
Enough that it was going to rain here all weekend. But no column from Garrison Keillor? Now we're talking washout. Say the word and we'll run up with a covered dish of our excellent chicken soup. Yours for sure, Jim and Carol, Tallahassee FL
—Carol Newman

To: Garrison
You have ministered to millions. Rest now.
—Pam Wilson

September 11, 2009

To: Garrison
Our Prayers and thoughts are with you for a super-speedy recovery! Lotts of Love and Laughter!
—Monica and Sam Ceballos

To: Sam Ceballos
You will always hold the most special place in my heart. I Love You always. - Moki
—Monica Peralta

To: Garrison Keillor
So glad to hear that you are OK and are back at the show. Many happy returns!
—Mike Redenius

To: Garrison Keillor
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Godspeed! Salt Lake City
—Carol Price

To: Garrison
Garrison, I am wishing you a swift and full recovery. You have kept me company every Saturday night for over twenty years and those nights just wouldn't be the same without you. I adore your humor, wit, writing and lively story telling. Get well soon!
—Holly D

To: Garrison
We're glad you're doing better. We've listened to PHC for more than 25 years and can't imagine a Saturday without you.
—Dick & Sue Carozza

To: Christie
May your weekend at camp be as much fun as a person can have without a dog or boyfriend.
—Douglas Sandstad

To: Garrison
Garrison, Hope you feel better soon! Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. All our best, Mark and Erica Jones Iowa City, Iowa
—Erica Jones

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Garrison, Glad to hear you are leaving the hospital today! Your talents mean a lot to many people and we will be glad to have you back on the radiowaves. All the best from Iowa City, Kim Engler
—Kimberly Engler

September 10, 2009

To: Garrison
Greetings from the Prairies and foothills of the Rockies Northwest of you in Canada. A good many of us are descendants of Scandinavians from Minnesota ( My Grandad Oli Simonson was born in Nielsville and moved to Alberta) We have enjoyed your books and stories over the years and think of the towns and lakes we grew up in and around here and nod knowingly to one another when you tell your stories of Lake WB. Thus we were sorry to hear you have had a recent illness and we hope you are back in those red sneakers and on the air very soon. Best wishes for a speedy return to health from all of us up here.
—Ted Cutlan (Simonson)

To: Garrison Keillor
We are saending you are very best regards and wishes for a speedy recovery, life just wouldn't be the same with out you.
—Maggie & Don Blevins

To: Garrison Keillor
We heartily wish you a complete recovery to tell wise, funny stories for many more years.
—Elizabeth Waldorf

To: GK
You are in my prayers for healing and recovery. God bless you. Long time GK and PHC listener and fan. With love, David
—David Lape

To: Garrison Keillor
Garrison - Get well soon. The world will be less and our weekend will be lost without YOU on the show. Get well and stay well. You are a gift from our Creator. Karen Mills Kingsport TN
—Karen Mills

To: steve grassi
1st date PHC, chicago 1989... you feel asleep then, but 20 years & 3 sons later we're celebrating our anniversary in st paul with GK. thank you honey for the wonderful surprise weekend! so glad I accepted that 2nd date!
—sara grassi

To: Garrison Keillor
My wife and I want to offer our Concern and Best Wishes. Not to give you a swelled head or anything, but we consider you a National Treasure and WE CARE. --Peg & Mike Harris, Chapel Hill, N.C.
—Mike Harris

To: Garrison
Hoping you are up and about in no time. We love you in South Bend, Indiana. Nan
—Nan Galbreath

To: Garrison Keillor
Best wishes and please GET WEll SOON. I listen to your show every Saturday Night that I can and it wouldn't be the same without you. God Bless you.
—Sandra Shawhan

To: Tommy Sanchez
I still get butterflies when I think of you, so many fine years later.
—Tamika Shaughnessy

September 9, 2009

To: Eric Rajski
Happy birthday to the love of my life, on the week of our wedding.
—Sarah Cotton

To: Ditter & Jim'r Mattison
The sunny season has finally arrived in Los Osos, California. The valley people have gone home to Bakersfield and Fresno complaining about our fog. Now is the time to come for a visit from your Minnesota home.
—Bev'r Anderson

To: Andy Herrmann
Happy Birthday Andy. Dusty and Lefty have nothing on you and Tim!
—Dawn Herrmann

To: Rev. Brad
Good wishes from Lake Wobegon. The motorcycle cop doesn't know what to do with the flashy sign on the Catholic church. They say it makes a problem for the schools, but it flashes "Pray for our students". Hugs and Kisses, The Carloss
—Kristine Carloss

To: Bruce & Marilyn
Greetings from the great metropolis of Dillon, Montana. We arrived here today for a 3-day stay after 2+ weeks exploring Big Sky Country. When we first arrived in MT. from our home in Nevada, I immediately ordered a genuine hand-made cowboy hat from Sheila Kirkpatrick at her Montana Mad Hatters shop in Twin Bridges that I will pick up Fri. The natives have been friendly and we enjoyed our week at Glacier Nat'l. Park. Looking forward to seeing you in Oct. at both PHC live broadcasts at the Fitz. & our week at The St. Paul Hotel ! Should I wear my new hat?
—Old Gringo Dave & Carol Peace

To: Carl
Can you give me a good Lutheran story/joke soon? First Lutheran Church Nashville is celebrating their 150th on Sept. 13 and I am the required MC. HELP! Thanks a million!
—Carl Stasiunas

September 6, 2009

To: the family
i'll be home soon enough. 20 years of this navy is coming to a close fast ! one year, two months. oh, and better hold my supper in the freezer.
—Richard Levangie

September 5, 2009

To: Garrison
nice meeting and talking with you in Edinburgh, hope you got the time to complete your book. next time you visit bring the Shoe Band, we'll have a real shindig!
—Callum Alden

September 4, 2009

To: Mother(Peggy)
You left this world 2 days too early. You missed the 1st new PHC in months. You were blessed and your life blessed us all. Devoted son, Gordon
—Gordon Larrance

To: Janine
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. Life with you just gets better and better - and you don't look a day over 30! [Note - we will be at the Grandstand show tonight]
—Greg Walker

To: Tonnis ter Veldhuis
To prof. T.- Best wishes as you calculate the mysteries of the universe on your sabbatical this year at Purdue! Wish you could be here at the show tonight. love prof. K. P.S. Give Moses a pet from me and don't forget to brush his fur.
—Katy Splan

To: Barbara Mrosko
Happy 65th Birthday from all the kids and grandkids! You're still going strong as a wonderful Lutheran "church basement lady"! We love you! (we'll be at the Fair show on the 4th!)
—Michael Mrosko

September 3, 2009

To: Mitch
Mitch, happy 50th birthday. thanks for bringing us to the minnesota state fair. we've come a long way since listening to the show over the internet in germany. with love from erica & madeleine
—Erica Zabusky

To: Jed and Jocelyn
Happy 25th Anniversary Mom and Dad! We sure do love you and hope this gets on air for our visit to the state fair! (oh hey look mr. keillor, that rhymes) Love your above average kids, Addie, Rachel, and Becca
—Addie, Rachel and Becca Gorlin

To: Holly Holter
To my dear wife Holly: We left our home in San Francisco to celebrate your 60th birthday at the Minnesota State Fair. Is this the "for better" or the "for worse"?
—Jay Williams

To: Chris & Linda Meyer
Hope you are enjoying Minnesota--now you can show on your Facebook that Linda is really strong, Chris is very good looking, and Kate, Jake and Erik are well above average.
—Phil & Twila Theimer

September 2, 2009

To: Bob Roel
Dad Happy Birthday from your girls. Enjoy the show. We wanted to write you a poem but we couldn't think of anything that rhymed with basshole.
—Charity Roel

To: Rose and Harry Boehm
Happy 70th Anniversary mom & dad and your 71 years of attending the Minnesota State Fair. 16 of us from 4 generations are glad to be here with you sharing malts,mini donuts and salmon on a stick washing it down with Leinie's and rootbeer. We saw the art,the crafts and the lookalike calf to the one Dad took to the fair in 1925. Do kids today walk their calf through the house to train it like you did? We collected our free pencils, visors and yardsticks. We'll head back to Wisconsin reminicing like Garrison Keillor about small town life and the Great State Fair.
—Patty Boehm (Bame)

To: Sheryl Younger
From Utah to the Minnesota State Fair: Celebrating my wife's 27th B-day. Also brought our 15 month old rugrat Henry to join in the celebration.
—John Younger

To: Marissa
Twenty years of marriage for us. Third birthday for you. Someday you'll learn arithmetic and appreciate the absurdity of this! Love, Mom & Dad
—Lynn Reed

To: Sandra
Happy 21st Anniversary! I know a Caribbean cruise was your first choice, but I hope walleye on a stick and A Prairie Home Companion will suffice!
—Steve Nelson

September 1, 2009

To: Wilhelmina and Philip Burket
Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary! Enjoy your trip to Virginia. Love from Mary, Keith and Eva in Georgia -- and Tom, Kim, Martha and Charlie in Minnesota.
—Tom Burket

To: Chari
watch out its that time of the year for sonic to make a run for it. see you when we get back.
—Mary Hoffman

To: Denny
Happy 11th Anniversary honey. Our first in Maine and me in Minnesota. For all the times and places we saw GK together perhaps he can bring us together with these words from the Fair. I love you miss you and will see you for the next show!
—Mary Jo Barrett

August 31, 2009

To: lou and sylvia falcon
Congratulations on 50 years of marraige! Your loving children and household pets
—alicia brasuell

August 28, 2009

To: Phil & Claire Patry
Dear Garrison, My parents are flying from Minot, Maine and will be in the audience on the Sept. 26th show. My father is a huge fan and for his 50th birthday he wanted nothing more than to see your show live at the Fitzgerald. Please wish him a Happy 50th Birthday and have a great show,Thank you so much, Elizabeth Patry
—Elizabeth Patry

To: Orva
Thanks for putting your "hinda" on the Honda in Albany Georgia, mowing your life away, waiting for my retirement yesterday, to head-up to International Falls on Monday.
—Tom Voth

To: Charley
Honey, get the campfire started! It's Saturday night, and Garrison's waiting.
—Laura Capshaw

To: Alex Josephsen
Congratulations to my precious baby girL who just turned 22 and graduated from the best college in the world - St. Olaf in Northfield Minnesota
—Ginny Baresch

August 27, 2009

To: Grandma Roth
Grandma Roth, you were right - there are no scandinavian deli's in San Francisco. The closet thing I can get to good Norwegian food is every third Thursday of the month Mrs Sanchez-Olsen puts some sugar into her flour tortilla mix and calls it lefsa. I guess it could be worse, I could have been born Swedish.
—Keith Clausen

August 26, 2009

To: garrison keeler
I spent six wonderful hours reading your columns from The Old Scout archives, on a day off, and I have to tell you that I am really, really happy for your success in this world. God bless you, brother.
—jeff cavell

To: Kitty Johansson
Happy Birthday Mom!We are glad you are on the same side of the ocean finally!We all love you and appreciate everything that makes you the wonderful woman you are!
—Rebecka Sexton

August 25, 2009

To: lou and sylvia falcon
to Lou and Sylvia Falcon in El Cerrito, California Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary from your loving children and household pets
—alicia brasuell

To: Wilhelmina and Philip Burket
Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary! With love from Mary Florence, Keith and Eva in Georgia, and Kim, Tom, Martha and Charlie in Minnesota.
—Tom Burket

August 24, 2009

To: Anne Moonan - MOM
Anne Moonan - 95 years young on Sept 6. Anne drives her own car, swims daily, patrols her neighborhood, enjoys cards, and sets you straight should you stray (enjoys PHC too). Anne and her kids (John, Chris & Gary) are celebrating on the Florida Keys.
—Gary Moonan

August 23, 2009

To: Katy & Josh
Congratulations and this is just a suggestion: Have him on Christmas Day. Please reconsider Guinness Dennis-- its a hardy name.
—Kathy Tibbits

August 21, 2009

To: John H. Jackson
Happy 75th. birthday John H. Jackson from Redwood Falls MN. From your loving wife Anne.
—Anne Jackson

August 20, 2009

To: Sam & Joanna
Happy 11th Anniversary! Hope your trip to the love shack was a memorable one! Wishing you many more pleasant years of screaming naked kids, busted pipes, and exhausted evenings together. No one could ask for better friends.
—Darrell Dean

To: Ben
Happy Birthday from Starblanket, The Big Lobster, Gretta, Buddy & Kachook!
—Star Blanket

August 19, 2009

To: Keith
Greetings from Vietnam! Here's to hoping you've finally tuned in to PHC. But, just in case you've forgotten, here's another reminder.
—Dan Huynh

August 17, 2009

To: Mama and Daddy
Happy 25th anniversary! We love you very much! To many more years of joy, fart jokes, and petty bickering at Wise Acres Farm. Love, your slightly above average children.
—Le, Ro, Rae, Lou Bichell

To: Dave and Terry
We celebrate their love unswerving, A couple who is quite deserving Of toasts and libations And standing ovations For twenty-five years they're observing.
—Frances Vetters

To: Terry Jo and Dave
Congratulations on your 25th anniversary! We at the farm would say it's been a good marriage so far: strong women, good-looking men, and children verging on average!
—Rae Ellen Bichell

August 16, 2009

To: old folks at 2B farm in Pahrump NV
Congratulations on selling your world champion miniature driving mare Patsy Cline and starting up your 2bfarm website by yourself. What next? Motorcycle racing at 70?
—Brent Babcock

August 15, 2009

To: Kelly and Alisha
Congratulations to (above) for graduating from the University of Notre Dame!!!! You DID it!! We are so proud of you! Go forth and do good things with your life. Have fun too! Love Mom and Dad
—Kathy (Mom) Wilkinson

To: Donny
Happy, Happy Birthday week end! You survived the 60's, 70's, the Viet Nam war, 80's, 90's and saw that the world didn't actually go nuts at the turn of the new millennium. Now you're wrapping up the single digets of this decade with Grandchildren & Many Friednds. Keep up the good work surviving in safety and joy! Keep smiling.
—Sue Anderson

To: Arthur
May you live to finish that book, and may your "Rich and Famous Contract" arrive by Federal Express! You're the greatest.
—Gail White

August 14, 2009

To: Rich Rainer
Honey, after 2 months in Denmark with the kids, it is SO good to be back home in your arms again. Ps. The kids are yours tomorrow I am sleeping in!
—Bente Rainer

August 10, 2009

To: Paw Paw and Ga
Congratulations to PawPaw and Ga on surviving 52 years of shutter staining, church potlucks, and metal tent poles in thunderstorms! We love you!
—Melissa and David Dugan

To: Andrew Riutta
Superb, inspiring, words cannot convey!
—Susan Hart

August 9, 2009

To: Zac and Cat
Congratulations to my son and his fiance who have set their wedding date for August 29. I love you both.
—Teren Stevens

August 4, 2009

To: Stacey
You are an beautiful, amazing woman. You are my love and my life.
—Dan Snyder

To: Tim Dalmau
Hope your 60th birthday celebration with family and friends in the Samford Valley (near Brisbane Australia) - which is also a place "where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and all of the children are above average" is as enjoyable as an evening with Garrison and APC radio show!
—Jill Tideman

July 31, 2009

To: Mike Seeger
Our paths crossed back in the day. Best wishes, June
—june silverman

July 30, 2009

To: Lauren Gwaley
You are missed greatly in the Nation's capital, we all miss you so greatly. You make a Unitarian like me believe in Grace, do well in graduate school and we'll see each other soon. From your loving agnostic,
—Michael Seay

To: Bill Adams Sr.
Dear Dad- You've come a loooong way baby!!! Happy 80th Birthday... We Love You Very Much, Cathy, Leah, Ally and Trey
—Cathy Deitrick

July 28, 2009

To: Jeanet Roche
Happy Birthday dear Jeanet - you are the best neice in the world and the closest thing I will have to a daughter. What a gift you are to us all. Happy Birthday! Love, Aunt Debby
—Debby Peterson

July 27, 2009

To: Lee Downey
Hey Lee - Happy Birthday dear brother - have a great one in your paradise of Bali. Hope you hear this on the radio. Love you, Janis
—Janis Dunnion

July 25, 2009

To: G. Keillor
—susan miller

To: Darling
High stepping for Elder Ma while listening to the show. Looking forward to street dance and meat loaf in St. Paul come Sept. Adrian
—Adrian Revenaugh

To: Ron
Happy 62nd Birthday, Ron! I guess you'll be sharing your first SS check with the A-Team. Note: Birthday is August 16th.
—Jane Hixson

To: Marshall Ham
We are so excited to celebrate your 60th birthday with you! It will be the first time all of us "kids" have been together since I was a young girl. Happy b-day!!!!
—Denise Davis

July 21, 2009

To: June "Oma" Poe
Happy 85th Birthday from the kids, grandkids, friends, Rosalind Hills Baptist folks,& the Brandon Oaks neighbors. You're proof positive that 85 is the new 30!
—Nancy Poe

To: Amaury Balestrini
Happy Anniversary to my one true love! We celebrate 4 years August 5th and could not love anyone more. From Emily to Amaury- I love you and look forward to many more years with you!
—Emily Balestrini

To: Larry
Happy 52nd birthday to a talented educator, artist and general non-conformist. Love, Grace
—Grace Hailer

July 20, 2009

To: Patricia Cousineau
Dear Patricia, It's been years since we've seen or spoken to each other. I still appreciate you introducing me to A Prairie Home Companion and have fond memories of our friendship. If you hear this please find me on facebook. I'd love to hear how you're doing.
—Jill Cicero

July 19, 2009

To: Garrison
Hi G, When your program airs, I iron. When are you coming to Pennsylvania? I would certainly drive to see and hear the group and laugh out loud in person. Congrats on the 35th anniversary. Roberta
—Roberta Ross

July 18, 2009

To: Garrison
Congratulations to GK for the excellent 'Prarie Home Companion' anniversary. Ironically, it did coincide with my wedding anniversary (26 years). Neither myself or my husband is an English major. We actually like math instead.
—Cindy Shollenberger

July 16, 2009

To: Grampa Paul
Happy 89th birthday on July 25th! We'll play euchre at the campground in August. Hearts are trump and you lead.
—Colin & Kyle Metcalfe

July 12, 2009

To: Mr. Keillor
My husband and I loved your recent Cincinnati show. You nailed the East and West Cincinnati divide. However, Cincinnati chili is not "wet" or "dry". Perhaps you were thinking of barbecue. Love the red shoes!
—Audrey Anderson

July 11, 2009

To: Don
Happy forty-eighth anniversary and thanks for forty-eight years of happiness. The next forty-eight will be even better.
—Dottie Petrunia

July 10, 2009

To: Teresa, Rob and Mary Kay
I'm sorry. I was just too darn hot --- thermal hot.
—Michele Mahoney

July 9, 2009

To: Nancy Jordan
Happy Birthday and love from Tallahassee. Wishes for the best year ever ahead; Jeff says even top third would be good.
—Jeff and Denni Jennings

To: Neil
If you're listening from the hammock, keep your BB gun at the ready. We're running low on squirrel steaks.
—Molly O'Leary

To: Jim and Phyllis Kumm
Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary, July 12, 2009
—Rita Webb

July 7, 2009

To: My darling Papa in Avon, Minnesota
Hello and Happy Birthday! 56 years and 7 days; I couldn't be prouder. Love, Margaret in Brooklyn P.S. Send more money.
—Margaret Bresnahan

To: Dick Stubler
Happy 78th Birthday, on July 19th, to Dick Stubler from Julie! I love you Daddy
—Julia Wahlton

July 5, 2009

To: Ray & Donna McCagg
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad from Marty, Tom, Mark, Tammie, Hallie & Buster
—Marty McCagg

To: Stephen Lewis
Greetings to all in the I CORPS PSD detachment in Baghdad we love you and look forward to having you come home! From our favorite Sergeant's Mom and Dad
—jack lewis

July 4, 2009

To: Meghan Melloy and Jim Melo
The Jensen Family wants to send their congratulations to Meghan Melloy and Jim Melo who, in true Lake Wobegon fashion, were engaged this morning, July 4th, on a swim platform named "BOB" on round lake outside St. Cloud. Cheers!
—Matt Melloy

To: Kristy Flack
Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart! Ours is a match made from heaven. You - the special needs teacher and myself - a drummer who needs special needs and understanding. Thanks for the last 4 years of marriage and adventure.
—Mike Flack

To: Mike Mahoney
Happy 70th birthday Dad. See you at the family poker game tomorrow. Love you, your daughter.
—Michele Mahoney

To: Emma Zinn
Happy Birthday from Drain,Oregon to my favorite 5 year old niece! I will see you soon, save room for Ice cream, I love you
—Uncle Mike Franklin

To: Grandma Karen in Danbury, Wisconsin
Grandma Karen, All those years you had my mom listen to PHC paid off - I'm only 5 months old and I'm in Avon celebrating the 35th anniversary! Can't wait til I am old enough to get the jokes. Wish you were here! Love, Binda
—Belinda Brosseau

July 3, 2009

To: Jodi
Thanks for being my wife and best friend for the last 13 years
—Randy Maile

To: Robert
Happy 55th Birthday on July 12! Thanks for being a great dad and husband and for loving all of us. Your girls, Katie, Hannah and Caroline
—Caroline Bott

To: Andy
Best wishes to Andy and Paula who will be married on the shores of beautiful Lower Spunk Lake two weeks from today
—Frank Ziegler

To: Diane & Todd Hofteig
To a team that has weathered tornadoes, kids, death and his love for Lutifisk. Happy 45th Anniversary may tonight be one of the highlights.
—Joy Schumer

To: Bernice
To Bernice in Avon: Thanks for bringing your potato salad to the picnic here today. Should we tell everyone your secret ingredient is pickle juice? Toots
—Kathleen Ziegler/Earserv

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Garrison: Happy 35 years with your Prarie Home Companion. I've never met you but it feels like I've known you forever. Keep up the great work. God Bless You

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Garrison, Congratulations on reaching 35 years of a WONDERFUL SHOW!!! We listen to your show when we can and have become total converts! I even made a rhubarb pie last night! (We live in Australia and it's not normal Aussie food, believe me....we loved it, coulda done with some cornstarch to thicken it though. Love your stories, love Guy Noir, love all the music. Hope to try to listen live for your 35th, but don't know whether we will manage. Would absolutely LOVE to be there with you all. Love from Sally and John Bloomfield, Castle Hill Australia.
—Sally Bloomfield

To: Pete & Nancy Klingeman
Wishing you both the best for your 52nd wedding anniversary! Hopefully this makes up for our neglect of your 50th!
—Derek and Chrissy Klingeman

July 2, 2009

To: Katherine H. Bihl
Let's celebrate Independence this weekend, honoring the best of the past and casting off from the worst of it, celebrating that which endures for a generation, 35 whole years. Happy birthday to PHC and to the USA! Jim
—James Bittner

To: Michael Davis
Happy Birthday Dad, We love you. Even when you tell Ole and Lena jokes.
—The Kids

To: David J Taylor
Congratulations for achieving a second Masters, PhD and Gugggenheim Fellowship Award. The house of Dreams has come true. I always knew you were destined for greatness.
—Ruth Taylor

To: 2009 Caramel Roll Riders and Voluteers
Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 10th Annual Lake Wobegon Trail Caramel Roll Ride this year. Also Special Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this year's ride a great success... see you all again next year!
—Cliff Borgerding

To: Janet Gale
Thanks for the last 35 years. You're still a hottie!!
—Tom O'Donnell

To: Larry Rodman
To Larry: Hey Man. Happy 52nd birthday to a casual individualist. Love, Grace
—Grace Hailer

To: Joan McDonald
Warm wishes from your family and friends to Joan McDonald, a lifelong member of public radio and avid PHC fan, who is listening while recovering from serious illness at Douglas County Hospital in Alexandria, MN.
—John Steffes

To: DFL friends
Happy 4th of July. Sorry I missed the parade and hope the donkey didn't cause you too much trouble.
—Laura Davis

To: To our Son, Theo
Hope Montana is fun. Is Grandpa cooking Lutefisk? We feel really guilty about the great time we're having at the show today. Love you kid!
—Mom & Dad and your brothers too Cook Hanson

To: Lisa, Adam, Alex, and Hunter
All 16,000 lbs of our stuff arrived safely from Nevada. However, the houses in Minnesota are smaller, I guess to promote fuel efficiency. I'm excited to see you on the 20th. From: your husband eagerly awaiting your arrival.
—David Potter

To: Dad
Dad - Your golf clubs are in my basement. Mom didn't want you to be tempted so soon after surgery. Keep Aug 30 open, we have an 8:00 T-time.
—David Potter

To: Mom and Dad
Thanks for being there. You know you're a Minnesotan when a Bostonian asks you what the closest body of water was and you get to say Lake Burnt Shanty. Love you lots.
—Serrie Hamilton

July 1, 2009

To: Garrison Keillor
I Live in the center of Nevada, where the men are men and the sheep are nervous..Listened to your show every time I can for the last 10 yrs. Grateful your show IS...Love it, and Thank You....Lee Rogers
—Lee Rogers

To: Eric
To my high-school-sweetheart, and soon-to-be husband: Thanks for moving your backpack on the bus 9 years ago so I could sit next to you. Who knew we'd be getting married 9 years later? Can't wait to start forever with you. Love, Kerry
—Belinda Brosseau

To: Garrison Keillor
Garrison, you are like a box of poppers. The box itself doesn't seem out of the ordinary, nor its contents. But if you drop some of the bundles in the box, there's this enormous POW! That's you. Your voice is a comfort, but also a kick.
—Sarah Watts

To: my husband Roy
Thanks for staying married to me even though I tune your guitar to a D chord when you aren't looking. Also I wear your gray socks & leave the holey ones for you. Love yer wife
—Peggy DeSousa

To: Sue, Shawn, Annie & Sara
We know you moved to Moorhead for great jobs and to be a part of a Lake Wobegon kind of community, but we still really miss you all back here in California. Come back and visit us soon. Love from Cathy & Kent, Isaac & Benjie
—Cathy Humphers Smith

To: Carol Rutten
Happy Birthday to my sister on the 4th of July! For today, Mom likes you best. For always, I love you. From your sister.
—Lori Goble

To: Jeff, my brother
Congratulations on swimming around the world in 35 years, 3 pools, and lots of bad weather. You can rest now. From your bratty older sister
—Andrea Alterman

To: Sandra and Timon Iverson
40 years ago in the summer of 1969, the Beatles were rocking, men were landing on the moon, and hippies were reimagining the world, but the best thing was the wedding of two Lutheran kids in Saint Paul -- we love you!
—Your Children

To: Shari
After 56 years this Norwegian German bachelor has found a pure Swede beauty in Mn.She's helping him decide Ford or Chevy...wish us luck!
—Rick Wiese

June 30, 2009

To: Taum
To my stud puffin of 5 years. It's been great walking and rollin with you. Let's have 50 more. Your neat, sweet, and petite!
—Betz Ulrich

To: Howard
I Love garrison keillor and this should be a pip!
—Richard Schiff

To: My Husband Mike
Here's to 30 years of marriage. "What a long strange trip it's been." Sorry about the snoring ... and the dogs. Love you whole bunches.
—Chris Henry

June 29, 2009

To: Ryan
Looking forward to seeing you and Linzy this August; hope you still like Pachelbel's canon, for you'll doubtless hear plenty of it when you visit.
—Lindsay Denlinger

To: Daniel Langley
Thanks to my husband who loads and unloads the truck of all my crafts at craft sales without a frown. I promise to buy you a steak dinner instead of a hamburger if you help me one more time.
—Diane Langley

To: Rebecca Hlebain-Aacker
Hello! and thanks Auntie for introducing me to PHC all those years ago at Camp Cow-Pie. Love your niece
—Angela Zylla

To: Andrew
Happy Birthday (on this day!) to my special friend Andrew all the way in Vancouver BC! Thinking of you and missing you here in Atlanta, GA
—Kerrie Kardatzke

To: Ann Wynia
To our beloved St. Paul Aunt! We love you and now we love St. Paul. Thanks for all the tours of the twin cities, Fair Grounds,home cooked meals, trips to museums,the Como Zoo and the Boundary Waters...just so much fun, fun, fun! with love, the Texas "J"s
—Melinda Jobe

To: Jonathan
Here we are at APHC celebrating our 29th anniversary! We were together at the show in St Paul when we had been married for 3 months! Thanks for being a part of our marriage and lives APHC - we listen to you in Finland!
—Ylva Rancken--Lutz

June 28, 2009

To: USAF buddies
I've been retired from the military (USAF) since July 7, 1997 and I would like to give a fine "Hi how are you folks doing and I miss each and everyone of my buddies so very much" TSgt Cady
—barry cady

To: Vince Lindgren
Annivesary - Jude and Vince Lindgren of Fargo. Married 30 years on June 30, 2009. Although we may still sing the blues from time to time, I hope to continue to grow old with you. Love to Vinnie from Jude.
—Jude Lindgren

To: Gary
Happy Anniversary to the love of my life! What a wonderful way to celebrate - with GK, Steve Martin, Arlo Guthrie, and Martin Sheen!
—Jan Hart

June 27, 2009

To: Jesse and Eric
Listening in from Sewanee,Tennessee.. Mamasan and Hank send their love to the soon-to-be married Southern Goo Goo and the Boston Bean...
—Melinda Haines

To: Sheri Lublin
Happy anniversary Sheri & Gerry you're here in spirit. Next year in person and in health!
—abby lublin

To: Marci and Barry
We square-danced at your wedding to the Red Cray Ramblers and we're all still dancing together. Happy 25th Anniversary. Love, Richard and Elizabeth
—Richard Brunswick

To: me ma
happy 50th part 1 - you've almost caught up to me. Looking forward to many more. Love you more - your de da
—jim devoe

To: ella & jude
Love from tanglewood.grandpa and grandma
—ed wacks

To: Kerry & Kim
Hey twin, Enjoy Garrison and Steve. We slipped the kids $20 to get lost for the evening to celebrate our 28th Anniversary. Curfew waived.
—Korey & Tana Jackson

To: Sean and Eliza Drum
To our little Lake Wobegon kids, Mom and Dad wish you were here with us tonight at Tanglewood! We love you! PS don't eat all the cookies.
—Eric and Tiffany Drum

To: Alexaalexa bysalexa
Alexa In your ninth year, I see you now blossoming into a beautiful young lady. Its been my special treat spending a Saturday or two every summer at Tanglewood with you and our other Saturday nigt visitor, mr Garrison Keillor. With admiration and pride, Your Daddy
—john bys

To: Karen Lipton
Happy 32nd anniversary to my loving wife from sunny Massachusetts.
—Wayne Lipton

To: Caitlin Read Falls
Happy Birthday sweetheart, from Daddy in the Shed.
—Dave Read

To: Jessy
Hope things are going well for you in Boston. We miss you much! love, Mom & Dad
—Greg Bonzek

To: Friends and Family
Greetings from Dano and Family from Stockbridge MA, year-round home of 2000, and that's just bears!
—Dan Helming

To: Mom, Dad, Jane, and Herb
Thank you so much for all of the wedding preparations! Only three weeks left! It will be a beautiful day!
—Rachel Henderson

To: Steve Martin
Won't you please autograph my BANJO and you can join the Kingston Trio as place of honor on my favorite musical instrument. I am in the cheap seats out on the lawn
—Genna Rittenhouse

To: Julia Mary Marino
Hello Julia Our down east girl 09's sure star in an unsure world. Love Lily, Ma, Gracie and Pa
—Liz Sorgi

To: Jim & Susanae
Happy 20th Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Glad this "new alloy" isn't too rusty yet.
—Harlin & Esther Glovacki

To: Renee
To Renee, who is in the audience tonight, a New York girl from Queens, who is now as close as she'll ever get to a prairie.
—Mark Dershwitz

June 26, 2009

To: Sam, Devon, Joe, Abbey, Angela, Seamus, and Theo
Hello 4th grade Odyssey of the Mind Team members, serving as Grand Marshalls of the Barton Hills Neighborhood July 4th Parade in Austin, Texas.
—Carolyn "Aunt C." Hubenak

To: Benn
Greetings, Wishing you a great time at Middlebury Language Academy. Please learn Spanish well so you can order food for your Dad on our next trip to Argentina. Love
—Marc and Patricia Bluestein

To: Russell and Janet Coleman
Hey Mom and Dad - Thanks for watching the kids so we can see the show close to home... we promise to feed the cat if you ever decide to fly out to MN to see it for yourselves!
—Rebecca Quail

To: Peter Stine
Happy 70th birthday, Dad, with love from Caleb, Levi, Caroline, Nico, and their aunts, uncles, and parents. If only the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band could play "I Was Born in Saginaw, Michigan" in your honor!
—Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta

To: James Seymour
Here we are at Tanglewood on our actual anniversary! 28 years, and still, the best part of any day is coming home to you.
—Alison Cuyler

To: Jeannie and Chris Given
Wishing a long and happy marriage for Chris and Jeannie on their wedding on the 4th of July. Love Mombo Queen
—Christine Given-Collins

To: Grace Masters & Family
Enjoy the show and enjoy the weather and of course let Grace know that I love her!
—Jamie Weliver

To: Lisa Perkins
Thanks for stepping away from the Goulash and stepping into my life.
—Tony Gubelman

To: Linda
Happy Birthday Linda. Hope you like the present of spending your birthday evening with the kids at Tanglewood for Prairie Home Companion. I know you've stopped counting birthdays long ago but each year I'm more in love with you. Kids- you've probably figured out by now Hannah Montana isn't performing tonight. Sorry about that but don't worry you'll get mom and dad back in due time. Famous Forever and Happy Birthday Linda.
—Reggie Cooper

To: Jan Grigsby
Dear Mom and Dad, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to see the show with you at Tanglewood. I'll do my best to behave myself at the Jazz Festival. Love, Chris
—Chris Grigsby

To: Kris
Happy 2nd anniversary to a beautiful woman with a beautiful name! Your loving husband,
—Chris Klatt

To: Robert Ruslander
Papa - Happy 81st birthday! Lucky for us we give you tickets to the show - so we got to tag along! Love you!
—Barbara Ruslander

To: Alex Marion, AKA, Hammer, AKA, Daddy
Your four gorgeous daughters think you're the best father ever! We'll be there when we get back from Timbucktoo, Cincinnatti, and Kalamazoo! Love, Dianeski, Baby bear, Two Shoes, and Alice the Goon Mays
—Diane Landy

To: teresa kanev
Happy 10th wedding anniversary. One child, three homes, 3 boats, its been one amazing ride!
—paul kanev

To: Mom and my sister Carol
To my Mom and sister Carol, I sure hope you printed my cyber-sent list of PBR stations, which broadcast the "previously owned" edition of tonight's Prairie Home on Sunday afternoons. . When you try to hear your show again on the turnpike flight to Boston, the reception may fade in and out. Radio-wise, New England and upstate New York are known to be tricky terrain. So, please keep my list handy. If one frequency skips away, you'll quickly be able to locate another. You don't want the (radio) waves of Lake Wobegon to get lost somewhere midst the Berkshires. Love, Richie
—Richard Howes

June 25, 2009

To: Jesse Hughes
(greeting for 6/27 show at Tanglewood) Happy Birthday to Jesse, celebrating his 23rd tonight on a double date with his girlfriend Ashley and parents Bill & Dot. We'll decide latter who gets to ride home in the back seat.....
—William Hughes

To: Mom
—M M

To: Amy & John Sharon
Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad! We hope you enjoy the show. And don't worry; we'll untie the babysitter by the time you get home. Your loving children, Emma & Walter
—Emma Sharon

To: Robin Viens
A big Happy Birthday to Robbie (in the audience at Tanglewood (6/27)) from her husband: Gino and friends: Debbie, Jack, Cheryl and George. Have fun and may all your "woes-be-gone" !!!
—Gino Viens

To: Folks in section 11, row E, seats 14, 15, and 16
We had those seats... but had to go to my cousin's bridal shower instead, so we sold them to you on Stub-Hub. Just found out Steve Martin is there... oh crap. Hope you're enjoying the show, I bet it's great.
—Ms. DeMichiel

To: Steve and Alice Brown
Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad! Hope you enjoy the show. Love, Lisa, Matt, Amelia and Graham
—Lisa Brown

To: Mary Ellen Daniloff
Happy Belated Birthday once again to my "big" cousin in Marshall, MN! We're expecting you to visit us in Wilton, NH this summer before school starts up again! We've got a place on the porch for you to sit and read and you can hang out in library next door! If the mood suits you, you can take a walk down to Putnam's store and get some penny candy, or a fishing liscense - whatever floats your boat! Miss You Lots!
—Pam Bealo

June 24, 2009

To: Janet and Tom
To the members of Team Lutefisk from the Norway Cruise. we wish you were at Tanglewood so we could sing together. Love from the Buffalo Girls.
—judy stover

To: Craig
Happy birthday & Anniversary, to the man I love more & more each day. thanks for taking me to Tanglewood for my birthday!
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: Dave and Betty Scanlon
Happy 35th Anniversary! I'm so jealous that you get to see Prairie Home Companion in person! Don't worry, Matt and Jess are taking good care of Bo and probably haven't taught him any bad tricks!
—Susan Scanlon

To: Bubu Loch (pronounced, lock)
"Bubu" Loch, Eat your heart out, I'm here and you're not. Your bud, SRM
—Steve Myers

June 23, 2009

To: Martha and Peter Smith
Happy 25th anniversary mom and dad! You might get a party when you make it another 25 years!!
—Ellen Smith

To: Ben Levy
Best wishes on starting nursing school.
—Barry Levy

To: Pat
Happy 30th Birthday! We Love you!
—Annie, Jeffrey and Pilot Stein

June 22, 2009

To: Angela and Dan
Congratulations on 27 years of marriage! Never before did such a strong woman and a good looking man produce such above average children
—Claire Smith

To: Garrison Keillor
This is an unabashed fan letter. I admire your wit and humor more than that of any other contemporary writer, comedian or personality. Of course, I love Prairie Home Companion, but I also am particularly fond of the essays I read in Funny Times. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me glad I'm alive. Thanks so much.
—Nancy Mossman

To: Louise & Bill Higginbotham
Happy 40th anniversary, Mom and Dad ... A Roman Catholic and a Southern Baptist who married, became Quakers, turned Congregationalist, and lived to tell the tale. Love from your kids.
—Sarah Higginbotham

To: Terry
Happy Birthday! Did you hear what happened when the stubborn Norwegian chased the stoic Swede around the gym? Me either, but it was probably only slightly inappropriate. Hugs and licks from the Mad Town girls.
—Prudy Stewart

To: Tom Flynn
Happy 50th Birthday to Tom Flynn, from your loving family in row T. The best is yet to be!
—Lisa Flynn

To: Andrew Bennett
My Aussie sweatheart, I dream that we were together! Then I woke up and your were still in Vancouver BC and I in Atlanta, GA..missing you terribly! Love,
—Kerrie Kardatzke

To: Andrea and Bruce Smith
Warm Greetings (and we do mean WARM!)from Lake Wobegon to Andrea and Bruce Smith, former Lake Wobegonians now calling Schenectady home. Wish we could be at Tanglewood with you! From your friends Jenny and Dennis in the Big City of Alexandria, Minnesotah!
—Jennifer Schmidt

To: Layla Eileen
With your soft curly hair and eyes of green you're the most darling gal I've ever seen. Happy first birthday Sweet Layla Eileen.
—Stephanie Duncombe

To: Elliott & Louise Manke
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! You made it!!!
—Mara Manke

To: Eric
Happy 40th Birthday to a great son!!
—Marilyn Boulier

To: Neil Howard
Congratulations on surviving your first year as a middle school principal! Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary. After all those long hours, will you be coming home now? (Claverack, NY)
—Cybil Howard

To: Eric
Happy 40th birtday to my favorite brother!! Thanks for everything you do.
—Renee Reed

June 21, 2009

To: Margaret
This weekend together in Lenox is a great birthday present. But I am still waiting for my cake. You have all my love.
—Barry Herzog

To: Linda Gifford
Happy Birthday and may this year bring peace, memorable moments with family and friends. The walks on the beach are awaiting you...please visit us before the hurricanes arrive! love your younger sister
—Rita Hough

To: Tricia Downing
Happy Big 6-0 to my best friend for more than 25 years. We'll be in Tanglewood 6/27 celebrating with Garrison live for the first time!
—Ellen Wickersham

To: All friends and family in MN.
Here tonight celebrating their 35th anniversary like PHC. A Minnesota NY romance in exile in western MA. Pat Donahue played at our 3 day wedding fest.
—Kevin and Kathy Leahy

To: Garrison Keillor
Last year you did not read my sonnet on the air during your poetry contest.'s your chance to read it when I'm in the audience at Tanglewood on June 27, 2009. :) ODE TO THE BLENDED FAMILY by Donna Marie Merritt Did we think it would be easy, This merging of our lives? Children, pets, careers, and exes, Converge to give me hives. We said "I do" one wintry morn With loved ones standing near. Congratulations, hugs, and then Reality, my dear. Your brat cat hid--my dog did, too-- And still have not made nice. Three teens who think they know it all Just add a bit of spice. To this family so well-knitted, I commit--until committed.
—Donna Marie Merritt

To: Elsie Waterman
Happy 80th Birthday to Grandma Elsie! We know you’re listening because you never miss a show!
—Vicki Arkens

June 20, 2009

To: terry
Terr, have a safe trip back to Mtn. Home, Arkansas. Hope you had a great birthday.
—Terrence Edmunds

To: Ken
Happy last Father's Day before you turn 50 !!!!
—Maria Wilbur

To: Hilda
Happy birthday Hilda, my soon to be wife. From your sweet CB Bob.
—Bob Kiolbassa

To: Ron
Dad, so glad you are out of the hospital and on the road to recovery this Father's Day. We'll be out later this summer to check on your recovery.
—Chip Baakkonen

To: Jack
We cannot say how happy we are that Dusty and Lefty came through surgery with flying colors. Cheers and good health to the three of you.
—Lee & Brooke Bechtold

To: Hal Rees
Happy anniversary! Life is so much better together with you.
—Emily Culbertson

To: Gretel Martin
Hi Muppet. Please remember you're not due until July 15th. If you must come early, please wait until we get out of Ravinia traffic. Thanks!
—Mommy and Daddy

To: Jami O'Keeffe
Happy 40th Birthday to Jami, who was born on the LONGEST day of the year! We love you! Maybe everyone here at Ravinia can sing you "Happy Birthday"! Love, John, Johnny, Jeff, Joan, Kathy and Matt.
—John, Johnny, Jeff, Joan, Kathy and Matt O'Keeffe

To: Barbara Sroka
After 33 years the guy sitting next to you loves you more than ever. Thank you for being you!
—Roger Sroka

To: Dicky
Happy Father's Day Dad. Thanks for paying for the tickets. Michael, Deborah, Jaime & Mike
—Michael Hersh

June 19, 2009

To: Marilyn Reiter
Sorry we forgot to send you a PHC birthday greeting earlier this month! However at our advanced age, we get the job done, just a tad slower. Looking forward to seeing you and Bruce during the next PHC live broadcast at The Fitzgerald or the next PHC cruise, which ever comes first.
—David & Carol Peace

To: Carol
Happy Anniversary...June 20th! Wow...we've know each other for 22 years...thanks for 17 great years!
—Michael Lights

To: Mary Kassir
Mary, dear friend, how gracious you are To have paid for the tickets To see these fine stars. I'm thrilled to be here sipping red wine with you On the lawn of Ravinia, With the man in red shoes.
—Sara Jennings

To: Rae Hyde-Basso
Keep studying hard in law school while your family revels in the tales of A Prairie Home Companion.
—Carol Hyde-Basso

To: Patsy and Frank
We are looking forward to spending those two weeks with you. Mom and Dad say just don't send us home with Arkansas accents.
—David & Lian Pankow

To: Marita
Thank you for introducing me to APHC so MANY years ago. I finally GET it!!
—Sue Pankow

To: Jami O'Keeffe
Happy 40th Birthday! We can harass you all day on the longest day of the year (June 21st) since that's your birthday. Love, Grandma Joan
—Joan O'Keeffe

To: Jessica
Sorry you are dating a man who finds NPR exciting. Your loss is my gain. And good luck on your exam, you'll do great!
—Tim Herbert

To: Glenn Anderson
Dear Dad, Hope you are getting the rest you need to recuperate after your heart surgery and to celebrate your 82nd birthday. Love, Suellen & Angelo (at Ravinia)
—Suellen Furfaro

To: Jami O'Keeffe
Happy 40th Birthday to Jami (6/21) from your family here at the show. Remember that 40 is just halfway to 80!
—John O'Keeffe

To: Janet and Merrill
Congratulations as you celebrate your 51st anniversary here in the audience at Ravinia, with love from all your children and grandchildren.
—Dan Freed

To: Catarinia
Congratulations to Catarina on earning her degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Chicago. It's so nice to have a Doctor in the family! Al and Kathy
—Algis Skuodas

June 18, 2009

To: Gregg
My Dearest Gregg, You mean more to me than words can convey. I'm honored to celebrate your birthday with you here at Ravinia, and look forward to sharing your 50th with you while listening to the show from a beach in Hawaii... No knee injuries between now and then, OK? -- Amanda
—Amanda Reese

Happy Aniversary Honey. Riverbend was fun but not as fun as the last 12 precious years we've spent together.

To: Craig
Happy Birthday & 14th wedding anniversary. Can't wait to celebrate at Tanglewood next week, it will be a fun weekend get away (something we rarely have time to do! Love you
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: Rosanna
Happy anniversary Rosanna,I love you more than ever! Love You, Ronnie
—Ronnie Ford

To: Michael
It was seven years ago you sent me a greeting through Prairie Home Companion about how nice it was to be internestled. I miss that. I miss you. Hope you are well.
—Nancy Nickerson

To: Jennifer JKC Cuthbertson
June 25th Happy Birthday to JennJenn!! Jennifer JKC Cuthbertson listening twice a week, every week for ten years or more yet every year you refuse to wish her a Happy Birthday! She likes you. Why do you hate her so? On what denomination bill must these requests be sent?
—Stan Niepokoj

To: Win Yeary
Happy Birthday, Pops! Thanks so much for organizing yet another "Yeary Tours" special. Looking forward to Sand, sun, good food and Diapers! Here's to the next 60 years...
—Alden Yeary

To: Douglas F. Harkins (my Dad)
Haapy Father's Day! Thanks for reading to us, singing and playing guitar, and always taking care of us.
—Deanna Harkins

To: Steve Nastoff
Happy Father's Day Dad. Thank you for all of your love and support through my first year of college.
—Allison Nastoff

To: The Bartels clan
Happy combined 150th birthday to (father) Bob and (son) Andy, celebrating their milestone birthdays here in the audience with assorted siblings, kin, and significant others. Andy says that 30 year gap keeps getting smaller and smaller as I get older.
—Andrew Bartels

June 17, 2009

To: Vanessa
Hey Vanessa thanks for being such a good friend these past 27 years. I sure hope we have at least 27 more to go. Jeff
—Jeffrey Ferrell

To: Josh & Becky
I wanted to thank you for making me a Dad . I could not have become the person I am today if not for you two kids in my life. Love Dad
—Justin Lamson

To: "RonMop"
Happy Birthday to RonMop after 48 years! Memories of that summer of 1961 and working at Canterbury Hall in Longport, New Jersey, are even more delicious now. 48 years of love, and counting!
—Annie Bodell

June 16, 2009

To: Curt and Marilyn
As you reminisce about treasured times you've shared over the last 50 years, may this evening at Ravinia for the Prairie Home Companion performance be a special event to add to the list. Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary
—Dale and Jane Peterson

To: Wolfram Tittel
To the man who was named after the element in a light bulb, whose face will probably glow red: Happy Father's Day! You're my beacon.
—Maxi Tittel

To: Penny Womacks
Don, Happy father's day! Happy birthday Norma and Leann. Penny thank you for saying “I do" 2 years ago! As you wish! Love, Brad!
—Brad Womacks

June 15, 2009

To: Jim Smith
Home is where the husband is...and I'll be there soon. I love you more than life itself. Charlotte (The Nomadic Grad Student)
—Charlotte Smith

To: Jim & Pat Walsh
Happy 60th Anniversary to Jim & Pat from their 6 daughters, 7 sons, & 20-whatever-it-is-now grandchildren. Come celebrate with us under the outdoor pavillion at Rancho San Rafael Park.
—Steve Walsh

To: Kerrie and Dan
Less than 2 weeks until your jULY 3RD wedding in beautiful Duluth, on Lake Gitchie Coomie. The last of 5 weddings!! We hope we don't get lost driving there from Chicago. We're bringing our tennis racquets - just in case the mosquitoes are bigger than normal this year. Love,
—Dad and Cindy Johnson

June 14, 2009

To: Paul Kimpton
After 34 years, you may have conducted your last Pomp and Circumstance, but you'll always be the leader of my band! Happy retirement!
—Ann Kimpton

To: Mark Patton
Happy Father's Day!!! I love you!!! From your fiance in New Hampshire!
—Christine Rook

To: Alex Marion, AKA Hammer, AKA Daddy
Your four gorgeous daughters think you're the best father ever! We'll see you when we get back from Timbucktoo, Kalamazooo, and Cincinnati. Love,
—Diane Landy

June 13, 2009

To: Robin & Linda Williams
We cruised with PHC with you in 2005 and I wrote this poem for you the day after your first concert on Sunday night: After Sunday It is the best music, the "Stand and Deliver" kind! Strings and keys and voices in flight - ripples and waves of hypnotic delight! Pauses, phrases, changes of key.... the intricate weaving of harmony.... like angels singing- singing to me - How will I ever be able to wait 'til tonight? PS: Let's do it was WONDERFUL!
—Marnie Sanders

June 12, 2009

To: Kevin Frank
Kevin - thank you so much for taking me to see Prairie Home Companion. I'm sorry you went to see a radio show and an opera broke out. Love you, Libby.
—Libby Frank

To: Heather and Todd Eggebraten
Congratulations to Heather McDowell and Todd Eggebraten who were married on June 20th, May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings. Slow to make enemies, quick to make friends. But rich or poor, quick or slow, may you know nothing but happiness from this day forward and may your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace. May your troubles grow few as your blessings increase. May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past. David and Laura Eggebraten
—David Eggebraten

To: Grandpa Roger & Grandma Pat
Grandpa Roger & Grandma Pat, Fire up the pontoon, We'll arrive around noon when we bring our platoon, Please make sure there's a loon. Love, The Cincinnati Amundsons P.S. If Aunt Lori the English Major were here, this would have been much better.
—Dan Amundson

To: Mike Martin
Mickey, I'm so thankful to celebrate our 16th Wedding anniversary with you, my high school sweetheart and my best friend. When we said "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, who knew God would take it so literally! You're the best! All my love, mel
—Melissa Martin

To: Grandpa Roger & Grandma Pat
To Grandpa Roger & Grandma Pat on the Peshtigo River, Get the pontoon out, we're on our way! We love you! Peter & Kristina
—Kathy Peterson

To: Lori
Aunt Lori, Sorry you couldn't join us today, but we understand that your dog's modeling career takes priority. Love, Your Family
—Wendy Amundson

To: Scott Young
May your rivers keep flowing as you sit enjoying Garrison and we sit drowning in weather. The gang at the weather service envy you.
—Mike Gallagher

To: Rose and Dan Bingaman
Grandma and Grandpa, I hope you got better tickets for Annie next week in St. Louis than Dad's "lawn seats" tonight! Love Wolfgang!
—Wolfgang Bingaman

To: The Warsaw Gang
Greetings to Bob and Becky, Dean and Joyce, Bill and Sue, and Bruce and Joan-who: although the 'inner circle' is ever widening now as we move from northern Indiana to Maple Grove, Loveland, and Joplin, we'll still find time to get together whenever we hear that Dean is smoking something in the backyard or is in the kitchen making scones . . . Hope to see you soon to plan the next Chicago adventure. All the best, Big Lou and Paula
—Paula Osorio

To: Ellen Clough pronounced like 'rough"
Congratulations lovely daughter on your graduation Saturday from high school, looking at the pictures from your first day in kindergarden where did the time go? Remember as you start college that the journey is always as interesting as the distination, and the term on the cell phone contract "unlimited text messaging" should not be considered a challenge. Love, Dad
—Jim Clough pronounced like

To: U.S. Treasury & Federal Reserve
Hello, Uncle Sam, from William Seward, your Civil War Secretary of State, who bought Alaska from Russia just for you. I'm still waiting for my tax refund. The two hundred and fifty you sent my Social Security account wasn't enough. You, cheapskates. Pay up or I'm selling your forty ninth state to Canada. At least they know how to smoke ham.
—Dierdre Tinselle

June 11, 2009

To: Ian
Thanks for wearing your seatbelt so you can be here with us at Tanglewood. Love, Mom and Dad
—Rick Tillotson

To: Marge Yocum
Mother, Hope you enjoy your Mother's Day gift attending the Prairie Home Companion show at Riverbend in Cincinnati. I hope you don't embarrass me by swooning when Garrison starts singing!! Love your Daughter
—Janelle Espinoza

To: Peter
—Patty Grim

To: Darin Krger
Twenty-five "blissful" years, and how better to celebrate...with Sarah Bellum at Riverbend. She always knows how to make you laugh. I'll love you 25 more and beyond.
—Beth Kroger

To: Mom and Dad
Hey mom and dad! Hope you're having a whimsical time at the show! Glad I could enjoy it with you! I love you!
—Leah Hulgin

To: Don
Happy 25th Anniversary You know they thought we wouldn't make it, but I'm sure glad we did! I love you with all my heart.
—Debbie Elbert

June 10, 2009

To: Craig
Hon, love you more than ever, happy 14th anniversary & happy 56 birthday, it just gets better with age!
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: Faye Faulkner
To my darling wife of 3and 1/2 months, it took 52 years to find you, but it was worth it. Don't make me look so hard in the next life.

To: Marty
Happy Birthday Dad from your three adoring children who have joined you in the ninth row tonight all the way from Charlotte, NC. We hope the surprise was a pleasant one. Love, Mike, Dave, and Jenni
—Michael Mason

June 9, 2009

To: Aaron Sims
Congratulation on your graduation from Dartmouth was worth every bake sale to put you through school! Love, from everyone at the Pueblo!
—Theresa Pasqual

To: Scott Smith
Happy birthday, Scott. I know we'll spend many more together. That's assuming we survive the home-buying process. Love, Your wife
—Rachel Smith

To: Catherine Pitman
Happy Birthday to Catherine Pitman in South Portland Maine who is turning 90 on July 31 and never misses a Saturday night "date" with Garrison.
—Christina Mason

June 8, 2009

To: Frank and Mary Ann Adams
Greetings from Kingman, Arizona. Where the weather is hot, the snakes have rattles and your daughter always wears her bike helmet. Love you both. See you at the beach.
—Suzanne Adams

To: My loving husband, Pat
I love you dearly, but after the doctor's remove your oversized kidney, you can not sell it on Ebay!! Hazel
—Hazel Devitt

To: Mom & Dad
Happy 50th Anniversary! Wow, how does anyone do it for that long? Dad, you know how lucky you were to find such a wonderful woman for 50 years, but you also still have your mother-in-law!
—Your daughter, Vicki Frazier

To: The Crew at Lake Williams
Our second trip to Prairie Home Companion in the last five months. HOW NICE! Bill & Jackie
—Bill Jennings

June 6, 2009

To: everyone
The answer to deerflies is flypaper on your hat.
—George Lourake

June 5, 2009

To: David Riesz
Dave, my husband of 1.9 years, I can't believe I found someone to go along with all of my harebrained ideas, like a zucchini garden! Now our giant zucchini are giving you nightmares. Thank you for being an incredible husband and friend. I promise I will chase away the zucchini monsters. Love, your wife, Karen
—Karen Riesz

To: Ashley/Amber/Brandon
Hello to three great kids Ashley, Amber and Brandon. Ashley couldn't make it to the Greek tonight because a High School band concert. But Amber and Brandon are here. They are both graduating from elementry and middle school respectively. Congrats to our kids on another great school year. Love Dad and Mom
—Gary Fong

To: Robyn
To my beautiful bride of 20+ years. Thanks for such a thoughtful birthday gift - spending time with you and Mr. Keillor. When Mom finds out we're here without her she is going kill us!
—Randy Moore

To: Kristin Broksas
I know you are listening to PHC in Tucson since I told you your favorite Aunt would be at the show at the Greek Theater in El Lay on June 5. Now that you are on the Board at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, if you would only make jello salad, you'd be the perfect church lady in training!!
—Mary Lou Echternach

To: Albie
Words are hard, but you bring an easy joy. Thank you for all of your kindness, and the invitation to share this show with you!
—Ginny G.

To: Momma & Poppa Wilbur
Your lovely daughters wish to thank you for making the big move 35 years ago from Detroit to Los Angeles. We love it!
—Adriana & Lacey Wilbur

To: Mom and Dad
Thanks for taking me to see Prairie Home Companion. One of these years we should kidnap Grandma so she can join us. It is not going to be easy to separate her from her dogs!
—Brieanna Dolmage

To: Jonathan
Happy 21st Birthday. Somebody get this boy a beer. Make it a good one.
—Lori Gluck

To: Ryan Hennessy
Ryan i'm so pleased you brought your grades up for the end of the school year. I guess that you finally applied yourself...or changed seats next to the class genius. Dad
—Edward Hennessy

To: Brian Krieger
Happy 49th Birthday
—Zvia Hempling

June 4, 2009

To: Amanda
From Chuck and Kelly to our cat, Amanda, who is listening at home alone. We know you're on the counters right now. Please get off.
—Chuck Scroger

To: Eric
Happy birthday to my wonderful husband and best friend. Thank you for your love and patience these last few months. I love you and can't wait until "baby makes three"!
—Azadeh Rasmussen

To: bug and leenie
enjoy the joint birthday together. wish we could all cross the atlantic to be with you.
—Enda Nola

To: cordelia daniels
congratulations, on finally being around to see PHC live at the greek, here we are celebrating your graduation from college. are you having fun yet? love you
—beau and alan daniels

—suni allen

To: Chris
To my girlfriend and lover from Broken Bow, Nebraska. I'll be waiting at the airport for you with great passion. Let's do another thirty years.
—Rich Hanley

June 3, 2009

To: Gail Kemper
Mammy- You're the bees knees for putting up with me all my life.I'm lucky humans dont eat their young. Happy Birthday- Jeffery
—Jeffery Kemper

To: Elmer & Doris Ferber
To Elmer & Doris Ferber, Happy 59th anniversary Mom and Dad. Please hang in there for another year. 60 is such a nice round number. Your son Ken
—Ken Ferber

To: Andie, my wife
So happy to be celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary with you at the Greek Theatre. Thank you for committing to being my PARTNER For Life... even though I forgot my lines and completely screwed up those very same nuptial vows during the ceremony. Signed, Your FRIEND For Life, Your BUDDY, Your PAL, Your Husband (sorry again about that), Michael
—Michael King

June 2, 2009

To: Deborah Gormley
Congratulations for graduating with honors in environmental studies from USC! If you can't save the planet, could you at least bring affordable public transportation to LA? See you June 5th at the Greek!
—Kate, Jeff and Brian Lonsdale

To: Matt & Lisa
Congratulations on the birth of Eliot. Michelle and I are both very happy for you and hope to meet him soon!
—Josh Zieger

To: Mom and Bruce
love you both and thanks for not being mad at my 21st birthday
—Patrick Blocker

To: Cindy Carter
Its been 2 months since your neck surgery. Were not sure if the parts got put back in the right place. Enjoy the show. Love-ya
—Randy Ricordati

To: James and Ingred Bierman
Thanks for letting us take part in the celebration of your 53rd wedding anniversary at The Greek! Here's to many more. We love you. Joan and Matt
—Joan Bierman

June 1, 2009

To: Mark Dick
Happy 58th birthday to Uncle Mark. Who is the best trout fisherman in the Colorado West. Love, Shelly, Jon and Pam
—Shelly Klein

To: Coach Peebles
Thanks to Teacher/Coach John Peebles for 4 years of hard work, caring, and providing an amazing example for my son, and for so many others. When he is my age and reflects on the teachers who really made a difference, it will be you he thinks about.
—Lisa Twede

To: Western Nelson
Congratulations Western Nelson for beating the school distance running record with one shoe and qualifying to run at state!
—Lisa Twede

To: Kathy
Kathy, happy 30 years of can't hear and I can't see...a perfect formula for a long lasting relationship....Love Jim
—Jim Belter

To: Kathryn Franklin
So glad we can be at the Greek Theatre together. You are the best twin sister I could ask for.
—Elizabeth Franklin

To: Jim & Joyce Sutherland
Jim and Joyce Sutherland will celebrate 50 years of marriage and 60 years of friendship on June 13, 2009. Congratulations and love from your family!
—Laura Harpestad

To: Tom
Thank you for eight wonderful years of marriage and for bringing so much love and joy into my life. Happy Anniversary!
—Kristen Abraham

To: Thomas Robert Anderson
I would like to wish my Thomas a very happy birthday, I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together!
—Lea Anderson

To: Michael Umble
Happy Anniversary to my brilliant husband of 20 years. From the 3rd Annual Farewell show the week we wed to last year at the Greek, it's been a Pretty Good Marriage. You make every day as fun as the Joke Show.
—Eden Umble

To: Chad
Chad, Astonishing things are inconvenient. May your 31st birthday find you embracing inconvenience at every turn. Visiting L.A. tonight is a good start. --Jamie
—Jamie Tufts

May 31, 2009

To: Scott & Suzan
A perfect mother & father's day gift at the Fox. Took us back to our good old radio days. Thanks
—Joe & Marilynn Wilson

To: Eli Colby
Please come home soon- San Francisco summers just aren't the same without you... Also, the bathroom needs bleaching and I just can't do it like you can. All our Love from the city by the Bay,
—ilse and the Monkeys

May 30, 2009

To: Daddie O / Pop Pop
Happy Birthday! Daddy O/Pop Pop, Enjoy the show, We hope this time you and Mom made it on time! Love, Kami & Carmen.
—Kami & Carmen Carpenter

To: Tiffany and Ryan Bays
Tiffany and Ryan - hope you are enjoying the show in St. Louis!
—Kathy Saffel

To: Spirit of Harry Truman
It IS, as Harry would say, MissourE, not MissourA. Proof? Just try to sing along as Harry plays "The MissourA Waltz" on the harpsichord--which replaced his piano upon his passing in 1972.
—Ken Lipps

To: Amy
Amy, dad and I are so proud of you being chosen for drum major. Where are we going to put the big hat?
—Denise Lee

To: Tami and Kent
Congrats on your first wedding dance last night, six weeks prior to your wedding day.
—Sherman and Denise Lee

To: EmilyEmEEmily
Em, you've been out of school now for three days. Get off the couch and go walk the dogs. Love, Mom and Dad
—elaine haynes

To: Julie
Happy 10th anniversary to my wife, Julie, the love of my life. I'm glad you've been able to put up with me all these years. Even if I'm from a state when they have to put dirt in front of the water to make lakes. Love always, Jeff.
—Jeff Beiermann

To: Dorothy and Pumpkin Pie
We hope you can hear us in the audience mom. Tell Pumpkin Pie she can look forward to a long walk in the morning.
—Marjorie Pingel

To: Grandma and Grandpa Starrett
Hello from St. Louis! It was great seeing you last night, have a safe drive back to the Windy City & don't be strangers. "Starrett pronounced: Star-et"
—James and Renee Starrett

To: Gretchen
The Beansprout said to the Gumball, "I love you very much. Always have. Always will."
—gary gackstatter

To: To our family and freinds
just wanted to let you know the latest biopsy is CLEAR! The folks at Stanford Hospital have been great but I can't wait TO GET OUTTA HERE!! LOVE to YOU ALL, thanks for keeping in touch!! KEITH aka SKEET OR GRADO
—keith girard

To: Mom and Pop
Thanks for bringing me in to this world and being the most loving, supportive and creative parents anyone could ever have (including those 6 brothers and sisters you gave me!) I have love being your daughter for 38 years today!
—Camille Falconnier

May 29, 2009

To: Fellow ORPHCO members
Greetings from ORPHCO St. Louis. Here with parents and Julie, wishing you were, too. Keep in touch, come visit. Chicago branch - see you again soon!
—Tricia Link

To: Tamara Gamrat
I understand this is late but my wife and I are going to be at the broadcast at the fox and I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday. Happybirthday Tamara from your husband john.
—John Gamrat

To: Melinda
Happy 4th anniversary to my lovely wife Melinda. Also happy to be vacationing in St Louis for the day and seeing A Prairie Home Companion at the Fox.
—Matt Scheperle

To: Elizabeth Van Allen
Mom and Dad - thanks for making the trip from Huntsville to see the show (and us). Can you take your granddaughter back with you? We could use some extra sleep.
—Kurtis Van Allen

To: Martin Mash
Happy 25th Birthday! May brilliant thoughts fashioned by your clever mind flow uninhibited from your pen.
—Amy Gadell

To: Fritzi Timmerman
Hello to Fritzi and her daughter Carolyn who are in the audience tonight to celebrate Fritzi's 90th birthday. From your friends, Andrea and Wil
—Wil Hardiman

May 28, 2009

To: Sharon Hunn
Mom - We've made a special request to Mr. Newman to work in some owl noises for your first live version of the show. We'll see!
—Katie Hunn

To: Beth & Caren Petrovskii
Imagining you in the audience tonight Saintly & cardinal, dead ringers of joy like Inspector Morse & Lewis & Clark seeking a relaxed and unarched time hoping you`ll someday pass not on nor over but by here Montreal
—Clarke Pennebaker

To: Barbara
In two weeks we will be sharing our powdermilk biscuts as we get married
—Sam Greenblatt

To: Jeremy
Happy 23rd Birthday to my Unemployed son from your unemployed mother. Make room for me on the basement couch and you better not have eaten all the cheetos. Love Mom. PS, Mc Donalds is hiring down the street. Seriously!!
—Rebecca Grundhoefer

To: Mom and Dad
Happy Anniversary to my itinerant parents, who have stayed together for 30 years, 14 cities, 9 states and two continents. Your daughter will send a real card when she can find your new address.
—Joanna Bauer

May 27, 2009

To: Pam Garrett
You've almost reached the big 5-0, But I sincerely want you to know, You're as beautiful now, As the day we met.
—Tim Garrett

May 26, 2009

To: Pat Rottach
To Pat and Melissa, Congratulations on your wedding! You were both radiant as you exchanged your vows on the dock of the cabin.
—Lisa Rottach

To: hollie
Hollie, Since you couldn't come i decided to write a poem on your ticket. I wish you were here I'm gonna get another tattoo I've had some beer I miss you
—rob henion

To: Mary Goodin
Happy Birthday Mom.
—Scott Goodin

To: Dad
A Poem For Dad Drink a toast with ketchup I'll order us a round Because it's your birthday And you're retirement bound.
—Dalynn Spillars

To: Ralph
Thanks again for my first time (at Wolf Trap)! I'll always wonder about that Chihuahua...
—Kerry Humphrey

To: Suzan Wilson
Happy 41st birthday.
—Scott Wilson

To: Sarah
Congratulations to our beautiful and brilliant daughter on graduating Saint Louis University Law School...we are so proud! love you sweetie! Mom & Dad
—Tim & Laura Parker

To: greg h sonnenberg
Happy b-day as of may 2o first,2009.though your body has ran through its time, your lifes last light still in me will shine, death's intent,ended upon attempt..for you shalt not be forgoten, father o mine
—melissa rempp/sonnenberg

May 25, 2009

To: Heidi and Sam
As you two marry today, may be be as happy as your Dad and I have been for 34 years. Love Mom and Dad (Cupcake and COCONUT)
—Cheryl Brungardt

May 24, 2009

To: Garrison Keillor
Hey Garrison. Hello from Carbondale. Great to be here with you in St. Louis. Go Dawgs!
—deb dalton

May 23, 2009

To: Elizabeth
Happy Birthday Lizzie.
—Molly Schroader

To: Jim
Jim, happy 30th. I knew your friends were wrong! Love Deb
—Deb Pfiffner

To: Pop
Hope everthing is going well on your trip to New England. Checked on Nanny, She's doing fine,nothing Insurance won't cover. Chris
—chris duncan

To: Laura & Erin
David & Lucia - Back from France - Hope you both have great summers!
—David Bacon

To: Grampa Geoff
Thanks to Grampa Geoff for watching baby Caitlin so we could catch the show. Please don't kill the keg.
—josh and jen buchet

To: Ron Leving
(for the May 30/31 show): Happy 80th Dad! Just say the word and Chezz and I will try to keep up with you on your next weekly 30-mile bicycle ride.
—Jeff Leving

To: My fellow Chopin fan A.P. in Helsinki
My friend, I am enjoying a beautiful time in the garden with Chopin in my head. Hopefully you can hear it too. And thank you for the Pleiades.
—Carolyn Henry-Johanson


To: David
Happy anniversary - it has been a wonderful year - full of adventure! Cheers to us!
—Stephanie Duncombe

To: Lt .Geoffrey Guinnup
It was good to have you home for two weeks from the 10th Cavalry. When you get back to you new post in Iraq, remember to send us your new address. Miss you already. From Dad & Mom
—David R. Guinnup

To: Out There Family & Friends
We're proud to say we're the Ketchup Board's demographic! Love and hugs to Kevin, Stephen and Jack!
—Phil and Nell Ero

To: G k
Hi I was sorry to hear about your brother, if he was asgood as you he was good. Robert Norwich Uk 44 01603 749561
—Robert Young

To: Kathleen McCawley
Hello Ms. McCawley from your Lakeview Elementary students (Portsmouth, VA). We know you wish we were there. Try to have a good time without us.
—Sally Harrell

To: Kirsten Corbett
To a wonderful, loving sister. Happy Birthday!
—Sabina Rogers

To: Jay Briar
To our friend for 15 years, celebrating your bachelor party with Garrison here at Wolf Trap -- we are so glad you finally found the one to share your life with.
—Moshe Cohen

To: Carlos
Your friends and colleagues at NSF Chemistry wish you a speedy recovery from the surgical truck that's scheduled to hit you Tuesday. Enjoy the Wolf Trap performance!
—Kelsey Cook

To: Anne
To my wife and best friend, happy anniversary. Each year you grow more beautiful.
—Anthony Mucchetti

To: Anne Langford
We've got the makings of a fine Norwegian Salsa -- Lutefisk pureed with jalapeno -- and will bring it to D.C. for the party at your place.
—Bruce Langford

To: Anne Langford
For your cool eye, green mindset, and D.C. sensibilities, we love you, Babe, and wish you a happy birthday--even though we're from Minnesota.
—Sharon Babcock

To: Aaron
I had no idea what I was getting myself into, three kids and a dog...but these have been the happiest ten years of my life. Happy Anniversary.
—Jen Curtis

May 22, 2009

To: Old Soldiers
"year after year, those old men disappear. Soon no one will march there at all" -- Give thanks to our soldiers - old and new - and honor the memory of those old men [who] disappear, and all those whom we love but see no longer.
—Sara Moomaw

To: Robyn Wilkinson
Hello from Wolf Trap,Robyn, Kelly and Brooke. Your mother brought in some Kahlua, the first time since her last Kingston Trio concert. I don't approve, but there it is
—Tom Wilkinson

To: Eli, Cody, and Dad
Have fun in Embarrass, Wisconsin with the mosquitoes while Mom is here with me in Washington DC at Wolf Trapp, and she is not leaving until she meets Obama.
—Zoe Berman

To: Pearl Mansbach
Pearl, You're sitting on Bob's lunch, can you please stand up a moment. (live show, May 23, 2009).
—Bob Mansbach

To: Dennis
Hope you're enjoying the horse show in NY. We are enjoying the same, but from the rear end. I really could use a raise.
—Maureen Kosch

To: Steve Anders
Happy 50th Birthday, Dad! Prairie Home Companion - a great way to celebrate! We love you!
—Jacqueline, Elissa, Brett, and Jenna Anders

To: Chuck Wocken
To Stearns County Parks Director Chuck Wocken (that's pronounced, "WO-ken," as in "WO-begon"), don't trip on the Lake Wobegon Trail. (
—Steve Anderson

To: Robert Jameson
Happy 60th birthday daddy!! We love you very much! We hope that you are having a great time! Love, "Your Little Eggs" Kerry and Krissy p.s. we love you too mom!
—Kristine Jameson-Smith

To: Jennie
I miss you so much, but I'll be back in 77 days. Hold in there, and the show's a lot more fun in audience than on the radio. love
—Casey Crisman-Cox

To: Jody and Dr. Olena Lambert
To brother Jody and his lovely wife Dr. Olena, thanks for putting the 'fun' in dysfunctional! Your sissie, Joanie
—Joanie Lambert

To: Nichole
I know it's a little late, but Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy the show, because these tickets were the best I could do on such short notice.
—Matt Bartlett

To: Emily Santarsiero
hallo amalie am tayping laike thais baecause aits vaery caool laove yaou! =)
—Gunjan Saxena

To: Jim
Happy Birthday Jim! We are at the May 25 performance at the Filene Center enjoying the show! Much love now and always. Susan
—Susan Antoon

To: Muniza Rafi
Muniza you are the best wife and Rafi loves you a lot
—Shoaib Rafi

To: Robert Houle
Happy birthday to dad on what would have been his 87th birthday. Our seats for this show are good and his is better.
—Katie and Roland Houle

To: Becky Fulcher
Back at Wolf Trap again ... to my sunshine, thanks for a wonderful first year of marriage. Remember, they're not challenges, they're opportunities.
—Charles Fulcher

May 21, 2009

To: Benjamin & Madeline
Sure is great to have come from Illinois to Virginia to celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary with our Grandchildren here at Wolf Trap in the Logue Section. Our son and Daughter in Law are on the lawn behind us! Pat & David
—Davud Oelrich

To: jim
I know you like Garrison Keillor but Thank you for sitting in the front row to listen to Elvs Costello...and Tom was the best...

To: Sadie
Einstein Wrote: "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity." Marriage, a baby, and a house in one year! It feels, at once, as if it's been a lifetime or a second. Happy Anniversary my love.
—Brevin Balfrey-Boyd

To: John P. Floyd
Happy 77th birthday, Dad! Yours is a lucky age, doubly so for a 6'6" Gemini, especially when you consider what NOT celebrating your birthday means!
—John Floyd

To: Carol
Eating Powder Milk Biscuits gave this shy person the strength to marry you, 27 years ago this weekend (May 22). Happy Anniversary!!
—Mark Pugh

To: My Plurk Buddies
A big Plurk greeting from Atropos to all his Plurk buddies, especially Kat!
—David O'Donnell

May 20, 2009

To: Maynard
To our father, gone eight years this week, from your four boys, whose hearts break every day. May we meet again, some glorious day, upon the distant bank of the River Jordan.
—Chris Lev

To: Bruce Crumpton
To PopPop and Grandma Ann from William and Alison. Wish you were here, we are having a great time at the show tonight.
—Bill Gerhard

To: Jack & Ryan
Good night. Brush your teeth, put on your pajamas, untie Aunt Mary & go to bed!
—Patrick & Susan Moore

To: Suzanne
Welcome back from the Trucker and Traveler's Ministry at Breezewood, Pennsylvania. We know you were a hit with your golden tennis shoes and matching outfits.
—Dan Davis

To: Cousin Bill (Bonner)
Happy birthday to Bill and greetings to his wife Kathy from cousin Lorie in New Palestine, Indiana. See, I knew I could catch you at the "Wolf Trap!"
—Lorie Finch

To: Amy McKeown (phonetic: Ma Q In)
To the love of my life. Celebrating our 1 year anniversary at the show tonight. (May 23, 2009 - Wolftrap)
—Keith McKeown

To: Maria Shouse
Hi to Oma in Tacoma,WA from your granddaughters Kirsten and Sabina and your daughter Sue
—Sue Rogers

To: Joyce
Happy 50th Birthday to my Boosha. From your husband Michael- the guy who was your waiter half-a-lifetime ago and still recommends the blu cheese dressing.
—Michael Szuflita

To: Peg Michels
To Peg Michels, St Paul: Here we are at Wolftrap, Peg, for our annual Garrison-fix. A big howl from the wild woods of Virginia (insert howl here). Melinda, Bob and friends
—Melinda Patrician

To: Rick Gunzel
Happy birthday to my little brother, Rick Gunzel. You will always be younger than me, but I will always be taller than you. Love, Sister.
—Lucia Gunzel

To: Larry Branch
Banana and mayonnaise sandwiches; baseball on the radio; southern, country roads; and A Prairie Home Companion - a few of my favorite things that will always remind me of you, Dad. I love you and Happy 58th Birthday!!
—Karly Branch

To: larry fose
To Larry from Marj Happy 26th wedding anniversary from one shy person to another. Pass the Powdermilk biscuits.
—marjorie fose

To: Jamie Murray
Thank you for trading Crater Lake for the Nation's Capital to marry me again a year ago. Signed your loving first and fourth husband.
—Dean Murray

May 19, 2009

To: Emanuelle
No, Holly Bibble did not leave her autobiography in the hotel room. Do you think she knows?
—Mommy and Donnie Servetnick Kaplan

To: Amy of San Antonio
A trifecta of congratulations! All in one week she is celebrating the attainment of a doctorate in psychology from George Mason University, a birthday, and her 15th year of marriage to her husband, Chris. Congratulations! Happy Birthday! And at least he takes the garbage down to the curb!
—Chris Mauthe

To: Bryan and Chris
To my above average sons in Cold Spring and Plymouth, MN, I'll see you in July!!! Love from Mom
—Laurie Larson

To: Mom and Dad
To Mom and Dad in Kansas City: Greetings to you from Wolf Trap. Love, Your Sweet Babboo!
—Leah Bellinger

To: Rick
To the best husband in town: hope you are enjoying your birthday present, did I win the award for best gift? If so, don't tell your mother! Looking foward to spending many more birthdays together!!!
—Krista Gunzel

To: steve friedman
what a perfect birthday present! you are the love of my life.
—cathy friedman

To: meredyth byrd
hey mer! i'm so glad we can hang out and npr together. i hope you had a great birthday and congrats on the teaching job in the fall. love austin
—austin cooper

To: karen mccarthy
hey mom! hope you had the happiest mother's day! i've met your kids and you deserve it. hope you are enjoying your "proper seats" at wolf trap. love, your daughter, austin
—austin cooper

To: Ann McKee
Congratulations on your 34th anniversary at Wolf Trap!
—Barbara Parker

To: Rod & Hilde
The Eagle is coming home, The Princess is at the gym. The Tall one is getting married and taking The Bride with him. Have Fun!
—Michael, Trick, Biff, Kara Overman

May 18, 2009

To: Elyse Badamy
Happy Birthday to an awesome woman, mentor and friend. Be safe out there on the road and don't forget your placards. :)
—Chris Lopez

To: Yvonne
Live From Wolf Trap in honor of your birthday. The key word, being "live" after half a century! From your loving husband.
—Bernie Murphy

To: Alinda Guynes and Sumpter
Congradulations on a great year in DC. Alinda, you'll make the best Dr. ever. Sumpter, great job at Georgetown, you'll be one of the good lawyers. Rmember, we're here for any non financial support you may need.
—Lucy and Jim McGowin

To: Diana
I am so happy that you are going to be my wife! We are on the right path!
—chad ingold

To: Jenny
May 28th St Louis MO: "Can you believe it's been 9 years and two wonderful boys since we got married? Your lapse in judgment turned out to be my happily ever after."
—Darrell Barber

To: Sophia Peaslee
Good luck at Bowdoin Sophia! Your mother, father and brother Daniel look forward to you visiting us in Budapest this summer.
—Robert Peaslee

May 17, 2009

To: Stosh and Tina
Both turned sixty, second grandchild on the way, hope your enjoying our gift from Christmas Day.
—Chris and Sonia Delaquito

To: Gail Weaver
We hope you have a great time on your trip and enjoy the show in St Louis on May 30th!! We love you from all your Kids
—Brantley & Mike Houlihan

To: abby & neil davis
congratulations on your wedding day 5-15-09 from mom and dad.
—jeff martin

To: Lee
Wave, Garrison, wave! We're up on the Wolftrap lawn celebrating Lee's birthday. Second year in a row we've spent it with you. Life is grand!
—Mark Phillips

To: Kynn (sounds like Ken)
Happy 59th birthday and 38th wedding anniversary! Lets do this again next year! Love you always!!
—Jack Wilson

To: Will, Maddie, & Tucker
PHC #6 at Wolf Trap 2009! i cannot wait to howl like a wolf! I love our Sunday morning biscuits (powder milk, of course) and listening to PHC with you! love, br
—Brandi Cummings

To: Paul Melby
Birthday wishes to my husband who is a good Norwegian spending his birthday with Prairie Home Companion! Too bad the in-laws are here too... ** Attending May 22nd performance at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA
—Beth Melby

To: Ann Brown
Happy Brithday. It is a long way to travel from Norwich UK to Vienna VA to celebrate a 65th Birthday!
—Jerry Brown

To: Pat and Willy McCutcheon
A very happy Iowan 50th anniversary on the 22nd of May. Your family loves and appreciates you.
—Your Daughter's Son

May 16, 2009

To: Jean Clare Shea
Happy Birthday sis! Glad we're here together!!
—Patty Kelly

To: Mom Barb in Oak Lawn, Illinois
Ever since I got Lou Gehrig's Disease, you have been wonderful; espceally learning all of my machines. I understand when you get frustrated with all of the electrical cords. Thanks for bringing in flowers so I can enjoy them. I hate being stuck in bed. Your grateful daughter Judy.
—Judy Dague

To: Garrison
We are celebrating our 25th anniversary Tuesday by going to see your movie - the Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes. Should be good :)
—Mary & Victor Tollerton

To: diana isgar
Its about to happen, one of Lake Wobegon's most loyal citizens turns 60 yes the BIG 60 on the 21st of May. Please be upstanding for Diana Isgar, currently spending her retirement in Adelaide, Australia
—douglas coffen

May 15, 2009

To: Roger Ljungberg
Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary on May 22. I can't believe we lasted 10 years together but wine and aspirin has been helpful during these 10 years.
—Patricia Ljungberg

To: Jayne
Bah Weep Grahnah Weep Nini Bong!
—Danny Lemieux

To: Gina Roper
To my wife, Sweet Gina, Congratulations on bringing our firstborn, Alexander, into the world. Love, Bill PS: Are you ready for the 4th trimester?
—Bill Roper

May 14, 2009

To: Charlene
Have not attended church for over 45 years. One even with Garrison and I can not get the Doxology out of my head. Enjoyed the show in San Luis Obispo CA, thank you, Charlene
—charlene korsgaard

To: Camille
Happiest of birthdays to my daughter,Camille, named after a hurricane that almost took her parents lives. She is still taking on the world by storm!
—Joy Brennecke

To: Robbie Adamson
Hope you're enjoying your time in the airstream. Don't forget to return my novels.
—Rebecca Stuebing

May 13, 2009

To: Mack Holley
To our loving son: in Afganistan fighting for our freedom here in the United States, Mack we our very proud of you and we send out our love... Come home soon!
—Jeffrey & Lavisa Cooper

To: karen mccarthy
happy mother's day karen! i've met your kids and you deserve it! love, your daughter austin.
—Austin Cooper

To: mer and sofia
so glad you guys are done with finals and able to hang out and be awesome with me. i love you girls!
—Austin Cooper

To: Meredyth!
holy cow! i'm so excited to be here with you. happy birthday! i hope we stay friends for many more!
—Austin Cooper

May 12, 2009

To: Terri the Food Fairy
Meeting the cast and crew was cool Watching the rehearsals was like radio school The show from row 6 was great But I'm still full from all the good Food I ate
—Chuck Robbins

To: Cecile Ann
Congratulations on graduating with your Ph.D. in chop time. Three years from start to finish is not bad. We know you worked very hard for this.
—Grandpa and Grandma Hylton

To: Paul Woodworth
Happy 12th Birthday to Paul in Rockport, Maine, from Mom, Dad and Fran. No, you are not getting the life-size working trebuchet.
—Rebekah Woodworth

To: All MN cat lovers in springtime
my cats stay in all winter; i have to scoop and scoop. they play outside all summer, but they still come in to poop.
—Don Gemmer

To: Aunty Stacey
The vermont part of your family are all hoping you recover quickly from your surgery. Love your best nephew and family, JT, Jessica and little Aidan-Michael of Newbury, Vermont
—JT Dodge

May 11, 2009

To: Kyle Doesken
Hi, Kyle. Good Luck with all of your final exams. And i look forward to seeing you this summer, little brother.
—Michael Doesken

May 9, 2009

To: jack & coen
don't forget to listen to the dogs and feed the baby sitter. We'll be back in a few hours
—jason figge

To: Jacob and Sam
Hi from "date night." Don't bother telling the babysitter we allow you to play with knives: she's heard that before. Love, Mom and Dad
—Cathy and Eric Kaminetzky

To: Pookie
Thank you for our beautiful childen and for pushing me to become the Unitarian-Universalist minister I hope to be.
—Eric Kaminetzky

To: Jessica
Too bad you couldn't make it to the show tonight, but I'm looking forward to seeing the dance moves you've been working on.
—Ross Hays

To: Lael
To my wife Lael and our son Elijah, I miss you, love you and will be home soon. By the way, garrison says hello.
—Scott Hritz

To: Annabelle Weiss
At 86 it's not too late for a little Jewish lady from New York to move to North Carolina! Your room is ready and waiting, and Michael is preparing your favorite meals.
—Ann Marie Procino

To: Meredith and Aaron
Congratulations on your upcoming June wedding in Lake Tahoe. Finally after nine years somebody said yes. Just wondering if it's going to take another nine years to get the baby-having feeling the need to step up the pace a little with the grandparently right to pass on in the family lineage the love for the Old South's main food groups: Grits, Krispy Kreme and Sweet Tea. Love, Momma
—Liza Haywood

To: George Collins
Happy Birthday Gramps. Here today at the show you taught me to love, and that we so often shared. I miss you. Ryan
—Ryan Lewis

To: Cheri Thomas
Cheri We are very happy about our future July grandchild Aubrey Thomas. Let's find a great place to eat tonight after the show. Love Vicky And Steve
—Victoria Thomas

To: kozik mountain
to everybody at kozik mountain it`s taken 30yrs and $65 and i finally made it to a show..
—matt kozik

To: Caroline
Happy Mothers Day. We know you will enjoy the show Love Lucy and Buzzy
—Vann Russell

To: Nola Pearl Anderson
Happy 3rd Birthday today to Nola Pearl Anderson in Costa Mesa, CA, with love from Grandpa Paul and Nena. Please stop driving your mother crazy.
—Paul Ehresmann

Have a great birthday/mother's day mom, you're the best and we love you!!!
—Carson, Emma, and Miles Schafer

To: Steve
Yo pops! Happy 64th birthday-- you're an old man now! Thanks for keeping the Carlotta house real. Much love, your favorite and only daughter.
—Victoria McBride

May 8, 2009

To: Joseph & Staci; Kate
A wish fulfilled...I'm celebrating my 62nd birthday with Frank at PHC!! Sorry you're not here but hope you're listening in Atlanta and can pick it up online in Uruguay. And thanks for your good wishes...I'm going backward from now on. Give Bryson a kiss. love mom
—Pat Allen

To: Cheri Thomas
Cheri, It's mother's Day tomorrow, and you're going to be a mother soon, and remember all the great moms that send you all their love - Lisa and Vicky, and the Dadyo's Chris, Steve and James.
—Vicky Thomas

To: Patty, a.k.a Mom
Here's wishing you a Happy Mother's day! Hope you and Dad are having fun at the show. Don't have too much fun after the show. You know we have to get an early start tomorrow to beat all of the church-goers to the Mother's Day buffet. Love, your kids, �Kyle & Hannah Still
—Kyle & Hannah Still

To: Brian Wilson (no not that one!)
Happy Birthday Brian Wilson (the real one) This GOP lover promises to enjoy APHC on Saturday just for you...Long Live NPR. How hot am I now?! Love Doreen
—Doreen Matters

To: Rita Jachim
Hello to Mom and Dad in the Woods. Have fun flying the helicopter... wish we were with you. Love, Nancy and Pancho
—Nancy Berkowicz

To: Roddie
Happy Birthday. Sorry its late, but it took Garrison till May to get to NC. Aren't you glad you had to open the restaurant this morning.....
—Cullen Gurganus

To: Steve
Happy birthday to you, Steve of Berkeley, from Madeleine and your beloved daughter, Vicki!
—Madeleine Leullier

To: Fourth Graders in Radio Show Club at Durham Academy
Congratuations to all Durham Academy fourth-graders in the Real-Time Radio Show Club at Durham Academy. Robert, Babs and Rachel will miss you when you move on to the Middle School! Thanks for a great year! --Mrs. Rosen
—Michelle Rosen

To: Amie Huntley
I am glad you choose to marry me. Can't wait to see how Evie turns out. You can forget about tonight if you want too.
—Robert Huntley

May 7, 2009

To: Paul who is now 21
get out of bed and go play your trombone
—Maria Wilbur Wilbur

To: Emily Neyhart
Happy sixteenth birthday Emily! We love you and hope you enjoy the show! Love, mom and dad
—Clara Neyhart

To: Emily
Bob and Carole Troutman welcome their daughter Emily home from France to enjoy her first Prairie Home Companion live show.
—Bob Troutman

To: Amy christianson
Amy Thank you for teaching me that parent hood means commitment. Of course, does insanity. I am still crazy for you Amy! have a Happy mothers day all my Love Karl —Karl Christianson
—Karl Christianson

May 6, 2009

To: Mom
You're so strong, but thank the good Lord that he's stronger and more "in control"...I know he'll bring you through the surgery just fine AND that he'll give the doctors direction and guidance. Praying for "encapsulation" and "non-invasiveness". God Bless you, I love you, Sweet Dreams, Moochies, Bluelello, Chuga-Chuga Choo Choo, Jack-A-Roo.
—Dawn Flower

To: Craig
Happy 56th birthday, love you more each year, even if you don't get it!
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: Dorothy Sellers
Happy Mothers Day Grandma!! We hope to see you for your 100th birthday in June!! Happy Mothers Day to you too Mom! We love you both for being such special ladies!!
—Patti and Greg Paxton

To: Jay Shapiro
Happy 63 to Dear Ol' Dad from Your Loving Daughter and Eric, we love you!
—Kahlila Shapiro

To: Emilie "Oma" Spaulding
Hope you are enjoying Spring in New Hampshire! We miss you, Mama. Come back to Durham, where the weather is 70 and a good breeze is blowing. The azaleas are blooming and the strawberries are ripe for picking. Happy Mother's Day, Ma! We love you.
—Amy Spaulding

May 5, 2009

To: Jim
Darling! The Saintly City beckons - only 2 more years! So glad I am here with you!
—Sara Kerr

To: Dr.Corliss
Your impressions of Guy Noir are now spot on so it's time to pay a licensing fee & Happy 60th
—Vinster Lyons

To: Dearest Joe
First a baby, then a house, then marriage. At this backward rate we may get to an incredible first date soon. Looking forward to it.
—Jody White

To: My Eric
Just to let you know I love you and miss you lots - come home to NC soon!
—Dene Perry

May 4, 2009

To: Rhonda
Greetings to my sweet wife...this week we're going up the Mississippi to St Paul and next week we come back down. Be home soon.
—Captain Luke Moore

To: Jim, Carol and Barbara Oleson
Hello Mom, Dad and Aunt Barb! Miss you and hope you are enjoying the show. Dad, please remind Mom to not heckle Mr. Keillor during the show although at intermission it's fair game!
—David Oleson

To: Karen Federowicz
Congratulations on finding out you are going to be a Grandmother for the first time this Fall. You better start the College Fund deduction at work now, because before you know it, the baby will be wanting to be an astronaut and going to the Moon...
—Gary Walters

To: Jeff & Dianne
Hello to Dianne & her husband who are attending the show in Durham, NC today (May 9). Thanks for buying the two tickets from us who could no longer attend due to a last minute scheduling conflict! We expect a full report upon your return though. We've been wanting to see Garrison live for the past 15 years (!) -- I am French and I've missed his show in the various locations where I have been living during these years -- Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles and, alas, now also the show in Durham, NC! When, oh when will I get to meet this pillar of true American culture! I feel like I am the so-called fourth Magi who got lost while searching Jesus at His birth, looked for Him all his life, and finally found Him when He was hanging from a cross. I just hope that Garrison and I will not need to take our journey to such extremes to finally meet. ;)
—Theodore Winger

To: Garrison
Garrison: Great show in Nashville. We saw the late show in Nashville. It was like 4 great shows all in one. Performers all looked like they were having a great time and would have paid just to be in the show. Keep up the great shows, Wayne & Sheri Rosso
—Wayne Rosso

May 3, 2009

To: Marshall Ham
We are all looking forward to come to Southern California to help you celebrate your 60th!!
—Denise Davis

To: Sherry Calvert
Happy 70th birthday on 1 July and 52nd wedding anniversary.
—Tom Calvert

To: Roland park school
The musical was amazing, try to get the sound fixed. I hope no one was filming!
—Lexa Gaffer

To: Sean and Sarah
All the best to Sean and Sarah who are getting married at this moment in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With love, Mom.
—Joyce Whittier

To: Pat Milton
Pat Milton is 50 years old Happy birthday from all her friends and famil here in Devon united kingdom
—Lucy Milton-Banks

To: Andrew Everard
Happy 50th birthday to my husband in Hampshire, England, on May 9 - they said life begins at 40, but maybe it really starts at 50...
—Yasuko Everard

May 2, 2009

To: Monica
Happy 5th anniversary Sweetie Buns. Love Sugar Lips.
—Dave Wales

To: Alan
Roses are red vilots are blue I love my husaband and Garrison too. Also, Hi to all the Darling's.
—nancy darling

To: Karen & David Baker
Greetings to Dunmire Hollow, Tn. From Collinsville, Al. Tim just burned his homemade rolls listening to Garrison Live in Nashville! Damn!
—Frannie & Tim Koe/Martin

To: Deb Helwig
Hello my dear, did you ever think you'd hear Garrison Keillor speak your name? Well now you have. Love as usual.
—Katie Cibort

To: Emily
Happy 18th birthday. May your dreams of today be the reality of your future.
—Ben Youtz

To: Barbara and Fielding
Mom and Dad send best wishes to Fielding and Barbara, who are in the Ryman audience tonight, and expecting their first child any moment. We hope they make it to the end of the show.
—Diana Logan

To: Jennifer Ohnstad
Happy "May Day" Birthday to my daughter. I'm looking forward to hearing you sing in the band next weekend. Hope you play my favorite song. Love, Mom
—Susan Ohnstad

To: Clinton
There is no better way to celebrate one year than to be here at the Ryman with you and PHC. Thank you for the best year of my life.
—Kristen Bradley

May 1, 2009

To: Mom and Dad
Happy 70th anniversary Kate and Rich. Pop, she said to please stay off the roof. She doesn't mind at this point if you get someone else to clean the leaves.
—Dan Lowry

To: Phil
The reference letter is in the mail, hope you get the job anyway.
—Bryan Burnette

To: Hun
Sarah my wonderful Hunny, I can't believe we are actually at the show. It's been a great ten years, and I look forward to a hundred more, at least. Eric a Happy husband.
—Eric Thorstad

To: Peggy and Mark
Mom & Dad - Hope your birthday present is funny. Relax and enjoy! Love - Lori & Matt
—Lori Stiggins

To: Bruce & Marilyn
Welcome back to Edina, MN, from your snow-bird winter in Florida. How sweet it must have been !
—David Peace

To: Lacy White
Congratulations on graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Creative Writing! We are so proud and welcome home! Mom and Dad
—Rob and Gail White

To: Erick Zander
On this very special day A Prairie Home Companion came our way. So, it is with much love your wife will say, Happy Birthday!
—Nancy Zander

To: sam spina
Cindy and Sam will be celebrating their 35th anniversary soon. Cindy wants to tell Sam that it just keeps getting better and better.
—cindy spina

To: Craig
Hope you can get the water softener installed. You only have a one day weekend this week. Love ya!
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: william
happy belated 1st anniversary! we had a great time celebrating with phc in nyc! next year we'll do it in st. paul!
—karilyn drago

To: Len Slizewski
Thank you to my wonderful husband for making a dream come true - Prairie Home at the Ryman! It doesn't get any better than this!
—Terri Slizewski

To: Bill and Nancy Hurd
To Bill and Nancy Hurd, celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary with a show at the Ryman-- much love from all your above-average children!
—Dave Hurd

To: Garrison
Glad you are here. It would be wonderful to talk with you, be with you, and Enjoy life together for as long as it is real.
—Diane Conroy

April 30, 2009

To: Steve and Connie
Greetings from Wichita! Can you believe that I still listen to this show even after having move away from home? You're grand-daughter grows more beautiful every day.
—Scott and Hilary Pigg

To: Adam Nagel
To my husband who proposed in Italy before Botticelli's Birth of Venus painting and who got us tickets to A Prairie Home Companion--good job!
—Heather Nagel

To: My husband Joffre in seat M-8
Happy lucky 13th Wedding Anniversary! I hope our bench-mates scooted down so we can actually sit together tonight. Otherwise, meet me at the drinking fountains after the show.
—Maria Laret

To: Kathe & Ray
Greetings from Cincy! Mike & I are so excited to come visit you guys in North Carolina! Kathe, hope you have a great birthday! Give all the critters a treat from use! Love you both, Your Favorite Niece and her boyfriend Mike.
—Amy Valentiner

April 29, 2009

To: Lucia
Tervituloa! Baby Girl, we are so happy you are hear! 3lbs. 9oz. yes, your early, but as your father says; "if your not early, your late". PS. In a little bit, we'll show you the joy's of pickled herring with cream!
—James & Carrie Helsius

To: Tracy Stone
Happy 40th Birthday wishes from your beautiful (and younger) wife!
—Rachel Stone

April 28, 2009

To: Amy
Happy Anniversary to my wife Amy: Twenty springs in Tennessee since we wed; House and three kids, just like we said.
—Joe Coen

To: Gloria
Happy Birthday Momma Lamma, congratulations on making it another year!
—Adrien Fox

To: Annette and Lezette
Happy birthday to the Twinkettes! Lots of love from Beth, Adam, Katie and the Flamingos.
—Elizabeth Auden

To: thomas Eaton
Happy Birthday twin, we made it another year. (May 2) Now we can collect out social security!!
—theresa eaton

To: Our Moms...Patricia and Mary Kay
Hello to our Mothers, Patricia and Mary Kay in Evansville, Indiana...No we didn't run off and get married, but we WERE overcome with wanton lust on our trip down to Nashville.
—Tim Shipp

To: Ben
Thank you for humoring all my bad jokes. The best gift I've gotten this year is having you back in my life. Here's to our friendship, and by the way, Knock Knock. Who's There? Radio. Radio Who? Radio not, here I come.
—Emily Louise

April 27, 2009

To: Olivia O'Donnell
Happy 6th Birthday to our daughter Olivia! You came into this world in a speeding car, and you haven't slowed down since! You have blossomed into a darling little girl and we love you very much. Love, Mom, Dad and big brother Colin
—Kitti O'Donnell

To: Lital Silverman Webster
2006, PHC driving in the rain in Chicago. Now, after 160,000 miles, we're married, celebrating with PHC. May all our children be above average.
—Andrew Webster

To: Teresa
Teresa, thanks for being my caregiver and being with me thoughout my cancer treatment. I don't know what I would have done without you. I love you dearly. Pat
—Pat Wilson

April 25, 2009

To: chuck and carol guthrie
Your didn't take us to St. Paul when we lived in Minnesota all those years ... But today, Lake Wobegon came to us in hard feelings. We miss you!
—todd and kim guthrie

To: John, Shannon, Jack and Nate
Wishing you a great little league season with all runs, hits and no errors - well maybe a few. Love Uncle Joe in Connecticut.
—Joe Coray

To: Matthew
Congratulations on a great report card.Keep up the good work.
—Uncle Mark

To: Nadia Santarsiero
You have one more treatment left! Keep on fighting. You taught me to me strong! I love you!
—Emily Santarsiero

To: helen
to my sister helen, here is your 5 seconds of fame, Your loving sister Connie
—connie arellano

To: Justin
Justin Laird, I know all your hard work will pay off. I can't wait to start a life with you. Love, Brie
—Brie Olsen

To: Russ, Anu and the Boys
Hello to our Finnish Friends in Old Lyme, CT. Stoke up the sauna, and put the aquavit on ice -- we're coming over!
—Alison, Chris, and Owen Evans

To: Sara
Wishing my wife a Happy Anniversary. I love you more with each passing year.
—Bill Saturno

April 24, 2009

To: Janice Coventry
Happy 71st Birthday to Janice Coventry of the Art Circle Public Library in Crossville TN from Rosemarie, Richard, Christopher and Beauregard.
—Rosemarie Konrath

To: Rich Rainer
Honey I absolutly love our Saturdays from 6 to 8. You, me, a bottle of wine and cheese. And the kids are out in the kitchen babysitting themselves for a dollar a hour. The best and cheapest dates. PS. Congratulations on your weightloss, You look gooood. Jeg elsker dig!
—Bente Rainer

To: Molly Smith
I just wanted to acknowledge and celebrate Molly Smith's 30th birthday! She will be in the crowd on Saturday in Connecticut...
—Denielle Burl

To: patrick sanders
good job on getting all A's this quarter. love always your dad
—kevin sanders

To: Diana my daughter
Perhaps it's in Maine where they're loggin, or a street where someone is joggin. Its so hard to find, it boggles my mind. Piscacadawadaquoddymoggin.
—Joseph Ruggiero

To: Garrison Keillor
Hi, I just saw you Wednesday night and you were great. I'm thankful that I got to meet you when you were here last year. You make so many people happy. My mother loved the show, too.
—Sherri Mizell

April 23, 2009

To: Katie
Happy 21st birthday with 9 years of experience! I bought you a cigar and a cake, but I've already smoked the cigar and eaten the cake. Will you settle for a stinky, sugary husband instead?
—Joseph Peters

To: Thad Henry
You are one of a kind and we love you! Happy 50th Birthday! Your Staff
—Lisa Livingston

April 22, 2009

To: Wouter, Rosana, and Seth in the Netherlands
I hope you're enjoying tonight's show over the internet. Do come and visit me in LA sometime. Just don't expect me to change Seth's diaper.
—Josh C

April 21, 2009

To: Neil Travers
Hey Brother. Congratulations on your graduation from Grand Valley State. And Mom, and Dad, don't worry about me, its just prom. Love, your favorite son, Austin.
—Austin Travers

To: Heather Steinmann
Dear Heather, Congratulations on being accepted into the Doctoral Program. We Love You and are so proud of you. Dad and Mom
—Merle Steinmann

April 20, 2009

To: Melissa
Happy Birthday!! I can still picture the first moment I saw you I smiled and said Hi MELISSA;-)
—Kathy McDonald

April 19, 2009

To: Dawn Frawley
I hope you are enjoying listening to the live version of "that guy with the voice" tonight. Poo Poo and Mr. Hiney are fine.
—Heather Smith

To: Kevin Meehan
To my Beloved on our marriage May 9th on the family apple orchard in nearby Cheshire CT. The bees will not sting the guests, and Honeycrisp the dog not knock over Uncle Gerry. I will always love you no matter what.
—Lisa Drazen

To: Mom and Dad
Jenny, You did it!! From saving baby birds, squirrels, and holding water snakes, to a vet's assistant! see you soon!! Mom and Dad
—Jenny Carlin

To: Jason
You'll be out here in three days and I'll still probably be writing and grading. The end of the semester and your visit can't come soon enough! GO COUGS!
—Beth Erdey

To: Sarah Gabi Souza
Congratulations from mom Sally to Gabi Girl on her graduation from UVM & upcoming job in China. I'm so proud of you, way to go!
—sally smoot

April 18, 2009

To: Bob and Sonja Purkey
Yes, we are one year late to wish you both a very HAPPY 50th Anniversary! After listening to this evenings show it's all about love and time. May the world live to know the power of love as you both have. Your son Harry
—Debbie Hodges

To: Tom Rush
Hi Daddy! Love you, you're doing great.
—Sienna Rush

To: Bruce & Doreen
Did you get your tickets for Tanglewood yet?
—Bob Rehm

To: All of my PHC friends over the years...
Here's a loving "shout-out" to each of you from the "Valley of Eternal Spring" in Panama where I am now an ex-patriot and finally have an internet connection to keep in touch.
—Robert Durand

To: Tara Amari
I thank you for your company to the show tonight, though I know you are not what we'd call a fan. Seeing the PHC with you each April has been a wonderful birthday tradition. I cannot wait to welcome our little one this coming December. The Baby's conception was the perfect birthday gift, it's arrival the perfect Christmas gift. As always, with love.
—Mike Amari

To: Nicolas Jove
Hello Dad, who listens religiously online from Venezuela every Saturday. And dreams of leaving sunny and warm So. America to retire at the "warm" shores of Lake Wobegon. (I am in the audience today 4/18/09)
—Patti Jove-Dunn

April 17, 2009

To: Katie and Molly
Your softball team is the best Forest Hills ever had. Keep having fun, and it's great to keep winning, too! We love you, Mom and Dad
—Vicki Heit

To: patrick sanders
congratulations on your 3rd quarter grades, love dad
—kevin sanders

April 16, 2009

To: Jeffrey Vincent
Each Saturday listening to A Prairie Home Companion a fine young man danced around his Berwick Maine kitchen, now he lives and works in NYC...we're proud and happy to be at Town Hall in NYC with you...
—Mom and Dad Vincent

To: Zaide
Happy Birthday, Zaide! Although your age is now nine square, there is nothing square about you. Your age in Celsius is now 27 (why think about 81 Fahrenheit?) Enjoy the show in Town Hall! love, Germaine, Will, Emily and Elise
—Germaine Koomen

To: Wendy & Michael
Thanks for a great weekend in the city and for bringing us to the show at Town Hall. We'll be home in the Adirondacks listening for your laughter on this week's show. P.S. The snow is almost gone.
—Scott & Margaret Gibbs

To: Timothy O'Neill
Happy 7th birthday!! Wishing you many more years of laughter with Guy Noir. Love, Mom, Dad and Benjamin
—Mara O'Neill

To: Miss Bains
If wishes were horses beggars would ride, but distant will never be a problem.
—Adam Osborn

To: Yolanda Woods
Mom, Finally made it to Town Hall. Garrison Keillor looks nothing like you described him. Not surprising. -You've never seen him either.
—Janet Subrizi

To: Dad
To my Dad, with fond memories of listening together all those Saturday night as we drove to the McDonald's to pick up happy meals for us kids, so that you and Mom could eat a gourmet meal alone together after we were in bed. Love,
—Katy Murphy

April 15, 2009

To: Kris Brehm (Mother)
To our beloved mom recovering from surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. We love you! Your kids, Andy, Mike and Sarah Brehm Andy
—Andy Brehm

April 14, 2009

To: Garrett Glidden
who is so risk adversive he makes actuaries look like Evel Kneneval...and yet who still managed to break his neck..during a pillow church. Heal well love Mom and Dad
—Mark Glidden

To: Bill
Your love has made the last 29 years the best. Ready to try for another 29? (You better say YES!) Happy Anniversary, with all my love.
—Sharon Hoste

To: To My Upstate NY Acronymic Family
FAPH...Finally At Prairie Home IAZKOT...Its A Zippy Kind Of Thing ICBHBDY...I Couldn't Be Happier Best Day Yet! Signed DAKAB...Dad Also Known As Bob
—Bob Schiefer

April 13, 2009

To: Larry Lopez
To my tall, dark & handsome hombre who is a PHC convert- See honey, I told you PHC is not just for argyle sock wearing, white guys.
—Kathy Lopez

To: Bill Sutherland
Happy 32nd wedding anniversary to the love of my life! -- Your Teutonic Scrub Brush
—Karen Luerssen

To: Jeff
Jeff, What are you doing there TONIGHT? I told you that Keith Richards is NEXT week's guest! Sheesh! From your old pal, Julia
—Julia Connolly

April 12, 2009

To: Alex
I know you still might hate me, but I'll always love you! Happy birthday!
—Your Wife

April 11, 2009

To: Paul Peterson
Happy Birthday, Principal Peterson! You were born in April 15, and you've been taxing your students and staff beyond the normal rate!
—Your students at St. Peter High School

To: Julie and Bob
Sorry we couldn't get together to listen to Praire Home Companion. Let's give it another try. Love Bruce and Doreen
—Bruce and Doreen Tolpa

To: Ethan Hawkley
Happy 10,000th Day on the Earth. I love you!
—Laura Hawkley

To: Pete & Ann Sibley
Good luck from your neighbors! Elizabeth, Brad, Alex and Jack!
—Brad Koeckeritz

To: Tracy
I know I'm working too much and we never see each other but it won't always be like this. I promise, one day soon, it'll be better.
—Chris Scott

To: Martha J
I am looking forward to tending the garden and watching the sunset with you.
—Thomas E Geheb (Gay-heb)

To: Mommy
We hope the seas are calm in the Arctic and the copapods plentiful. Dad's doing okay. He's already shipped us off to the relatives. Love
—Timi and Lydia Sgouros

To: Josh clark
Happy 24th birthday. You made it from the bering sea to anchorage despite a volcano erupting 6times my Minnesota boy. keep living the dream & at your debriefing the guy turned on his sat radio and you said. Heh that's mpr! Small momndad
—Kimberly Clark

April 10, 2009

To: Garrison & the Crew...
We're New Yorkers, but we're rural. Coming 3hrs from the mountains of Franklin to spend our 20th ANNIVERSARY w/you! WE'RE EXCITED! We toasted with... ketchuuuuuup!
—Bill - Michele Furman - Johnson

To: Scott and Kim
Scott and Kim...can't wait to meet my new nephew this Friday (April 17th). It's been a long time coming, but then again- anything worth having, is definitely worth waiting for. God's blessings on you all. PS: Kim are you sure you won't change your mind and let me be in the delivery room? I do have experience you know. Your Older Sister, Dawn (in Cedarburg, Wisconsin)
—Dawn Flower

To: William J Koon
Happy Birthday to my dear soulmate who has made our marriage the best years of our lives. Thank you for all your love and support, and may you have a wonderful birthday my sweetheart.
—Laura Spencer

April 8, 2009

To: Lew
You got your teeth, you got your hair, you're 62 and I don't care! Happy Birthday!
—Lynda Austin

To: patrick
Yes you can drive your mothers vehicle! Just as long as im not around to hear her yell. love always your father
—kevin sanders

To: Our Columbus Day Weekend Camping Friends
We're glad you could join us here for the show - now you'll know what it sounds like without the static!
—Ken & Carol Deming

April 7, 2009

To: Molly
Happy Birthday (April 11th) to Molly who is from a small town in Minnesota, but now a Big Apple girl. I wish I was there with you tonight, I will be listening with you. Mom (Molly will be in the audience)
—Theresa Sievers

To: Emily Lawson
Happy Happy Birthday, you are a great friend, and I can't thank you enough for bringing me to the show for your birthday!
—Cathy McCullough

To: Doris Roberts
Happy birthday Doris on your 94th birthday. In Madison WI surrounded by those grand kids and great grand kids. Time to put away those Rollerblades. Always thankful for you blessings. Looking ahead to many more years. All our love.
—Phil & Bev Lenihan

To: Tom
You are the love of my life and my duet partner forever. I don't love you much, do I?
—Sherri Mitchell-Snider

April 6, 2009

To: Jordan Jeremias
Happy 13th birthday. Don't buy the Wii. Save your money. College is only 5 years away. Love, Dad
—stephen jeremias

April 5, 2009

To: Abe Ratnofsky
Lets raise our egg creams and toast our Abe on his recent Bar Mitzvah. Love Dad
—Paul Ratnofsky

April 4, 2009

To: The Halverson-Wente Family
Fall has officially come to Argentina, I'm doing great, and we'll see each other in 3 months! As always, I'm missing you guys and Minnesotan Culture! Too bad you can't bring me bed-and-breakfast for my 16th birthday! With love-JW
—Jordan Wente

April 3, 2009

To: Dan Smulian
In our vows to each other a life of laughter and endless bad puns. So I've brought you to Town Hall tonight (Saturday April 4). And to remind you that even though I'm a tough cookie, you are my soft center. Happy 2nd anniversary.
—Amy Levine

April 1, 2009

To: richard
hi richard somewhere around orchards washington give me a call from your dump buddy in alaska
—harold hagedorn

March 31, 2009

To: St. Olaf "Rube" team
Congratulations to the St. Olaf team on their National win in the Rube Goldberg competition. If you could only organize your life as well.
—Marsha Thomas

March 29, 2009

To: Grandmita and Grandpa
Dear Grandmita and Grandpa, We love you and have plenty of poopey diapers for you to change! See you soon and Grandpa for heaven's sake, eat the right foods. Love, Abby, Owen, and, Caitlin
—Mark DeYoung

To: Sue Nemmers
Times ahead may become turbulant, but I can't think of anyone else I would rather be with. Thanks for always being there for me and being my rock. I love you.
—Bob Nemmers

To: Van Dehy family
greetings from family in Ogdensburg, wisconsin. We still have snow,here. Fanily is fine, dogs are good. chickens are laying, we will see you soon. drive careful, perry and julie
—julie weber

March 28, 2009

To: Steve Christ
To my eldest brother -- a geologist by trade -- in Toledo, Ohio, from your youngest brother, in Florida: Happy 60th birthday (May 12) -- that's a gneiss chert ("nice shirt") you're wearing!
—Greg Christ

To: Ron & Janet (Mom & Dad)
We know you're having a great time watching your favorite show in person, at the PAC! We're all listening right along with you at home! Luke and Lauren say "Love you Grandma and Grandpa!" Love Reid, Brenda, Lauren and Luke
—Brenda Johnson

To: Bev and Dan Wilcox
Hello to Bev and Dan in the audience tonight. After 35 years serving as a nurse in the U.P., Bev is spending her first day of retirement--in Wisconsin! Congratulations from Chris
—Chris Jarvis

To: Carol & Jeff
Hi to our kin in Andover, next to exotic Anoka...wish we could be there for your Cajun Easter fais do-do.
—Gerry Grzyb

To: Sven, Ole & the Hens
Ann & Greg say "Hallo" from Appleton to Sven, Ole and the Hens in Stoughton. "VE ARE ALL YUST SOME CARP FROM STOUGHTON!"
—Greg & Ann Paton

To: Ed Laumer & Marilyn
Greetings to the "snow-birds", Ed & Marilyn, just back from Florida from Deb & John: We hope the ice shove on Lake Winnebago missed your house while you were gone! Welcome back.
—Debra & John Laumer

March 27, 2009

To: Elliott
It's even better live in person than it is on the radio! Keep the fire going and shovel grandma's driveway for her. See you on sunday. Love Mom and Dad
—Collin Arvey

To: karen and bob gras
I know how much you and bob enjoy listening to this program.I wanted prairie home companion to shout out a howdy to both of you
—kelli brunger

March 26, 2009

To: Leo Driessen
Soccer Gal, Airman Ari, Paul, Dvorah and Liberty hope you're having a grand reprise of you 1976 trip to Mr. Keillor's Prairie. We miss ya!
—Paul Driessen

To: Tom McRoberts
Happy 11th Anniversary (3/30). You said our life together would be a roller coster ride, however you failed to mention we would be riding in the front car.
—Jean McRoberts

To: Justin Kasting
Happy Birthday! You are one lucky boy and I am a wonderful girl. I love you!
—Karen Orehoski

March 25, 2009

To: Charlie
I open your emails with the same anticipation that Elizabeth Barrett felt when opening letters from Robert Browning. See you next week.
—Jeannie Simpson

To: Leo Driessen
Grandpa Driessen, I hope all is going well in Wisconsin. I really enjoyed making neat jigsaw puzzles and carving out cool letters down in your workshop with you a couple weeks ago! I hope to see you again soon. Your loving Granddaughter, Amy Driessen
—Amy Driessen

To: Leo Driessen
Hi Grandpa! I hope everything is going well in Wisconsin. I really enjoyed learning how to make jigsaw puzzles and carve out cool letters down in your workshop. You're truely a special Grandpa and I hope to see you again soon! I love and miss you bunches!
—Amy Driessen

To: Leo Driessen
How many people can say they still live in the same home they were born in--near a Prairie, no less--91 years ago?! You're the best dad I've ever had.
—Andrea Driessen

To: Leo Driessen
Hello from St.Paul to Appleton! Wish I could send myself to you instead of this Greeting, but I'm sure that Garrison can do me justice.
—Allison Driessen

March 24, 2009

To: Leo Driessen of Kaukauna
Hi Dad! Here you are, 91, at your second live Keillor show. Seats $3 in '76--33 years ago! Today's cost more. But these are fully bolted to the floor!
—Jane Driessen

To: my chella kutty
my chella kutty loosu i miss u lot da puringiko nayae enai yena pana solrae i wish want to say is nothing but ur smile only da chellam
—srini vasan

March 23, 2009

To: Andreas Hoelzl
Hey Andy,Im Missing u and Kirk and I might be in LA for the June fith show and it would be nice t u there to. Love the YELLOW LITTLE MOONSTER!!!
—Shawn Bui

To: Kate Roberts
Happy 50th Birthday to Kate Roberts on April 3rd. You're one third of the way to your own 150th anniversary! From Dan, Kate, Mary, Liz, Tom and Anne - the Rowles cousins
—Kate Rowles

To: Beth, Mike, and Kathy
Thanks for letting us kids tag along on your fieldtrip. And Mom, enjoy the rest of your spring break in tropical Wisconsin!
—Chris and Abby Thunker

To: Judy
Garrison has finally made it to our neck of the woods. Enjoy the show Mom, Love Heather and Tracy (Neshkoro,WI )
—Tracy Piencikowski-Gyrion

March 22, 2009

To: Pat Smith
Uncle Pat -- We know you listen every week. So, we thought this would be a great way for us to wish you Happy Birthday all the way in New Jersey! We think 34 is going to be a good year for you. Love your Minnesota relatives - Amy, Drew, Hannah, Logan and Ali
—amy hykes

To: Rory Patterson
Happy 10th birthday to our future Prairie Home Companion sound effects guy! With love from mom, dad and Liam.
—Miriam Patterson

To: Joe Alvarez
Happy Birthday, Joe. Sixty seven years young and still working out and eating right! Love, Dorisa
—Doris Alvarez

To: jerry and michelle cromer
from orlando to st. paul I wish you both a continued life of yasmine's joyful memories. even at 6yrs. old she managed to teach us all so much and will continue from the gardens of heaven. God bless....
—amy hammond-garcia

To: NM hyphen P
The Ripon Library Ladies send love to Nancy of the Purple Shoes and Don, her Black Shoed husband. We'll email you regarding our annual weekend of wine and entertainment soon.
—diane christenson

March 21, 2009

To: Diane
Happy Birthday,to my favorite sister: Hope you get to sing Be-Bop-A-Lula on your special day
—Gayle Sorrell

To: Tom McRoberts
Happy 11th anniversary. You promised me that our life would be a roller coster ride, but you never said anything about sitting in the front car.
—Jean McRoberts

To: Susan Brasket
For March 21st: Susan - no kids can interrupt the show when we're here - happy anniversary - Peter
—Peter Brasket

March 20, 2009

To: Ava Nelson
Happy Birthday to you Nana Ava. CHA CHA CHA. You're the best piano teacher and you don't look a day over 20!
—Lily and Lindsey johnson

To: Larry & Pat Meekma
Wish I were there with you, to recite Shakespeare in the park after the show and follow inspirational runners on the trails.
—Jeff Carpenter

To: Adam
To Adam - our California native son who has grown up listening to APHC to stay in touch with his Minnesota and Lutheran roots - and who is at the broadcast tonight (March 21) to celebrate his 10th birthday. Hope you enjoy. Love Mom & Dad
—Danette Kittleson

To: Andrea Peña
Happy 11th birthday princess. Remember to always be courageous. And please reflect on the state of the economy before you open your present on Sunday. Love, mom.
—Elizabeth Gomez

March 19, 2009

To: Seth Frank
Here's to our one-and-a-half. I'm incredibly lucky to be the one who gets to ride the tandem with you. I love you more than you know.
—Maxi Tittel

To: Robert Lohr
Happy Birthday Dad! Love, Abby, Andrew, Tim, and Noa-Noa Good Dog Lohr.
—Abby Lohr

March 18, 2009

To: Katherine Johnson
Katherine - Happy Birthday our 1st day of Spring girl. Sorry no stimulus check, so no Paris trip in 09. Hopefully the LEGO Efile Tower will surfice for now. - Love, Dad & Mom
—Gary Johnson

To: Melody Reed
Happy 55th Birthday, Mel! It's great that now we're the same age! Looking forward to spending your birthday with you & your grandkids, Hazel & Rowan, while Chelsea & Ben are in Paris. Much love, Mom
—Claire Davis

To: ArtSpace Charter School 8th Grade Class
Captain Josh wants to congratulate the 8th grade on their excellent production of TWELFTH NIGHT. It's been a pleasure being your drama teacher these 8 years. Good luck in high school. He'll miss you.
—Josh Batenhorst

March 17, 2009

To: Linda
Happy 40th birthday from your loving husband P.S. I hope you enjoy your new combine
—Syd Martin

To: Erin Stearns
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, What goes up must come down, one person's junk is another person's treasure, and being best friends doesn't always mean that I'll remember your birthday. Here's to being from Bar Harbor and to making it through freshman year together. Happy Birthday, McGualy, a week late, of course.
—Benjamin Walker

March 16, 2009

To: Dora LeTourneau
Happy 89th Birthday, Mom. You could have gone anywhere for your birthday, but chose to come to this show. So very happy to be here with you.
—Lee & Vanessa Pederson

To: Carl Berger
Happy 80th Birtday to a real pool shark. Keep shooting straight! Love you much from Karen, Tom, Eric and the whole gang.
—Karen Brostrom

To: Gina
We're proud that you swam back to New Orleans after Katrina. We're even happier that you came back up Ol' Man River to meet and marry our son! His dog "Jack" is happy, too. Welcome to the family!
—Pat and Jean Braun

March 15, 2009

To: David Henner
Seeing my father being chewed up by his puppy has never been more entertaining! Thanks for being such a great parent, and the wounds will day!
—Gabriela Henner

March 14, 2009

To: Betty & Roy Klaviter
Happy 40th wedding anniversary mom and dad! I know I can't call you because you do not answer the phone when listening to A Prairie Home Companion.
—Maggie Barch

March 13, 2009

To: The Salley Family
"HI" From the Steege Family recent transplants from the "Ocean State" to the state of 10,000 (frozen) lakes. Come for a visit, the ice is fine.
—David Steege

March 12, 2009

To: Steve White
Happy 48th Birthday Papa Bear! You just keep gettin better and better! From your loving wife!
—Cindy Neeley-White

March 10, 2009

To: eli colby
Five thousand miles between us and you are still the very best part of my day. But what a life it will be when the only things we'll have to miss are the sounds of the city and the days when we could sleep in instead of taking the dogs out! I can't wait, but I will. Love you very much.
—ilse riebe

March 9, 2009

To: Jerry Donaldson
Dad, thank you for traveling across the country to meet me in Minneapolis to attend APHC show for my 40th birthday. It means the world to me!
—Bobby Donaldson

To: David
Happy 49th birthday Fella' Should auld acquaintance be glad we became re-acquinted. I'm happy to be with you. Pokey
—alice pollock

March 7, 2009

To: Scott Pollock
Congratulations Anne & Scott on your engagement.You do well together.YOu have survived the test of time. Love MOM
—alice pollock

To: Buddy
To my husband Buddy Happy 60th birthday to you and your twin brother Bill. You are not getting older, just getting better. I love you always Marie
—Marie Shepherd

To: Garrison
Dear Garrison, I have just finished reading your piece in The Irish Times on the death of your brother, R.I.P. I just wanted you to know how it touched me as a beautiful tribute to him and also as an inspiration to anyone who has lost a sibling. Thank you for this and for all that you do in offering such rich and entertaining material on NPR and in print. Peace and blessings, Michael Leonard (In the "Windy City")
—Michael Leonard

March 4, 2009

To: Stephenson Lowry
Please come back to Bellingham and fix my computer. I'll have fried oysters and Laughing Cows waiting for you! p.s. Im not engaged anymore.
—Samantha Lowry

To: roberta
we are sorry for the lost of your mother she was a fan of this show
—doug cullum

To: Luke Boyd
Happy 30th Birthday to my amazing fiance Luke. I love you and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you!
—Katie McMahill

To: King Triton, Blossom and Mom
Greetings from France. Hope mom's back is better and dad's students at St. Olaf are paying attention. Tell Blossom nice job on her grades. Give the 'big oh' a scratch behind the ears for me.
—Dan Lundin

March 2, 2009

To: Morgan Ely
Happy 33rd Birthday to my knight in shining armor, the man who never forgets anyones birthday, how do you do that again? Love,
—Laura Ely

To: Scott Jones
Happy 40th St. Patrick's Day Birthday to Scott Jones from his loving and devoted wife, Leslie. Remember that 40 is really the new 30, or something like that!
—Leslie Jones

February 28, 2009

To: Lee Castle
On the fifty-ninth anniversary of your birth, your wife Barbara lovingly wishes you many more healthy, happy years. Happy Birthday, Lee!
—Barbara Castle

To: MereFam Farm
Mom and Dad, the weather down South is great. Dad, your siblings are awaiting you in Florida... Oh, and I asked the cows and they approve of you taking a break! Love you much, hope to see you soon.
—Anna Meredith

To: Edward
Edward, This weeks marks our 6 month "anniversary" which doesn't include the 20+ years we've been living our lives apart from one another. Even though it has been said before, It feels good to be in love with my best friend. Love always, Barbara
—Barbara Nawor Bloemers

February 27, 2009

To: Chris
He graduated with honors & he was the captain of the varsity hockey team for Lawrence University(years ago)...who is he? The man that I love love love!! I love you too Garrison :)
—Jen Loesel

February 26, 2009

To: Carol
Carol, we've decided to go green and bought a hybrid car, trading in our SUV. We've done a small thing for the planet. Hope you are proud of your little sister! Love, Jan
—Irene Peterson

February 24, 2009

To: Dannah Mae Swift
How can I ever tell you how much I love you, I am waiting patiently for you here in Colorado... Get that Masters degree soon so I can buy you that P.O.E.M. shirt!
—Loren Jones

February 23, 2009

To: Cody
Happy 17th Birthday and have fun this summer in the Dominican Republic, I wish I could go too!
—Zoe Berman

To: Garrison and all the folks connected with the show
I want to thank you for reading my valentines poem to my wife Joyce and for being responsible for a weekly show that is a joy to someone living in a country almost as cold and dark as Lake Wobegon. It is a birthday and christmas present of a show. "Lang may yer lum Reek" as the Scots say. From Robert Pearce in Arbroath, Scotland
—Robert Pearce

February 22, 2009

To: Rowdy
Getting old ain't so're always young and handsome to me. Happy 40th birthday!
—Liz Fuerst

To: Dixon Gayer
Happy 91st Birthday to Dixon who combines the suave sophistication of Guy Noir, the healthy skepticism of Lefty and the longevity of The Prairie Home Companion.
—Lorraine Gayer

To: Some poems I thought you might like.
TO PERFECT BLOOM I wish I had never planted this tulip, purple as the urge that brought me to my knees in obeisance to the bulb last fall, its cup now filling this perfect morning, that I had never bent to the needs of this regal hyacinth, a pagoda of perianths whispering sweet breath to the breeze. Whatever made me kneel with trowel in hand, to genuflect so this daffodil could proclaim spring echoing from its yellow bell? I would never have planted this pale narcissus, had I reflected on his sad demeanor, seeking beauty in the gentling flow of waters descending like pilgrims gathering at a holy site bearing gifts of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and narcissus, seeking answers to mysteries. OLD BARN The barn behind my brother’s house disappeared, a structure so skewed the door only partly closed, its once-red walls peeling back attempts to paint them. Once used to shelter carriages, my brother kept a canoe painted to look like birch bark there and the residue of a life he no longer enjoyed. I hear robust shouts from men at the barn raising, women preparing the banquet talking softly as I walk across the hard flat floor that remains of where cattle trod, mice escaped the cats’ pursuit, and my brother’s grandchildren played hide and seek under rafters now rotting away at the city dump. Built to feed the hungry and enhance the husbandry of a nation, this slattern among housewives had to be razed, creating a vacancy like a missing tooth. TRANSACTION The path seems to end at the stream or maybe it continues on the other side. I see you in the crossing and offer you the stream. Turning down stream, I find the security of a large boulder after I leap from a smaller one where I teetered momentarily. I give you the rock. There is something shining there: a gold nugget maybe, a silver spoon down deep, but the water covers it and the sun splashes on the surface so all I can see is the sky broken into ripples and clouds churning. I will give you the path, the rock, the stream if you will show me the source. A TOWN NEVER SLEEPS --for Lee, after chemo A town never really sleeps; there’s always some figure under a light over the platform at the station or just walking along under a streetlight, someone drinking coffee in the only restaurant and one serving the coffee making small talk. Light behind curtains marks an insomniac or sleep interrupted. Sometimes on his rounds, a cop responds to a call to settle some difference and restore order, or he just saunters along clicking his night stick on a picket fence. A dog barks, a car passes, the tower clock ticks away the hours as unnoticed as the convalescent moon gliding silently on.
—Laurence W. Thomas

To: Marie Rodeman
Happy Birthday Mom! We miss you so much! Thanks for introducing us to A Prairie Home Companion. We'll think of you whenever we listen to it! We love you!
—Kathy Devine

To: Marge Frick
Happy 80th birthday mom - you're an official octegenarian and we love you lots - from the "sistahs"
—bryn brocklesby

February 21, 2009

To: Garrison Keillor
Have just heard your "Spring Show" and wanted to thank you for your gift of humor and music! Helps me keep my music-making light!
—Margo Simon

To: Earl Sears
In your hospital bed in Flagstaff AZ, we know you enjoyed "My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord". We're wishing you a speedy recovery and return home to IL. Greetings from Brasilia, Brazil!
—Otis and Betty Hochstetler

To: Heidi-Hi
Happy Birthday Beloved Heidi-Hi-- Mother of Mimi & twins Zoe & Howie, Wife of J-boy, and best of all, our daughter-in-law. Your intelligence, beauty, and gorgeous mane of red hair make our otherwise dull family shine. Thank you.
—Boppa Hugh

To: Helmuth Hoenig
I think back on the years we spent on Isle Royale and smile. You were always there to catch the stern line coming and the last one to wave going home...I'll miss you dearly. The blueberries picked with you were bluer than blue and as big as my thumb, and your many cooked meals prepared with joy and love, a treasure. You caught the biggest fish, but let me come in second, and I'll never forget you. I know it's goodbye but not forever.....I'll see you again, my friend, on Isle Royale heaven.
—jenwa hoffman

To: Alan Byrd
To my wonderful husband. I love and look forward to our Praire Home Companion date night. After 20 years your still the one! all my love, Debbie
—Debbie Byrd

To: Jennifer
Have a good move to your new place next week. Thanks to your friends for helping. See you in March. Mom and Dad in Wauwatosa
—Marcia Bauer

To: Earl and Jane Sears
Get-well wishes to my uncle Earl, who set out to do voluntary service in Arizona, but ended-up experiencing a three-week stay in Flagstaff's hospital, in Colorado. Keep-up your spirits, we miss you.
—Richard Hochstetler

To: my brother Steve
thanks for introducing me to the uplifting show, Prairie Home Companion ! makes working weekends sweeter :) love from your desert-dwelling sister
—Nancy Freeman

To: Gary & the Boys
A big SHOUT OUT to Gary and the boys at Diesel Truck Driving School in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin! Wish you were all here!
—Renee Rostad

February 20, 2009

To: Ray
Be strong, Ray. The ECT will end eventually. They can't keep on electrocuting your brain forever - some day the funding will run out.
—Kent Reedy

To: Lorna
Thanks for telling the story on national radio about my friend who continues to get involuntary electroshock. You are a real journalist.
—David Oaks

To: Reeder Fahnestock
Supposedly, 30 is the new 29...or 25, or 20. Whatever age you choose to act, your Forest Street family hopes you enjoy your birthday!
—Leslie Dillon

To: Bill Munroe
Happy 80th birthday, to a wonderful Dad and Granddad. We love you.
—Libby Munroe-Overberg

February 19, 2009

To: Lyda Lea Cline Lanier
Happy birthday to my sister whose birthday is the same day as mine! She is still two years older then I am!
—David Cline

To: Jack Pearson
"You're the best friend I ever had", too. "Thank you for loving me!"
—Nancy Pearson

To: Michael McCabe
Hello from the other end of the couch... Joining you soon!!
—Cheryl Rice

To: Daniel Longyne
Dad, Happy Birthday all the way from England! Sorry I can't be there, but I still haven't found a husband, so I'm stuck here! Love to you and mom!
—Cindy Longyne

February 18, 2009

To: Tim Russell
Just add me to the many who wish the man a speedy recovery. He is much missed.
—Morry Jaffe

To: Sarah Kinzer
Looking forward to September, and the journey we will take till the birth of our first child. You are going to be a wonderful mother!
—Brett Kinzer

To: Deanna and Jesse Petersen
Congratulations on your New Baby Boy Braiden Petersen born on Jan. 27, 2009 in Boulder Colorado. Welcome to the family Braiden, we love you all.
—Sharon Carlson

To: Randall Carlson
Happy Birthday to U.S.Navy Corpsman Randall Carlson who is 26 on Feb.16th this year and is deployed in Iraq with the U.S.Marines. We all love you and miss you Randall.
—Sharon Carlson

February 17, 2009

To: Tim Russell
I hope you are well and returning to the show soon, when I then hope Garrison will have a sketch to dramatize how your accident happened. We bet it was a good time for Rhubarb Pie!
—Martin Fass

February 15, 2009

To: Doug McMurry
Happy 65th Birthday to my wonderful husband. After 20 years listening to Prairie Home Companion on the radio you're finally in the audience!
—Julie McMurry

To: Becky Katz Silverman
Greetings from sunny warm Florida. Hope you're enjoying the clean northern air.
—Hannah Hostyk

To: Tim Russell
Here's hoping your ankle heals quickly and becomes strong. I know what it's like; mine broke in November, and this is the last month I'm casted. Good luck!
—Becky Maatman

February 14, 2009

To: Bette
Even though you think my sun looks like an orb, you are still my sunshine.
—Dan K

To: Roger Rochat
With you, my Love, I'd rather be Than with the Queen, Her Majesty Conversing on world policy Eating crumpets and sipping tea. I love you!
—Susan Rochat

February 13, 2009

To: Reuben
Happy Valentine's Day to my sweetheart. May we have many more Valentine's Days together and many more Saturday evenings listening to A Prairie Home Companion.
—Michelle Bernard

To: Sarah
Happy Valentine's Day! I love you and can't wait to marry you in July!
—Eddie Reif

To: Ray
Just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. I know Valentine's Day is a Hallmark Holiday, but I decided to celebrate anyway and went big with this on-air announcement of my love for you. (Don't give away that it's free)
—Donna Perkins

To: Our Families in Decorah, Burnsville and Oshkosh
It must be genetic! Our Valentine's Day baby is running late and so we sit here tonight hoping that parenthood doesn't strike for a few more hours. Just in case, is there a midwife in the house? Kate and John
—John Nicholson

February 12, 2009

To: Tim Fitzharris
There is a wonderful man named Tim Who is warm, witty and loveable Bewcause on this day, Fourteen years ago, I became a wife to him. And to you, Mr. Keilor We saw you at Borders You signed our books and chatted a while, He was the Dogfather and i was Antique Biscuits. So, as your new season begins, I sit by the radio taping your show, And yes, We still have that storage problem. But Alas, this poem is for Tim. My rock, soul and campion. Because to me my dear, you are truly My Prairie Home Companion.
—Gair Fitzharris

To: Richard Chapell of Pennsylvania
An emergency triple by-pass surgery due to a birth defect is totally unreasonable at your age. You should complain to the factory and go over the terms of your warranty again...
—Arthur Godinho

February 11, 2009

To: Garrison K.
Hi all, I may have the wrong Internet cul de sac but thought I'd say hello to all within earshot for fun. Have a good day all! William
—William Stade

To: Susan
Happy Anniversary... 21 years and looking forward to many more!
—Bruce McIntosh

February 10, 2009

To: Leya
Dear Garrison: It's great to hear you on KRZA out of Alamosa, CO, which braodcasts to us here in northern New Mexico. Welcome! You are my Sunday respite from a difficult world.
—Leah (pron. Leya) Alexander

To: Rachel
Wishing my favorite freshman a very happy birthday!
—Cameron Charlton

To: Jerry and Muriel Tiegel
Happy 59th Anniversary! After 60+ Valentine Days in New York, we are glad you made St. Paul your new home. Your love keeps all of us warm. Eric and Lisa
—Eric Galatz

To: Morgan O
Say Hello to Morgan O at Ithaca. Good luck with your music minor audition. Mis you though don't come home. Love Mom, Dad and Skyler
—Michael Bocciolatt

February 9, 2009

To: Dale and Joan Ewald
Happy 50th anniversary to Dale and Joan Ewald from your kids. Sue,Brad and Evelyn send love from Memphis. Tell Garrison, the Orpheum Theater in Memphis is calling his name.
—Sue and Brad Ewald

To: Florence Hughes
Mom, Happy 93rd Valentine's Day Birthday! Aren't you excited I got tickets for our first show tonight! Sorry I couldn't get two seats together. Your Loving Son,
—T. John Hughes

To: Barb Steele
Roses are red Violeta are blue I am so very much in Love with you! Barb steele From Rick T
—Rick Thiel

February 8, 2009

To: Spry family
little Patrick Keegan Spry! from yakima wa Born Superbowl Sunday! We love you Paddy cake! love Kyrsten Rebekah and Joebob
—Brandy Spry

To: Garrison Keillor
Was thrilled to see you at the Inaugural (while walking out), but the picture I got of you (with your permission)was too dark! Please send me an autographed picture! As with President Obama, it's unlikely I'll have the opportunity to be that close to you again! Was too star-struck to tell you I've seen you/your show twice, in Fort Collins, CO at the Budweiser Events Center . . . and when our girls were in elementary school we even planned a vacation around your show in Durango, CO at the Fort Lewis campus on a mesa above town! Have been listening to your show since the '80's . . . was so impressed when you pegged my Norwegian husband by saying something like "those Norwegians just aren't happy unless their cold and wet and miserable!" Thanks for the memories!
—Deborah Cape

February 7, 2009

To: Bob & Bonnie and Bertie Boese (Bays)
We enjoyed the company of two book-devouring minnesota snowbirds at our daytona beach guest house in january, winter respite from minus 27 back home. travel safe and enjoy the ride. from cameo and pinkerton the wire-haired doxies to Bertie, the long haired dachshund
—Anne Kneller

To: Morgan O
Say Hello to Morgan at Ithaca. Good luck with your music minor audition. Miss you though don't come home. Love Mom, Dad and Skyler.
—Michael Bocciolatt

To: Ivan Pingel
Hey Dad, Happy Birthday! As always keep the shiny side up, the greasy side down, and stay between the ditches. with love from somewhere in the country, your daughter (for 3/28)
—Sara Pingel

To: Don
Thank you Sweetheart for making my birthday yesterday as special as you are! ILY*
—Patti Drolet

To: Babs
Dearest Babs, Congrats on passing the test on Tuesday. Just a little longer and we're in the home stretch. Love, Husbando
—Scott Mays

To: Kathy Finigan
Mom, Greetings from slushy Minnesota. Joe, Maura and Daniel miss you. Say HI to the Anderson's. Good to see you haven't lost your skill for forcing me to be sociable! Love Dave and Jennifer.
—Dave Finigan

February 6, 2009

To: Nancy Steinmann
Happy 60th birthday, Mom, with so much love. From your family.
—Heather Steinmann

To: Bob and Marge Schwier
Happy 160th Birthday! From where you sit in the audience Bob, you don't look a day over 150. Love from all your family.
—Dave Schwier

February 5, 2009

To: Kimberly
To my new found Valentine, Oh, how beats that heart of mine. When I think of thee all is sublime. To love you is to wnow you for all time. To my Valentine, Please be mine.
—Thomas Perkins

February 4, 2009

To: Kaylen
Happy 25th Valentines Day. I love you.
—Tom Maple

February 3, 2009

To: Rickyshark
Happy birthday to my angel! (2/9) Your're getting closer and closer to that senior discount, just hang in there. That's one senior diet coke with lots of ice.
—Theresa Burgess

To: Mark
Mark, Thanks for being a lovable Dad, giving me your heart, and incrementally improving on your laundry habits. -Love, Cali
—Mara MacKay

February 2, 2009

To: Denise
From Lindstrom, mn. we never miss a broadcast! We look forward to listening to the show in summer time when were on our boat and fishing together.Shes (my wife) my best catch.I'd like to wish her a happy 50th birthday on feb.4th.
—Alan Ferber

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Sir: Nothing works the imagination like Home Companion. What a wonderful gift you have given us all these years. How disheartening that the true magic of radio lives - but it your show. Gentle, fulfilling, nourishing, may Home Companion never takes its leave, and maybe, maybe one day it can come to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Two-thirds of life are behind me, but I am content to wait.
—cliff boutilier

February 1, 2009

To: Carl Adams
Happy Birthday to a long-time listener, Carl Adams of Kutztown, PA. Birthday is Feb 12th.
—Jean Adams

To: Martin Gardner
Congratulations on finally making it to your first Prairie Home Companion live show. After 6 long years of anticipating tonight and sitting through Sesame Street and the Wiggles you are finally here. Mom and dad promised you'd make it here before you turned 7 and you did.
—Kathryn Gardner

To: Jim Livingston
Happy Birthday to you on the occasion of #80! Born Feb 16th in a Iowa blizzard, sharing the warm farmhouse with family and newborn lambs.
—lyn livingston

To: Dale and Adrienne Haskamp
Thank you both for fighting the fight. Henry- Live Strong-you will win this battle with cancer. We love and admire you both.
—Delores and Robert Haskamp

To: Frank and Sue
Happy February! Another semester at Wellesley begins tomorrow, so the next time you hear from me I will probably be crying. Thanks for all your love and support!
—Liz and Francky the Fish Oehlschlaeger

To: Sam
To my husband, thanks for giving PHC a chance, I love to see you laugh at something other than your own corny jokes!
—Tracy Quintrell

January 31, 2009

To: Grandy and Grandpa
I can't wait to see you next weekend in Seattle for my first birthday party! Have a safe trip out from Wisconsin.
—Elana Zeichner

To: Rick
I want to say, "Hi and I love you" to Rick, who's listening from Connecticut. Your angel from Ashland , WI. can't wait to be with you.
—Doreen LaFernier

To: Rick
To my one and only love Rick, who's listening from Connecticut...I've waited so long to find a love like yours, and I can't wait for the day when I am with you always. I love you baby. With all my love, your angel Doreen
—Doreen LaFernier

To: Irilla Vaughn
Happy early birthday Mom and thanks to Brenna and Vince for finally getting us to the Fitzgerald theater for this show -second row center stage at that!
—Steve Vaughn

To: Kristen Nelson
thank you for the christmas gift of tickets to the show tonight and thank you for chauffering us.Hi to Jan & Rod in Ft Myers.Love you all so much.
—Alice Hanson

To: Mom/Sue/Nana
To Sue, Mom, Nana, we say You’re back in the Midwest, hooray! Sixty’s not really that old, According to trees, I’m told Wishing you happy birthday
—Rolf, Laura, Matt, Sofie, Milo and Tobey Peterson

January 30, 2009

To: Lila Rose
You've been asking to come to PHC since you were 7, and here you are. Love to Grandpa Jack in IL, order those tomato seeds!
—Judy Armstrong

To: Citizens of the USA
We listen to PHC from Perth in Western Australia - about as far away from Minneapolis as you can get - but wanted to congratulate America on making a great choice.
—Graham & Robyn Rennie

To: Sue Peterson
Happy Birthday Sue! (We won't say which one.) We hope you and Carl enjoy your night on the town. Love Matt, Sofie, Rolf, Laura, Tobey and Milo
—Rolf Peterson

To: Joshua Toso
Happy 1st Birthday to the most amazing grandson in the entire world. You are so smart and cute and did I mention smart?. Being a Nan-Na is the most fun I've had in a longgg time! Nanna Sharon
—sharon rezek

To: Joanna
Happy 35th Anniversary. I won't make any of the typical smart-alecky comments. Lord knows, you've heard my entire repertoire during last 35 years. Love you.
—Don Workman

January 29, 2009

To: Tom
Happy 40th Birthday to a husband who is still a looker and a dad who still gets down on the ground and wrestles with the kids.
—Annie Steinle

To: Bubby
Happy belated 55th birthday.You get to use your senior discount at the grocery store now.
—Nan Tisinger

January 28, 2009

To: Clem and Joanne
Hope you enjoy your Christmas gift today as well as your dinner tonight at the restaurant that didn't hire me. Looks like I'm staying at home longer than you expected! -your son
—Chris Michet

To: Scott & Anne
Happy Birthday to Scott & Anne in Grand Marais MN. Soon you will have a chance to unthaw. Looking forward to hooking up in Ft Lauderdale on Valentines Day with you both. Much love to you both. Love Mom
—Alice Pollock

January 27, 2009

To: Carol Judkins
Thanks to my mom, Adeline Kemnitz VanNocker, from Alpena, Michigan, I learned about Garrison many, many years ago. I saw Garrison at Interlochen Music Camp, near Traverse City, twice, and enjoyed it very much. I look forward to seeing him again in Cheboygan, Michigan on 8/1/2009. I think he is the funniest and most intelligent commentator in the USA. Thank you for all you have done to make my weekends on the radio so enjoyable.
—Carol Judkins

To: Danny
Hello Danny! We wish you were here tonight, but since you are a King Charles Spaniel, Mr. Keillor would not approve. We'll let you outside when we get home.
—Colin Dougherty

To: Sarah Vekasi
Where is our favorite tree hugger? Our Cowlitz valley is empty without you.Watch Mountain has been asking for you.
—Anne Lowe

January 26, 2009

To: Beth Shafer
Happy Birthday to the fan who traveled from California to the Fitzgerald to see you and no one even acknowledged her presence. She says she'll do it again, too. :-)
—Mom LaLonde

January 25, 2009

To: John and Meri-Jo Mueller
To John and Meri-Jo Mueller from Eau Claire, WI, who are enjoying the show in the audience this evening. Your children and grandson in California miss and love you, and wish we could see the smiles on your faces this evening. Have a wonderful time at the show and dinner. All our love, Monica, Sarah, Brandon, and Gus
—Sarah Bossenbroek

To: Ralph Cook
To Ralph in Alabama from Heather- Thank you for all you taught me about living and the meaning of living when I was very young. I will never forget you.
—Heather Mcginnis

To: Matt Mattson
Hey Matt- Hows the weather in Missoula? Remember, no matter what you do, dont eat the wax.
—Michael Sande

To: Garrison
Thank you for your celebration of Obama's inauguration in sharing your experience of being there and in song. I sat, listened and smiled. It was "hope" concretized and revalidated again, as people, programs (Echoes' tribute), poets et. al. share their joy and relief in a change to positive leadership.
—Martha Ann Sims

January 24, 2009

To: Dad
Even though you are really old, your still pretty darn cool. hope the really old part didn't put too much of a damper on your day!
—Philip Baldner

To: B
FOR JANUARY 31 SHOW PLEASE: Blue Eyes sends birthday greetings to B in Bloomington. You're looking good as you begin your journey into midlife!
—Blue Eyes

To: Stephanie
Thanks for the wonderful time today. I look forword to a lifetime of happiness with you.
—Don Bowers

To: Chuck & Carol Morello
Hi Chuck and Carol, sorry we missed you at Christmas. We're thinking you might be at the Duluth show, but in any case, hope you're doing well. Willkie & Sharon
—Sharon Hamersley

To: Ed Hofstrand & the NICU staff at St.Mary's Hospital in Duluth
Thank you for getting our daughter Mia from the Minnesota wilderness, flying her to St.Mary's in Duluth, and keeping her safe. 3 years later she is now as strong as an ox and beating up the boys here in Connecticut
—Jens Haulund

To: Charlie & Judy Eggers
Happy 75th wedding anniversary to Charlie & Judy Eggers in Tucson, AZ. We only have 72 more years, 3 children, 6 grandchildren & 8 great-grandchildren to go before we catch-up to you! Love, Jeff & Aimee in 75 degree colder Duluth
—Jeff & Aimee Van Straaten

To: Cheryl Newman
Healing greetings to Cheryl as she listens from her hospital bed in the Twin Cities. We love you.
—Michelle and Scott Schachte

To: Dan McKay IV
You might be the fourth Daniel Everett McKay in History, but you are the first in my heart. Happy Birthday. Love, Linda
—Linda Dreilinger

January 23, 2009

To: Margaret
Thank you for marrying me 24 years ago. We're finally back in Wisconsin. Perhaps when Kelly graduates from pharmacy school I'll be able to afford to take you out on another date.
—Keith Fine

To: Sophie & Gabriel
Hello from your teacher Mrs. Manninen who is in the audience tonight from Buffalo, MN.
—Colleen Manninen

To: Friends and Family back easy
We're surviving our first winter in Duluth. Visit today and we'll invite you back in July.
—Jane and Ray Gamache

To: Reuben
You always wanted to hear your name on the radio, so cross your fingers Mr. Keillor says it! Love you!
—Michelle Bernard

To: Grandpa Peter & Nana Janet
Thank you for visiting me in Cincinnati and I can't wait to see you Easter weekend. Enjoy the show! Love, Zachary, you're 11-day-old grandson
—Dawn Hayden

To: Greg Reichenbach
Congratulations on listening to your first Prarie Home Companion show! I'm sure after today you'll be hooked like the rest of us.
—Jeff Frieburg

January 22, 2009

To: My brother Justus Fetscher
I would like to send greetings from Berlin to my brother Justus who has just left Berlin to teach at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee for one term. He is a wonderful scholar and teacher of literature! Stay warm and happy, brother! Much love from Caroline
—Caroline Fetscher

To: dain hanson
mom and dad want to congratulate dain on successfully completing your first semester at UMD. Lets hope the check doesn't bounce for the second one.
—terry hanson

To: Patrick Vane
Happy Birthday to you! May you have the best birthday and happy wishes in this blessed year to come. To my best friend and with all my heart Abrazos!
—Erin Bogdanski

January 21, 2009

To: Marie
Dear Marie, Thank you for our first seven wonderful years together. I knew you meant those vows when you agreed to follow me to Duluth.
—Patrick Garmoe

January 20, 2009

To: Marge Swenson
Welcome home to our Grove City,Mn Darlin, Mimi, from the far away visit with our dear brother Ed in Abu Dabi!
—Anne Ringer

January 18, 2009

To: Alan Simpson
Happy 50th Birthday Dad, we wish we could all be in Ft. McMurray ,AB with you. Love, your five above average children.
—Amy DeReyes

January 17, 2009

To: Susan Simpson
Happy 60th Birthday! Sending lots of frost-bitten hugs and kisses your way. Please thaw and return at your earliest convenience.
—Lisa, Tim & Lily Simpson-Lacey

To: ron gardner
honey it's been a long road for us with alot of forks and still, we know that being together keeps us on the true path of life, love you, me
—missy gardner

January 16, 2009

To: Ann, D.Q., Marcie & Laurel
We wish you were at the show with us, but now that you've gotten your shout-out on public radio, go get a good night's sleep for your trip to DC! Leave tracks and make a joyful noise from us.
—Sarah & Kevin Causey

To: Bob Donald
Best wishes to you and Barb on your new life together. Martha and Terry
—Terrence L McCoy

To: Tom
Tom. I hope you and the Kentucky Standard gang are having fun. I am listening and trying to keep warm. No I did not send the cold weather! Hope you love the show live. I am jealous!
—Carolyn Lighthart

To: Jenny
Dear Mr. Keillor, I'd like to send a very Happy 35th Birthday wish to my beautiful wife. Happy birthday Jenny! Yours Forever and Always, Scott
—Scott Cole

To: Mike Reed
Happy 70th Birthday on January 16 to my husband Mike in Lake Odessa, Michigan, where it's almost as cold as Minnesota. Love - Marilyn
—Marilyn Reed

January 15, 2009

To: Ben
You are amazing, Thank you to the man who has stood by me no matter what medications the doctors prescribe.
—Whitney Hayes

To: Phillip Stith
Happy 26th birthday, husband! Thanks for getting me hooked on NPR, rhubarb pie, and Garrison Keillor, who helped turn me into a tree-hugging liberal.
—Megan Stith

To: Nancy & Joe
We would like to wish a very happy 39th wedding anniversary for Saturday, January 17th to our mom & dad (aka Bammy & Pap)! Hope you are enjoying the show at the Palace! We love you! Jennifer, Mike, Carly, Jake and Matthew
—Jennifer Parker

To: Tracy
Happy Birthday to you in Alaska from us in lovely California. I miss Minnesota like mad though in January that makes no sense. Thanks so for my Christmakkah presents of books and film -- You Always know the Perfect Things. Come down anytime to slip the cold and nap in the hammock. Love, Campbell and Sebastian
—Campbell Forrester

January 14, 2009

To: Stephanie
Now that we are engaged, why don't we just skip the wedding and go on the honeymoon? All my love!
—Jason Schenck

To: Pastor LeRoy Martin
Congratulations on your retirement after 40 years of potluck dinners. Remember, retired Lutheran Pastors may stop writing sermons but they never stop recycling old ones.
—Jim and Judy Pankow

To: Becky Adams
Happy 26th birthday from the one who bore you! It seems like yesterday when I first saw your beautiful face. A miracle after knowing what your Dad's face and my own look like. May your life be as happy as yours have made mine.
—Sandy Adams

January 13, 2009

To: Tommy and Patty Case
To Tommy and Patty Case, the best parents in the 5th row and world! Hope you are enjoying your 40th wedding anniversary gift. Thank you for your constant love and support. From your kids, but more importantly, the adoring grandchildren!!
—Julie,Dock, Allen and Ashley The Steffeys and Cases

To: GF
Happy 50th birthday to my "Raoul". Come "lead me out onto a dance floor with a prom ball sparkling" like the hidden stars above. (Thank you for PONTOON, Mr. Keillor)
—Evelyn Charles

January 12, 2009

To: Nikholia [nick-o-lie]
Happy yule and new year!!!
—Vyktorya Gattis

January 11, 2009

To: The Purls
Greetings to the Purls! May we continue to knit & purl while solving all the problems of the world. The 4 of us are elated with the election of Barrack Obama.
—Joanne Wallace

To: Sue in California and Linda in Maine
I'm in the audience and Garrison's much better looking in person than on the radio!
—Judy Dickson

January 9, 2009

To: Joan and Lynn Gilbertson
To Mom and Dad, Wow! 50 years of wedded bliss on the banks of Powderhorn Park. Don't know how you did it but are glad that you did. Amazed, Nancy, Dillon and Luci
—Nancy Dillon and Luci Gilbertson

To: Norm Smith
Congratulations on your retirement. We will miss you in the office. Best of luck and thanks for making our time here at work more enjoyable.
—Tom McCoy

January 8, 2009

To: Bish & Fran Krywko
Hello and happy new year. Hope the snows not too deep. From all the Shorland clan in Bristol England
—David Shorland

January 4, 2009

To: Jean & Reuben
Happy Birthday to my parents in Indiana. If you keep buying cornmeal, I'll keep baking cornbread when I visit.
—Nathan Peterson

To: Garrison Kellor
Thank you for cheering me & making me laugh Sat afternoons when I'm driving a cab in Tucson--a job not always pleasant. You're greatly appreciated!
—Cherish Aslaneh

January 3, 2009

To: Wolf Junghanns (Berlin)
Happy Birthday today in California Wolf!! Hope you get a chance to listen 'live' to the show now that you are there, as opposed to the European 'archive' listening that we are forced to. Wishing you a good year from overseas!
—Barbara Kieft (Amsterdam)

January 2, 2009

To: grandma and Bapo
Welcome back stateside. We hope you enjoyed New Years in Rome with the Manfredis, and were able to not see ALL the sites, again, in just one week. We always miss you more when you are farther away.
—willa, camilla, fiona and rennie Worsfold

January 1, 2009

To: Mumsie
Thanks for the New Years send-off ~ I'm back in the frozen last frontier of Fairbanks, Alaska, where it is ONLY minus-30 today. What were you worried about?
—Lisa Scerbak

To: Garrison Himself!
I wanted to thank him for a moment. I was at a Copenhagen restaurant, sitting alone at Christmas time, having lain my mother's tombstone at Holmen's Kirkegard on 12/22/08. I was reading a British newspaper and in it, Garrison mentioned his fond memories of Copenhagen at Christmas. I certainly didn't expect that! But it made me stop and appreciate that alone or no, I was in the palm of contented happiness and holiday cheer, right then, right at that moment and I thank our friend for snapping me out of a blue moment or two! Vike (My blog of the trip for any Copenhagen afficiandos or fans or the Curious)
—Vike Savoth

December 30, 2008

To: Bruce & Marilyn
We've returned to our home in the Nevada desert from spending Christmas in the Kauai tropics in Hawaii. Still waiting to here from Garrison if there will be a PHC British Isles cruise next summer. Have you heard any news?
—David & Carol Peace

December 27, 2008

To: Jamie-Sue Street
Hello to my Tropical Island Dream Girl. Wish me luck interviewing with Pueblo Community; someones gotta teach them how to fight fire! Be mine in '09!!! Wolf Pack.
—Vincent Cornish

To: Dad, Mom, Becky
I'm having fun in London with the band. I'll be back soon to help milk cows.
—Paul Ziemer

To: Sharon and Andrew Cannistra
Happy 73rd Anniversary to Sharon and Andrew Cannistra from Jeremy. You now have no teeth, but plenty of love to make up for it.
—Remy Green

To: Dad and Jude
Please have chocolate chip cookies ready tomorrow when I arrive in Northern Vermont at your doorstep. Love Deb
—Deb Graves

To: My Dear Wife Nancy
Rumors of my Illinois Senate appointment have been grossly over exaggerated.
—Lauren Reece

To: My Wife Margaret and Duaghters katie and Melissa
Love to you all in Austin, Texas, from Dad in New York. Sorry you couldn't be here. You know it really not that cold here.
—Vincent O'Sullivan

To: Jennifer Crawford
Jennifer, I'm so in love with you and can't wait until our wedding day. Love you always! -Tom
—Thomas Fone

To: The Revenaugh Bocharts All
Hello to all at 39 mile Haines Hwy. This is just like leaving a Listener Personal @ KHNS.Remember to get the eggs in before they freeze and know we'd all be here together in NY today if possible.
—Adrian Revenaugh

To: Sabrina
Hi Sweetie, Keep an eye on Nanna and Grandpa for us. Hopefully the prunes have done the trick. A house clearing diaper change should add some festive spirit.
—Gil and Kate McManus

To: Thea Detta
Merry Christmas Thea Detta! Isnt radio marvelous!?
—Fotini Strakaris

To: Beverly & Sy (Mom & Dad)
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary - Dec. 27th!!! I know that celebrating it with Garrison at the Town Hall is a welcome surprise! Mazal Tov! Love, Eric.
—Eric Lazar

December 25, 2008

To: matt hahn
happy 32nd birhtday sweetheart.(Dec. 27) I know you'd like to be at the show more than anything, but I hope this will do for now.
—alicia clarke

December 24, 2008

To: Bob & BettyJo Hagman
To Mom and Dad on Bear Paw Road Wishing you a Happy 45th Anniversary Love - Mark & Sandra
—Sandra Nunnally

December 23, 2008

To: Andy Crowley
Merry Christmas and all our love to Dad! Hope you enjoyed the seats...sorry we didn't spring for the hammer. Maybe next year. By the way, after the show, can we get a ride home to Philly?
—marilyn and andy crowley

To: Brian
It's a bummer when you have to share your birthday with your twin AND with baby Jesus - I'll try to make the day special for you this year.
—Gayle Lazoration

To: Alison Vermee
Carol & William from Much Wenlock in Shropshire, UK will be in the audience on the 27th and send their best wishes to Alison Vermee back home who’s a huge fan and would love to be there too.
—William Shimmin

December 22, 2008

To: Leonard Maxwell
Happy 90th Birthday, Dad!
—Melinda Maxwell

To: Irene/MOM
I will be at the show on 12/27!! What a better place to be than back in my hometown of Manhattan to celebrate Christmas at PHC with my Mom! Holiday greetings to my old neighbors of Yorkville, and those back in Maine! Love you all....LET'S GO RANGERS!
—Tommy Gallagher

To: Jack Edwards
Honey, it's a good thing you're a nurse, You almost went into cardiac arrest when I told you we were coming here on our first date. Your laughter stole my heart that night. Happy 1st Anniversary - 1 down...100 to go.
—Robin Costello

To: Jan, Beth and Patrick
December 27th please... Hope you are enjoying the show! Happy New Year!
—Jim and Sandy Lynch

To: Corey Emery
Happy 11th Birthday to Corey from your Mom & Dad. We hope you are enjoying your gift and after the show you can treat us to dinner for a change. Love, Mom & Dad
—Denise Emery

To: Joanna
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my beautiful wife of 38 years. I have learned that the key to a successful marriage is finding a companion with infinite patience and forbearance.
—Joel Simon

December 21, 2008

To: Amanda and Dan
You little tricksters, sneaking off to Las Vegas and getting married. You won't get away with it, tho, we'll have a big party for you at home when the lilacs are blooming.
—Nancy Carson

To: Jordi Capestany
Your mother and I can't believe this first year has gone by so quickly. We love you more than words can ever express. Of course, we reserve the right to revisit that so think twice about those terrible twos.
—Roger Capestany

December 20, 2008

To: Cornell
Sorry for making you miss the show on 12/6 at Town Hall because I thought it started at 8. Your formerly-favorite sister-in-law.
—Teresa Leung

To: Mary Davis
Mr. keillor- I am sorry this is coming in so late, but I am stationed in Korea and wanted to wish everyone back in the states a happy holidays, especially my mom in Joplin, MO. and friends back at Ft. Drum, NY. I miss home and cannot wait to get back. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
—Charles Davis

To: Tom
Tom A lot of people were amused to see a hot air ballon flying over Sioux Falls, SD yesterday in the 18 degree temperatures on the eve of a blizzard. It's a typical snow blizzard that were getting today, you know, those with the negative temperatures and the 40mph wind. You'll be happy to know there is plenty of snow for skiing when you get here and that our cousins from Springfield, MN will be here for Christmas Day.
—Mark Schroeder

To: Margaret
There's nothing you can't lick. Wishing you a speedy recovery from Kate, Eemit and the Chelebi girls.
—Kate Gyllenhaal

To: Dad, Susan & the Butlers
Sorry I missed the wine tasting. Spit out that old rot-gut because in a few weeks I'll bring bubbly & we'll finally have something to celebrate on January 20th.
—jamey allen

To: Ben
Congratulations on the straight A's you earned on your 1st Semester in East Brunswick, NJ High School, I know you wanted to see Bon Jovi but this show was all I could get tickets for, Thanks for coming with me, Love dad
—Mark Coller

To: Dao and Mary
Glad you made it home after your Peace Corps adventures. Sharing two years with you guys in Peace Corps Macedonia was fantastic. I will keep the light on in case you find your way back here before May. See you in the States next year.
—PC Patrice

To: James Ryan
Happy 30th Birthday Jimmy!
—Laura Reilly

To: The Bearse Family
Ever so thankful to be here at the Show after our 7 1/2 hr. drive down from Cape Cod in the "Minnesota-like" snowstorm yesterday. Great driving, Scott! Maxwell and Simon you are the best. Hello to dogs and cats at home, stay warm. Happy Holidays to all!
—Carrie Bearse

December 19, 2008

To: Vivian and Dad
A Very Merry Christmas to my lively sister Vivian and my festive Dad. Vivian - You'll get that solo, I promise. Dad - Have a jelly baby. Merry Christmas.
—Esme Cribb

To: Pop and Momma D,
Home now from The Citadel and ready to get the Christmas cheer in action. Dad the H. Upmann cigars will be burning and Mom no smoke your way but I'll send an egg nog lickety-split! Much love your son!!
—Joshua Call

To: Peter lonsdale
dad, Great to have you here from England for Christmas and your 81st
—Richard Lonsdale

To: julian
thanks for finding & loving me! although I made it easy for you by putting that sign on my back. I love you pin head
—louise st.laurent

December 18, 2008

To: edwin martin
I think one day of the we're the same age, on his Birthday thats today..... I was born two months before him on the same day...Ive Been wishing him Happy Birthday for 62 years...This year we celebrate our 80th....
—jane ann martin

To: Teeny and Don Kuhn
Dear Mom and Dad, Three years ago we tried to get you tickets for your 50th with no luck. So happy 19,338th day of marital harmony. We love you, Sarah and Margaret
—Margaret Kuhn

To: Joe Risser
To my wonderful husband, Congratulations on your retirement. Here's to more time for Jeeping, fishing, the farm and us. Your love since '65,
—Carol Christen

To: Brian Ruse
Merry Christmas! I love you.
—Ashley Zari

December 17, 2008

To: George
Seeing PHC at The Town Hall in New York City, you say? I like how you roll.
—Maureen N.

December 16, 2008

To: Jamie
Your mom and I were so touched you took the time to order these tickets while you were in China......only to discover that you and your brothers had also planned a welcome home party for tonight with 100 of your closest our house......oh well, we love you all anyway, Mom & Dad
—Tom Schellens

To: Tony
Happy 27th Birthday to my dear husband! The perfect present will be listening to the show together with our new little baby in our arms! I love you with all my heart.
—Andrea Leigl

December 15, 2008

To: Sue
Sue - Thank you for being my wife all these years - your wonderful and make me feel wonderful too! Dave
—David Sperstad

To: Diane Lindberg
Mahalo Diane for coming from Hawaii to the show in NYC. Glad we could take the midwesterners out. Sorry we haven't served you jello salad.
—Abby Hoffman

To: Bronwen
Bronwen, Congratualations on finally getting your Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree. You've proven that you're nevert too old to learn new tricks! Love, Kevin, Lynn and Caitlin
—Kevin, Caitlin & Lynn O'Connell

To: Liz
Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Eve from your friends in Portland, OR! We all still miss you terribly and hope you're keeping warm in Wisconsin.
—Erika Schneider

December 14, 2008

To: Charlie
To be read on Friday, 12/19 if possible: Dear Charlie - There is no one with whom I would rather shlep to see A Prairie Home Companion every December than you - Happy Birthday to my Brooklyn Home Companion! Much love -Didi
—Didi Lacher

To: Dad
I'm sorry I backed into your car the other day. I guess I can't use the excuse of a deer running behind me, and needing to hit your car instead since hunting season is over. Let's hope the repair center is offering a 2 for 1 holiday special.
—Katie K

To: Tom
2010 will be the really big one Tom...Happy 69th on Jan.7 2009- from your partner for life-your wife.
—Phylis Abate

December 13, 2008

To: Charley Costanzo
Hiya Daddy! Merry Christmas! I hope you are enjoying seeing the Prairie Home Companion LIVE this year... I knew it would be fantastic! Mr. Keillor, your show is MAGICAL!
—Gina Costanzo

To: Alan Sims
Happy 51th Birthday to the love of my life. I miss our time together, but wish you well. Thanks for the memories!
—Sandy Adams

December 12, 2008

To: Chip and Lisa
Mom and Dad I love you very much. Exams are almost over and I’m not in Iraq this year…will be home soon to celebrate. No blue blue Christmas this year!!
—Joshua Call

To: Dad
Dad- I love the way you live and I love the way I live when I'm with you! P.S. Thanks for New York!
—Leslie Reese

To: Robert Bryan
Congratulations--50 years of down-east Maine humor--to my father, co-creator of Bert and I with storytelling partner Marshall Dodge. Good luck with the Anniversary Show in Freeport. Turns out you CAN get there from here.
—Sandy Bryan Weatherall

To: Paige Phoebe&William
Dont eat all the pepperkakor and keep the cat out of the fish tank, we'll see you tomorrow Love, Mom& Dad
—Martha Hannan

To: Shea
Let's get engaged for Christmas. How many kids do we have to have before you are convinced of my devotion? Love, Porkchop
—Kelly Solon

To: mom in calif
greating from AK, i said the barn was your to stay in but due to the flack. i am calling it a manger, and if it was good enough for jesus well it's good enough for you , cant wait till you get up here, oh i bought a calf to keep you warm, it is winter, and a used dog team to get you around love always your caring son ,,,
—richard dusenbury

December 11, 2008

To: Tyler
Shave off your Hugh Jackman sideburns and get your suit dry-cleaned, we have backstage passes to meet Mr.Keillor on Tuesday in Detroit!
—Gayle Lazoration

December 10, 2008

To: St Timothy's Episcopal Church of Fairfield, Connecticut
Happy 40th Anniversary and Congratulations to the winners of the Silent Auction prize tickets to A Prarie Home Companion: Claire and Richard Van de Berghe
—Ron & Nancy Lowe

To: Doerfler
Merry Christmas to all our friends in Codell, Kansas. We so enjoyed our visit with them in October and our visit to the PHC Show on 10th October. Worth coming all the way from Scotland to see!
—Margaret Wilson

To: Charlie
How were we to know the priest was fake? I'd marry you again anyway.
—Megan Ferguson-Koci

To: Jamie
It took 23 years, but we finally put that childish divorce behind us. Thank you for marrying me - again.
—Dean Murray

December 9, 2008

To: Wayne and Irv
Happy 65th birthdays to Wayne and Irv from their wives Gloria and Nancy. Attending this show is a present we know you will enjoy.
—Gloria Antworth

December 8, 2008

To: Sheila
Hi Sheila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a peaceful, happy, and healthy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also wish all of you a peaceful, happy, healthy Holiday, may your home be filled with lots of love, laughter, and food!!!!!!!! Matt, I love you!!!!!! Be good, and I hope that you remember your longjohns because I heard that it's a bit nippy to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Pauline Rothstein

To: Karin Jones
Greetings to Mrs. Jones' 4th graders at Gaines Academy in Fort Pierce Florida from your pen pals in Mr. Horning's multi-age class at Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City Michigan. The students received your lovely letters from Florida and working diligently to get back to you before the holiday break. The writing keeps our fingers warm in this frosty weather up north! Please send us some warmth from the Sunshine State and perhaps we can get you some cherries to you from the cherry capital in exchange! See you at Christmas Mrs. Jones along with Mr. Jones, Love your Brother Mr. Horning.
—Reggie Horning

December 7, 2008

Lots of love to you and your parents (our daughter-in-law Kina and son Gaurav). It is your first birthday-January 8th. God bless our Aani-Rani.
—Rohini Rekha and Gajendra Khatri

To: Cathy Cornell & Paul Knitter
Thanks for hanging in there with me Mom and Dad. After 10 years, I have my diploma. I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate. I love you both!
—Moira Knitter

December 6, 2008

To: Eric Baumel
My dearest Eric, Our 25th Anniversary is coming up on December 18th and I want you to know that there's no one else that I'd rather share my powdermilk biscuits with. You are my life, my love and my soulmate. I look forward to the next 25 years with great joy, affection and, of course, ketchup. Your one and only, Lori
—Lori Baumel

To: Mom and Dad
Hope you are keeping warm in Chicago and I can't wait to come home for Christmas. By then I will have turned 24! I miss you!
—Zoe Berman

To: Luther College
Congratulations to everyone involved with Christmas at Luther! The last 4 performances have been a blast, so let's make the last two count! Big thanks to TPT from the Twin Cities for recording us in HD! :) Remember, my fellow choristers, animation is the shiz!
—Laura D.

To: To my husband Jimmy
Happy Anniversary the Heidi and Jimmy Olson as they celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary this past Thanksgiving holiday on Nov 26th. For their anniversay they are traveling to Northfield, Minnesota to attend the St Olaf Christmas concert. After the concert they will be staying with dear friends...Rick and Donna Jackson. The Jackson's were the first friends, at that time from Avalanche near Westby, WI, that Jim and Heidi told of their engagement. Rick's response was..."I hope your marriage lasts as long as mine seems." Well Rick it has lasted...25 years...and they still have some catching up to reach 35 plus years.
—Heidi Olson

To: Colin and Sue
To Colin and Sue, We're so impressed you're going to see A Prairie Home Companion in New York. You have good taste, too bad you weren't born in Minnesota. Love, George and April
—George and April Arndt

To: Maureen and Dennis
Hi Mom and Dad, your 3 sons hope you're having a great time in the city. We'd also like to remind you that your cell phone will receive more calls if it's turned on. Love, Jim, Pat, and Sean
—Patrick Murray

December 5, 2008

To: Mario Abalos
Merry Christmas my love, and a Happy New Year, Do the right thing and start the new with ME!
—Tammy Grant

To: Erick
Happy Birthday. Have fun seeing GK and do well on the math test tomorrow. We have snow for you in MN. Mom and Dad
—barbara kaiser

December 4, 2008

To: Kyra
Glad our New York Christmas traditions checklist lives on! The ring is coming one of these days but you will always be my squirrelfriend.
—Ken Goss

December 3, 2008

To: Patty
Maybe seeing PHC in person will finally cause you to catch the bug that bit me years ago. Hope he does a good job tonight. I'll still love you either way.
—Steve G

To: Everyone
Just mentioning the passing of a great musical legend, responsible for inspiring many artists, good friend to PHC - the great Odetta; she will be missed.
—Melissa Schafer

To: Susan Rodgers
We love you so much Just had to convey Our love for you in These words that we say: Happy Birthday Mom. We love you! love, Buddy and Rose
—Rose Rodgers

To: my dad, Bud Mallett
wishing my dad Happy 86th this December. He died this summer, but he always wanted to hear his birthday announced on this show...sorry its late...your everloving daughter, Suz
—Susan Rodgers

To: Patricia S. L. Fung
-Patty- You made it to your 21 Birthday and you have not yet heard Prairie Home Show. Well may be this can get your attention at last. I hope you like it. - MOM -
—Sandy Fung

December 2, 2008

To: Grandma Toots
Grandma Toots Hey Grandma! Hope your enjoying holidays and I'm also wondering when will you find that sugar daddy. Because I saw cute man at the grocery store and he was right in front of me. Alone. —Celia Knieff
—Celia Knieff

To: Scott Tettau
Hope you had a great birthday, Scott. Best wishes to you and Megan.
—Adam Peterson

To: Margaret Vegge
Congratulations, Aunt Margaret, on 60 years of operating Renfro Variety on Main Street Luverne (aka, Lake Woebegone) Mn. At 93 years of age, you still run circles around people younger than you and add spice and charm to main street. From the Ames, Iowa, Kansas City, and Utah Vegges.
—Daryle Vegge

December 1, 2008

To: Jean and Jim Gilroy
Happy anniversiry, may the next 26 years be as good as the last!
—Tom, Chloe, Owen, Laura, Dan Gilroy

To: Norma "Maw" Heath
Congratulations on turning 30 for the 42nd time maw. the great-grandkids say "Hoppy birf-tay maw".
—James A. Heath

To: Nik and Xanthe Charov
Hello to the parents of young Huckleberry, home with his Babuelita. She hopes to "light out for the territories" with Huck now that you're out of the way.
—Helen Charov

To: Babuelita
We're going out to dinner after the show, but if you and Huckleberry aren't home when we get back, we're putting out an A-P-B on his B-A-B-A!
—Nik and Xanthe Charov

November 30, 2008

To: John & Elda Vig
Happy 60th Anniversary Mom & Dad in Veblen South Dakota,Love from your kids, Darrell, Jeff, Cheryl, Dennis, Sandra, & John.
—sandra danaher

To: Robert Sea
Thanks for the invitation. (If you continue being nice to me, I won't tell about the candy you took. The minute you stop, I'm telling.)
—Sabrina Allgow

To: gk
hi gk i just turn the radio on and i heard your show. what a nice change. i will be here for now makes me think of the good times when all we had was radio.keep it going thank you doug
— cullum

To: Generous
Hello to everybody out there driving around with your "check engine" light on. Don't get out of your car on the highway to check your engine, just yet. The light is on because Public Radio is still waiting for you to send in the pledge you promised during our last fund drive. Remember? If you don't send in that pledge soon, the check engine light turns into a "Destruct Engine" light, and there you'll be. Where ever you are. We know you're out there waiting for us to feed your car the proper engine light shut off code, but we won't. Not with out that pledge. So, please, keep in touch. And, furthermore, I don't know if the engine light stays on after you close the hood. I never had a chance to look. What do I have? X-ray vision?
—Gregory Yaroch

November 29, 2008

To: Ken & Mary
It's great to have a part of Minnesota here in Cincinnati tonight. Some day we'll return to our home of Minnesota. Someday...
—George Arndt

To: margaret and abby watson
Thanks for helping my daughter pack for her move
—mary mccarthy

To: Dave & Ellen
Thanks for going to the show this week! Maybe later we can make some rhubarb pie! Also hi to Dave, Dave, Dave and my family!
—Joe Herbers

To: Kathleen and Donald
Thanksgiving was great. Do not worry about the economy, I will be okay if you have to move in with my brother Nathan.
—Justin Wilkey

To: Justin
I'm so happy to be here watching the show with you in Cincinnati's MUSIC HALL, the same spot where we had our first date over seven years ago. May we not be the only folks in the room under 60 years old this time...
—Jenn Wilkey

To: Jody Bevilaqua
Hello to Jody the love of my life I love you forever I follow where ever but was there a clause about the Netherlands?
—Terry Bevilaqua

November 28, 2008

To: Mama Llama
First, a Tongan priest house guest for six weeks, then exploding gravy on Thanksgiving...ain't life interesting?
—The Family Graham

To: Dr. Jim McMullen
Happy Birthday! We also hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving tradition of tryptophan and a roaring fireplace putting everyone to sleep. We love you! Doug, Melinda & Amy
—Doug Tilton

To: Forest
Forest, congratulations on your law school graduation! We know you still have to wait on your last exam grades, but we all bet you did just fine, and you'll do the same on the bar too. And don't worry too much, you can always have a job here at the farm mucking out stalls and riding the horses! Love Mom, Pat, and everyone at New Boston Farm
—Paula Jean O'Neill

November 27, 2008

To: Joe, Ginny, Shirley, Patty
Joe, don't tilt at too many windmills while I'm gone. Please leave some leftover turkey so I can make sandwiches. Make sure the girls get their homework done. I'm enjoying Cincy. Patty, I'll tell Monkey that you said "hi". I'll be home before you know it. I love you all, Momma.
—Sarah Rogers

November 26, 2008

To: Roger in Ohio
Hey Honey I love Bizquick pancakes. Come on over and ya some! Love Babs in Indiana
—Barbie Secaur

November 25, 2008

To: mark phillips
To my father, Happy birthday. Is the gray in your hair supposed to be a fashion statement?
—Matt Phillips

To: Nisha
I can't wait to share the unconditional love you shower on this big kid with the daughter who will join us in a few days. Just try to make her to stay put until the show's over, ok? Love always.
—Justin Sipes


To: Richard Crighton
Finally, after years and years of listening to our friends on Prairie Home Companion we are finally here... LIVE!!! It's the icing on the cake to a perfect evening with you! Happy 60th, Daddy! I love you!!
—Amanda Crighton

November 24, 2008

To: Amy Dixon
To my long distance love, it was a wonderful treat spending thanksgiving with you - even if you are a vegan. Hang on, were almost done with the semester.
—Michael Seay

To: Ian Rankine
Happy 60th and best wishes for another wonderful sixty.
—Sue Jensen

To: Stu
Being your age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative- happy belated birthday!
—Clara Blair

To: Dean
Hope that your turkey was good, this turkey is missing you. Love, Nancy your wife
—Nancy West

To: Amy& Heather
Dear Amy, warmest congratulations on the birth of your baby this week! Heather D., we are very much looking forward to baby Alayna's arrival in December! -Travis & Company
—Elizabeth Wilson

To: Tony (soon-to-be father!)
Thank you for loving me even though I am Lutheran! You are a wonderful person and the best husband any woman could ever ask for!
—Andrea Leigl

November 23, 2008

To: Ernie Ciambarella
Hi Mom and Dad from your son Chris in Taiwan. Since I'm 13 hours ahead here just wanted to tell you don't worry. I already listened to tonight's show and this greeting is read on the air.
—Chris Ciambarella

To: Paul
I am very proud of your hard work in starting your own business. I knew you could do it! You are the best son in the world. I love you.
—Patty Lore

To: Lynne and Allan Roney
Happy 40th anniversary to Lynne and Allan Roney of Clayton, Missouri from your loving family.
—Elizabeth Christmas

To: Brother John
Birthday greetings to Brother John. Born on Dec 2, 1962 at home in Finlayson, MN. Mom came in from milking cows thinking she would wait to go to the hospital after the other 6 kids were safely in bed, but in the middle of eating the squash, she put down her plate and began dressing in her green maternity top and skirt and as the oldest (12), I was helping her fasten the garters on her stockings!! After we got one on, she ran to the bathroom (her water broke) and then to the bedroom to quickly deliver her seventh child. In addition to delivering the baby and cutting the umbilical cord, Dad had to light a fire in the furnace for the first time that winter. It had been 63 degrees that day which was OK for the other 6 kids, but with a new baby in the house, heat was needed. When the other 6 kids crowded around the foot of the bed to view this new arrival, we wanted to know what his name would be--Mom said "Hurry Up John". She didn't remember saying that, but you came home from being checked out at the hospital with the name, John. Happy Birthday from Sister Sue in Palo Alto, California.
—Sue Oksanen

To: Felix
Happy birthday dad! You're getting up there in years, so we made a salmon cake! Now you can celebrate and get your Omega 3's.
—Lindsey Osimiri

November 22, 2008

To: Haywood
Congratulations to you and your teammates on the Yale Women's basketball team for beating NC State in Minneapolis this morning.
—Nina Macdonald

To: Savanna
hello Raye your Daddy and brother are her live knocking this off thier bucket list.
—Spencer Ehinger

To: Wescott Tommerdahl
This shy Norwegian Lutheran (D) farmer recently awarded MN State Twnp Leader of the year traveling to Wash.DC and St Paul:remember the lefse and carving knife!
—Lois Stoutenburg

To: stephanie
Thanks for ALL that You do Garrison. Your voice is amazing and your stories unforgettable. Maybe one day I will be able to visit you all in St. Paul. No...I would rather to just listen and imagine. It's funner! Peace, #1 African American Fan
—Stephanie Watkins

To: Steve Owen
Professor Owen, Please come home right after the show, finals are in 2 weeks and I have forgotten everything. Chris
—Steve Owen

November 21, 2008

To: sister deb
good to see missouri counted the votes and decined to go with mccain two weeks after the election because you now i wont go to a blue state. ha ha yellow dog dan your brother like it or not
—dan lemke

November 20, 2008

To: Stella O'Neil
Happy Birthday...i'm still crazy (about you) after all these years!
—Dave ONeil

November 19, 2008

To: Mark Ebmeier
Love and support to my husband, who is in Dickens "A Christmas Carol" in Wakefield, Nebraska, as the Spirit of Christmas Present. We are so proud of you! With love from your supporting cast (i.e. your wife and kids).
—Monica Ebmeier

To: Deb & Tom
Congratulations on the birth of Tassie. As grandma, my job - to teach her life according to Grandmama Vicki. Your job -changing diapers.
—Vicki Anderson

To: Dave Holmquist
Happy Aniversary. I hope you are enjoying the show.
—Debbie Holmquist

To: Jeff Elseroad
Happy 60th birthday dad. With love, your kids who were forced to listen to Prairie Home Companion not once, but twice each weekend. Perhaps if you're feeling down about getting older, you might enjoy a slice of rhubarb pie...?
—Tricia Anderson

November 18, 2008

To: Dr. John Mueller
Dad, I love you and am blessed to be your child. Happy 60th birthday! May you enjoy a healthy, inspiring, wonderful future with plenty of good fishing. Love, your unique younger daughter, Mon.
—Monica Mueller

To: Tom Woodside
Happy Birthday My Dear! Thrilled that we can celebrate with a trip to the Fitz! A weekend without the kids....what WILL we do?
—Christina Woodside

November 17, 2008

To: Doug
Happy 10th anniversary. Doug, your steadfast love, rich character, and beautiful smile continue to warm my days and nights. I count you among life's great blessings. With all my love, Kris (celebrating by attending Nov. 22 performance of A Prairie Home Companion)
—Kris Black

November 16, 2008

To: Butch Wiersgalla
Wishing you confetti, paper hats and drinks with olives on your 60th birthday. So sorry that we will miss it.
—Sally and Mike Bahrke

To: Todd and Kim Guthrie
Folks...Nice to have you visit us here in old Germany. Congrads to you and darling wife Kim on 20 years of marriage....even if she is from Iowa ya know..Not sure she is really a Lutheran either...but think she is a keeper. Your buddy and old MN pal....
—Jim Tiedeman

November 15, 2008

To: Stff Sgt James A Enyart
Can you say Happy Birthday to Staff Sgt James Enyart (in yart) his birthday is on Nov 22, He is serving in the middle east. Thank you His mom Cheryl (we have listened to you for years and years.. since James was a baby)
—Cheryl Enyart

To: Nina and Chad deBoer
To the terrific "Double Dutch" team in Portland Oregon, from your loving dad and step-Mother Cindy in St Paul Minnesota. Your wedding last month was phenomenal, and it was great to be there. Wish we could be closer, but we know that you love the pacific Northwest. Congratulations on finishing up at University, and all our love and best wishes for your new life together.
—Rick van Vliet

To: ron
Thanks Ron for indulging this Finn with tales from a Norwegian. So glad you aren't a bachelor farmer. Only thing better than PHC on Saturday night is a sauna at camp. Snow will be here soon. Love Frida
—Frida waara

To: Wesley Braker
Happy 14th birthday. Can't wait to see you in Zermatt I mean Death Valley! love from your cousins in Riverside CA.
—Ben Scott

To: "Grandma Wonderful" (Lynn Palumbo)
Welcome to the Fitz in St. Paul! You are among others who truly appreciate the excellent spelling and punctuation skills of a retired English teacher!
—Deborah Schreiber

November 14, 2008

To: Paris
Paris, greetings from your 3rd grade friend Karl in Grand Rapids, MI. 3rd grade isn't the same without you. (Paris is at the show tonight with his parents)
—Karl Falb

To: Paul Schumacher
Uncle Paul – Hope today’s trip up from Tennessee has not left you too drained. Our family wishes to pass on to you and your band of brothers from the 9th Infantry Division that landed at Utah Beach, advanced across France, fought at Hurtgen Forest, and crossed the Rhine on the Ludendorff Bridge near Remagen. Our thanks and appreciation for your service. We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend in Detroit Lakes. We have a big batch of lasagna ready and a box of wine waiting for you. Steve, and Alison Schumacher family.
—Steve Schumacher

To: Ase (Ossa) Kaldestad
My dear friend Ase (pronounced Ossa) Kaldestad is celebrating her birthday by attending tonight's show (Friday the 14th). She flew all the way from Littleton, Massachusetts to see your show, with her two toddler children (ages 21 months and 3) who both have ear infections along with her 17 year old daughter/babysitter and her husband. I wish I had her courage! She may not be my brightest friend, but she sure is courageous! Happy 29th Birthday Ase!! much love, Alex
—Alex Gonzalez

November 13, 2008

To: Alice Zimmer
Mom - Happy 75th birthday! From your kids, grand kids and great-grandchild. You are our role model and chief cook. We haven't had a good meal since you left for AZ! Love you!
—Karen Cobb

November 12, 2008

To: Paul and Pauline Callahan
It was fifty years ago tonight back in Albert Lea, MN when you looked each other in the eye and said "I do." Congratulations from your family. What a beautiful, beautiful life! (They will be in your audience on Saturday. And they LOVE your show.)
—Matt and Teresa Callahan

To: Margaret Bubolz
Margaret Bubolz, from a Finnish family,in New York Mills, MN, married a German Lutheran minister, at 83 years old, is a faithful listener!
—Diana Eicher

To: Tom
Happy Birthday wishes from your loving wife Kim and all our children. You light up our lives and our hearts.
—Kim Fuller

November 11, 2008

To: max
Nice to be on the same side of the country as you - happy birthday little brother.
—alexis breiteneicher

To: Kate, Monica, and Mary
(For 11/15 show) Hi Grad School Girls! I think PHC is the perfect remedy for senioritis. We're almost done! Yours in theology, Kelli
—Kelli Kester

November 10, 2008

To: Michelle
Mom and I will be waiting for you in the recovery room. Continue being strong! Wow, just think no text messaging for a day.
—Gary Johnson

November 9, 2008

To: Jan Burmeister
Congratulations to you on your 40th anniversary next June in Castle Rock. Colorado. May the next forty years be even better!
—Glen Burmeister

November 8, 2008

To: Grandpa Jack
Happy 78th Birthday, from your 18 grandchildren. We hope you enjoy the show. Next time, bring us with you!
—Sheila Delaney Moroney

To: Mr. Garrison Keillor
Hi, Thank you for your wonderful show of Nov. 8,2008. We are so proud of you. Thanks again.
—Abeba Lemma

To: Kristine Petersen
Kristine, I love you and I hope you're having an amazing birthday!
—Drew Knoten

To: Emily Moschini
To our Prairie Home loving daughter Emily Grazia - Happy 21st Birthday beautiful! Mom and Dad
—Bronwyn Frame

To: Tom
Nov 15, 2008. Greetings to Silver Gate Group and HEC/West, 10 of you here this evening at the Fitzgerald Theater!
—Tom Colthurst

To: Diane
Happy Birthday to Diane in Pacific Grove from her family—daughter Kate, son, Ben, husband Dave, even they don't know it!
—Diane Driver

To: Mom and Dad
Happy 40th anniversary! Hope you had a great evening in the vast metropolis of St. Paul. Thanks for everything you've done for us. We love you! Sincerely, The Ingrates
—Amy and Joel Rhoades and Breed

To: teddy
How special to celebrate your 21rst birthday by coming from Baltimore so that we can see the show live in St Paul...And don't worry about not wanting to be a dentist; with your radio experience in college, maybe you can gat a job in Public Radio!
—rob minch

November 7, 2008

To: Mama Jean
Happy Birthday from your wandering daughter in England. Thanks to the time difference, I have an extra half a day to remember its your birthday! Lots of Love.
—Laura Vick

November 6, 2008

To: Yvonne Erlichman
Wishing you a happiest of birthdays!
—David Erlichman

To: Nicole
Frank Nelson is ecstatic Nicole Sime accepted his marriage proposal; if she didn't, there's an open seat in Box R.
—Frank Nelson

November 5, 2008

To: August Wiggans & Wanda Mae Turner
Congratulations on finishing the 2008 corn harvest to my 84yr old parents! You know, with GPS, the combine now steers itself. How hard is that?
—Bruce & Lisa Turner

To: Dan
I want to wish my husband a happy third wedding anniversary--we've shared 15 wonderful years together, never a dull moment!! He is a Hero to our children & a Hero to me. Our lives are better, because of his love & Support. Jackson & Salem are his biggest fans!
—Kim Burt

To: Rhonda
After a 37 year campaign since our first date this weekend, Rhonda you’ll always get my vote, no recount needed. With Love, Andy
—Andy Peterson

To: Mom & Dad
Glad you made it back from the middle east OK, but thanks for letting us know where the will was all the same.
—Shannon Dobbins

To: Bruce and Marilyn
Departing Las Vegas tomorrow to be with you guys Sat. at the Fitz, main floor center, row J, and dinner afterwards at Kincaid's. Hope our credit card is good at The St. Paul Hotel. Love You !
—Old Gringo and Carol Peace

November 4, 2008

To: Barb and Joe McGrane
Dear Mom and Dad,Happy 45th Anniversary! You've been to Ireland, Mexico, Greece, Rome and Alaska, but now you've finally made it to "A Prairie Home Companion!" Love from your 6 children and 8 grandchildren.
—Sr. Colleen McGrane

November 3, 2008

To: Lives of the Cowboys
Lives of the Cowboys is my favorite part of the show. I can be listening to the show but when I hear "Lives of the Cowboys", all around me takes a back seat and my ears are glued to the radio.
—Janet Hobbs

November 1, 2008

To: Mark Richards
Do you know how much I love you? You are the air that I breathe, you are the song in my heart, you are my everything!
—Cindi Richards

To: Katie and Maya
Happy B-day to my daughter on Oct30 and my wife on Oct31. Your costumes really scared me!
—Chad Perry

To: Trish & Barb
From your sister in Southern Maine to my sisters in Northern Minnesota and at the Fitz tonight...though we be far apart Prairie Home Companion will always keep us close at heart. Love you!
—MJ Barrett

To: Emily
I am so happy to be here in beautiful St.Paul with you visiting potential Colleges... Just think, in less than a year you may be a freshman at Macalister! I am so proud of you!!
—Brenda Branch

To: Studs
Goodbye Sir Louis.
—Zeke McMurphy

October 31, 2008

To: Miriam
I Want to say hi to my mom up in El Paso Texas.
—Ivan Fegundez

To: Grandpa Godar
Happy Birthday weekend Grandpa Godar -yes a whole weekend! (He started on Friday and his birthday is on Monday!) Enjoy the show. Grandma Godar, the kids, and grandbaby Henry!
—Donna Godar

October 29, 2008

To: Zsuzsa Laszlo
Together, we are over 109 years, and I am in love with you, my dear first and last wife. Life is wonderful.
—Peter Kabai

October 27, 2008

To: Zona from Minot
Who voted for FDR on her 21st birthday 72 years ago this week. Happy 93rd Birthday! From all your kids and grandkids with you tonight at the Fitzgerald.
—Brady Vick

To: Barb Kish
Nov 1st show Balcony Right - She is here tonite celebrating her new decade of life and Sarah Palin's return to Alaska on November 4th.
—Barb Kish

October 26, 2008

To: chaz
To my dear husband Don't forget to do the laundry, and keep chris out of trouble. love you much. Oh and to my daughter liz keep your dad and your brother from tearing down the house. love mom
—Olivia Cottrell

To: David & Ruth Vargas
Congratulations on the ONE MONTH anniversary of your marriage on September 26, 2008...and they said it wouldn't last! Wishing you many years of happiness and love together, you are each others perfect companion! Love your brother & sister in Tucson, Arizona.
—Ron & JoAnn Ray

October 25, 2008

To: Mom and Dad
Happy 52nd Wedding Anniversary Guys! I was going to buy you both a really expensive present, but you've always told me that all you ever wanted from me was to know that I was happy - so I used the money to buy tickets to next weeks show at the Fitzgerald for myself and Karen instead. And guess what? I'm happy! Love you both, Geno.
—Geno Banaszak

To: Lisa and Natalie
My Pride and joy - see you Friday - this will be an exciting visit - Natalie in OBA (Go BA!) and Lisa voting for the first time! Treesa and Aunt Jewel
—Teresa Swart

October 24, 2008

To: Mara Rasure
Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister and friend in Elkhorn, Nebraska. You are the best. Miss you. Wish I could be there. Love, Dana
—Dana Rasure

To: Mr. Lipscomb
Hello to everyone's favorite English teacher!
—Sam Heath

To: Sara & Alyssa
Hello to everyone at Ascension Lutheran Church (in Tulsa). I may be a little late in the morning---go ahead and start without me! Carol
—Carol Anwar

To: Jessie and Alli
Hey Jessie and Alli Zingo We lost the bet! And yes, your mom and I are now sitting in the balcony in our underwear but we're still enjoying the show.
—Jeff and Sandy Zingo

October 23, 2008

To: Edmund Meinhardt
To Edmund, I'll be seeing Prairie Home Companion this Saturday in Tulsa. My only regret is that you won't be by my side. I love you and miss you, Dee
—Dee Duren

To: Julian Nguyen
We did not predict a future as lead guitar in a heavy metal band for you the night you were born, but rather concert master on the violin in a symphony orchestra. Happy 16th birthday today! Paw Paw & Grandma Dee
—Tom & Dee Andrews

To: Priscilla
Happy Birthday to my sister born on Halloween. You had the best birthday parties -- costumed friends or that year when they wore different animal noses.
—Carolyn Hubenak

To: Arabian Horse Owners
We're glad you're in Tulsa for the week, but please muck out the stalls before you leave.
—Emma Spears

To: Natalie
How is the weather in Mozambique? We are all proud of your work in the Peace Corps, but the Christmas break cannot come soon enough. I have tickets to A Christmas Carol for all of us. Mucho love.
—Barbara Crumpler

To: Dad
Hi dad. even though banks have messed up (quite a lot actually) i'm sure you get your deals ok.
—Terence Reverdin

October 22, 2008

To: Polly Whitman
Your the love of my life whole pieces
—Scott Bennett

October 19, 2008

To: Red
Happy Birthday to you in Snowflake or Heber, Arizona on Oct. 26th and thank you for introducing me to PBR and especially Prairie Home Companion. I love you.
—Mary Lou Schroeder

To: Quinn Diede (Deedee)
Quinn, Thank you for taking me to see and hear A Prairie Home Companion. This is #3 on my Bucket List. Love, Nancy
—Nancy Diede

To: Chris
Happy 25th Anniversary! We finally get to celebrate with GARRISON and a DEMOCRAT on the way to the White House!
—Lisa VanLandingham

October 18, 2008

To: Susanna Michael
We wish you could be here for Prairie Home Companion. Instead you have to be at Smith College with all those intelligent and talented women! Love, Mom, Dad and Jon
—Jon Michael

To: Nancy, Joe, Judy and Jen Roe
Greetings to you in Presque Isle, Maine. While we're at the show, we hope you're eating some special snacks in honor of Dad's 81st birthday!
—Becca Roe

To: Mom and Dad (Alan and Lola)
1 is paper, 25 is silver, and 50 is Gold; But 30 ROCKS! Happy 30th anniversary. (mom and dad are at the Abilene show tonight)
—your kids

To: Morris
My life with you has been wonderful! Let's keep going! I love you
—sharon fitch

To: Debbie Bullock
My beautiful bride from Amherst, TX. I love you and am always proud to be with you. As I was listening to the game on the radio, how many cookbooks and recipes did you read on our drive together down to Abilene?
—Paul Bullock

To: Dick & Sharon Newman
Thinking of you in Lexington, KY.
—Paul Bullock

To: Lola
To my wonderful wife Lola, Happy 30th anniversary. It has been "cosmic" from the beginning. (we are in audience at Abilene tonight(
—alan moret

October 17, 2008

To: Aunt Jane in Congerville
Happy Birthday from the OK Studies We Love You!!
—donald studebaker

To: Charles Haley
Who would have thought? Two nice preachers kids like us at a show like this! Can't wait to see where the path leads next!
—DeLeigh Haley

To: Anna Gillette
Thanks for the birthday tickets to the show even though our youth group has no idea who Garrison Keillor is!
—Trey Gillette

To: Garrison Keiller
I am having a bad time. Your show in Northern Ireland (ON BBC 7)is off the air at the moment. Come back quick. I miss you. Harry McMillan
—Dr. Harry McMillan

To: Megan
Happy 2nd Anniversary Honey! We've been married two whole years already and you only moved out once! That's a pretty good start in my book.
—Brock Sargent

October 16, 2008

To: My lovely wife Beth
(We're going to be at this weeks show in Abilene) I'd like to wish you a happy 50th birthday. I hope you liked your party and I'm sorry about the fire pit.
—Richard Crusha

October 15, 2008

To: Aunt Jane Stadler
We would like to wish our Aunt Jane Stadler, in Monroe, Michigan, a very happy 70-something birthday. How far that little candle throws his beams!
—Karen & Wendell Albracht

October 14, 2008

To: V
Happy 2nd Anniversary. I am looking forward to traveling to Abilene to see your hometown and PHC. Hoping for many, many more wonderful years together. All my love.
—Laura Heatwole

To: Nate Dalo(day-lo)
Hello Nate, US Marine serving in San Diego and going to serve in Afganistan next year form Abilene Texas. We are proud of you.
—Daniel Johnson

October 12, 2008


To: Aunt Sally in Bklyn, NY
Greetings from your favorite niece in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I know you and my mom always listened to the show together even though you were 1500 miles apart. Next time I see you, I'll make crumbcake without the cake for Uncle Frank.
—Karen Silvis

To: Nick and Joy Zola
Dear Nick and Joy, We're thrilled that you are attending a live Prairie Home Companion performance. Sure wish we could be there with you!
—Emily & Jeff Jacobs

To: Louise, Dee, Barbara and Jenny
Happy Birthday to our two favorite 80 something Mothers and to Baby Bebe who's 75! Jenny, tell the mechanic "no" to topping off your headlight fluid!
—Don and Susan Strickland

October 11, 2008

To: Alice
A warm greeting from your ever lovin' in Osprey,Florida. No red tide, no hurricanes. Enjoy Rochester and come home when the snow flies.
—Charlie Dudley

To: Dave & Lavon Earp
are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary at the show tonight. They might come back for their 51st, depending on how it goes. Have fun, we love you!!
—The Kids

To: Brett Landow
Happy Birthday, Brett ... Your friend Peter
—Peter Blue

To: Kelsey, Olaf, and Peggy
Thank you for coming to see PHC for my birthday! Love, Mom
—Deanah Alexander

To: Nick Lowe
Happy you are here in Saint Paul tonight. Used to see you all the time when I lived in NY. While this isn't the "Bottom Line", at least it's not 32 degrees today. Come back more often.
—Donna Pedota

October 10, 2008

To: Eric Harper
Hey Bones,Thanks for taking me to the big Show! I'll wake you up in time for the news from Lake Woebegone.
—Elizabeth Harper

To: Tim Eloe
Hope your birthday found you enjoying your family, the crisp and calming aromas of autumn, and a cup of coffee. God Bless.
—Joel Hornby

To: Tom, Zachary, John
Hi to my Dad, Tom, in Virginia, he's the greatest, and my two sons, Zachary and John. Remember boys, no football in the house.
—Jessica Taft

To: Marian
You have been the light of my life and I am love seeing your sun shine on our growing family. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
—Charlie Bradburn

October 9, 2008

To: Dave & Lavon Earp
are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary at this week's show. They may come back next year for their 51st, depending on how it goes. Have a great time, we love you!
—Your Kids

To: Amanda Wilmoth
It's been 13 years since that Halloween dance. A happy 5th anniversary to little red riding hood from her big bad wolf.
—Buddy Ingalls

To: Michel Evanchik
Happy Birthday Michel! I love you very much, and I love and cherish our children. You are all my reason for being.
—Monica Evanchik

October 8, 2008

To: Mrs. Jerry
(October 11th show) Jerry and Jerry Webber are here celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary and Mrs. Jerry's recent completion of her Master's Degree in Social Work. Congratulations, we actually got through it baby!
—Mr. Jerry Webber

October 7, 2008

To: The Fitzgerald's (Jack, Julie and Anna)
The Fitzgerald's (Jack, Julie & Anna) are pleased to be at the Fitzgerald Theater to see the show live and wish a happy Columbus Day to their friends and family back home in Brooklyn, NY.
—Julie Fitzgerald

October 6, 2008

To: Husband Jerry
So good to be here with you tonight. Twenty-one years, two kids, a dog and a mortgage - it's been a great ride.
—Jerry Webber

To: Tim Masterson
Happy 4th Anniversary. Time stands still with took 2 years to get from our 3rd anniversary to our 4th...amazing!? And hello to Sam who craves ketchup fortnightly!
—Leslie Masterson

October 5, 2008

To: Bethany Rose
Sweet Bethany Rose, only one year old, How sweet it is, if truth be told, To greet you on your Birthday, Sweet, Sweet Bethany Rose, only one year old. Bethany Rose lives in Fair Oaks, California, with mommy and daddy, Lolo and David. And big brother who is 3, is thought of too with love, from their Great Gramma and Grampa up in Oregon, who say, "Thanks a lot! GK"
—Donna Gray-Davis

October 4, 2008

To: Frank
I can't believe we've been apart for ten years- it seems like two lifetimes. I can't wait to be your wife again, and forever. I'm so glad we found each other again, darling.
—Laura Leland

To: Garrison Keillor's Prarie Home Companion Crew
Your program tonight was exceptional and very politically timely. Congratulations. Guy Noir was especially funny; we laughed all the way through. Now back to the program....
—Pat & Wyll Treusch

To: Melissa Gamette
All the folks at the Bozeman Yoga Center wish Melissa Gamette good luck in her marathon in St Paul tomorrow.
—Ed Scheterlak

To: Dan
To my wonderful husband on our first anniversary. Every week when we dance to the opening song, I am thankful that we met in Minnesota.
—E Adelman

To: Katie
Congratulations, honey! We survived the first 26 hours of marriage. Now let's go dig in to some meatloaf.
—Bill Martens

October 3, 2008

To: Joanna
I'm as full of love, hope and excitement tonight as I was 2 years ago with a ring hidden in my pocket. Happy Anniversary!
—Andy Dhaliwal

To: Matt
As pleasant as it is to be listening to this you need to get up and do what needs to be done. APHC will be there next week, homework is here today.
—Matthew Mortimer

October 2, 2008

To: Mary Helen
Remember those sleepovers back in the fifties when we sneaked out of my bedroom window to go play in the cemetery? We're still having fun!
—Janet Eitreim

To: Judy & Ken
Happy Anniversary! Your marriage must have been made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning.
—Karen Nelson

To: Lee and Jo Ann Poeppe
Congratulations Mom and Dad Poeppe of Anita, Iowa from your daughter Michelle for selling the egg laying facility! You are no longer parents to 195,000 thousands of chickens--egg salad might actually sound good again.
—Michelle Egan

October 1, 2008

To: Pam Dimick
Pam, Happy birthday and anniversary! Thanks for a wonderful 15 years of you putting up with me (and my two hour time out on Saturday nights). I love you - Lets try for 15 more! Marion
—Marion Dimick

September 30, 2008

To: Anthony Palmatier
Hope your cold is all gone and your feeling better. Love, Katybug
—Katy Palmatier

To: Anthony Palmatier
—Katy Palmatier

To: Will Rogers
Please remember that November 4th (election day) is Will Rogers 129th birthday, born November 4, 1879.
—Neva Kegley

September 29, 2008

To: Grandpas Smith & Farmer
Proud Grandparents of Baby Farmer, we've decided on a name for our little Boy! Garrison, after our favorite radio show host. That's right! We've even bought little red socks for him just like his namesake's! Love, Andrea & Evan
—Andrea Smith-Farmer

September 28, 2008

To: George and Mary Dirolf
Hello mom and dad happy 30th anniversary from Chris Matt and Maria. Also thanks for putting up with me for 24 years of it. Much love.
—Christopher Dirolf

To: Nathan
Thanks for traveling all the way from Oregon to St. Paul with me to cross off one of the "Things to Do Before I Turn 30". Now I just need to learn the guitar and Spanish by next Saturday...
—Jessi Willard

September 27, 2008

To: Dan
To my sweet midwestern husband Dan on our first anniversary. Thank goodness A Prairie Home Companion convinced me to to go to college in Minnesota!
—E Adelman

September 25, 2008

To: marlene
Hey mama! I love you!
—Jennifer Williams

September 21, 2008

To: Delbert & Janie Bennett
Congratulations on your 70th wedding anniversary, and thanks for making it possible to help celebrate 68 of them!
—Tom Bennett

To: Janie and Delbert Bennett
Happy 70th wedding anniversary, mom and dad! You've been an inspiration to all of us kids, and anyone else whose life you've touched.
—Laura Murphy

To: Garrison Keillor
I read your articles every Sun. here in Bahrain. I don't have speakers so I can't Hear you but laugh anyway. I am a volunteer here but once lived in Mn.
—Genevieve Dykehouse

September 19, 2008

To: cecil woodrum
Happy Wedding Aniversary on 10/21/08 and thanks to me for putting up with you through all these years! and just a Reminder I'm not quite ready for the blue hair rinse yet but I do enjoy a comfortable shoe! All my Love, Peg
—peggy woodrum

To: Mr. Keillor
I own just about everything you have producted electronically...except Great Performances Tanglewood, Meryl Streep and the W.Jennys...any way to get a copy. Mine got erased and I am desperate for my sister to see it. Love your stuff. Best, Janet
—Janet Watson

September 18, 2008

To: Honey & Ray
Happy 60th Anniversary Mom and Dad. Thank you for all the wonderful memories, the picnics, the christmas parties, summer vacations in the 1000 Islands and who can forget those lazy endless Sunday afternoon drives with Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Frank and their crew... (I'm still trying.....) All our love..Seth, Kelly, Alyssa, Kathy, Mike, Jody and Buddy...
—Raymond Wood

September 14, 2008

To: Twin Cities metro residents
New road signs are going up to remind us all that we live and work along one of the world's great rivers and ours happens to be a National Park! Enjoy Your America!
—Paul Labovitz

September 13, 2008

To: Sara Graffeo (Sarabutt)
Happy, Happy 13th Birthday sweetheart! You have embarked on your teenagehood and I have embarked on worrying about you even more. WE love you my darling daughter!
—Launie Graffeo

September 12, 2008

To: Mom and Everyone in Beaufort
Thanks to all of my friends and teachers in Beaufort, South Carolina! Thanks for helping me make my Dream Possible! I am Great! Write me!
—Benjamin Bailey

September 11, 2008

To: Mark Stanford a.k.a. "Big Daddy"
My Dear Friend, You brought joy to my life with endless laughter and a love of all things with butterfat. I will think of you every time I smell coconut or open an umbrella in the wind. I will miss you in the years to come.
—Andrea Zanetti

To: Garrison
Keep on , keep on entertainig us! You are my weekend delight!
—Lauren Trent

September 9, 2008

To: Steve
I'm so sad that Jerry Reed has passed, but I like to think that he and Chet Atkins are having a great session up in heaven right about now...
—Aileen Joines

September 8, 2008

To: Norma Sue Hackl
A special happy birthday to Norma "Suzi" Hackl on Sept. 16th. She has given her life to the chidren of the Bloomington/Normal, IL area to enrich their lives with learning and books. She is an authority on Beatrix Potter and her life history. Please let her know that she is a very special person!
—Karen Hunt

September 7, 2008

To: Diana
Happy 51st birthday, my love! Now that our children are away to college, we'll have more time to celebrate!
—John Songy

To: Diane Radcliffe
Happy Birthday from Tarpon Cove! Your guidance, energy, and love have transformed our pretty good place into the way above average community we proudly share!
—Doris Thornton

September 6, 2008

To: Janice
Happy Birthday to my sweet wife Janice, the prettiest woman, no matter what side of the Mississippi she's on, from your loving husband, Bernie
—Bernie Calkins

To: Ed Reuther
Happy Birthday, my love. It feels like only 4 years since we met. Wait a minute, It was only 4 years ago. Well, here's to many more 4 years!
—Linda Reuther

To: Karlyn M. Stephens
To my mom and dad who survived Katrina and are great bluegrass musicians from your son,Jay here in Abbott,Tx.,home of Willie Nelson,you will always be my heroes-I love you bunches.
—James Beauchamp

To: Charlie Guthrie
Sorry about not sending a card. Here's your 5seconds of "fame" -- congratulations on now being older than dirt yet still my hero.
—Julie Guthrie

September 5, 2008

To: Bill
Thank you for being there for me as I recover from surgery. You're the best husband EVER!
—Barbara Shifflett

To: Gail Giron
Happy birthday and happy 1st wedding anniversary!
—Ernesto Giron

September 4, 2008

To: Uncle Paul
Happy Birthday UP! Love you.
—Chelsea Markun

September 2, 2008

To: Carol Korsholm
Hello from Nova Scotia, Carol! I wonder if you are registering your boys for swimming this fall. Can you call us on Cory's mobile? Thanks
—Kari Eliuk

August 31, 2008

To: jane
Happy Birthday to Jane from: Margaret,Mike,Bob and Mark. Can't say how old she is, but she will be 80 years young next August!
—mike milizia

August 30, 2008

To: Tilly
To my dear friend across the Atlantic, wish I could hold you close. Maybe someday soon.
—Mike Dills

August 29, 2008

To: Mike Cunningham
Thanks for letting me share an enjoyable night of A Prairie Home Companion with you at the South Shore Music Circus. A great way to end the summer season.
—Lois Viglas

To: Jean and Bill
Hi Mom and Dad! Sorry I couldn't be here but my vacation got canceled.
—Brian Pociengel

August 28, 2008

To: Donna Marie Lestage
Even though I'm stuck in St. Paul surrounded by Republicans, and we'll be apart on our 18th wedding anniversary (9/1), I'll be thinking of you. See you next Saturday. All my love.
—Jim Rossman

To: Aric
Happy Birthday Aric! Here's to old times when I would give you rides in the Radio Flyer. Have a fantastic road trip with Dana.
—Alyssa P.

August 27, 2008

To: Granpa Harry and Grandma Rose
Congratulations on your 70th visit to the Minnesota State Fair, and for bringing me with you!! Heaps of Love!!!
—Gabe,Patty and Tom Wieseler

To: Dick & Nancy Lindsey, My In-Laws
Although our wedding was 2 years ago, my marriage to your son is now truly official: Drew is at the MN State Fair with me and we've ridden Ye Old Mill!
—Marta Lindsey

August 26, 2008

To: Ken and Margie Johnson (Mom and Dad) in AZ
Happy 50th Anniversary! We can't wait to visit you in Arizona for Thanksgiving. Dad, John can't wait to skydive with you. Mom, I'm nervous too!
—John and Monica deCausmeaker

To: Mike Levad
Happy 40th Birthday Mike! I am sorry all your presents got lost in the mail! Love, Your Wife-to-be
—Maren Gregerson

To: Judy Wise
Hi mom! I can't wait to see you! And when you come can you bring me my heart, I think I left it at home.
—Natalie Wise

August 25, 2008

To: The Nebel-Seekamps
Hello to my family in NY, NH, MA & PA, Peter and I are enjoying the Rhubarb Tour in Gilford on our 12TH Anniversary. Wish you were here as well, as you were 12 years ago on Lovewell Mtn. Mary Beth Seekamp Northwood NH
—Mary Beth Seekamp

August 24, 2008

To: Nancy & Harlan Wengert
60 Years of married life! With nary a harsh word spoken between you. Now that's worth celebrating! Your five grateful children, David, Ann, Carol, Martha and Sally
—Ann Wengert

To: Orrin
Happy 65th Birthday Dad, I hope you are liking your surprise present (The show in Santa Fe) from Phoenix AZ
—Philip Johnson

To: Barb
Thanks for these past 33 years. Who would have thought what would happen as a result of my returning your "left behind" cigatette case. Love Always.
—Lee Saberson

To: Kyle & Jean-Marie
Hi Kyle & Jean-Marie, Too bad you couldn't make it to the best show at the State Fair on Friday. See you Sunday to eat everything-on-a-stick. With love, Mom & Dad
—Michael Cabaya

August 23, 2008

To: Kate Stevens
Happy first Prairie Home, dearest Kate! I hope you have a great time, I wish I could be there with you at the Champlain Valley Fair, and I love you very much! - Mom
—Liz Schlegel

To: To Tim:
The frost is on & the Maine Potato Harvest coming. Hope your garden has a good yield & your relationship with the groundhog has finally become amicable.
—Jen McNamee

To: Elsie Tillotson
Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for tuning us into "Prairie Home Companion" all those years ago! Love Christa, Jessica, Clara and Audrey.
—Jessica Horton

To: Wade Kaardal
Happy birthday, muffin. Hope your 21st has been the best yet.
—Emily Walz

To: Heather Stearns
Happy 8th Anniversary my love. I can't wait for the adventures that we have to come.
—Tom Stearns

August 22, 2008

To: Jean
Happy Birthday to my wonderful new wife! May we celebrate many more together!
—Mark Plasse

To: Frances and Scott Lewis
You met at a Beach Boys concert lookin' for romance. Thought you'd take a chance. And here you are. Happy 40th Anniversary Mom & Dad.
—Amanda, Jonathan, and Nate Lewis

August 21, 2008

To: Jane Bowman
To my beautiful Vermont Fiance. You have opened my heart, you've shown me how to laugh and cry and believe in the love in my heart. Looking forward to the ball and chain!!!
—Larry Goetschius

To: Crystal
Happy Sixth Anniversary sweetheart! I was sure you couldn't get any better, but you prove me wrong every day...
—Anthony Renauldo

To: Marilou
Married 39 years ago today, my love for you tonight resonates with the same sweet song, save time has made the tone richer and deeper.
—Joe Gerardi

To: The grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, Iris,Jailin;Maddix&Helen
Wish you were here to celebrate our 70th straight year at the fair!! We'll toast you with our malts and minidonuts at the Prairie Home companion show.Heaps of Love, Grandma and Grandpa
—Harry & Rose Boehm

To: Will & Sally Metro
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary on August 27th!! Love Ya!
—Mike & Jeannette Calvi

August 20, 2008

To: Mark and Claire Hulgin
Mom and Dad, I hope you are enjoying the show! Thank you for all that you do for me and supporting my hair-brained ideas! I love you!
—Leah Hulgin

August 19, 2008

To: Christopher Davis
It was a sunny Vermont afternoon when Reagan was president and you wore a Powdermilk T-shirt. I lost your jacknife in the river but still you didn't get mad. Thanks for being a friend all these years
—Michael Dennison

To: Lisa
Thankyou Lisalove for staying home to paint the house while the guys went fishing for walleys. Your biggest wall beat our biggest fish and is prettier. Better luck next time!
—Jeff Wagner

To: Zach
Happy Anniversary Baby! I never knew I could love someone so much! 8 years has flown by - I am looking forward to forever and ever with you!
—Lisa Vincent

August 17, 2008

To: Dick and Stephanie Bower
Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad. We hope you are enjoying the show. Thanks for watching the kids. Love the monkeys from Fayetteville, New York.
—Mark and Betsy Bower

August 16, 2008

Good luck with your acedemic endevors ! Love, Your Dad

August 15, 2008

To: Stephanie
This has been a great adventure so far- I can't wait to find out what comes next. Happy Anniversary!
—Heather Montgomery

August 14, 2008

To: Mary and John Howard
Your daughter+ a plane trip from England and three tickets to Garrison and the fair = pure happiness! Bring on the fried dough! Love - Maeri
—Maeri Howard

To: Paul
Hope all is well on the Keller Ranch, I will see you soon. Till then Miss you.
—J-bird Johnston

To: Hannah Bengtson
Happy 65th birthday Mom! We love you, Julie, Mike, Tyler, Kristina, Erin. Jaya, Zoe and Zadin!
—Julie Gregory

August 13, 2008

To: Cara Harnick
Happy 9th Birthday, tomorrow actually, we listen every weekend, and are happy to be here live, at our first live radio program.
—Blake & Lori Harnick

To: Rick and Nancy Dornfeld
Happy Anniversary on August 19th from your loving daughters, Lynn and Robin
—Robin Lindsey

To: Phyllis Reynolds
Mom brought us so we have to thank her! Only kidding, this is a dream come true to see PHC. Thanks so much love John and Ruth Reynolds South Shore Music Sept 1, 2008 Happy Labor Day
—Ruth Reynolds

To: Diane
Diane, All I can say is thank you. Not only for the tickets to the show but for twelve surreal years. And to our child, tomorrow we find out your gender. can't wait to meet you in January. All my love Kevin/Dad
—kevin keltner

August 12, 2008

To: Mom and Dad
Happy 42nd Anniversary on August 13th! Enjoy the Rhubarb Tour show at the Indiana State Fair! We love you very much!
—Rae and Zack Cartee

To: Sue Scott
Happy Birthday from the one who brought you to the show tonight
—Rick Scott

To: Rick Martin
Happy Anniversary, Teddy! It's been 25 years, but it just seems like a walk around the block. Love you! Heidi
—Heidi Martin

To: James Looten
Happy Birthday, Dad! Don't get eaten by any bears up there in the wilds of Anchorage. We want you in one piece for the next one. We love you!
—Moriah & Rebecca Looten

August 11, 2008

To: Mom and Dad
Hello Mom and Dad, Thanks for all those years of work and play in the garden. I think of you every time it is close to midnight and I am still putting the kale in the freezer! And Dad - don't worry about the brand spanking new hip. You'll be out there cycling laps around the others in no time. Love, Sharon
—Sharon Plumb

To: Chick Guevara
¡Feliz cumpleaños! to the people's heroine and (mostly) upright member of Rat City Rollergirls' Derby Liberation Front.
—Helen Valentine

To: Rob Owings
Happy anniversary sweetie, 20 blissfull years of marriage - also celebrating Carole's 50th birthday this year! :)
—Carole Owings

August 10, 2008

To: HP
Hi mom, hope you are well. Talk to you soon, Love, NP
—N P

To: kevin Keltner
Happy 12 Years! If you think that was a whirl wind, wait till the next round, back in Indiana with dirty diapers and late night feedings. I can't wait!! Love you
—kevin keltner

To: Mom & Dad
Welcome back to the good ol' Nevada wilderness! Please don't get eaten by anything larger than you.
—Heather Joy

August 9, 2008

To: matt
Happy birthday. Wish I could have gone to the show with you!
—rhoda willis

To: Terry
Thanks for building us a beautiful home in the mountains of Colorado - and for still loving me through the process! It's finally sinking in! We're home! I love you!
—Brenda Whelan

August 8, 2008

To: Michael Schmidt - UP of Michigan
After all the years of saturday nights listening to Garrison at home - Can you beleive your here in person under big top chautauqua seeing all those sound effects created right before your very eyes!
—Cynthia schmidt

To: Jonathan Michael Page of carney michigan
just arrived back from his 1st trip to the checz republic 10 days ago - celebrating his First birthday in 3 days - under big top chautauqua tonight with dad (Gary), mom (Shawna) grandma Mike and grandma Cindy
—cindy and mike of cedar river michigan schmidt

August 7, 2008

To: my Alabama people
I love and miss you all and will be home soon. Just pretend this is me doing my Garriosn Keilor impersonation,
—James in Korea Blackledge

August 6, 2008

To: Diane and Mike
will always be truly grateful
—Heather Forster

August 2, 2008

To: Mr. Johnson
Your favorite Swede enjoyed Arizona - can't wait for our next Swedish adventure! Rest UP!!
—Miss Anderson

To: Smoochie
Thank you smoochie for deciding to marry me and not move back to Germany. You've made me a very happy Texas frau!
—Bridget Haak

July 30, 2008

To: Chris
Happy 34th Birthday!!! Love,
—Jodi & Gracie Clark

To: joanne
to my dearest darling wife joanne. we can relax and enjoy our weekend in kokomo,i made sure the curling iron was unplugged before we took off and i gave travis 10 bucks to keep rocky and brandy fead and watered till we get back.
—ken szalay

July 29, 2008

To: Cindy
Thanks to the Quilters for Obama, more than 30 women across the country, making a beautiful instant heirloom.
—Jeanine Meyer

July 27, 2008

To: Chaz
I wanted to thank you for being such a devoute listener to me and this show. I don't know if I could live without both. Thank you,
—Chaz Massey

July 25, 2008

To: Dr. Ed Townes
Thank you for making me love you.
—Wanda Taylor

July 24, 2008

To: Bill & Mary
Happy 40th wedding anniversary! Hope you enjoyed the surprise party and that we invited the right people. Love from your kiddy winks.
—Emily & James Farrell

To: Danny Carter
To Danny - Good Luck with your goats at the county fair. Stay off the ferris wheel! Love Denise
—Denise Squires

To: Paul and Vicky Siders
Happy 35th wedding anniversary to my parents - congratulations and all my love from England.
—Anne Siders

July 23, 2008

To: John Barentine
Love from "Stinky" to "Raoul" in Austin - visit that Taco Wagon you told me about and think of me while enjoying that taco. Miss ya.
—Stacey Cahan

July 20, 2008

To: Tari Scott
Dave and Tari of Barnet,Vt invited the inlaws, Ed and Wendy of CT to the show. Dave said Ed has to buy the beer.
—Ed Furs

July 18, 2008

To: Andy,Lisa, Espen & Kai
Best wishes on your travels to Indiana, Maine, and South Korea. Look forward to seeing you next summer when you return for a visit. Be good.
—Kurt & Linda Svidal

July 14, 2008

To: Bev and Fred Black
Hello to Bev and Fred Black in Connecticut from Joan in Michigan--hope to see you when I drop the baby off at Amherst. I'll need beer and tissues!
—Joan Suits

July 13, 2008


July 12, 2008

To: Krystal Walker
Hello to my favorite Mohican Yankee in Hurley, Wisconsin. We miss you back here in South Carolina. Yankees always come back here so I know I'll see you eventually.
—Tony Perry

July 11, 2008

To: Dan and Kim Gray
Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. It seems to be working. We love you!
—Lottie Wilds

July 10, 2008

To: Joseph
Greetings to Joseph at the Gulf Correctional Institute, in Wewahitchka, Florida. We wish you were here in the UP to enjoy waterfalls and outdoor family barbecues. Hoping for cool breezes to blow your way. Most Sincerely from your penpal, Christine
—Christine Doster

July 8, 2008

To: The Schneider and Reber families
Greetings from Kuwait. All is well. The camel spiders are not nearly as big as the pictures. Stay cool and save some beer. Love Steven
—Steven Schneider

July 7, 2008

To: Ralph & Jim Keller
Happy birthday to Jim Keller, who turns 60 this week, only 30 years behind his uncle Ralph, who turns 90 this year.
—Mimi Pink

To: Eileen McClain Schulz
Happy 88th Birthday Mom!
—Sheila Thrower

July 6, 2008

To: Chris
I am so proud of you! Looking forward to cheering you on at the YMCA Hoot Lake Triathlon in Fergus Falls! son is a triathlete! Were did we go wrong! Love you!
—Sue Ellis

July 5, 2008

To: Bartek
Your Spot is like no other's. Thank you for giving me pride of place in it. Looking forward to many more years of neologisms together.
—Anna-Maria D'Cruz

To: Bill L from Park Ridge
Happy 50th Birthday to Bill L. from Park Ridge. We're glad you've joined the family skiing contingent; we'd love for you and Sue to join us for a scuba trip next year. Love Lisa and Tony
—Lisa & Tony Bazdor

To: Mom and Dad
the secret to your succes is perfectly kept... Happy 40th Anniversary!!! from your girls who are still amazed
—Nicki Gagnon

To: Carol
Thanks for being a great wife for 16 years! I think the secret to our marriage is summers at Ravinia and every Saturday night with The Prairie Home Companion show :-) Love ya Babe!
—Michael Lights

To: Mom
Just think, this is your 90th Fourth of July. You are amazing. So very proud to be your daughter. Love, Dodo
—joann haas

To: Scott
Looking forward to the next 20 years. I'll stock up on the ketchup. Love
—Sonya Atkins

To: Sonya
Happy Anniversary. Twenty years, four great kids. One year of college tuition paid, only fifteen more to go. I see light at the end of the tunnel!
—Scott Atkins

To: Mary Ellen Daniloff- Merrill
Here's a yodel to our cousin in Marshall, MN from Wilton, NH. Keep an eye peeled for a package that we mailed this week. Happy Belated Birthday, Chicky!. Love ya!
—Pam Bealo

To: Mary Jean Stapleton
Grammy, now that you are going to be 60, it's time you found out that the fireworks really aren't for YOUR birthday. But "Happy Birthday" anyway! Love, Katie.
—Katie Stapleton

To: Alexis
Happy 33rd. Mike promises not to add an atrium to the Beech Street house.
—Michael Zubrod

To: My parents, Mike and Lexy
celebrating 33 years of a wonderful marriage at Ravinia this weekend...anyone who would leave the palm trees and beaches of Florida to stay on a couch in my tiny Chicago apartment must really love me. Happy Anniversary to a caring mother and a dad who always keeps me laughing. You're the best.
—Alycee Zubrod

July 4, 2008

To: Allison
Happy 8th Birthday to our beautiful daughter - you have a wonderful life and we're lucky to be a part of it.
—Amy & Edward Kerros

To: Christy Wareham
Happy Birthday I love you even after you brewed beer in my closet while I was cruising My clothes still smell of hops.
—Ila Wareham

To: Liam
Hi Liam! MOM and Willoughby,the only cat that actually goes off to bed when I tell him to,miss you,and the whole neighborhood told me at the fireworks last night that they miss you too!Hurry back to Wash. MO. Don't forget middle school registration is August 4th!
—Tamara Wheatley`

To: Dan
You've survived 6 years with your small town Minnesota wife...(yea New Ulm!) and I love you for it every day. Happy Anniversary to us!
—Debbie Peterson

To: Mom Beth and Dad Tony
We found our new apartment! We'll need some help carrying our boxes up four flights of stairs, though-- fancy a visit? Miss you, Sarah and Aaron.
—Sarah Rick

To: Jason
your 97-year old grandmother asks you to visit soon to make sure you and wife, Caterina, can polka before you're too old to learn.
—Algis Skuodas

July 3, 2008

To: Anita Coupe
To my siter Anita, congratulations on your historic confirmation as Madame Chair of the Humane Society of the United States. The animal kingdom is in loving hands.
—Karen Minton

To: Isabel
Who would have thought that a Peruvian princess and a Cajun gater boy would be happy. After one year of marriage the honeymoon is not over!
—Dan Ross

To: Larry
Happy 57th birthday, Larry! I adore you, will you marry Me?
—Marveen Kelly

To: sara skar
Happy 28th brithday, Sara. Only two years untill you're 30 and the real fun begins!
—William Skar

To: Laura
Five summers ago in Texas you made me your husband. Maybe in five more I'll finally make you happy about that decision!
—Chad Mathis

To: Cheryl (in Syracuse, NY)
Happy Anniversary. After 20 years I can still say that a bad day with you beats a good day with you-know-who.
—Keith Gatling

July 2, 2008

To: Helga and Ira Weinberg
To Helga and Ira, in the audience tonight, celebrating 55 years of marriage! Happy 55th! With love from all your kids and grand kids
—Jane Rothschild

July 1, 2008

To: Fred Brown
Hey dad, i'm hoping you're rib is feeling better. and that my report card is still satisfactory After the Pain Killers have worn off. Love your son Adam
—Adam Brown

To: Jerry Crowell
5 years ago, you wrote our very special song "Thanks For Being My Friend" and I feel truly blessed the we will profess our continued journey & faith in one another through marriage this July 12, 2008! Thanks for being MY friend! Your loving partner in rhyme and time, Annabelle Bogalusa, Louisiana
—Jerry & Anne Crowell

To: dennis havig
Dennis, congratulations on your retirement. You did the US Forest Service proud! You were a Ranger's Ranger. Let'er Buck. Your friend, Chuck Harris
—chuck harris

June 30, 2008

To: Laura Cox
To my beautiful new bride! From now on the 5th of July will be my favorite summer holiday. I look forward to every new adventure with you. I love you with all my heart.
—Matthew Cox

June 29, 2008

To: Dad and Ronnie
Happy Anniversary! 15 years of marital bliss! Here's to many more in your new second home in the DR~ We love you both very much! Love your Granddoggers, Nellie and Reese
—Stefanie and Kevin Dube

June 28, 2008

To: our daughter Coreen
Best wishes for the upcoming birth of our next grandson. If you feel like breaking wind, feel free to go to the hospital instead.
—Ken Larson

To: Meg and Steve
Happy 25th Anniversary. We love you. love your children.
—Sydney Singer

To: Cheryl and Dave Hayman
Congratulations on your first anniversary! Can you make it back for the late shows? We can use some help in Receive.
—Marilyn Garrett

So long Uncle Mick, Heaven must have needed you more. We'll miss you.
—Tom Reinke

To: Ann Marie
Happy 70th Birthday to Grandma from all the kids and grandkids. We're glad you were able to reschedule our dinner so you could be there at the show in Tanglewood.
—Michael Ciszewski

To: Mark
To my Sweetheart - Happy 1st Anniversary -celebrating with Sue and Captain Sanford here at Tanglewood-every Friday the 13th will always be special to us. You're my Schmoopy!
—Patty Wesner

To: Major Ethan Myers, USA Airforce
Best wishes on your hardest mission yet - fatherhood will suit you well! We can't wait to meet Baby Bear Myers in just 2 weeks!
—Jenn & Todd Dort

To: David, heidi, jordan and mackenzie
Greetings from Cambridge. Did you use the red wagon? Hope the potato salad stays cold!!Enjoy the day!!
—Cindy and Jim Maguire

To: All the Naffs on the lawn at Tanglewood
Nice to be sitting together on grass we didn't have to mow to enjoy.
—Maureen Naff

To: Judy Brown
Thanks for 23 great years. Let's walk the Appalation trail next April.
—Jim Brown

To: Jessica Shukraft
Happy Birthday Jess! After 9 years of living in sin, thanks for agreeing to marry me. You've made me and my family very happy!
—John D'Antonio

To: Sheryl
To Sheryl, my "honeybunny" on our 16th anniversary! (June 28) I love you! Stephen
—Stephen Michaud

To: The Phillips Family and Uncle David and Aunt Judy
Namaskaara from Bangalore India, we miss not being with you at Tanglewood tonight, but we couldn't get a rickshaw from India to the Berkshires. Love and Kisses Dan and Andrea
—Dan Phillips

June 27, 2008

To: The Alamo Liddle's
We'll have a Sam Adams for you if you have two Lone Stars for us, miss you! Ken and Kat
—ken liddle

To: dad
Please throw the fish back after you catch them and for once trying mowing the yard in the different direction. You are wearing ruts in the lawn!
—tom, sue and larry peterman

To: Ben
Wish you could be here. Sorry to hear about the rash. Don't worry--we'll bring you back a piece of rhubarb pie. --Jarred, Kelly, and Luke
—Jarred McCaffrey

To: Setti
Greetings from Tanglewood to you dear brother! Wish you were here with your newborn daughter & the rest of the family instead of in Iraq.
—Makeda Keegan

To: Gerry Dio
Nothing could be sweeter than spending the evening with you and a PHC at Tanglewood. Hope you enjoy the show. Happy Belated Father's Day your wife of almost 30 years!
—Joan Dio

To: Grandpa Kielpinski "Keel-pin-ski"
Happy 83rd Birthday (June 26, 2008), Grandpa Kielpinski in New Brighton, MN. Keep walking 2 miles a day in your cowboy boots ;). It keeps you so healthy. Love, Your Granddaughter Christine at Tanglewood, MA
—Christine Kielpinski

To: Dad
Hope your young children turn out as good as us old ones. Sorry if we set the bar too high; but really, it would be your fault if we turned out too good, wouldn't it?
—Jen Cantwell

To: Lisa
Happy 23rd anniversary. You are still the sunshine of my life.
—Don Batchelder

June 26, 2008

To: mom, dad, and the rest
Hello from Japan, hope everyone is doing well! See you on the tenth.
—Joe Webb

To: Bob Brennan and the four Brennan Boys
From their two cowgirls: thanks for the company on the long haul from Brooklyn, New York and Lynchburg, Virginia. Yee haw.
—Terry Brennan

To: Liam and Aidan
Hi boys! We hope you are enjoying your first live performance of Prarie Home Companion. Remember to keep the hoots and hollars down when the powdermilk biscuit music comes on! By the way, Mom used to teach here at TMC. Love Mom and Dad.
—Kathy Sheahan

To: Anne Cormier
Happy 10th Anniversary, Anne! Ten years, three beautiful girls, and already a lifetime of love. Your adoring husband, Mark
—Mark Cormier

To: Dad
Thank you for all the times we sat in the car in the driveway listening to the radio. You work too hard. Love,
—Erica, Brown

To: William Donovan III
Happy Birthday, Billy the Third We are so happy you could be with us at Tanglewood! Love from Mama Llama and Mark, Tildy and Boog
—Joyce Lincourt

To: Sarah McGhee
Good luck on your research trip to South Africa! I know that PhD will profit humankind someday. Come home safe and sound. Love - Mom
—Susan McGhee

To: Kimberly
Happy 11th wedding anniversary to my wife Kimberly. Garrison, could you help me with an appropriate choice of words that sums up 11 years of marriage to a beautiful, caring and supportive wife?
—Keith Gajewski

June 25, 2008

To: "Mitch"
Happy 61st Birthday! The kids are sorry that the party isn't as large as last year. Also,happy anniversary-33 years and you hope that it wouldn't last. Sorry, they are on the same day.
—Sharon Pepek

To: Rich
Thank you 8 wonderful years and for introducing me to Prairie Home Companion! Happy anniversary! Love,
—Fonda Franciscone

To: Michael & Julie Vogel
It's great to be visiting the Prairie from Helsinki, Finland, after listing by radio for 27 years! Enjoy the fireworks on the 4th with our son Jaakov!
—Alan & Piko Schulman

June 24, 2008

To: Curtiss & Virginia
I'm doing my best to feed the ticks up in Hopkins Forest, but I think the green polka dot bike scares them off. The Berkshires aren't nearly as beautiful without you.
—Abby M.

To: Ethan and Alison
To our 3-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter - it's a delight to have you here tonight on the lawn... but it's okay if you want to fall asleep peacefully from now until the long ride home. Love, Mom and Dad
—David Polochanin

June 23, 2008

To: Harriet Andrews
Happy 82nd birthday to Harriet Andrews from your family! Didn't we all have a great time in the Prius taking Jim to Tanglewood for camp? (OPTIONAL: Trying to walk after getting out of the car was unforgettable, too!)
—Eunice Alexander

To: Ann McKee
Happy 70th Birthday June 28. So glad to be spending the day with you at Tanglewood. Billy Collins wrote " can never repay your mother"...but we're willing to try. You did say you preferred to sit on the lawn, right?
—Karen Roach

To: Pooh
New England greetings from your great granddaughter Addison - wish you were here!
—Jane Tuttle

To: Sarah
To Sarah-38 weeks pregnant! Here's hoping you will NOT go into labor out there on the lawn at Tanglewood listening to PHC tonight, but wouldn't it be a great story if you did?! Love--Chrissy
—Chrissy DeAngelis

June 22, 2008

To: Dadoo
Happy Birthday, Dadoo! Thanks for the tickets . . . I'll accept your bribes to come home any time! Seriously, though, this is great! Love, Punker
—Diane D.

June 21, 2008

To: david and amanda
thanks for the treat of seeing a praire home companion in the midst of a stormy afternoon. the show was great and so was the company. you know how much i love you and now so does everone else!
—amy griffiths

To: Fred & Louise Moritz
Happy 50th Anniversary !!! Love Peter, Debbie, jessica and Matthew
—Pete Moritz

To: Paul and Norma Reed
Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary. From your loving family Patricia, Terry, Steve, Mary Beth, Gregory, Cynthia and grandchildren.
—Gregory Reed

To: Phillip
Happy Birthday to my 40 year old prince of a husband, Phillip. I've been in this decade for 5 years before you, thanks for finally catching up! Love you even with less hair, your queen, Elysabeth.
—Elysabeth Bouton

To: Susan Geiger
I would like to wish my darling wife of now 28 years a happy birthday (the big 50). After some quick calculation I now believe I have said "I love you" approximately 10,220 times since we've been married, not to mention all the time I said befroe we were married.
—Gordon Geiger

To: Lori Schneider
To Lori, that pretty girl who twenty years ago used to hold my hand under the lane lines at swim practice. Happy wedding anniversary. Love Kurt
—Kurt Schneider

To: Peter
Happy Birthday Peter, Hope to see you in Neverland sooner than later. Running out of fairy dust. Love, Wendy
—Catherine High

To: Ken and Lori Twardziak
Hope you guys are having fun, we know you've been wanting to see the show live for years!! Maybe tonight dad will break out the "DEER ANTLERS" for mom! Love Amy, Jeremy, Nikki, Kenny
—Amy Twardziak

To: Steve
Happy anniversary farm boy! Nine great years to the same great guy! Love you, CJ
—conni cook-wagner

To: dave
Happy anniversary honey. Sorry I said I should get a medal for being married to you for 24 years! I was just mad. You're the best!
—Jackie Pinter

To: Mickey & Nadara Mader
Happy 47th Anniversary to our mom and dad, Mickey and Nadara. No one thought it would last when you were barely 20 and living in a trailer with a new baby, but look at you now, a happy, OLD married couple! P.S. Sarah, you're only 17, don't be afraid to major in English (just ask GK).
—Jacki & Dave Pinter

To: Miss Ina
Happy Birthday to our wild, wicked slip of a girl in Pinetop, Arizona. All our love.
—felice and sam serrano

To: Jesse and Pinky
Happy 50th anniversary Mom and Dooda! Love the whole Fam Damily
—gaynelle myers

To: Tim
If you wear your "Live Fast" trunks this week, we're sure you won't drown. Just stay IN the canoe!
—Shelly Silvaggi

To: Deb Weinstein
We wish you a happy 50th birthday. I hope you are enjoying the show at the Blossom on your birthday. We love you! me and the kids
—james ross

June 20, 2008

To: Jon and Karen Hampshire
Congratulations to Jon and Karen, in the audience tonight, awaiting the birth in Otober of their forst child, Hannah Marie,
—Doug DeVos

To: Marc Davidson
Hello from your parents in Minneapolis. Hope your internship at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland is fun!
—Shellie Specter & Bob Davidson

To: Candi Hamilton
Happy 6th anniversary dear, I look forward to our late night walks on the beach and finding money at Cedar Point. Love, Your Captain John.
—John Hamilton

To: Ron and Melody
Happy 35th wedding anniversary. We love you.
—Rob and Karisa Bethune

To: Caroline & Mickey
To Caroline & Mickey in Charleston: looking forward to practicing yoga with you when you return to Cleveland in a couple weeks. Until then, keep your dogs facing downward! Peace and Love, Megan & Scott
—Megan Tettau

June 19, 2008

To: Jack and Anna Mendelin
Happy 39th anniversary on this summer solstice. Hope everything is peachy in the ol’ UP of Michigan. Can’t wait to see you two next weekend for the ribs, lamb kabobs, and egg plant parmesan. Go Tigers! Love Tony and Tricia from Detroit.
—Tony Mendelin

To: Grandma Toots
Hey Grandma! Hope your enjoying the unbearable heat of the great Minnesotan summers. I'm also wondering when will you find that sugar daddy. Because I saw cute man at the grocery store and he was right in front of me. Alone. Love you!
—Celia Knieff

To: Ted and Mary Hook
Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Ted and Mary Hook! We love you more than the moon and the stars. Love, Chad, Polly Josie and Sammie
—Polly Cooper

To: Debbie Bailey-Murray
The flood waters missed us by two blocks and as of today, we've been married for sixteen years. How lucky can one man get?
—Arthur Bailey-Murray

To: Chris, Shirley & Ryan
Happy 3rd Birthday to grandson Ryan in Saudi Arabia. Grandma Jan & Scott send their love. Hope to see you at Christmas!
—Janet O Malley

To: John K. Rayl
Happy Belated Father's Day. I love you with all my heart.
—Kendra Giesseman

June 18, 2008

To: Victor Neff
Victor, Just thought I'd let you know that I love you. And that I'm pretty excited to be a part of "one of your biggest dreams..." which is to see Garrison Keillor live! Happy Birthday!!!!! Love, Theresa
—Theresa Parsons

To: Florence Summers and Florence Wott
Hello to our moms, both named Florence and both ninety-one years young. Mom W, please send molasses cookies. Mom S, keep those golf scores down and say hello to Ernie (also 91)? How’s he like the new hybrid car?
—Bill and Karyl Summers

To: Marilyn and Roger Lipster
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! And you have lived in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for 48 of those years! We're celebrating at Prairie Home Companion at Blossom!
—Herb and Kathy Wise

To: Jenny and Jody
Best wishes to this couple. "If we hadn't been married today at Squires Castle in Willoughby and now celebrating at Happy Day's Lodge in Peninsula, - we'd be there at Blossom with you!"

To: Marcy Becker
To my wife, happy birthday (6/21) You seem to get more beautiful as the years go by, even when your mad at me. I love you
—Jay Becker

To: Dad
While you're at Blossom enjoying the show, I'm taking the test that could get me into school and out of your house -- keep praying!
—Michael Lander

To: Dennis Duke
Happy 55th birthday to my favorite guy. I waited a very long time and, finally, here you are!!
—Lorna Hickam

To: Mom and Matthew
Happy Belated Mother's Day and Belated Birthday...oddly enough Hallmark didn't have a card to cover both.....enjoy the show in teresa
—Teresa Montalvo

June 17, 2008

To: My brother, Raymond
To my soil scientist brother, just remember it's not DIRT until it comes into the house!
—Maureen Burns

To: Emma Blake
Happy 8th birthday Emma Blake Happy 50ish Dave "Poppy" Blake Happy 50ish Kathy "Mamma" Blake Love, Randy & Mary listening in New Orleans!
—Randall Blake

To: Sammy
You are my favorite thief - thank you for stealing this time with me!
—Lynn Kessler

To: Uncle James Neil Birney
Happy Birthday Uncle Neil here we are meeting in Ohio, you from Canada and me from Indiana. My first live Prairie Home Compagnion show, mom & dad's and gramma's too. I hope I get up on stage and sing happy birthday, from your favorite 5 year old neice.
—Hannah Amos

To: Ron
Birthday greetings to RonMop. With memories of Canterbury Hall and Longport New Jersey 47 years ago when we were 19! Glad you found me again. Love ya!
—Annie Bodell

June 16, 2008

To: The Phillips Family and Unlce David and Aunt Judy
Nameste from Bangalore, India, the land of boiled beans. Miss you and love you, Dan and Andrea
—Dan Phillips

To: Chris Cherokee Wolf
Happy 47th birthday week!!! Your other present for this year is waiting for you in the pasture, yip-yip-yip -long life to the Cherokee!
—Stace Butler

June 15, 2008

To: Monica Hammond Roby
Happy Birthday on June 27, my love. What a treat for Sierra, Mick and I to bring you to your favorite show. Many thanks to Bill and Donna for a great weekend.
—Jim Roby, MD

To: lora willis
hello from martin and grant in ohio to grandma willis in Arizona. Grant will be out soon to tour the copper mine
—john willis

To: to my brother in-law Rob, my sister Lucie, and the guys Joel and Michael
Hope you are having a good time tonight, wish I could be there with you, Is the show as good as the movie was? Love from Montréal, Québec, Anne
—Anne Fortin

June 14, 2008

To: Bob Sweikowsky
You must be Mr. Keillor's biggest fan, driving all the way from Canton, Michigan to see this show. Thanks for taking us along!
—Mary Houser

To: Marie mom Lee
It takes a special mom to raise "above average" kids. Thanks mom and enjoy your mother's day gift at A Prairie Home Companion.
—Marcus Lee

To: Paul Lore
Watch out for those tornados in Oklahoma! We miss you Daddy! PS: GO BLUE!
—Julianne, Giovanni, and Isabella Lore

To: Grandpa Mike
Grandpa I ate my vegibles!
—Julianne, Giovanni, and Isabella Lore

To: Scott
Happy 13th Anniversary to my wonderful husband Scott. Just think, we'll be 90 years old on our 50th!!
—Kathi Spangler

To: Kristoff
Congratulations on your graduation and your prom date--even if you did have to bare your bottom to do it!
—Mom and Dad W

To: Tom Schaffer ( Pops)
Why the bad timing, nobody knows, but there you are, recovering at St. Joes. This Fathers day you must rest, but everyday I would say, " MY POPS IS THE BEST"
—Amy Seine

To: John, Matt, and Katherine
I picked up some fresh rhubarb at the farmer's market this morning. Come over after the show for rhubarb pie.
—Chris Wahl

To: sarah guilliams
In answer to your question from last week, you are the love of my life..... I will love you until the end of are time,, And do my best to be your bestes friend and buddy. jim
—jim guilliams

June 13, 2008

To: David and Gayle Grande
To Mom and Dad in Mankato~ Hope you made it back to Minnesota. after your oldest grandaughter's graduation open house. Sorry we didn't make lefse, but the rosettes were a hit! The puppy is fine and Jack and Claire still like piano despite the tornado. Love, Dave and Lauryl
—Lauryl Grande-Cassell

To: Joe
You are the best Dad happy Father's Day! We love you and hope you and Mom are having fun celebrating your Birthday. See you tomorrow! love, Daniel, Rachel and Ellie
—Michele Heibel

To: Chris
I told you I would get you tickets! (and yes, Garrison Keillor just said your name.) All my love.
—Neely Shingledecker

June 12, 2008

To: Jeremy Santos
Mer and Jer: Sorry we took the kids instead of you! Hope to see you this summer! Shar and Lar.
—Mike Frandsen

To: john and evan hanson
"I love you!" to my husband in Russia and son in Japan. Thanks to Linda for coming from Texas to share this experience. Go Blue!
—Judy Hanson

To: To my newborn nephew Jack William Caplis
Here's to the newest addition to our family, and a kid so cute that he can't possibly be my brother's!
—Robert Caplis

To: Richard Grant
Happy Father's Day Dad. Best friend Judy and I are checking one off the "bucket list" here in A squared. Sorry, only two tickets. Go Blue!
—Linda Worth

To: Uncle Michael
We are visiting U of M and Ann Arbor, your old stomping grounds. Fiona got a great grade on her math test due in no small part to your wise tutelage, thanks for that. We had a wonderful visit with you last month. We miss you already. Love, Chris, Bridget, Fiona, Henry, and Huey
—Bridget Theodoroff

To: Judy Hock
Happy Birthday to the most wonderful mom in the whole wide world!!! We've listened to "A Prairie Home Companion" for as long as I can remember, and it's exciting that we are finally here tonight during the live show. It's great to be with you, and a so many other fans of the show.
—Kate Narkiewicz

To: Peter Soltys
Happy Father's Day from Salamanca, Spain. We've had baby eels for dinner 5 nights in a row. Can't wait to be back in Cincinnati.....
—Gabrielle Soltys

June 10, 2008

To: Jim and Eleanor
Happy 54th anniversary! Here's hoping you remember your Anoka math enough to count that high!
—Carol Graves

To: Martin Bolt
Congratulations, Dad, on your retirement after more than 35 years as a Calvin professor! Best wishes as you start this new phase of life, and good luck to mom as she learns how to handle a non-working husband. Lots of love to you both, from your daughter who carries family professorship on into the future!
—Sara Bolt

To: Jerry Babbert
Happy Father's Day - you've always been there through good times and bad. I can't tell you how much you mean to us all.
—Todd Babbert

To: sam
I would gladly substitute pie for ice cream to steal a few more minutes with you! thank you for the best birthday gift ever!
—Lynn Kessler

June 9, 2008

To: My Sister Mary
Who moved from the beautiful climes of Maple Lake, Minnesota to the unbearable heat albeit beautiful ocean view of Mt. Pleasant SC, I never thought you could do it! We Northerners are not meant for that kind of weather! How can you breathe?
—Your Sister Kathleen Cooper

To: Edward Tam
Hope you are enjoying the live show. I wanted you to have an extra special Father's Day. Love, Your loving children and wife
—Colleen Tam

To: Oma
Don't forget to bring your Norwegian pastry recipes to the reunion next week. I haven't been able to find any Kringla in South Florida... lot's of love
—Lee Anton

To: Eliyahu
Bravo for graduating from JCHS ON your 18th birthday. You'll love college! I am so happy that you decided NOT to stay a runaway. - Mom
—Lior jacober

To: Sam Hudson
Mr. Keillor, My current girlfriend and I want to send Sam Hudson a belated congratulations on his marriage. I met Sam(Sammy) along time ago while attending Wooddale church in Eden Prairie MN...Please let Sam know that my girlfriend, Janey used to go to his recording studio in Bloomington...I pray and hope all is well... Brad
—bradley daniels

To: Rev.Mike Vandiver
Congratulations on retirement from 35 years of ministry. I look forward to having many years of "church" with you on Lake Hartwell, S.C.
—Donna Vandiver

June 8, 2008

To: Mom/Marie
Happy Mother's day, Mom, from all 30 of us! So glad you could attend on Father's day weekend! love, Maia and Steve
—Maia Wright

To: Linda Prichard
Podcast greetings from Sendai Japan! Where the men have black hair, the women have balck hair, and all the children have black hair. Coming home this week after nine months. Linda - please remove all fish, rice and tofu from the house.
—Jim Prichard

To: Bill and Mary Miles
Happy 30th Anniversary on Wednesday to Mom and Dad, who spent their first year of marriage attending the live shows of a Prairie Home Companion in St. Paul; from Evelyn, your greatest achievement. I love you and I can't wait to see you next week here in Sunny California!
—Evelyn Miles

To: Marie Lee
With all of the rest of the Lee clan, I wish you--what else and why not?--Happy Mothers Day on Fathers Day!
—Peg Lee

To: Pat and Robin
Sorry you were slow to hit send when you bought your tickets. We will let you know if he really does have hair growing out of his nose.
— Haynes

To: Wesley
For my son on his 16th birthday...Yes, you may have a car when you are rich. Meanwhile, how about another bicycle? Dad
—Richard Alexander

To: grandma dorthy
grandma dorthy, i hope you are not having too much fun this weekend! your grandson Richard
—rick monserud

To: Tom Brooks
Congratulations on your 200 mile ride for M.S. We are looking forward to your wedding to wonderful Christina in Chicago on July 5th.
—Tom Brooks

To: Dr. Aimee Brooks aka Mrs. Taggart
We couldn't be prouder of our new doctor and your new husband, Dave. Now we just need to survive your brother's wedding next month!
—Beth Brooks

June 7, 2008

To: Tom Mitchell
June 21 the longest day of summer-Also Tom Mitchells 41st B-day all day. Happy Birthday Tom! love Lana & kids
—Lana Mitchell

To: Christopher Ma
Happy 11th Anniversary, Babe. Now that it's legal in CA, will you marry me?
—James Boline

June 6, 2008

To: Josh Chin
Greetings from The Netherlands! Hope you had a nice birthday this week. Have fun and enjoy this week's show in your City of Angels. We'll tune in to KPCC as usual!
—Wouter, Rosana, Junior and Seth Haffmans

To: Mari
Happy Anniversary. How 10 years have flown! I'm looking forward to many more with you as my home companion.
—Hani Zubi

To: Sandi Duncan
Yup, Los Angeles has been good to you. You beat the cancer and we all love you. Happy Birthday, kid.
—Mary Eileen O'Donnell

To: Pastor Richard and Renella Busk
Blessed fiftieth anniversary June 7 from Ruthie, Bob, Colleen, Jessica, Bronson, Bobby, Sara, Scott, James, Zachary, Kristina, and Lillie!
—Ruthie Agman

To: Belinda Poropudas
We miss you in Helsinki its no Duluth See you soon and thats the truth
—Clem Henriksen

To: Adelaide Hemmes
Happy birthday! God grant you many years!
—John & Linda Griffith

To: Carly Jackson
Happy Birthday Nismo. Here is to you on your birthday and new job. Birmingham is glad to have you back and I am so proud of you.
—J.R. Kamra

To: Jim & Ingred Bierman
Wishing you a happy 52nd Anniversary - a journey beginning in a canoe on Minnesota's Northern Lakes and continuing at the Greek in Southern California.
—Joan Bierman

June 5, 2008

To: Mary
Greetings from the Sons of Norway
—Leo Bell

To: Lisette
Love you. Five continuous years with Garrison in LA. Here's to twenty more. Sure hope he lives that long.
—Henry Gittler

To: Nancy Lou
Happy Birthday Mom! You look great and younger than ever. I hope your next 62 years are as exciting as the last were!
—Rosemary Linares

To: Lindsay and Eli
Dear Lindsay and Eli, in case you are so overwhelmed that it is hard to hear our wedding readings to you, I am hoping that when you tune in to the Prairie Home Companion and will be able listen, we are all so incredibly happy that you are getting married! much love Dad, Lea and the Yaj The reading is as follows: A truth about relationships is revealed in Margaret Wise Brown’s classic children’s book The Runaway Bunny. As many of you know the book is a conversation between a mother rabbit and one of her bunnies who wants to run away. The bunny tells his mother “I am running away….If you run after me, I will become a fish in a trout stream and I will swim away from you…” to which his mother responds that no matter how far he wants to go, no matter how well he wants to hide, his mother will be there: “if you become a bird and fly away from me,” says his mother, “I will be a tree that you come home to….if you become a crocus in a hidden garden…I will be a gardener and I will find you…… if you become a rock on the mountain high above me I will be a mountain climber, and I will climb to where you are.” In our closest relationships we need to give each other the freedom to be ourselves by holding space for each other’s evolution safely in our hearts at the same time as we maintain our deepest, closest connection. Our partner can hide, change and explore, always knowing that we will be there. It is this balance between communion and autonomy, between adventure and intimacy, held in a profoundly mutual and loving space that we wish for Lindsay and Eli throughout their lives together
—Emanuel Pariser

June 4, 2008

To: Abby, Amelia & Anthony
What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas...We are escaping to enjoy "The Show" at the Greek Theatre. To our young adult children we left at home in Vegas, remember...Mom knows everything!
—Maria Henry

To: Keala
Keala, Happy Birthday #11. Hope you and your friends enjoy the Greek Theater show. Daddy O.
—Daddy' O Rusher

To: Danny Ott
A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou beside me beneath the stars at The Greek. Happy Birthday Danny Darlin'! Love, Rubaiyat
—Robin Ott

To: Sam
I would have pie instead of ice cream any day to steal a few extra minutes with you! Thanks for the tickets
—Lynn Kessler

June 3, 2008

To: Gary Katz
Happy anniversary (nine years, two weeks) from your devoted wife, who is glad to have you back on the Left Coast after your NYC sojourn.
—Mary Lou Katz

To: Lisette
My darling wife I love you. I hope you hear this during our fifth show together in Los Angeles. Here's to thirty more years together.
—Henry Gittler

To: Ben
Happy 38th birthday, Happy 14th anniversary and Happy Father's Day... Hope you don't mind I used your Ebay account to bid on these tickets! They're your gift for all of the just-mentioned events. I love you!
—Chris Thorner

To: Carly Jackson
Big weekend! Birthday today and starting your new job in the new city on Monday (June 9th). Birmingham is happy to have you back and I am so proud of you. With love.
—J.R. Kamra

To: Jerry Horn
Happy Birthday to my husband of almost 18 years. We were here for the show last year on his birthday and he enjoyed it so much that he wanted to come back this year, especially since his favorite President would be there. Jerry is 8^2 or 4^3 or 2^6 years old and we will let the Catshup Advisory Board do the calculations. Love, Sue
—Susan Horn

To: Bruce
You taught me to "wait and sea" and it sure has been worth it. Only two more years and I'll be a college graduate!
—Sandy Gilman

To: Jim and Bonny Shkiele
Bonny, you can't let Jim retire! Who will the rats flip off?
—Karen and Gabe Beckers

To: Zack Parr
Congratulations Zack Parr on your high school graduation. Thanks for the weekly political updates about Bush-Cheney disasters, your Al Franken and Jon Stewart imitations and for telling me, each visit, what movie had the highest ticket sales over the weekend. I am a better psychotherapist from the privilege of working with you. The world is a better place because you're in it.
—Your therapist Susan Cook

June 2, 2008

To: Brad Bradford
Brad: Sorry you missed the show in Las Cruces. We know you get great reception near Rustler Park in the Chiricahuas. We applauded in your absence. Here is to many more nights in the Sky Islands a' listenin' to the show.
—winston Lewis

To: Maureen
Maureen is the greatest in the world. If a person could be perfect in every way she would be that person. I look forward to many many years of her close company no matter were in the world that might be.
—Paul Jones

To: Paul Jones
I beat you here! I love you and I hope that you have a great week, and hope to see you soon!
—Maureen Sheldon

To: Jennifer Grappone
Happy 39th Birthday to Jennifer Grappone from her loving husband of 12 years. This is her first 39th birthday and her first live PHC.
—Todd Grappone

To: emily faulkner
i was brought here as a fathers day gift by my daughter emily. i a so proud of her 'she will be graduating from akron u this summer with a a average its not always true the child turns out like a parent!!!
—greg faulkner

To: Ashley
We had our first date here at PHC in Los Angeles and we celebrated our first anniversary here last year. Ashley, I now know I want to always be with you and be the father of your children if I could only have another chance!
—John Schroeder

June 1, 2008

To: Susan and Herman EIchman
Hope your summer in San Diego is getting off to a great start, well Iowa. give your little sis a congrats, I got a science teaching job within a week of graduating!
—Trudi Cadenbach

To: Virginia Tech Softball team
Hi from Bus Driver Larry! Hope you have a safe flight/bus ride home. Loved meeting you all. You all made watching softball fun and exciting. God Bless.
—larry skrdla

May 31, 2008

To: Merrill Sapp
Congratulations on completing your PhD. from Mom & Dad
—Betty Sapp

To: Lennie and Mac McMillen
Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad! Still smiling after 62 years of marriage! WOW!
—June McMillen

To: Cindy Rive
The Greek 6 June... Delayed gratification. We dated at Lutheran High School 1966, a New Zealand Presbyterian exchange student and a Long Beach Lutheran girl. We met again in 2002, married and love life together in Long Beach CA. I love you Cindy.
—Philip Rive

To: Ellen and Alden
Hope to see you soon! I love you!
—Beth Kerschner

To: Their Family
Mitch & Starr from Silver City, New Mexico send best wishes to their family Back East. Doesn't Green Chile gelato sound good right about now?
—Mitchell Hellman

May 30, 2008

To: Big Fish Dadda
THANK YOU...For filling our home with live music, teaching our sons to cuss like sailors and care like sensitive new-age guys and always.... loving ...your crazy, redheaded wife.
—Lisa Carlson

To: Katherine and Craig Tyner
This year my folks (I love you, guys!) both turn 40...and celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Oh, wait, I think I got that backwards.
—Kelley McAllister

To: Stan, Marilue, Dr. Mcrae, Dennis, and Linda
Thanks for the hospitality on our recent stays. We'll come back through the midwest to pick up the things we left, no need to send them.
—Robert & Anne Watkins

To: Pete Eidenbach
Pedro-Pete-Dad, Happy 65th! Now you're truly elevated to the place for wizened-mountain-hippies. Rock on, you know we all love you, Sara, Kirstin, Samantha, Linda, Juha(you-ha), Gryph, Herkie, Sage, Mitch and Tonttuu.
—Sara Eidenbach

To: Elizabeth
Happy Birthday & Congratulations on completion of your residency Dr. Elizabeth Roberts as you head to Kodiak Alaska from Anchorage having started in Minnetonka MN. Love Wisconsin Mom.
—Audrey Roberts

To: Pat and Kent Ragland
Happy 40th anniversary to Kent and Pat--who'd've thought when you switched the placecards at prom in 1963 to peer over your dates' shoulders at each other that you'd end up here? Love, your kids and grandkids
—Kelley Ragland

To: Bob & Diana Schmidt
Hey, Mom and Dad in the deep woods of MN, Congrats on 36 years of gentle German/Norwegian bickering, deep conversations followed by witty replies in laughter, and two daughters whose only struggle was to figure out how to say "We love you now please pay this therapy bill!" Happy Anniversary!
—Allison & Caroline Schmidt

To: aquila
I hope you're having an amazing time with every facet of your life. Utila is great but i miss you very, very much. 3 weeks. i love you
—julia collins

To: Tom
Hope you are enjoying our weekend in Las Cruces, Happy 23rd Anniversary.
—Monica Gibson

May 29, 2008

To: Grandma Nell
Hi to Grandma Nell in Las Cruces from your new granddaughter Elena! Please send some Milagro coffee for Dad.
—Elena Seymour

To: Brendan Boland
Congratulations on finishing your residency! I'm so proud of you! Love Annie
—Anne Boland

May 28, 2008

To: Bret and Deanna Anderson
Hi Bret and Deanna, Give our latest Grand daughter (Violet)a big hug and we will be up in Minnesota my the end of June to get to know her.
—Dona and Tom (Gramma and Grampa) Devine

To: Richard Madison
Birthday wishes for 60 years of this Roswell resident, born 10 months after the aliens dropped ship. If only we knew the gestation period of aliens.
—Jo Anna Madison

To: Sam Sico (pronounced seeko)
If it's May 31st, I'm in the audience. Hope you're listening. Miss everyone back in New England. Love from Las Cruces,
—Bonnie Russell

To: Bobbie Rich
Hope you break out of your ANONYMOUS life and get to sing your music for Garrison and a duet with him too one day soon. I love you dearly. Ann
—Ann Onymous

To: Jeff Peckham
"Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age." (French proverb) Happy 52nd birthday from Neal, Dale, and your ex-wife.
—Nancy Clein

To: Bob and Anne Watkins
Happy 54th Aniversary and many more, from the kids. Thank-you for surviving rain, hail, tornadic activity, two twenty-somethings, and an english muffin to be here. Glad you made it.
—Cindy Watkins

To: Donalee
Remember when we married you said you always wanted to see a live PHC broadcast? Well, here we are in Las Cruces and I finally got those tickets. Thanks for 27 wonderful years of patience! Happy Anniversary!
—Mike Bartholomew

To: The Magpies
The online quilting group The Magpies are in Las Cruces this weekend for their 5th real-life get-together. We say hi to the 'Pies who can't be with us in person!
—Nann Hilyard

May 27, 2008

To: Nolan Roddy
Grandma Mimi and Grandpa Hugh from Las Cruces wish our 2 and one half year old grandson a happy Saturday in MN. We will be in Edina soon bearing Georgie and Elmo 'big boy pants' for you.
—Mimi Roddy

To: Michael Sample
Happy 60th birthday to the greatest husband! You haven't missed a show since 1974. See why I said no bathroom until after the greetings? Love,
—Melinda Sample

May 26, 2008

To: Jasper Nordin
Have your Dad help you get the fishing rod ready. We see you in New London in July.Grandpa Owe
—Owe Bergh

To: Larry Sullivan
Hi Dad! Greetings from Seattle. Miss listening to Alice's Restaurant with you.
—Kaelyn Sullivan

To: Hildy and Ranger
Happy Aniversary to the wild and free Hildy and Ranger from Jillie Bean, Marian, Alex, Sugar and the Giz
—Marian Rosenblum

To: Ron & Kathy Cooke
Should have waited until June this year to return to cool, rainy Albany, NY. We'll miss you at the PHC show but know you'll be listening. It's beautiful here, winds have stopped and your house is still standing!
—Mike & Shirley Armstrong

May 25, 2008

To: Joe and Bobbie Provencio
Hi Mom and Dad! Your eight children would like to wish you a wonderfully happy 58th anniversary!! Have a great time! We Love You!!
—Michelle Provencio

May 24, 2008

To: Andrew and Katelyn
I'll wait till I'm eight before I go on a date. Thanks from Montague. Happy birthday to Andrew.
—Robert Jonas Allyn

To: Olivia Ellis
Happy actual birthday this time. Terribly, terribly sorry to get my greeting submission wrong last week I swear I will get this one right
—Robin Crigler

To: Mary molly
happy birthday mary molly from me cheri amy and ben with love
—Christian hommel

To: Amanda King
Hi to Amanda and Wilson in the crowd at Wolf Trap this week from Amanda's parents. Congratulations to Amanda on surviving her first year teaching with Teach for America!
—Mark King

To: Brooke Soles
Brooke: Happy Birthday, congratulations on your Master's degree and Happy Anniversary! You're the greatest, tiger! Love, J
—Jessica Strauss

To: Mom, Dad, and Cody
Greetings from Washington DC, congratulations Cody on getting your driver's license! I feel so old now.
—Zoe Berman

To: Joel and Rita Persing
Hope you had a great bus ride to the show tonight! See you tomorrow at lunch. p.s. Would you be able to watch the grandkids after lunch tomorrow for a bit? Miss you.
—Erin Summers

To: Kyle Kopatz and Natasha Bailey
Congratulation on receiving our Master of Education Degrees from the University of Maryland College Park! The easy work is over, the real work is ahead. From Mom & Dad Kopatz and Mom & Dad Bailey
—Marty Kopatz

May 23, 2008

To: Lyn Isenberger
Dear Mom, Still so thankful you were here with us when my water broke! See you in Gettysburg soon. Let's share a piece of strawberry-rhubarb pie!
—Stephanie Blacksmith

To: Robert Zimmerman
I hear you daily on my current music machine and always in my mind. I question today's youth about their Dylan. We need your voice more than ever. Your words are timeless. Enjoy your birthday, Love Cheryl
—Cheryl Peterson

To: Uncle Gus, Attorney At Law
Congratulations to Uncle Gus, Attorney at Law in the audience tonight! We need to talk about these Mother-forced nap times. Do I have a case? Love, Lizzie
—Lizzie McKinney

To: Dave and Becky Wilson
Enjoy the show! Next time, count us in! Sing along to the Rhubarb Pie song for us and don't stay out too late tonight!
—Amy & Travis Hardy

To: Lee Phillips
Happy Birthday, sweetie! No, you're not turning 45, you're just lapping 22.5! Love you madly! - Mark
—Mark Phillips

To: Elizabeth and Dan
Dear Elizabeth and Dan: Thanks for helping me celebrate my 47th birthday by being here at Wolf Trap tonight! You are a wonderful husband and daughter, and I love you! Love, Mom/Eliza.
—Eliza Carney

To: Don & Judy
Greetings to our friends Don & Judy in Brunnerville, PA. who are blissful proof of the Samuel Johnson quote,"A second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience."
—Daniel Hoy

To: Nicholas McKinney
Congratulations on passing the bar! Now we have a target for our lawyer jokes. Love - Mom, Dad and Grandpa Bob
—Karen McKinney

To: Grandma and Pop
Hope you are enjoying the show! August says "love you much" as he plays in his new sandbox.
—Colette and Jake Stetler

To: Ralph & Sarah Lambert
Sorry we couldn't afford the limo for the trip so you could neck in the back seat on the way to the show Saturday! Happy 50th Anniversary anyway! WIth much love from your daughters
—Marion Lambert

To: Ruth Savino
It's tough livin' a high speed life with a dial-up brain. Just keep adjusting your sails...your ship will come in!
—jeanine Moore

May 22, 2008

To: John Peter (good Lutheran name)
We did it - off the grid, sustainable living on the Florida mountains, but older, greyer and approaching the sunset. It WAS a wonderful life 'evers and 'evers, Amen.
—Honey Bunnies

To: Neal Fannin
Happy belated birthday trip honey. Thanks for waiting until May to see the show. Flying to Minnesota in January just seemed soooo COLD.
—Marla Fannin

To: Martin
Five years ago today I married you in the pouring rain under a neon orange umbrella. Here's to many more years of bad weather and good times!
—Ellen Zak

To: Christine
Christine, I adore everything about you, even if you don't like mushrooms. I'm glad you could be here with me tonight. With love, Eston.
—Eston Melton

To: Joe and Polly
Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! I love you and thanks for being such great parents and people.
—Kirby Ledvina

To: Michael Szekely
To our own dear dr. Mike, our favorie philosopher, percussionist, wordsmith and mouthnoise maker. Have a happy birthay celebration. We love ya, Your favorite in-laws.
—Eve Parker

To: Terry
Happiest 28th anniversary wishes, love of my life. Hope you're enjoying the show (courtesy of the kids). Still loving you, if from two rows away.
—John Pirko

To: Kevin Mulshine and Laura Kumin
Happy 27th Anniversary, Mom and Dad. Nothing could compare to that trip to Tuscany, but some Rhubarb Pie with Guy Noir should come close.
—Liam and Eleanor Mulshine

To: Mom and Dad
I think I almost have Bubba convinced to stay up here! Please send more money and/or stamps.
—becky Pelley

May 21, 2008

To: Fagan and Cynthia Whitewolf
Aaron and Raina would like to wish Mom and Dad a happy 40th aniversary.
—Aaron Whitewolf

To: Jack & Ryan
Susan & Patrick from Hanover, PA want to say goodnight to their sons, Jack & Ryan. Don't forget to put on your PJs, brush your teeth, untie Aunt Mary & go to bed.
—Patrick & Susan Moore

To: Art Prange & Kay Cooper
Congratulations to Art Prange & Kay Cooper of Hillsborough, NC from all the kids, grandkids, and greatgrand kids. At 81 and 73, and after 20 years of couple-dom, Art and Kay have made it "official". We wish you all the best of married bliss for many years to come!
—Christy & Rick Rappoport

To: Steve
Hey Stewie... Thanks for 2 "super-fun" years and here's to decades more. Let's go get some crabs, hon!
—Jen Moul

May 20, 2008

To: Brent & Kellee
Happy Anniversary. Thank you for sharing this night and these past six years with us. Love, Mom & Dad
—Earl & LaVonne Kruse

To: Dan Davis
Dan, Happy 7th anniversary, celebrating as we always do with Garrison and a few 1,000 other people at Wolftrap. Pontoon Love, Suzanne
—Suzanne Schmidt

To: Mary McMullin
mum, even though you're turning one year older, your amazing energy and vibrant smile will always make you look younger. happy birthday. i love you.
—Leslie McMullin

To: Lyn and Sam Isenberger
Greetings to Nana-Lyn and Pap-Pap! Hope you are enjoying your Christmas gift in May with GK! So glad we were able to get you off the lawn this time! Love & Hugs, Spencer, Emma & Maia.
—Stephanie and William Blacksmith

May 19, 2008

To: Gerald Mattern
In honor of my father's 80th birthday, July 30th--the man who taught me to love jazz, a good homemade soup, freshly line-dried linens, taught me that it's noble for men to cry--esp when listening to great music, and that one person can indeed change the world--happy birthday, Dad. I love you.
—Johanna Mattern Allen

To: My darlin wife, Rachel on our 10th Anniversary
Happy Anniversary! Ten years to the day(5/24/08)after our wedding, here on the lawn at Wolf Trap, I'm gladder than ever that you decided to say "Yes!" rather than spend the night washing dishes at Sabatino's. Also, thanks to Lois and Neville, who despite their misgivings, allowed their daughter to marry a Yankees fan.
—Jeff Weiss

May 18, 2008

To: Michael Allen Felner
121 Fridays Together! Some together together (and on the same page) and others just together. To getting back on the same page! I Love You!
—Ann Mary Crehan

To: Lisa, Andrew and Jasper
Light the camp fire, boil the sweet corn. We'll see you in New London, Mn. at arthouse in July. Grandpa Owe and Grandma
—Owe Bergh

May 17, 2008

To: Olivia Ellis
Happy Birthday May you grow as old as the candy in the Golden Carp pinata But don't melt
—Robin Crigler

May 16, 2008

To: angela runder
Happy birthday mom
—jordan runder

To: Cari
Happy Birthday to my new wife! I love you very much.
—Stephen Gundee

To: Emma
Graduation's almost here, my love. It's all about becoming more highly evolved!
—Dave & Ruth Coate

To: Kathe
Happy Birthday Aunt Kathe! Hope all is well with you, Uncle Ray, and all of the critters. With Love, Your Favorite Niece & Mike in Cincinnati
—Amy Valentiner

May 14, 2008

To: Dan and Florence
Congratulations on the move and happy 83rd birthday, Mom. We got the inheritance and are foolishly spending it on tickets to Wolftrap. The portrait of the "Guards at the Gate of the Eureka Valley Girls School" has a new home. We love you--Son Number 5 and Kate.
—Kate Bradford

To: Grammy & Grampy Dahlquist
Wow! It's nothing short of a miracle that you haven't killed each other after 46 years of marriage. Try to resist the temptation until AFTER we throw you the big 5-0 shindig. Love, The California Kids
—Christine, Steve & Lindsay Beth Abrams

To: Eric and Stan Siegel
Happy 25th to Eric,Happy 60th to Stan. Happy Graduation from MCLA to Eric, I know how hard it was for u since therapy startedat 2rs.old. Garrison he needs job! HINT! Love, Mom
—Nancy Siegel

May 13, 2008

To: Judy Demory
A belated Mother's Day greeting for my mom...Thanks for all you do for us!
—Patti Demory

May 11, 2008

To: Danielle, Olivia, and Erika
Happy BIRTHDAYS this month to our Granddaughters
—MeMa & PopUp McInturff

To: jenny
dr. mom- i hope that you have a wonderful mothers day, even though we are so far apart right now. love you much! your loving daughter, jayne
—jayne mork

To: Megan Clark
Hello to Megan in Columbia, MO, from Mom and Dad. Your sister Celi gave us wonderful seats for the Milwaukee show. If you're still feeling competitive, Springsteen will be here in September.
—Kevin Clark

May 10, 2008

To: Mae Barrett-Fox
Happy First Birthday. I hope you have a Praire Home Companion party. You be Dusty and I'll be Lefty because I am left-handed. Love, Your brother, Gus, who is almost four.
—Gus Barrett-Fox

To: Tim and Barb Schmidt
Hello to Tim, Barb, Dan, and Mark, the best parents and uncles a girl could ask for. Hope you're enjoying the show in Milwaukee!
—Ellen Schmidt

To: Diane
Happy 32nd Anniversary from the guy who used to buy you hot dogs in high school.
—Tom Arenberg

To: Pat
Celebrating your 50th birthday on Mothers Day by walking on your first Susan G Komen Race for the cure.You will be jogging in them in the years to come Dave,Ali & Steve
—Dave Perrier

To: Priscilla a.k.a Mom
Here's wishing you a Happy Mother's day! Hope you and Dad are still enjoying your cross country adventure in that new home-on-wheels. Don't stay gone to long. Love, your girls,
—Moriah, Rebecca, & Toni Looten

To: Ilsa
We know you're working hard at the writers workshop in Oregon. When you come home that will be our happy ending! Love David, Sarah, Carolyn and the cats.
—David Bick

To: Katherine Valentyn
4 weeks to our wedding day (6-7-08) when we'll become partners for life at a church just 5 blocks from this theatre. Forget the to-do lists for one night and enjoy the show.
—John Jones

To: Lucia
Happy Birthday on May 19 to my old (in the sense of time, not age!) college roomie and friend of 45 years. Hope Garrison doesn't ignore you this year.
—Ann Westall

To: Ian
After your two years at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York, we are pleased to hear that “CD” means Credit with Distinction… Congratulations on earning your Masters Degree! Love, Mom & Dad
—John and Kay Cliffe

To: the creek family
Hello to my Texas transplanted family! It is 95 in Texas-but chilly without you here. Hope you are enjoying your top row seats! Love from Mom
—Linda Lancaster

To: Hannah
Happy 12th birthday Hannah, - we hope you are enjoying the show, leaving you home with a sitter on your birthday would have been sad. Love Mom & Dad (she will be there with 3 generations of listeners!)
—Courtney Goldbach

To: Abraham Corrigan
Abraham, Congratulations on competing in the National Debate Tournament. We're soooo glad you're smarter than all of us. Continue to overcome your home environment. love Aunt Christine, Uncle Ron and Cousin Mieko
—Ron, Christine & Mieko Kuramoto

May 9, 2008

To: Mom and Bill of Broomall, PA
Thanks for putting up with "The Blooms of Waterville, Maine" for more than a week last month. Couldn't get this message down to the stage in time last week in Bangor during the show.
—Lawrence Bloom

To: Craig
Happy 55th Birthday on May 18th, from your getting smaller good looking wife! Just kidding you not bad yourself! Hope your home and able to listen to the show Saturaday night!Love ya
—Mary Lou Jackson

May 7, 2008

To: Sarah Bakken
Happy Birthday to Sarah in Hawaii from Grandpa and Grandma in Minnesota! We love you and miss you.
—Karen and David Bakken

To: Roger
I am so happy to celebrate the anniversary of your birth. When you breathe, I am alive. When you smile, I am happy. Love,
—eva bowman

To: Carmen Sindermann
Hi Casi, ich wollte Dir mal wieder herzlich zum Geburtstag gratulieren ;) Wie geht's Dir denn so? Melde Dich doch bitte mal... bin noch über heiner punkt xxxxx bei web punkt de zu erreichen;) so oder so wünsche ich Dir alles Gute! Heiner
—Heiner Faber

To: Jamie
It's our 10 year anniversary today and I love you more and more as we enjoy our travels with each other in this world.
—Sam French

May 6, 2008

To: Steve G.
Steve, Since we are here at the Milwaukee show, I can't "suggest" that you paint the hallway this'll try anything won't you! Primely yours, Kate
—Katie Wildman

To: Eileen Cronk
Dear Aunt Eileen,Grandmother and Max and Dana, I hope you are all well up in Michigan. I love you all and I can't wait for you to come down to Ohio this summer! See you on the day you return from Grand Rapids too Grandmother. Love to all! Love, Seth- A proud grandson and cousin!
—Seth Crowell

To: Gene Stemple
"A correction" May 5th. I sent in a birthday celebration for Gene Stemple that said he he will be age 70. He will be age 69 on June 12th
—Barbara Chavez

May 5, 2008

To: Jim & Elaine Konkel
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary. How'd you score Row K Orchestra?
—Dave & Alice Konkel

May 4, 2008

To: Gunter
Here's wishing you my love on your 62nd trip around the sun. Also, Happy 2nd Anniversary, and thanks for putting an end to my 53 years of spinsterhood. This marriage thing isn't half bad. Love you, Barb
—Barbara Pfeifer-Woog

To: Frank and Toots
Happy 90th birthday Dad on the 25th, Mom you already celebated your 86th and Happy 69th anniversary shortly - you are heros to family and friends. And Dad, it is NEVER too late to plant more garlic. from Cyrene (serene), one of your greatest fans
—Cyrene Slegona

To: Andrew Kemper
Congratulations on your 4.0 record leading to a full scholorship to Long Beach State! Ottertail Lake will be waiting for you this year and we wish we could be there with you!
—Aunt Claudia and Uncle Mark Hapgood

May 3, 2008

To: Alison & Andy
Thank you for six & five years of hard work and for making it possible!!!!
—Holly .

To: Karen Morabito
Thanks for the 36 years of caring and loving the short bald guy. Your the best. Love, Pete
—Pete Morabito

To: Dick Barnes & Sandy Armentrout
Happy Birthday to Grandy and Grandpop-- nothing like spending it in the hospital! much love, Jake, Walter, Hazel, Ivy, Alek and May
—Caitlin Ruthman

To: The McCandless 5
Wish you were here, glad you are listening...we will see you next weekend at UMaine graduation!
—Erin Murphy

To: Mom (Clara Tucker)
Happy Birthday mom! This is yout first birthday being spent in Heaven. How we love and miss you. Nan
—Nancy Tucker

To: Catherine Sage Kapilileilani
Happy Birthday Honey - Sorry about the 17 letter middle name, it seemed like a good idea at the time, 15 years ago. Surprise, you are a part of Prairie Home Companion today. Have a wonderful 16th trip around the sun...Mom, Dad, Mary Ellen, and Granny too.
—Rachael Sharp

To: Joe
Hi Brother, it won't be long be long before the herring and humpbacks return to the Gulf of Maine. I've got the Bombanat all fueled up, come visit soon.
—John Viechnicki

To: Noble
Dad, tell Gracie that the red squirrel are on their way. I promise to hang the hummingbird feeder soon. And trust me, your cactus will not survive outside in Maine. Love, Idjet
—Mindy Viechnicki

To: People in Northern Maine
Here's hoping that after a long, tough week, Prairie Home Companion can help you laugh. Thoughts are with you from another part of Maine.
—Kara Sassone

To: Gwen
Hello to Gwen from your brother, Gavin. I took the SAT exam this morning, then I sang in the Holocaust Memorial Day concert this afternoon, then Mum drove as fast as she could to get us to the Show this evening, and we knew we'd be late, so I hope I'm here.
—Marcy Willow

To: Gary
To Gary in Bar Harbor -- keep your spirits up. Win or lose, I will always love you.
—Glenon Friedmann

To: Emily Jones
Happy 3rd birthday to Emily Jones whose parents left her ON her birthday to attend a show in Bangor... We love you, Mom and Dad
—Greg Jones

To: Lauren Kolb
Tyger looks down with approval
—Richard Chen

To: Lisa and Minnie
Hello to Lisa and Minnie from Avery in South Korea. I'll be home just as soon as the ship gets built; don't eat all of the moose meat without me.
—Avery Brott

May 2, 2008

To: Marika Shimkus
Congratulations to daughter Marika (MAH'rika) on completing her masters in expressive therapy at Lesley. Hope the money is better than waitressing at Friendly Toast.
—Beverly Wiegler

To: Peeps and Aaron
Congratulations on your move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Hope you have enough room in your new living room to blow the air mattress all the way up. Love from Daddy and Bev
—Robert Roxby

To: All our friends listening
Lisa & Duane Wheeler from Waterville, Maine, say HI & LOVE YA to all our friends and family from Las Vegas to Omaha to Greensboro to Boston, listening to the show. We're really here!!
—Lisa & Duane Wheeler

To: Stuart McConnell
We miss you...but are happy you enjoy living in Incheon, Korea...and teaching English there. Great work. Tell Winnie "Hi". Love....
—Jack McConnell

To: laura in Fort Kent
Hope you're high, dry, and ready for the black flies.
—Carol Red

To: Kari and Lin White
Congratulations on the May Day arrival of your little Clara. We hope the whole family is doing well in Orono, ME.
—Tara Williams

To: Marjorie
Congratulations to Mom/Grandmother/Greatgrandmother on your graduation from Georgia State University(Doctorate).It,s been a long road and we are very proud of you.
—Suzanne and Mike Faust

To: Bonnie wilker
Happy Birthday Bonnie Wilker. We won,t mention your age. Nonnie has 6 grandchildren who love her. We love you too.
—Larry Wilker

To: Dad
Hope you are having fun in Colorado. Make sure you take photos of any fish you catch to back up your stories. Hurry back: I like your kids, but only in small doses. Love, Jen
—Jen Cantwell

To: Rachael & Ben
We are awaiting word on your recent interview and return to the North Country. Hoping you get the job. We need help shoveling the roof.
—Donna & Tim (Mom & Dad) Dunton

May 1, 2008

To: Annette
Happy Anniversary to the Wife Of My Youth. You’re still my favorite. Thanks for taking me to see Prairie Home Companion in Hot Springs.
—James McClellan

To: Imogen Page
2008 Maine State Spelling Bee Champion! Good luck at National Bee. Enjoy tonight's show - your 13th birthday pressie. Love Mum, Dad, Cecily, Sam, Blue Hill friends
—Lucy Benjamin

To: Ray
Thanks for taking care of me while I was sick. Aren't you glad to be sleeping together again?
—Donna Perkins

To: Sarah
Congratulations to our Mistress of Divinity. Love, Mom and Dad
—Jim Vekasi

April 29, 2008

To: Paula Collins
To my wonderful Florida friend, you have been to many PHC live shows now here I am in Bangor at my first one thinking of you.
—Anna Louise Lopez

To: Barbara Stewart
America, let's celebrate! Barbara Stewart's eighty-eight! Peace Corps, Berkeley, Mom -- and all Let's hear it for that Tennessee doll! ...From your Public Health School Gang
—Leigh Trivette

April 28, 2008

To: ms molly g
Congratulations on completion of your MFA degree for Theatre for Youth @ Arizona State University - the kids love you and but we are your biggest fans - we are very happy for you - mom, dad and JJ
—jeff gittelman

To: Michael
Another birthday and you're turning 39 ... again! I love you but you are still older than me!
—Mary Wolfenbarger

To: Grandma and Grandpa
Just saying 'hi' while I'm at home getting ready for Prom. See you tonight or tomorrow. Have a nice night.
—Ryne Baumhover

To: Bree and Lexi
Girls: Enjoying our Christmas gift - dinner at Dysart's and Prairie Home live. It would only be better if you were here, too. Dad and Mom
—Erik Steele

To: Catherine Sage Kapilileilani
Happy 15th Birthday Surprise to our lovely Catherine Sage Kapilileilani from your family who loves you very much...oh yea, and from (Kai) the dog too!
—Rachael Sharp

To: Mom ( the Mera Mera or Boss Lady)
even though we put you through so much mama-drama, we want you to know you really truly are a beautiful, wonderful woman and the BEST. MOM. EVER. happy mom's day week.
—Genevieve, Jeannie, and Tony Borich

To: Jeanette "The Boss Lady" Borich
Hello Mom and Happy Mother's Day. I hope to recieve extra Mommy-points for getting the message on the Show! With Love
—Jeannie Tony and Genevieve Borich

To: Grandma Dahlgren
Greetings to Grandma Dahlgren in Yarmouth. I can't believe I'm actually graduating, and I thank you for all you've done to help me get here!
—Luke Letellier

To: Ken
Can't wait to marry you this fall at camp and get a chance to use my 3-o-8 engagement rifle.
—Shannon Kirk

To: Pasha
Congratulations on your M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Penn State next month! With your motivation, persistence, and ingeniuty, the field of energy is lucky to have you! Hugs, MOM
—Barbara Petite

To: mischa and courtney
Only a month to go until the wedding and then life will return to normal--only better! Love--your folks in Maine
—stanley chan

To: doreen and brian
All good things finally come to maine! From Mattress
—ilona mattson

April 26, 2008

To: WNMU alumni
Hello Western New Mexico University class of 1965 ! Hop on the alumni website and check in with what the world has done to you. Jack
—jack braucher

To: Tom Meemken in St. Paul, Minnesota
The essay I wrote and sent to you for Father's Day a few years ago is about to be published in a regional magazine. I'll send you a copy. It's still true. To this day, when I see a train go by, I think of you. I love you Dad.
—Susan Bell

To: Jack and Jill Williams
Jack and Jill are AT the show. Kathleen sits in Nebraska. Our Louisiana days were long ago. But, weren't they grand, I ask ya?
—Kathleen Griffith

To: Tommy and Elaine Goode
Mom and Dad, We wish you were here with us, but we all know all about those "best laid plans." Take comfort in knowing you are the kind of parents whose presence is truly missed! Love, Gabe and Emily
—Emily Drummond

April 25, 2008

To: Jamilla Barrett
Life begins at 40! Happy Birthday Jamilla Love Mike
—Michael Barrett

To: Norma Young
Happy 80th birthday today to Norma Young who has flown in from California to see the show. She taught all of her children to appreciate "novelty" socks!!!
—Tamara Tidwell

To: Megan (MEEGAN) Katra (KATE-TRA)
Happy Birthday May 7th to Megan in Anchorage Alaska whose three greatest joys are schnauzers, Sasquatch sightings, and Saturdays with Prairie Home Companion!
—Sharmon Stambaugh

To: LaNell
Sorry your barrel race conflicted with tonight's show. Our son is being a trooper, determined to make it through the evening in your place without indicating any enjoyment whatsoever.
—Scott Warren

April 24, 2008

To: Cliff & Carolyn
Happy 50th,from the kids; if you make it to you 60th, we promise to pay you the money we owe you.
—noley baker

April 23, 2008

To: Nicholas DelGrosso, Jr.
Happy 61st Birthday. Glad we could fulfill one of the items listed on your "bucket list". We Love You! -Barbara, Creighton, Nicholas & Tiffany, Vincent and William - & your grandkids
—Barbara DelGrosso

To: Mom and Dad
You’re listening in beautiful Lake Burton, GA; I’m listening in humid Houston, but distance is nothing compared to memories of listening together – Love, your daughter.
—Kyle Barry

To: Joel Wright
Happy 26th birthday on this April 26th to our son, Joel. Also, wishes for a lifetime of happiness to he and his fiancee, Ashley.
—Sue Wright

To: Holly and Daisy the Pug
Enjoy your weekly time curling up on the chair together next to the radio.
—Walter Miner

April 22, 2008

To: Frank Doerr
Thanks for letting me marry your daughter and take her from the midwest. She turned out to be a great hillbilly with me in Arkansas...We hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to fishing this summer.
—Luke Martin

To: Clayton & Leona Cardy
Happy 70th Wedding Anniversay April 27th to Clayton and Leona Cardy from beautiful Door County Wisconsin.... from your the kids...Darrel, Donna, Margie and Tom
—Thomas Cardy

April 21, 2008

To: julia ann beckham
Happy birthday to our "hiking granny" who is in the audience tonight with four fellow graduates of Jonesboro High School l960 Jonesboro, Arkansas.
—melissa easley

To: Gerd Kreij
A big happy 70th birthday greeting to Gerd Kreij [Yaird Kray] the “Sheep Lady of Stockholm, Wisconsin”. Gerd, who will be celebrating her 70th on Sunday in Red Wing, Minnesota, with her five adult children, still refers to us as ‘the boys’ and ‘the girls’; we love and cherish her, nonetheless. We love you ‘mommy’! Thanks and love from Ruth, Pauline, Fred, Martin and Will.
—Martin Raich

To: David
Thanks for sharing your discovery of that long nose hair the other day. I love growing old with you. Happy anniversary!
—Tammy Robinson

April 20, 2008

To: Momma, Daddy, Leslie, David, Heather, Robby, Jacob, Daddy, Momma,, Rusty, Sonya and Tony
Happy 42nd wedding anniversary to Momma and Daddy on April 9th, and that just gets it all rolling. The birthdays start on April 10th and just keep going, beginning with Leslie followed by almost all the rest of the immediate Sexton clan. It all finally concludes with Sonya and Tony's 18th anniversary on June 7th. This year I decided to send out this greeting instead of buying everyone a gift because I'm still broke from Christmas. Happy anniversaries and happy birthdays to all! Love Tonya
—Tonya Sexton

To: James Pane-Joyce
I can't stop "raven" about your recitation. You were robbed at the Declamation Contest, and now the whole civilized world knows it. Love, Mom
—Janet Pane-Joyce

April 19, 2008

To: David
I think the 2005 vintage matzoh will be ok again this won't know the difference.
—Carla End

To: Michael Taylor
I've enjoyed the times we listened to Prairie Home Companion together; they are some of my favorite memories. Good luck going back to Indiana. I'm sure you'll have a great time.
—Staci Shank

To: Jules Campbell, aka. Dad
Hope thesis writing went well and your reviewers are helpful. After 20-plus patents, a thesis defense will be a walk in the park! Love from your little sweet pea.
—Jen Campbell-Allison

To: Bronwyn
Keep up the hard work at Sunnyview in Schenectady. Give all the doctors, nurses and therapists heck, but please stop kicking grandmom in the head. Love from, Betsy & Andy
—Betsy Donovan

To: Margie Kuchinski
Hello to Margie and Fritz in Albany! Keep baggin' four-thousand footers! Love from Harry and Monty.
—MaryBeth Tabacco

April 18, 2008

To: Paige Hood
Happy Birthday!
—Justin Greene

To: mom & dad
We finally made it. We can scratch this off of my "bucket list". from Columbia, South Carolina

April 17, 2008

To: Richard and Geri Martinsen
from Pennsylvania to Wyoming we congratulate you both on 50 years of wedded bliss and send our love, can't wait to see you in June!
—chris ,kim, Lindsey sauers

To: Marion King
Happy 90th birthday to our favorite east St. Paul Mom with the candy-floss hair, Marion King. We love you. From all in your Royal Court.
—Randy & Shirley Kopp

To: Marion King
Happy 90th birthday to our favorite east St. Paul Mom with the candy-floss hair, Marion King. We love you. From all in your Royal Court.
—Shirley J Kopp

To: Bernice
Happy 5th anniversary to a beautiful and inspiring woman. Mother to our daughter. Bass player to our band. Cloth diaper guru to the community. I can't wait for the next 50 years. I am glad to be spending tonight with you in the Spa City.
—Bryan Hembree

April 16, 2008

To: Craig
Happy 13th wedding anniversary. Loved our trip to NYC to see the show, it was great! Almost as much as I love you.
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: Jerry Bogart
Happy 4th Anniversary Hon! Thanks for driving your life away with me in the big rig. We're living the dream! I don't know who's dream it is, but we're living it! Oodles and Bundles of Love.....
—Ruth Bogart

To: Mom and Dad
Love you very much and I hope to see you soon. P.S. estimated GPA of 3.25
—Stephanie Whitsett

To: sue
Thank you for the wonderful 50 years of our marriage , our 3 sons and the 6 grandkids.
—tom williams

April 15, 2008

To: Joanne Lindberg
I'd be sitting in an apartment somehwere screaming at the curtains if I hadn't met you. Happy Anniversary! Love ya.
—Charles Lindberg

To: Kynn Wilson
Happy 58th Birthday, May 19th.
—Jack Wilson

To: Elissa Thompson
Eia, Listening to the radio instead of writing your papers, little sister- me too! Your sister in London, Sarah
—Sarah Thompson

To: Andrew
Hi Sweetie! I am so lucky to have you. You are amazing!!
—Sandra Freborg

April 14, 2008

To: Blaine DeLancey
Your fiance and friends would like to wish you a very happy 27th birthday, remember: its not the end of the world!
—Lysander DeLancey

To: Pat Jandel
Looking forward to seeing you when you visit your daughters (et al) in Atlanta. I can't believe Mary Ellen is still bringing in our 83 year old Mom as a ringer in her golf tournament.
—Jean Jandel

To: Happy 14th Anniversary Mike
They say it's all about the ride-Hindsight, I see how mad-dash-crazy you were for me to come round and see the light. And you were fine hanging out with me playing pool, drinking beer on Fridays, it was all you had-it was I who needed convincing. But when my sorry-excuse-for-a-car needed fixing, when all I had was you, there you were waiting, biding time, just waiting until I was ready. I'm glad
—JoEllyn Belka

To: kate
Happy 12th Birthday - she is here tonight -(4/19) from Mom ,Dad and your wonderful older brother Jack.
—john burns

To: Jeb and Ryan
Can't wait to get to there and see your smiling faces-- the only thing better than April in Paris is April in New York.
—Amanda Fickett

April 13, 2008

To: Benjamin Alexander
Your 15 trips around the sun Sure have been a lot of fun Don't mean to make a birthday fuss But we're glad you're riding here with us. From Lizo and the gang.
—Rick Toyne

To: Riagan
Hey wee one, happy 1st birthday! You grew so fast, and you're such a blast! We love you, Daddy, Mommy, McKinney and Aodhan
—Susan Fry

April 12, 2008

To: Nghiem
Pookie, There is no one else I'd rather travel through life, love, and New Jersey with. I can't wait to marry you on April 26. Always yours, Amanda
—Amanda Best

To: Beth Wirth
Beth, Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday. For these reasons, April is forever my favorite month. Love, Court
—Court Wirth

To: Mom and Dad
Hey, hows it going in the front of the car? It's fine back here. LOVE YOU!
—Rachel Trieble

To: Sean
I don't even remember what we were fighting about. I still love you too. You still make me tingle all the way to my toes when you kiss me, even after almost 7 years.
—Jennifer Richardson

To: Grandpa Arnold
April 13th. The best brithday ever. We love you. From your favorite oldest daughter, your favorite middle daughter and your favorite youngest daughter.
—Diana Shaul

April 11, 2008

To: Lori & Sean
Lori & Sean, Congratulations on the birth of your new daughter, Jaylee. Can't wait to spoil her like her sister!! Dad.
—James A. Heath

To: BoB & Linda Schiefer
Bob & Linda Schiefer we wish you were here with us. Next time we will get four tickets! love Matt & Carissa
—Carissa Houppert

To: Amanda
Ryan and I can't wait for you to arrive. Maybe we can finally finish that card game.
—Jeb Knight

To: Sara Nicholas
To Mom: Wishing you a joyeux anniversaire from France and wishing I was there to celebrate it with you...because I feel really bad about leaving you alone with just Dad and the dog. Sorry again about that.
—Tess Herzenberg

To: Marlene O'Connell
Happy Birthday Marlene. You're the limit.
—Tim O'Connell

To: Tara Amari
Hello Tara, Thank you so much for all your kind patience and loving embraces as we embark on our first year as husband and wife. i love you more than my silly words and goofy smile can ever convey.
—mike amari

To: Sandy
Happy birthday from me to you. From Guangzhou, China to Iowa U. I miss you much and I hope you miss me, too.
—Victor Marz

April 10, 2008

To: Nathan and Jen
So how's the food in New York? And did you get to see the film preview for Hangar No. 5? Pretty cool, eh? Have a great time together!
—Tom and Sheila Matsuda

To: Dalia and Lewis
Happy 34th Anniversary! And have a great time in Shreveport! Love, your kids
—Abby, Boaz, Tamar Reisman

To: Bob and Linda
At Town Hall, front row. If I close my eyes its almost as good as it is on the pourch. I can hear the crickets now.
—Matt Schiefer

To: Dan & Cosette
Happy Birthday to the hardy "Hibbing-ites". Hope you dug out and will live to tell the tale.
—Kaydi Johnson

April 8, 2008

To: Shelley
Happy 37th anniversary. I will love you forever and still get warm and fuzzy when I hear your sweet voice, Your hubby George
—George C Fahrlender

To: Daniel
My sweetheart, my love, my joy! You are my soul mate, and we will forever be together in my heart. Your smile makes my heart leap! Your cowgirl loves you.
—Franziska Brauer

To: Jason
Jason from Queens by way of Austin, TX (who will be in the audience on the April 12 '08 live show at Town Hall) - back from Iraq - we missed you and glad you are back safely! Love all those who care about you!
—Rob Imig

To: Jan Sonnek Green
To my beautiful Minnesota gal Jan Although several thousand miles separate us with me in the UK and you being needed by your family in Minnesota for a while listening to PHC on line makes me feel like you are by my side. I look forward to your safe return back into my arms on the 21st April. British Bill Green PS Hello to the Sonnek clan and everyone else who knows us on both sides of the pond.
—Bill Green

April 7, 2008

To: Philip
Ten years ago we married on a mountain in Malibu. Today we're making a life in England. What a wonderful adventure it's been. You'll always be my favourite travelling companion.
—Susan Cozzolino

To: Ron Angres
Hope you heard the Jean Redpath songs - I wouldn't have known to listen if not for you
—Christina Paige

To: James
Next Monday you begin a new chapter in your life as you start with the VA. I am so proud to be your wife and will always be by your side.
—Annetta kastner

April 6, 2008

To: Annie Petrie
Thank you so much for marrying me 39 years ago today (April 12). It is a joy to be your husband. I love you, Always and Forever.
—Jerry Petrie

To: Mom, Dad and Rags
I tried to think of something funny to say in case they decide to read this on the show. I miss you guys, I'll be home in a few weeks to annoy the dog and help out with the garden.
—Brittany Bugge

To: Pat
Here's hoping you never highlight your hair. I appreciate you just as you are! Sending you all my love....
—Kate Macaluso

April 5, 2008

To: Ken
Radio waves carry sound Ken's birthday Deserving of live performance Show sold out many times Ken getting older Finally tickets hooray Happy Birthday Ken Love Laura
—Laura Graf

To: Pete
Happy 1 month anniversary/tax day, babe! I love you!
—Meg McKinney

To: Susan Glass
Hello to Susan, Jeff, Peter, Emily, and Sofia. Have fun in New York. You should come to DC where the cherry trees are blooming! Margaret, Peter, Claire and Ian
—Margaret Glass

To: Brian
Don't worry, next year I'll try to make your birthday less about me.
—Emily Little

April 4, 2008

To: Ian
Hurray! You made it through junior year! Good luck at the swim meet next week. And remember, don't put your Speedo in the dryer! Love, Mom
—Debby McConnell

To: John Cumberland
Happy Birthday, Daddy! I hope it's a great one-i love you very much and i'll always be your little girl. xoxo
—Katie Cumberland

To: Gina
Happy Birthday Gina! Get the Uhaul all packed up in time to enjoy some cake (I hope Mom had time to make you one:) Rest up - we'll be coming for a Cubs game:) Love,Stephie
—Stephanie Opstad

April 3, 2008

To: Tim Fedje (FED-gee)
Happy 60th birthday to my twin big brother, Concordia College's second-most-famous Fedje.
—Tom Fedje (FED-gee)

To: Maggie Davies
From Harry Potter to Prarie Home, the originals are best. Happy birthday Maggie; enjoy the original.
—Vonnie and Ken Davies

To: Nick
Eagles soar, you're no exception, congratulations as you celebrate your attainment of Eagle Scout this weekend. Your family and friends wish you the best!
—Lisa Krosse

To: Mary Ella Cluff
Happy 85th Birthday from your family and friends of Contoocook, New Hampshire, who love your contagious giggle and witty expression "Oh!Neato!"
—Patricia Cluff

To: Nicole Marshall & Steve Horwitz
Happy First Wedding Anniversary with much love from your parents, Madeline, Chris, Joan and Marc
—Madeline and Chris Marshall

April 2, 2008

To: Andy and Isabelle
Happy 50th wedding anniversary mom and dad!
—Craig Magnuson

To: Dan
Happy 50th birthday! Don't forget to send in your membership application to AARP!
—Tina Shields

To: Sarah Ulmer
Happy Birthday Sarah turning 10 on the 6th of April.Good luck this,next,and every year!
—Spencer Martian

To: Anne McKeeby
A Big Happy 100th Birthday to Anne McKeeby! (April 18,2008)
—Don Germano

April 1, 2008

To: Mammom
To you, now with all of those who you've missed for so long, I'm sure you're in your chair listening to Garrison on Saturday night. You were an inspiration to all who met you; a principal before women had careers, who always retained the grounding of that New Jersey farm. I'm so glad that you met Adam, your 25th great grandchild. So sad that you will miss the 26th. But 97 years is a long time to bind a family, say hi to Aunt Man and Aunt Edie. We miss you.
—Jared Ackers

To: David Z. -
Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband and terrific father. We love you! Your family - Debbie, Amanda & Sara
—Debbie Zuccalmaglio

March 31, 2008

To: Shirley
To Shirley at Lake Shawnee from Paul. We’ll be up next weekend, please tell Sparky not to chase us when we take Max for walk.
—Paul Zaun

March 30, 2008

To: Craig
Happy 13th Wedding Anniversary, no it's not an April Fools joke, can't wait to go to NYC April 5th to see the show and celabrate, love you.
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: barbara
hope you are feeling better soon
—ann kevany

To: Joe
Be safe while teaching future National Park Service Rangers how to fight fire. Don't melt another helmet. I'll still love you when you get home, even without the facial hair.
—Jen Langel

March 29, 2008

To: Mom and Dad
Hi guys,and to Daisy Kitten
—Elisabeth Collins

To: Fred Brandlin
Happy 80th Birthday Papa!!!! Chris, Natalie and Amelia
—Chris Santy

To: Dorothy
Greece is beautiful but no PhD is worth being away from you for a year. Tell my professor I quite. See you soon.
—Louy Rotsos

To: Stephen Cooke
Who would have thought that at only age 12 we would last so long together, its been 10 years already and now we have a beautiful baby boy. I'm so glad we listened to our hearts, I love you and dont forget its your night to cook.
—Christina Winship

March 28, 2008

To: Allan Campbell
Want to wish you a Happy 5oth Birthday Party. Sorry you wouldn't let us give you a party. Hope you enjoy the Large remote control for your TV. From your loving family, Teresa, Philip,and Karyn(your Baby girl)
—Teresa Campbell

To: Ian
Ian, I can't wait to become your wife in May. You are my rock. All my love forever, Sarah
—Sarah Havens

March 27, 2008

To: Craig
Can't wait until our trip to NYC to see the show, happy 13th wedding anniversary, it will be nice to have a weekend to ourselves. Love you always.
—Mary Lou Jackson

March 26, 2008

To: Dr. Michael A. Roman
Birthday March 31,2008 Well, Dad Happy 55th Birthday! Wishing you the best Of Luck! Love, Kathy, Michael, James, and the rest of the Family!
—Michael G. Roman

To: James Kastner
Sweetie, Congrats on teh new job. Now I can retire and let you pick the richer and riper tomatoes.
—Annetta Kastner

March 24, 2008

To: Dinah and Noah
Mom and Dad, thanks for always making me listen, both to you, and to Prairie Home. Love you always, Sarah
—Sarah Stroe

To: emily
hello sweatheat soon you will graduate from college and then on to be marry.please dont screw it up . love dad
—greg faulkner

To: Anjoleena
I'll always remember your birthday, but never your age. You see yourself as turning 40; I like to think you are 18, with 22 years experience. Happy Birthday!
—Justin Griffin-Holst

March 23, 2008

To: ken
Ken I love you...i can't believe its been 18 monthes since we first met at the DMV waiting for our turn, in Laguna Hills...who'd a thunk it? you 70 and me 60...I love you, you are wonderful. gracie
—grace davis

To: Cindy
Happy, Happy, one more class to complete. Hope things are going well. Take Care & feed the cats. Jerry
—Jerry Partovich

To: Sam Bergman
Grandpa B, I'll be going to the U.P. for spring break. Save the funnies for me and when I get back we'll gargle the coffee in our throats with laughter. Andy
—Andrew Riutta

March 22, 2008

To: Kim
Happy late birthday, thanks for listening to the show with us! from Noah and Dad
—Noah M

March 20, 2008

To: Grandpa Arnold
Happy 79th Birthday Grandpa. From P1 P2 and P3.
—Diana Shaul

March 18, 2008

To: Patti C.
Happy Birthday Greetings from your sister in South Carolina. Love ya,
—Suzanne Corbin

March 17, 2008

To: Cameron Howell
Congratulations to my grandson Cameron who has grown his very first mid-digit toe hairs.
—Cameron Howell

To: Marial Weidner
To our beautiful God-daughter at the University of Minnesota--You can do ANYTHING. Just remember, "Nose up, Crispy, nose up!"
—Barbara Marian

To: Public Library Association
Welcome to Minneapolis Public Library Association! In an age of information overload, we need the expert guidance and assistance of librarians now more than ever. We appreciate the thousands of library supporters that will travel to Minneapolis March 25 – 29 in support of our nation's libraries.
—Macey Morales

To: Matthew B.
Happy Birthday.
—Allison S.

To: Caro Alcuaz
Thanks for a great celebration of our first wedding anniversary on our fourth year of marriage! That's what you get for letting me choose the date - and I've always wanted to do something special on leap day! :o)
—Regie Plana-Alcuaz

March 16, 2008

To: Mary
To the love of my life. Happy 24th anniversary. Here's to 24 more.
—Chris Sloan

To: Alfred
Alfred, you're still the best date in the world, and I love you with all my heart. You big lug. Grace
—Grace Celentano

To: Craig
Happy 13th anniversary hon, can't wait to go to NY city to see the show. From your girl in Pratts Hollow geographical center of NY state. Love you.
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: Gale Shurtz
It was love at first sight, I was 14, you were 17. We were detasling in the cornfields of Illinois. Happy 37th Anniversary.
—Laura Shurtz

March 15, 2008

To: Aubrey Le Fey (Mom)
Mom, I'm SO sorry I couldn't afford to get us to the show tonight! I hope the half day at the spa, the delivered Thai food, and listening to the show live is a decent consolation prize. Thank you VERY MUCH for raising me with Garrison Keillor!
—Misti McCloud

To: Justin
Happy six month anniversary! Being married to you is a blessing everyday. Thanks to Mom & Dad Dwelis for the tickets to tonights show! I love you!
—Jolene Dwelis

To: Nancy
Welcome home from your Africa expedition, and what perfect timing...Liberia to Brussels to Atlanta and just in time for PHC. We missed you.
—Bill Bagwill

To: James-Lawrence
Thanks for being the only person who will listen to the show with me each Saturday, even though you are only 2 years old.
—Matthew Weigelt

To: Deborah Hyman
Happy 50th Birthday, Mommy! We love you.
—Joanna and Morgan Wright

To: Wayne & Wanda Stark
Happy Anniversary to Wayne & Wanda Stark from your children and grandkids. That's 48 great St. Patty's days for y'all and many blessings for us.
—The Haynes family

To: Will Bill
Happy 39th anniversary. Who would have thought?
—30th street gang parker

March 14, 2008

To: Jenn
Happy 23rd Birthday to Jenn in Madison, Wi from Mom and Stephen
—Stephen Behnke

To: Becky
Happy 28th Birthday to my daughter,Becky in Plymouth,MN. 'Can't believe my baby is all grown up and has her own beautiful baby to love forever, too. Happy Birthday today and forever! Mom
—sharon rezek

To: Beth
Happy Birthday on March 8th- celebrating it in Hawaii without you was fun! Maybe not for you, but it was for me. :) Glad we will celebrate together by attending the Prairie Home Companion, however!
—Erin Bartos

To: Dolores Carrillo
Congratulations on completing your 80th revolution around the sun, Ma/Boss/Nana! We love you and can't wait to see you Easter Sunday! Love your Calgarian Pack
—Judy Christopherson


March 13, 2008

To: Pete Bell
Gail would like to wish her English Major hubby--Pete--Good Luck in his quest to obtain a City Council position in Paola, KS on April Fool's Day. And yes, dear being a Journalism kind of guy--you will forever have me beat on short--concise--sentences. From your excessive verbiage writing wife.
—Gail Bell

To: Charles
Happy Birthday to the way above average Charleston traveler from the Pennsylvania Valley Girl companion.
—judith seroska

To: Matt Winter
Happy 36th Birthday to Matt... For his birthday, all he wanted was to leave the perfect Florida weather and spend the weekend in Minnesota! I'll see you back at home, Love Jen
—Jen Winter

To: Ernest
Good luck with your new job! I'm very happy for you. Here's hoping for good fortune for us getting married, buying a house and starting a family - not neccessarily in that order! Lots of love ...
—Megan Thompson

March 12, 2008

To: marcia
from duluth on our 10th aniv. (you are my love forever) celabrating tonight 15th at fitz/phc with 2 friends steve&doni from mason wis.
—ron granley

To: Morgan Howe
Happy 26th Birthday. We can't believe a boy from Edwardsburg, Michigan, is as far away as Hong Kong. We'll make it over in a few months and will celebrate then!
—Phyllis Howe

To: Jim "Cheez" Van Horn
He's in the audience tonight (Saturday 3/15/08) celebrating his 50th birthday. Time to stop acting like a college frat boy!
—Carolyn Van Horn

March 11, 2008

To: Jeanine Bunting
Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl in the world. Jeanine we are so proud of you. Te adoramos! Mami and dad
—Claudia Bunting

To: Dad
Love vet school, but may go crazy from the stress. Miss you and mom. Can't wait to get off this island for the summer and come home. Have some sedatives ready just in case.
—Laura C

To: Rose Smith
Spring will go by quicker than we think. I am looking forward to putting away the broom.
—David Smith

March 10, 2008

To: The Kastensen's and Gonyo's
For 3/15/08 Greetings to my family from Wisconsin to see the show tonight. Especially Uncle Jim who has been a devoted PHC fan. Ann Kastensen Ann
—Ann Kastensen

To: Rick
On our 26th wedding anniversary Dear, I can't think of a better way to celebrate than by you playing the Pharaoh and me the Hebrew slave woman in our town's musical.
—Wendy Mouche

To: Charlie Lewis
Charlie, grandpa and ya-ya will not leave Minnesota and return to Tennessee until we learn the meaning of the word "Uffdah".
—Douglas Billings

March 9, 2008

To: Jon Dieckman
I wanted to let you know that I believe you are going to be a wonderful father to our two little ones on the way! How did I get so lucky to have you? Your loving & Devoted Wife.
—Jennifer Dieckman

To: Jim & Gloria Moening
Happy 60th anniversary on St. Patrick's Day. For sixty years, for better and for worse, they've been best friends through it all. Love, the kids
—Vance & Ila Burns

To: Mom, Dad, Cody
Happy 16th Birthday Cody! Even though I love you I'm still scared to drive with you. Hello to you all in Chicago, you need to come visit me in Washington DC because I miss you (and the weather is much warmer!)
—Zoe Berman

March 8, 2008

To: Becky
I miss being home with you and the family. Wish i could be up in Orinda with you on this nice spring day. Love Lisa
—Lisa Winter

To: David Andersen
I hate being it!!
—Joni O'Donnell

To: Joni
To the little girl in the yellow dress who is too far away from me right please never forget that: "Tag! You're it!"
—David Andersen

To: Emily
Dear Emily, Flag football season's here. Make some great plays and don't get 'pantsed'! Coach T.J is watching. Love, Mom
—Kate Poage

To: Craig
Happy 13th can't wait until NY city April 5th for the PHC show, from your girl in Pratts Hollow geographical center of NY state! Love
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: Marlene Plaisance
Grandma hope your enjoying the show! Remember: Don't forget your coat! Love Cami and Caitlin
—Cami Plasiance

March 7, 2008

To: Rich Stein
Rich,happy birthday. 56 years old and still much better than most of these jokes. I love you, your very lucky wife
—Phyllis Genest-Stein

To: nick stevens
the world of music welcomes you back from your space travel, thanks for waking from your coma, how many can do that so artfully!?
—john berry

To: Bill
Happy 9 month wedding anniversary, from Liberia! Can't wait to be back listening to PHC with you next Saturday. All my love,
—Nancy Stafford

To: Andy and Kay(aka "Tyke")
Happy Big Seven-O to both my husband on the 15th and my "older" sister on the 18th whose birthday I have shared for the last 66 years.
—Alice Durkin

To: jane
William Augustas and Fannie Lee Steen picked much cotton during their lifetime in addition to raising 3 fine kids. Those remaining, Elizabeth, Frances, and William are having a gala reunion this weekend on the gulf coast.
—joe o'mara

To: Melissa
Wishing myself a happy 28th birthday in Bemidji, despite being home alone, sick with the flu and missing my loved ones in Shakopee, Mankato, Madison, and Superior.
—Melissa Pond

March 6, 2008

To: Mom
Friday March 7th Show Happy 70th Birthday Mom who is with her favorite husband and daughter in the audience listening to some of her favorite jokes. The best joke is that a good German girl is still smiling after over 40 years with a Norwegian Lutheran boy!
—Kari Bostrom

To: Tim
Five years ago today you knelt in the snow and asked me to marry you. That was very brave -- especially since we were standing on a cliff. Thank you.
—Karen Sutherland

To: Karl & Ellie
Congratulations on your 6 month anniversary and being freshmen at St Olaf.  May your future be great like your past.Love - Mom, John, Kristiana, and Remmy
—Debbie Lapo

March 5, 2008

To: Emmit and Andrew Loughney
Welcome home Emmet and Andrew. May you grow strong and dream big. Go see the world and believe that you can change it. Love, Uncle Chris and Uncle Michael
—Chris Pratt

To: Ginny "Nanna" Brodeen
Nanna, 55 years old. 55 chevy. Good luck with that. Wisconsin Willy sends his love.
—Patty Maher

To: Bruce & Marilyn Reiter
Flying out of Las Vegas tomorrow and looking forward to seeing you guys for Saturday's PHC broadcast and dinner at Kincaid's afterwards.
—David & Carol Peace

March 4, 2008

To: Carla and Allan Schneeberger
Thanks for listening to the joke show with us tonight, we told you you'd like it. If nothing else it beats watching the Minnesota winter wind blow over the snowdrifts!
—Chrissy and Tim Bayless

To: KK and Steve-o
Thank you for painting my bedroom. Please don't make me ride the bus when I come home next week. I love you both.
—Hannelore McElheny

March 3, 2008

To: Bruce & Marilyn Reiter
Really looking forward to attending this Saturday's broadcast at The Fitzgerald with you guys and breaking bread afterwards !
—David & Carol Peace

March 2, 2008

To: Papa and Mama
Congratulations on your 70th wedding anniversary! You are such a good example to all of us.
—Steve Sywulka

To: Mikkel and Suzie Hong
Congratulations to Mikkel and Suzie on their beautiful leap year baby - Clementine Ann! Sending love from San Francisco - Casey and Pablo
—Casey Federico

To: Dain Lyngstad
(***FOR 3/15/08) Congratulations to my favorite sailor for your first birthday on land since you joined the Navy. This time next year we'll be getting ready to go back to Minnesota. Your Queen loves you!
—Megan Rooney

To: Trailer Park Phil
Greetings Phil, and to your canned jokes!
—Lauren Trent

March 1, 2008

To: Robert Murray Hughes V
Happy 2nd Birthday! We may not be a royal family, but you are still our little prince!
—Betsy and Robert Hughes

To: Dad
Happy Late Birthday since u only get one every 4 years
—Jamie Davis

To: Rosie Hensley & Lynn-Victor Lonewolf
Hope you have fun on the show and say hi to Dad and Umivik from there.......and watch that Garrison guy...I heard he's a real ladies man!....but I should be ok....Annie may be more his speed!.....Ha! Ha! Dad and Umivik listening here in Kotzebue
—Pierre Lonewolf

To: Grandpa Buckshot and Grandma Rosie
The trees have not started to run but I'm already looking forward to your visit to the sugarbush this spring
—Louisiane Potvin

February 29, 2008

To: Sara Hickman
Happy Birthday! Isn't it great to be a Pisces? Glad we're not cross anymore. I'll give you your Van Gogh night light next time you play Poor David's.
—Kevin Kunreuther

To: Mom, Dad, and Forrest
Hi. Love you much and thanks for everything! Missing you in college. Looking forward to seeing you at spring break. (sorry about grammar). Love always.
—Derek Edwards

February 28, 2008

To: Iola Schwab
Happy 23rd Birthday on February 29 to Mom in Menasha. What's taking so long? Most of your great-grandchildren have had more birthdays than you.
—Ione Schwab

February 27, 2008

To: Intercollegiate mock trial teams
Best wishes to all 64 college mock trial teams competing in the intercollegiate mock trial national championship tournament being held in Minneapolis-St. Paul April 4-6
—Ron and Gail Wiley

To: Aaron in La Crosse, WI
Sorry you missed the show in Winona because no one would trade work schedules. The man who bought your ticket asked me out for pizza after the show. ps: I turned him down.
—Marilyn Brower

February 26, 2008

To: Chad Villhauer
Happy 12th birthday to a kid who can roll his belly while reading about Archimedes, yet rarely suffers from commonsenselessitis. We love you, ya nut.
—Mom, Dad, and Riley Villhauer

To: David Zundel
Hello to a Navy Officer currently serving in Iraq. Thank you and be safe.
—Joann Ramey

February 24, 2008

To: Samuel
Wishing you a Happy 16th Birthday on March 15th...Love, Mom
—Susan Sleeper

To: Tim
Greetings from Canterbury, UK. British food makes me miss your cooking experiments. Yes, even the time you almost set the oven on fire. Love you.
—Heather Poplin

February 23, 2008

To: Jeffrey Deeter
You discovered dogmushing at age six in Noorvik, Alaska. Now at age 19, you are running the Iditarod. Good luck and love! Mom and Dad
—Gretchen Diemer

To: Connie and Dave
We are glad that you learned the health benefits of an ergonomically designed snow shovel before too much damage was done.
—Julie and Pat Dougherty

To: Chuck
To my knight in shining armour, 25 years, six kids, 2 dogs, morgatage payments, no vacations, mom and mom - in - law, sisters, and it is all worth every minute of time I can spend with you. Love forever Your Red Head
—Sherri Miller

To: Patrick
Happy Birthday
—Susan Giguere

February 22, 2008

To: Chaz Calhoun
Happy 30th Anniversary, Chaz....thanks for 30 years of tolerance, patience, love and most of all, fun!!!
—Jean Calhoun

To: Molly Schaller
happy birthday!
—kevin schaller

To: Simone Perrin
Greetings and best wishes from your big brother and sister-in-law in New York. Sorry we can't listen to you in person. Love, Micah and Julia
—Julia Nelson

February 21, 2008

To: Ken Zimmerman
Happy 70th Birthday to big brother, skiing in NH this weekend with family and 10-year old Lab, Max. Hope you’re having fun. Your little sister in MN.
—Dee Prudoehl

To: Bruce in California
Happy Birthday, Dad! May air quality laws never prevent you from enjoying a fire in the fireplace on your birthday. With love from your kids,
—Nikki and Brad Van Zele

February 20, 2008

To: Sam and Katie and Becky
We wanted to say Something witty. But, We were just a couple Of math majors. Not English. Love, Mom and Dad
—Allan & Ann Edmonds

February 19, 2008

To: Michael
The chocolates were magnificient! I understand they were from Mickey Mouse, not you. Please thank him for me.
—"Olivia" your carpooler

To: Craig Hocum
Before Katie and Tom, we were atop the Eiffel Tower, you on your knee, glad I said yes, never forget, it's the journey, not the destination. Journey on, Happy 5th Anniversary Babe!
—Jennifer Rogers-Hocum

February 18, 2008

To: Uncle Wilbert & Aunt Gail
Our 42 year seperation has now ended. Grandpa and my mom are smiling from Heaven. See you in June. Love, Susan
—Susan Clarke

February 17, 2008

To: Henry
March 17, 2008 A Happy first birthday to our St Patrick's day boy. Not sure we can keep up with having children on holidays, and and your sister (New Year's Eve) are either blessed or cursed with the joy of sharing your birthdays with a holiday.
—Becky & Rick Perron

February 16, 2008

To: Aunt Jenni Wilkinson
Happiest of birthdays from your nephews Jake and Dusty in the great northwest!
—Patty Doty

To: Jamaica
Natasha sends congratulations to her daughter, Jamaica, for rallying back after her long illness & completing the first semester of 10th grade!!!! A Luta Continua!
—Natasha Vaubel

To: Jenn Queen
Hello from Charlottesville to, Jenn, our "Singing Hoosier" who's ushering tonight. We are there in spirit; give Garrison a hug from us. love, Mom and Dad
—Sheila Queen

To: Jack & Shirley Wilkinson Stockton, California, We wish you could have made the trip to B-town to be with us for the show. Dad, here’s hoping your back feels better real soon and that the shot works to get you back on your feet. We are laughing extra hard for you tonight. -Much Love, Jenni & Rowan
—Jenni Wilkinson

To: Amber
Thanks for sixteen lovely years! You're prettier than the day I met you!
—John Dehner

To: Dan & Becky Diercks
Mom and Dad, I'm ushering tonight at the broadcast from the IU Auditorium. Wish you were here with me, but I'll make sure to tell Garrison you said hi. I'll clap extra loud to the Powdermilk Biscuits song! Love, Ali
—Ali Diercks

To: Garrison Keillor
I wrote you a long letter 24 years ago when my dog died. Just so you know, I'm feeling better now.
—Chris Manahan

To: The Winicks, the Murphys, and everyone out at the duck farm
I'm staying as warm as I can, classes are going well, and all the snow is still a novelty. Hope everyone stays well and writes me soon!
—Sara Murphy

To: Jan and Sid
Sending you greetings from California and Texas. We hope you're having a great anniversary! Sending big hugs, and to little Madeleine too!
—Karen Carminati

February 15, 2008

To: Brandon Schmitt
Love and best wishes to Brandon who is reforresting the city of New York! Looking forward to when we tie the knot!
—Rachel Oxnard

To: Christopher McCracken
Happy 20th birthday! We know that you are a "shy person" but thought we would take the risk of causing you to be embarrased of us once again. Love ya! Mom and Dad
—James McCracken

To: Carolyn Anderson
Happy Birthday, Carolyn. Since it's been 60 years since I first met you playing in the sandbox in the basement of the Methodist Church in Haxtun, Colorado, how old does that make you?
—Earlene Busch

To: Jessica Stoller
Thank you for treating us to the show. Your dad and I will remember this unique and thoughful birthday gift for a long time.
—Janice Stoller

February 14, 2008

To: My husband John, my Dad, the Sage, and Alice - the Mother to the World
Feb 16 - Bloomington For all the saints - who from their labors rest - I know you are listening and here with me in spirit - with love, Sagette
—Dots Andrews

To: Talitha Jane
To my "little girl", Talitha Jane, recovering from foot surgery - sorry you could not make the trip and be here with me tonight. I will pick you up from the hospital when I get back to Michigan tomorrow - Mom
—Janice Schlitters

To: Amy
Sisterly love won't keep me from saying: You may have always had a bigger bedroom, but I got to see a Prairie Home Companion first.
—Kelly Feschyn

To: The Allen Family in Lafayette
The "stink cloud" that descended on Bloomington Thursday morning seems to be gone. No one knows what it was or how it got here. So when are you coming to visit next?
—Jen Campbell-Allison

To: Lanier Holt
One of the reasons I married you is that you are the man with dreadlocks from the southside of Chicago who loves and accurately uses the term "uff-dah." Happy Valentine's Day, my love. From your Minnesotan wife, Rachael.
—Rachael Holt

February 13, 2008

To: Patty and Jerry
Wishing George and Rosa a very happy 40th wedding anniversary (February 16)! We hope you get snowed in at the lake together.
—Patty Thompson

February 12, 2008

To: Jenny Root
Thanks for your greeting! Happy Valentine's Day this Thursday. Hope you enjoy it tremendously. No matter where you go for dinner, have ketchup. Love You.
—Mom LeRoy

To: Ben
You got your sly sense of humor from me and many years of listening to this very show you're at tonite. Enjoy, and Say Happy 1st Birthday to my perfect grandchild, Marin Nicole.
—Dib Hardy

To: Christian Michael Briggs
2 years ago this month we were trucking out to Bloomington, me anxious about "God forbid" moving to INDIANA from Boston. On some highway, we caught Prairie Home Companion - airing from Indiana! Great show, confirming Indiana as a-OK! Thank you for choosing me as your companion for this whole new life.
—Esther Briggs

February 11, 2008

To: Sidney Shaw
Happy 10th Anniversary of our first accidental date. Paying for dinner is considered a date in California - good thing you didn't know the rules!
—Janet Carminati

To: Bucco
Happy 75th Birthday from you children, in-laws, out-laws and devoted grandchildren. We hope this is the year you hook that elusive muskie in Lake Wobegon.
—Joseph Dieltz

To: David
Happy Anniversary! As you predicted, our lives together have certainly had the excitement of a life long hike in the wilderness. Thank you also for the two little hikers who join us on the journey.
—Vicki Earl

To: Lauren Clacher
Happy birthday, Lauren! I know everyone else forgot about it, but I didn't. I hope you had a great day.
—Odile Harper

February 10, 2008

To: St. Stephen's Church School Students
A special hello to the children and youth of St Stephen's Episcopal Church from Mrs. "S" I know you will all be "little angels" tomorrow while I am out of town. See you next Sunday
—Janice Schlitters

To: Charlie Davis
Happy Anniversary Charles, I don't think you've had your ketchup today, come to think of it for quite some time. It may even take a couple gallons to Ket-chup!
—Katie Davis

February 9, 2008

To: bob goldsmith
Good morning you old coot! Surprise! You made it through another year. Happy Birthday Bob from your dear friends. Jim and Sue
—susan bozarth

To: The Elliott Family
Greetings to the Elliott Family on the edge of the prarie in Warren County, Missouri, from their son Patrick in New Orleans. The weather is nice, and I take comfort in knowing that your snow is my drinking water.
—Patrick Elliott

To: Donnie
Hello to Donnie in Seattle. Don't put hot mufflers on your zafu. See you in the Spring with a wood stove.
—Scott Barton

To: Tom Corl
To Tom in our nations capitol, Greetings from your two chickens in the St Paul deep freeze
—Amelia Corl

To: Christine
I’ll miss you Saturday. I'm celebrating my 60th birthday with a drumming circle at the Orlando Unitarian Church. Follow your own drum beat. And love.
—Mom Dipboye

To: Chuck and Carrie
Thanks for being the best parents and in-laws a newly-wed couple could ask for. It's warm and sunny in the mountains. Wish you were here.
—Jacob Grussing

To: Elnel Broweder
To Elnel listening in snowy Freeport, Maine, wish you here. Love, Emily, Tom, and Bill
—Emily Forti

To: Robert
To my Funny Valentine: I love you with all my heart LOVE OF MY LIFE! THANK YOU for our first year together, putting up with my menopause and your children has been a challenge, but I have faith we will work it all out! I love you! MRS. A-DARE
—Susanelou Adair

February 8, 2008

To: Chaz Calhoun
Happy 30th anniversary. Please include in the Winoa show if possible.
—Jean Calhoun

To: Linda LeRoy
Mom, Congratulations on a successful surgery. Nice of them to take out what you don't need anymore! When can I get rid of mine? Love, Jen
—Jenny Root

To: Andi Newlands
Happy 11th Birthday to my daughter and congratulations for staying on the Principal's Honor Roll all these years.
—Herb Newlands

To: Debbie + Tom
Yep, it's chilly here too. Even had to wear a sweater walking down to the Club this afternoon! Keep yourselves warm, don't catch cold!!!
—Patti + Roger Witalis

To: Dennis & Cynthia
(In audience for 2/9 show)Happy Anniversary - We love you Mom & Dad! From Pierre, Sebastian, Meghan, & Bridget
—Meghan Thorpe-Kavanaugh

February 7, 2008

To: Manuel & Lidia Morales
I would like to wish my in-laws a very happy and joyous 61st wedding anniversary! We love you Pop and Nana!
—Denise A. Morales

February 6, 2008

To: Francisco
Well, you made it to your 51st birthday in spite of the hit & run driver's attempt to kill you in Salt Lake City. I'm glad you're still around. How many lives do you have left now? Happy birthday, mi amor.
—Mariann Storck

To: Diantha
Wishing you a safe trip to Minneapolis for the library conference.
—Dan McCauley

To: Dad
Happy Birthday!  Hopefully, this time next year you will actually be sitting in the Fitzgerald!  Love, your Poughkeepsie pumpkins
—Bronwen Halstead-Nussloch

To: Brad
You are the the best man a woman could ever hope to marry. Each day is and adventure with love and happiness. You are my soulmate and you make me laugh!!
—Karen Strot

To: Katie Greene
Hello to Katie and her Auntie Boop. Be sure Katie pays for dinner tonight. She has our credit card. Love, Poo & Stu in Maine
—Nancy Greene

To: Friends and Family
Greetings to friends and family from Rev. Ginger and Ken Bassford of Fort Worth Texas, We are here tonight celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary, All By Ourselves. Hey Kids, they have SNOW up here!
—Ken Bassford

February 4, 2008

To: Wayne
Thank you for this amazing lifetime you have created with me...Happy 5th Wedding Anniversay Wiener Man, I can't wait to see what you have planned for the rest of my life!
—Melissa Poepping

To: Anna Hau
Welcome back to Australia! I hope you have a great year!
—Lauren Clacher

To: Dad
You probably dont follow much basketball since you died but K-state beat Ku for the 1st time in 25 years at home. Thought you might like to know Love your youngest son
—charley george

February 3, 2008

To: Dave
Happy Birthday! Even though you are another year older you will never catch up to me. Love from Shannon
—Shannon Coleman

To: Mom & Dad
Happy Valentine's Day, take care of my little girl while I'm in Las Vegas.
—Sarah Larsen

To: Mary Ann
Mary Ann, Thank you so much for such a wonderful begining to 2008. Marley says so too. -Andrew
—Andrew Hickman

February 2, 2008

To: Andrea
Remember, there's always room for you here in Massachusetts when you return from Turkey, no matter how much the folks want you back in Wisconsin.
—Kirsten and Kyle

To: Gabe and Sandi
You two missed out. Ickibod's nose hairs were a delight. We miss you and so does Ickibod.
—Ralph, Nicki and Kim Halvorson

To: Leslee LeRoux
Happy Birthday Leslee, We've celebrated together in 11 states--only 39 more to go! Love, M&M in Massachusetts
—michael volkert

To: Allan
Hello to my dad,Allan,in Barrett, Minnesota. I hope you are enjoying your break from running the wood stove this weekend! Love, Chrissy
—Chrissy and Tim Bayless

To: Leslee LeRoux
Happy Birthday to my baby sister! Sorry for the too short bangs at 3 but not for the champagne at 14! Love, Marm
—Margaret LeRoux

To: Eileen VanPernis
Happy Birthday, Eileen - You'll always be wiser! Much love - Ho and Trout.
—Kathy Reus

To: Teri
Happy 50th Birthday! From your sisters. We hope you laugh 'til wine comes out your nose. Thanks Dan for getting us all to the show today!
—Sandra Rich

To: Ted Gallipeau
To the best friend I've ever had, who taught me the importance of family, and car wax. Fight this illness with everything you've got! Your brother from another mother.

February 1, 2008

To: Tessa Schierer
Happy Anniversary. 4 wonderful years and 3 beautiful children. Thank you for making me the happiest man on earth.
—Ben Schierer

To: Vienna Rose
Happy third birthday to Daddy's Girl, my sweet Vienna Rose. And the baby says, "Ha!" Love, Daddy
—Aaron Stephens

To: John
Happy 55th birthday! Youv'e finally reached the speed limit and now they raise it! Love you!
—Beth Cario

To: Robin Baker
Happy 50th birthday Robin, We thank you for giving one of us life and putting up with the other. We are truely blessed. Love, Mike & Andrew
—Mike Borski

To: LaVonne Diemer
Happy 80th Birthday, Mom. We love you!
—Gretchen Diemer

January 31, 2008

To: Andy & Karen Tingstad
Congratulations on 35 years of marriage. Love, Kelly, Matt, and Anna...your above average children.
—Anna Tingstad

To: Leslee
Happy Birthday and Ground Hog's Day to Leslee on the second most important gift giving day of the year. Joe and Karen, Superior, WI
—Joe Radtke

To: Jami, John, Kristie & Scott
We knew you guys loved us; but hey, a trip from Alabama to Minnesota . . . in February . . . well, at least you provided round-trip tickets. What a way to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary . . . we love you anyway!
—Larry & Pat Taylor

January 30, 2008

To: Leslee LeRoux
Happy Birthday Leslee, We're glad you didn't fall out of the cardboard box on the way down the stairs when you were 2. Dick would feel guilty and you wouldn't be enjoying Garrison's program! Love, The Seattle Contingent
—Dick & Judy LeRoux

To: Fred Morris
Happy 52nd birthday Fred, to our favorite groundhog. With love Wendy and Jack here at the show with you and Max in California
—Wendy Morris

To: Cheryl Williams
Happy Birthday to the world's best high school librarian. Remember, it was Groucho Marx who said, "Outide of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." Thanks for lighting up my life with your friendship and your books.
—Jody Mapston

January 29, 2008

Celebrate the little victories every day! This is going to be a great year! Happy Birthday! GO TEAM TOUZ!

To: Amy Samples
Sweetie-Pie. Thanks for taking me to the Minnesota State Fair for PHC for my 60th. Sorry we can't celebrate your 26th in similar style. Mom
—Beth Hastie

To: Andrea
Thanks for making this the best 26th birthday I've ever had. I love you!
—Cathy Sherwin

To: Don McKissack
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband on February 13th.
—Michell McKissack

To: John (or Jack) King
Hey Bro -- have a happy happy birthday and always remember that no matter what I try to do about it, you will always be my YOUNGER brother.
—shirley j kopp

January 28, 2008

To: Susan Westbury
I want to welcome my mother, originally from Melbourne, Australia, who is visiting today to celebrate my new job at a butter company!
—Andrew Westbury

To: Joseph Ruzich
To my husband, Joe: Happy 30th birthday! You have a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to! Love, Emily
—Emily Ruzich

January 27, 2008

To: Cate Godley
Keep your eyes pointed at the stars. I will see you soon.
—Mathew Timms

To: Camille
Camille, even you won't be hearing this (because you're in France, ya big loser) I love you times a million gazillion google infinity. Hopefully Mr. Garrison will have enough pity for two thirteen year old girls?
—Millie Dervieux

To: Margaret Fahey
Happy 80th birthday from your husband, eleven children & their spouses, your 25 grandchildren & 2 great-grandchildren!
—Betsy Kloiber

To: Robert and Jeanne Tighe
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Love, Alicia and Blake on the West Coast!
—Alicia Cox

January 26, 2008

To: Carl Adams
Happy 61st birthday on Feb. 12th
—Jean Adams

To: The Maine Morses
Hey guys are we going ice fishing or what- from Heather Harry and the kids. Get you maple taps shined up spring is almost here
—heather pike

To: ronald Brisbois
roses are red violets are blue Ron turns 45 today Sorry we're home with the flu love, Fen and Caroline
—Jennifer Brisbois

To: BoatBabe
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on 1/27!!! I'll be kicking up my high heels, too, on our shared birthday! Hugs to a wonderful lady! Zackie sends joyous woofs!!
—Tillie Arlett

January 25, 2008

To: Erinn
Happy 19th birthday, Erinn! I hope it's fantastic and that you don't sing a single thing. Cole may love you but he can only take so much. I love you and I'll see you soon!
—Chance Voigt

To: charles & claudine
hello to another ol' radio man and his wonderful wife. together 61 years, still going strong and loving almost every single minute of it.
—stephanie & mark grady & balkowitsch

To: Grandma Helen
Happy 92nd birthday to Grandma Helen from your favorite (and only) grandchild, Alexander Theodore.
—Kerry Kelzenberg

January 24, 2008

To: Marilyn Conklin
Happy 40th Birthday! A once and future St. Paulite, Marilyn listens to PHC online from the Netherlands. Hope you and John enjoy the Mozart-fest!
—Chris Vincent

January 22, 2008

To: Alex & Ann
In spite of the 65* weather, I find myself in the mood to go ice skating. See you in March. Love from Phoenix,
—Nicole Navratil

To: Keith and Lesley Olson
Thank you for teachng me the value of unusual radio programing,see you when I get back from Iraq. Love your "black sheep son" P.S. This is better than writing a letter.
—Joel Olson

To: Bill Tobakos
Honey, you are going to be great teacher when you get back into the classroom again...and don't worry I will be happy to grade your papers while you are watching the basketball finals.
—Kate Tobakos

To: Garrison Keillor
Thomas Merton wrote there are maybe 10 sane people on earth at any given time, and they are holding most things together. You are one of the current ten.
—Sue Krolikowski

January 21, 2008

To: Pan
dear pan, roger. it is o.k. the fly is in the neighbor's garage eating the spider.
—Judah Freed

January 19, 2008

To: Galen
Hey Galen! It's been TWENTY SEVEN YEARS and THIRTY MINUTES exactly! We have to go back! Ted in New York City
—Ted Leather

To: Christina Maack
Happy 21st Brithday Christina! Nothin' could be finer than to buy your first box 'o winer? Your loving Boyfriend, Andrew
—Andrew Muska

To: Amber Perry
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift. I hope you too can learn to love and appreciate the show as much as I do.
—Benny Haas

To: Nora Priest
Welcome to the world and our family Nora. You have only been around for two days, but we think you will fit in just fine with this odd family. Thanks for being a compliant eater and a relatively quiet baby. Just remember our house rule: never grow up, never fall in love, never get married and never cross your sister. We love you very much!
—Chad Priest

To: Patty Closser
Happy 50th Birthday Mom. Love the Charleston Clossers. (She's in the front row.)
—Zachary Closser

To: Jen
The first six months were spent in dreams: neverland, tulips in the snow, dylan and sushi, the jungle room, pie at 1:00 am, the stairs to your room. The second half was steeped in reality: jobs, living together, budgets. Let's spend this next year blurring the lines...finding the balance. Orrrr...we could just drop reality entirely. I love you. Meet me in dreams. ****Just a note: It's our one year anniversary and we will be in the audience at tonight's show (1/19/08). Thank you!****
—Jay McGraw

January 18, 2008

To: Dee
Hello from your husband in Paducah! I know that we were supposed to be sitting in the Fitzgerald orchestra pit tonight (stage left seats 1 & 2) but I got called to Kentucky on papermaking business at the last minute - I hope no one is sitting in our seats!
—Michael Webber

To: Cheri, Sara, and Nick
Thanks for one more fabulous surprise. We can hardly stand so much excitement, so we are sitiing down during the show. MOM and Dad
—Cheryl Poss

To: Joan (pronounced "Juan")
I'm so glad that I can finally connect you with the radio version and Web site of "Prairie Home Companion." I know that there in Catalonia Spain the movie you loved so much just wasn't enough! NOW you are "back in the fold" with all your American (Minnesotan) amigos! Bienvenidos!
—Lynn Sorenson

To: Karyn
Congratulations on the success of your new Forest Hills blog and the invitation to guest blog in our neighboring town. You have enriched our community. Keep us posted!
—Anne-Marie Marion

January 17, 2008

To: Jeffrey Austin
Mr. Austin, We'd like to thank you for being our greatest teacher ever. You have been the most helpful, instructive, and animated teacher and we wish you a happpy, squirrel wrestling filled future. -Your 2007-2008 AP Government class
—Rebecca Cooper

To: Susan Ottalini
Happy birthday little sister. You may be living on the left coast, but there's lots of love for you out here in Maryland. Keep up the good work and don't let Nick take you out too late on that hog of a motorcycle he has!
—David Ottalini

To: Ann Hubbard
Ann, Happy 50th birthday. I can't believe you turned down going to Australia to come to Minnesota to celebrate your birthday. You still look great. Love Brad
—Brad Hubbard

January 16, 2008

To: George
Happy Early Retirement on the 23rd -- I have my "honey-do" list ready for you. Now you are all mine!!!! :-) Love, Toots
—Jeanette Pasek

To: Denie Stoddard
(This is an edited repeat of a greeting submittedlast week for the 1/19/08 show) Bill, Lynne, Sarah, John, and Nancy offer their love and best birthday wishes to Denie, our newly minted 70 year old family curmudgeon - the best kind of lawyer; not dead but at least he is retired. We're all back in the old home town at this show celebrating his increasing gravity.
— Shepherd

To: Devon Gibson
Free Devy! We love you Devon, your family, Mom, Dad, Meghan, Mel, & Josh.
—Meghan Campbell

January 15, 2008

To: Cheryl and Fred Poss
Your kids send you our love. Happy 60th Birthday Mom! Enjoy the show and your chilly St. Paul get-away. (We couldn’t resist one more surprise).
—Cheri, Sara and Nick Poss

To: Mr. Austin
As your "best class ever" we'd like to thank you for being our greatest teacher ever. You have been the most helpful, instructive, and animated teacher and we wish you a happpy, squirrel wrestling filled future.
—Your 2007-2008 AP Government Class

To: Joseph & Lila Poddany
A Greeting to Joseph and Lila , who listen often with Mom & Dad , And Hope there is a good Penguin Joke on the Show Today !
—Mark Poddany

January 14, 2008

To: Kenneth Brown
Dear daddy, Happy 85th. I SAID HAPPY 85th. TURN IT UP LOUDER.... I SAID HAPPY 85th! from Deborah in Milan Italy.
—Deborah Brown

To: Susan
Suzy-Q I just want you to know that at this birthday, marking the mid-point in your life, you are the high-point in mine. Marco
—Marco Fuentes

To: Katie, Michael, Diane
Hello Katie, Michael, Diane, Mom and Dad in Orlando. I'll let you know what below 0 degrees feels like when I get back.
—Tim Conyers

To: Kevin Carey
Happy 39th birthday to my handsome Irish husband Kevin...maybe Garrison will introduce you to Leo Kottke this year! With love...
—Shelly Knutson

January 13, 2008

To: Mary (wife)
My wife and I are going to Kauai for our 40th anniversary. There are no phones, but you can rent TV's. She wants a TV; we shall have one. I want to go to Kauai, and we will do that first.
—Jim Hisler

To: Narciso
I know changing jobs is scary. Hope you enjoy your new "home" store. We love you...
—Robbie Brooks

January 11, 2008

To: Denis Stoddard
(Please read at the St Paul Show on 1/19) Bill, Lynne, Sarah, John, and Nancy offer their love and best birthday wishes to Denie, our newly minted 70 year old family curmudgeon - the best kind of lawyer; not dead but at least he is retired. We're all back in the old home town at this very show celebrating his amazing longevity.
— Shepherd

To: Jack Dusek
My Darling Jack; Congratulations on the rebirth of your baby, the restored red 1964 Chevy II. It's the same model you first owned as a kid, and will look great parked at the foot of your grave, too. Love from your Mrs. America
—America McAlpin

January 10, 2008

To: Susan
Howdy there mademoiselle. As the French say Happy 40/10 birthday. Hope you're enjoying your night on the town celebrating your 40/10 birthday. We won't say the other number. Maya's having a fine time at the Holiday Pet Hotel. The beach will be waiting when you get back.
—Marco Fuentes

January 8, 2008

To: Kyle Cabaya
Hi Pooh! Just a kind reminder that this year Dec. 21st was our 39th "you know what" (wdg.anniv.). Start planning for your parents next year! With love....
—Jane Cabaya

To: Mormor
Pack your bags, your Mercedez and the kid and go skiing or boarding with us out here in beautiful New Mexico! We miss you!
—Pam Olsen

To: Mrs. F.W.Trapolin "Mima"
Mima, We want to wish you a very happy 92nd birthday to you in New Orleans. Billy and Rebecca Couret Austin, TX.
—Billy Couret

January 7, 2008

To: Rolf
Happy Birthday to the greatest dad in the world.Hope you are enjoying the show, finally in San Diego! Love Dan, Leslie and Andrew
—Leslie Bishop

To: Ron Mueller
Ron Mueller, Enjoy your favorite show, I love you, Your Wife.
—Ellie Mueller

To: Rob
(please read at the Tacoma, Wa show the 10th!!) I remember falling in love in Fargo, as the snow fell, listening to a man named Garrison. Beautiful days those were and still are..

January 6, 2008

To: Bev Palm
Greetings to my BABY sister in Buena Vista, CO. Happy 58th Birthday from your BIG sister in MN. Keep shoveling!
—Shirley J. Kopp

January 5, 2008

To: jeff
Hope You have a wonderful birthday. Your father couldn't be there due to his life being more important than yours, and I of course couldn't be there due to BofA not allowing vacation schedules being circulating by seniority....therefore, ariving on my desk too late to be there for the January 9th celebration. I love you, miss you and will see you sometime later this year.....kisses!
—Carole Elderton

To: Ali
Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Daughter. While you are now grown, I still remember standing over your crib and being amazed and scared watching you sleep. Love Dad
—dan gertiser

To: Lois Shapiro
We hope you're feeling better every day and look forward to seeing you again soon - Jackie, Gerry, and Olive
—Jackie Ruff

January 4, 2008

To: Theo
I might have missed sharing the 60s with you the first time ... but it will be inescapable this time around. Happy 59th and get ready!
—Mary Neumann

To: Rob
(please pick this for the Tacoma, WA show!) I remember falling in love in Fargo, those snowy afternoons spent listening to a fellow named Garrison
—Vicki Pfau

January 3, 2008

To: Tracey and Katie Sroka
Happy birthday to my daughters, the angels in my life, which the Lord has blessed me with.
—Roger Sroka

January 2, 2008

To: Donna Kay Seltzer
Happy 19th Birthday to Donna Kay Hope you have thawed out from the cold of Connecticut. Love Mom and Dad.
—Jo Ann & Keith Seltzer

To: Jean Buyze
The image of you, thoroughly enjoying his program, comes to my mind everytime I listen to A Prairie Home Companion. How's that for a way to be remembered?
—Tom Arbanas

January 1, 2008

To: Earl and Shirley Brandt
Happy birthday from scottsdale to peculiar corners from your children. Don't forget to feed the cows.
—Andy Brandt

To: Garrison
Thank you,Im from Southeastern PA.I used to DJ at WLVR the Lehigh Station Ive lived in south of the Mason-Dixon line for quite some time. That was a slice of home
—Paul Lubaczewski

December 31, 2007

To: My wife Elaine
Wish you hadn't run off with that truck driver without asking me, I'd a liked to went too!
—George Miller

To: Dave
To the man who knew what that hubbub was in the harbour. Happy New Year Daddy. Love 'possum
—Ronda Roach

To: Jeanne
Hi to Jeanne from dad, now stop listening to the radio and clean your room.
—mark cardinal

To: Ozzie
You were the greatest dog ever and a gentle soul. Hope there are plenty of cats to chase in heaven.
—Dave & Kim Stovall

December 30, 2007

To: LaVerne and Lois Anderson
I want to wish my parents a Happy 55th Wedding Anniversay on April 18th. Love you. Lisa
—Lisa Michelsen

December 29, 2007

To: Brylee Renee Peterson
Happy birthday to our 6 YEARS old granddaughter in Iowa City, who was 6 HOURS old when we were in the LIVE audience in Madison
—Jean Peterson

December 28, 2007

To: Elisia
Glad you're back from Vietnam. Hope your birthday is the bomb! You've lived for a quarter century--stay calm.
—Marisa Lau

December 27, 2007

To: Corey
Happy Birthday to my crazy brother in Lamar Colorado out there on the other edge of the prairie.
—David Goldsworth

December 24, 2007

To: Jen
Hoola hoop class begins at 7pm. Merry Christmas!
—Drew Wilson

To: Princess Bailey
Happy 13th birthday to our Princess- Even though you are offically a "mean-ager" now, you still have to clean your nasty bedroom... we love you most- Mommy and Maggie
—Alissa Reeves

December 23, 2007

To: Inés y Ariel Caride
Hi. We like very much to share the show with you, we feel you both much closer. Happy new year for all. Bella Vista. Buenos Aires. Argentina
—Ana y Hugo Boano

To: Megan and Jessica
Happy Holidays to you both. I am looking forward heading west and letting my hair down in Houston.
—Rebecca Bryant

To: Tommy
Geez, I can't believe PHC was in Bethlehem and we missed it! If they come back next year, we're getting tickets - even if we have to sell those new ski boots to afford them!
—Joanne Grant

To: Jeanine
To my sweet Dutch honey, tomorrow will be 39 years. It took the first 38 to figure out that the key to our happiness is US! (and our kids still don't have a clue)
—Jim Blachly

December 22, 2007

To: Adam
Proud of you this Christmas behind the wall in Bethlehem Palestine supporting Christians that have been forgotten. We'll miss you singing Morning Star. Love, Mom & Dad
—Rick Stamm

To: Charlie Cole
Happy 60th Birthday! Professor, Ski ranger, tutor, piano player, great husband and great father. You didn't want a big deal made of it, so we got tickets for your favorite radio personality instead. Love, Your Family (Mary Lou, Michael, Allison)
—Mary Lou Cole

To: Connie and Bill Stine
Happy 36th Wedding Anniversary. Gee, we have certainly enjoyed sharing our life and family with both of you - looking forward to many more fun times. The Cole Family
—Mary Lou Cole

To: David Abramson
If you can't be in the midwest, the mid-west comes to you via the PHC Christmas Show, so glad we are seeing the show together. Happy Birthday with Love.
—Alison Hudak

To: Mom and Dad Burns
Hi Mom and Dad! Merry Christmas! I can't wait to be home with you and the family enjoying this special time together! On that note, could you please send money so I can get home! Let's face it, it wouldn't be Christmas with out me! Thanks so much. I love you - even if you don't send the money! See you soon, I hope! Love Your favorite daughter, Marie Louise
—Marie Burns

To: Joe Starr
Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary from northern Iraq. We'll get to spend our anniversary together one of these years. I love and miss you. I'll see you in New Zealand for R&R in a couple months.
—Sarah Bammel

December 21, 2007

To: Matt
We will always remember the good times at the Boyd Theater. Its been in Bethlehem from vaudeville to The Heartbreak Kid. Greetings to you and your beautiful bride from your old South Side compatriots turned Southerners,
—Ken and Ann Tsang

To: Ken
From Bethlehem to Kalamazoo to Oxford to Naples -- a Lehigh love affair almost 17 years in the making. Loving you even more by the decade. Your wife,
—Annemarie Connor

To: Alan
The pepparkakor and spritz are hot out of the oven, and the coffee's on. I saved you a few pecan dreams, too. God Jul from your sister
—Lesley Swanson

To: Mrs. Shoemaker
Hello to my 6th grade reading teacher! I'm here in the audience in Bethlehem and want to remind you about that extra credit you promised, for seeing a real live author!
—Lianna Bickhard

To: David Anderson
For a Swede from North Dakota, you've adapted pretty well to East Coast life with a Steel Magnolia! Still yours after 27 years, and looking forward to at least 27 more...
—Rebecca Symmes

December 20, 2007

To: Susan DeLongis
For Susan in Chicago, You took me through your life, I embraced it, and did not judge. We experienced a wave, you touched me deeply. You called me your Angel. I fell in love. Where are you? I Am Still Here.
—Arthur Romano

To: Libby
Happy 12th Birthday to our Solstice baby. It's a good thing you love the snow. Glad we could get those braces off in time for your big day.
—Julianne (mom and dad) Dean Anderson

To: Cate Brewer
Dearest Cate, On this, our anniversary, it does not seem possible to love you more than I did that day 10 years ago, but I do and I thank you for each moment since then. Love, Matt
—Matthew Brewer

To: Loraine Weiss
Loraine Weiss- Happy 60th Birthday, Mom, on December 22nd. I checked with the pastors at East Hills Moravian Church in Bethlehem, and they said that attending the live broadcast at Zoellner Arts Center on your birthday counts as a lovefeast, so we can skip church on Sunday and also the Christmas eve services. Enjoy the weekend off.
—Candace Weiss

December 19, 2007

To: Susan and Dave Morrison
I'm saying Merry Christmas to you both. Mostly becaase I know you're listening. I miss you now that you live in Maine and we live in Bethlehem,PA. We haven't seen each other since we worked in NYC. Let's keep in touch better huh?
—joanna Lovell

To: Adam Kelsey
Happy anniversary darling. I'm yours, always and forever.
—Yun Hui Wang

To: Val & Mark
This is our first Christmas with out Daddy II but I can still hear his beautiful bass singing 'O Holy Night' in the choir. Love Diana
—Diana Daskalos-Chesny

December 18, 2007

To: St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Collingswood, NJ
Hi everyone! Thank you for checking in and taking care of my folks after mom's surgery. Internship is going well and I haven't been put in any more dunk tanks much to my confirmation classes dismay. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and I will see you all this summer.
—Laura Esposito

To: Christian Long
To Christian in Oshkosh On the webcam, you looked like a hairy creep. I hope you shave before going to Tokyo or you will scare the Japanese! Your mother in Lancaster PA
—Jacqueline Long

To: Godfrey Daniels
"Greetings to all of our friends at Godfrey Daniels on Fourth Street who couldn't get tickets to the show but are faithfully listening to the broadcast. We'll stop over for carols and Christmas cookies after the show."
—Mark Gibson

To: Chris Hanley
For the little girl from Broken Bow, Nebraska you've come a long way chasing your most adoring lover. XXXOOOXXX Your Loving Husband Hamilton, New Zealand Told you I'd take you to the ends of the earth!!! All my love, all the time, and for all time.
—Richard Hanley

December 17, 2007

To: Ted
Happy 50th birthday, I guess all those years raising me on public radio have finally paid off!
—Valerie Meiss

To: Father Ronald P. Bowman
To bad your commitment to God had you miss the live show in Bethlehem ... Merry Christmas
—John Semanchick

To: Kay & Aden
We know you're listening, sipping tea by the woodstove in your Wisconsin woods! All your friends at Moravian Theological Seminary send our warmest holiday greetings!
—Jane Burcaw

December 16, 2007

To: Wes
You are my favorite snow shoveler! I also think you are pretty cute in that wool coat. Love, the snow leopard
—Leslie Jaimes

December 15, 2007

To: PHC Team
The musical tribute to Mr. David Smith, who was killed in a bicycle accident, was one of the most moving scores I've heard in my 47 years. Thank you and please keep up the good work. Happy Holidays to all! rick
—Rick Bedard

To: Steve
I hope you have a Merry Christmas, but that mine is merrier.
—Anthony Cantatore

To: Mom
The Indiana crowd is glad that you're ensconced in sunny Northern California, since we are getting 17" of snow tonight. Well we're going out to dig our snow cave now. Keep the fog at bay, we love you.
—John & Liz Wilson

December 14, 2007

To: Margie
Happy Birthday! You've had 24 interesting and glorious years, lets hope for 24 more... and 24 after that! Kisses
—Alex Drew

To: Arnold Brown
Thanks for a wonderful time on the blueberry farm in Vermont. Can't wait to come back next year and stack the rest of that woodpile. Love, Paul Barb, Beth and Nick.
—Barbara Boudreau

To: Arnold Brown
Thanks for a wonderful time on the blueberry farm in Vermont. Can't wait to come back next year and stack the rest of that woodpile. Love, Paul Barb, Beth and Nick.
—Barbara Boudreau

December 13, 2007

To: Bill Zimmerman
60? I don't believe it. I'm sure you'll still be doing your cardio machines and making your canoes twenty years down the road! still won't have grey hair!
—Molly Zimmerman

To: Matty
I'm looking forward to Christmas together! Thank you for getting me into the holiday spirt! It was tuff, you did a great job bear! Kisses!
—Carissa Houppert

December 12, 2007

To: Christian Long
To the Longs in Oshkosh. Thank you for the tickets to this performance. This is a wonderful Christmas present. Your parents in Lancaster, PA
—Jacqueline Long

To: Mimi and Pawpaw
Hope you both are enjoying your Christmas present. I am home with mom and dad stringing popcorn. Wish I were with you.
—Deklan Burk

To: Rachel Mkckeen
To Rachel and Amanda Mckeen, twin sisters visiting the big apple from Middletown Springs Vermont..behave yourselves in the big city!...see you monday for potluck at Spruce Knob Farm...Love from all the other filthy farmgirls back home.
—Devin Asch

To: Micheline
I'm sorry Micheline. We will miss your husband a lot. Cancer is a horrible thing.
—Terence Reverdin

December 11, 2007

To: holly simpson
happy 60th birthday to the greatest mom from your favorite chef - pie.
—tari simpson

To: Genny
Happy Birthday & Thanks for 35 pretty good years together. Not quite as humorous is it as when I reached the same age?
—Wayne Hendrickson

To: Sharon
Sharon, Sharon, To my beautiful wife, who has been married to me for 35 years this December 23rd. The best is yet to come. -Roger
—Roger Boe

To: John & Kathy
Glaedelig Jul to my brother and sister. We often dont see eye to eye but I thought I would send you a greeting anyhow; too bad you dont listen to this show.
—robert andersen

To: Stanis, Dad, and Mom
Yuletide Greetings from a dark Norge! I miss you and am looking forward to returning home this summer and seeing you, if I survive Lutefisk!
—Elise Moody-Roberts

To: Liz Preslar
Happy Birthday to my Dearest Liz. Your unending beauty terrifies me.
—Michael Tutas

To: Lynn Fellows
Thanks for the 4 tickets you turned around and offered me during the Dec 2 APHC show. I'm here with my three daughters Colleen, Bridget and Allyson celebrating their birhdays which fell on OCT29,OCT31 and NOV6.
—Mark O'Loughlin

To: Randy Perkins
Happy 65th Birthday! I hope this is the year you get your new airplane! May you have many new adventures and happiness and good health to enjoy it all!
—Eileen Holzman

December 10, 2007

To: Steven Agner
Congratulations to my cousin on achieving Eagle Scout! You do our family proud.
—Janet Doka

To: Judd, Lorie and Indiana gang
The three-holer outhouse is a big success. Wish you could be there.
—Frank Thornburgh

To: Bob
Merry Christmas............ Love, Shirls
—Shirley Parker

December 9, 2007

To: Julie
To my beautiful wife- I love you more with every beat of my heart. Our journey is just begining... (she will be in the audience January 19, 2008 at the Fitz)
—Robb Riley

To: Jud VanWyk
Hey Pops! You were right. It certainly is colder than a witch's tit in a brass brassiere up here. Happy (late) Birthday, Old man.
—Emily VanWyk

To: Lesia Nixon
[On January 17, she's in Jackson, MS] Happy 24th birthday backwards! From now on, if anyone tells you that you look under 25, they are just trying to be nice.
—Gina Kohl

To: Joe Starr
To Joe, Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary on December 23rd from Sarah in Northern Iraq. I love you and miss you. See you soon. See, I remembered this year!
—Sarah Bammel

To: St. Cloud students
Welcome home to all the students at St. Cloud State University who spent the past 4 months in England. We hope you enjoyed the experience!
—homestay families in Alnwick

December 8, 2007

To: Sam Rosen
Sending our love from California, have a great time at the show! -Ashley and Henri
—Ashley Flagg

To: Andy
Staying home listening to A Prairie Home Companion was, it turns out, a *nice* way to spend my birthday. Sorry to be such a grump.
—Ellen Cooper-Davis

To: Shannon, Tom and Skylar Schmidt
Ho, Ho, Ho to you all. Hope you are as snug as three bugs in a rug on this warm in Florida Christmas night. Stay warm in Colorado. Love you
—Jud Bryan

To: Harry and Kathleen Love
Hi all from sunny Florida. Kiss Charlie and stay warm. Love you
—Ellen Bryan

To: Kai Paul
Welcome home to our beautiful 2-1/2-day-old son. We couldn't be more in love with you!
—Kristin / Jon Henrikson / Brandt

To: Marilyn,
Thanks for 39 wonderful years of marriage and 3 incredible daughters who have given us 3 fantastic granddaughters. Life together has definitely been above average.
—Michael Schwartz

To: Hannah Grace Goldfield
Best Birthday wishes to Hannah Grace Goldfield on her 21st birthday, enjoy your night on the town with Nora, Gay & Carl from Uncle Brett & Denise, we hope NY is ready for Hannah, the adult version
—Brett Bourne

To: Mom + Dad and Mom + Dad
Since you're all here in the audience with us: FYI, we've decided to get married. After dating for 14 and a half years, why not? Love, Carmen and Scott
—Scott Stowell (+ Carmen Morais)

To: Lee
Happy Birthday and G'day Mate. . . . we know you are listening to Prairie Home Companion, live, halfway across the world and on the other side of the equator, in Australia. Ahhhhh, technology. Lake Wobegone spans the globe, instantly. Enjoy reading your GK book on your flight home for the Holidays. Cheers.
—Sue and George Hoffman

December 7, 2007

To: Pat
Nina, Nick and Amelia send love to Pat who is spending the night at "The Hollow" with the boys. Wear your hat and gloves to keep your feet warm and remember if you don't put your feet IN the fire, your boots won't melt!
—Nina Kelly

To: John Oliphant
To Dad: Happy Birthday from Grand Rapids from Jason, Jamie, and Charlie; love you and wish you could see all this snow!
—Jason Oliphant

To: Moira & Michael O'Brien
December 8 - In the audience tonight from New Jersey. Moira & Michael are on their way to Michael's home town of Decatur, IN (is that the midwest??) to visit family for the holidays. Have a safe trip.
—Pat & Mark Fordham

To: Bryce & Greer French
Happy 14th Birthday to my twins, Bryce & Greer French, in Dawsonville, GA. Double the diapers, feedings, and love--but triple the insurance! Love, Mom
—MeloDee French

To: tom fleming
Hey dad, I'm taking a study break and listening in. I'll be home soon. The tree better be BIG !! Love you, Conor.
—conor fleming

To: Roger and Sharon
"Happy 35th Anniversary on December 23rd to Roger and Sharon. We are enjoying life in sunny Georgia." If Garrison Keillor could make that announcement on shows 12/15 or 12/22, it will be appreciated.
—Roger Boe

To: Ralph and Christa Ocker
Dear Grandma and Grandpa, Happy Golden Anniversary! Love, Abe, Tiana, Martin, Alia and Katrina
—John Ocker

December 6, 2007

To: Dub Debrie
May the Host of this fine show see fit to put your incredible talent on Home Prarie Companion soon!
—Perry Hyde

To: Mark and Eden Carino
Safe travels to your new home in Seattle. The girls are doing great. Thank you for letting them be a part of our family.
—Steve and Milly Dols

December 5, 2007

To: The Clangs
Greetings from your friends on the east coast! Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez- Let the good times roll. we love you- tracy & patrick
—Tracy Newton Newton

To: Louie and all the family in Indiana
Happy holiday wishes to all of you back there where you have real winter. I often think of you while basking in the sunny southwest. Winter may be pretty at times but I'll settle for pictures only.
—Frank Thornburgh

December 4, 2007

To: Mom and Dad
I can't believe graduation is only six months away. I never could have done it without your support, love, and guidance! I love you!
—Rachel Dobiesz

To: Bushrah
Dear Bushrah, I hope YA like Someof "these "JOKES"!!!! They Sometimes have "Afew "BUSH", excuse I mean AsSHOLE" jokes. your sriend4 EVVRe, Frank {HOTT} tongue!!!! Golembeski Jr.
—Frank Golembeski Jr

December 3, 2007

To: New York's cabaret singers and musicians
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everybody in the cabarets and jazz clubs of New York. I'll be back home for a few weeks in April.
—Kit Lo

December 2, 2007

To: fox family
For December 8th Richard and Carol Fox have come down to the show tonight from their cottage in Ontario. They haven't missed the program since the days when the radio was hooked to a car battery and they had to run the antennae all the way up the stove pipe on the roof to get reception. Their double-seated outhouse would be downright dangerous in this cold but it is warm in the Town Hall here in New York. They want to say hi to the whole family and all of the folks back at the lake see you all in the spring time.
—charlie fox

To: Allan Andre
Happy 21st birthday Allan! You made it, son, you are an adult and legal in all 50 states! Love, your mother
—Linda Andre

To: Debbie Jacobus & Casey McNamara
Happy Birthday to Deb Jacobus (50th, of Norwegian ancestry) & her goddaughter Casey McNamara (18th, assuredly NOT of Norwegian ancestry); both are in tonight's audience.
—Pam McNamara

To: Andrea Bethke
I just got Garrison Keilor to say our names, and that is the beauty of America.
—Michael Hendrickson

December 1, 2007

To: Helen Ostruske (long o, short u, long e)
Happy 93rd birthday to our Lutheran pastor's wife mama, from your four daughters. You are the best. We love you.
—Deborah Pretto

To: Alfons Bouchier
To my best friend, closest companion, and husband of over 30 years, I hope you enjoy the Richie Havens show in Durango on your 59th birthday.
—Stephany Bouchier

To: Moira & Michael O'Brien
December 8 - In the audience from New Jersey. Moira & Michael are on their way to Michael's home town of Decatur, IN to visit family for the holidays. Have a safe trip.
—Pat & Mark Fordham

To: Grammy Ruth and Grampa Keith
In Dayton, Maryland, Happy 64th wedding Anniversary . You have one credit voucher for homestead protection from all known and imagined calamities so you may attend your granddaughter’s wedding. I’ll be there five days early to help you get packed. See ya on February 16th. Signed, your retired son-in-law, Uncle Willy
—Jill Smith

To: Hilary Kane
The High Tech High School ( North Bergen NJ),chapter of the Prairie Home Fan club will be in house 12/1 to welcome you to New York, another city that knows how to keep its secrets.
—Kenneth Kane

November 30, 2007

To: Mother Mary Theresa Brady
Mom All is well here in the big city the stagehands have gone back to work the only problem is there working on writing jokes for the Carson Daley show

To: Lauren
Witty it's not. Love you I do. There's a 95 percent chance we're having a baby!
—Peter Monin

To: PJ
You got to drink first, but you also got to 40 first. Happy Birthday from Kittee, Melon & Augie
—Melanie Bordelois

To: Karen Toole
Thanks for tickets to the show. After listening for 15 years you finally figured out a great gift. If only you would have gone on-line the day the tickets were available we would be at the show they are broadcasting. At least the stagehand strike is over
—Robert Pursell

November 29, 2007

To: Marge Harris
Happy 100th Birthday to Marge Harris. Marge has not missed her "date will Garrison Keillor" for the past 30 years.
—Lynn Stanwood

November 28, 2007

To: Bruce and Marilyn Reiter
Heads up! Bruce and Marilyn are cutting short, and leaving others to deal with, this winter in Edina, MN by spending December and January in Florida. Have they no shame?
—david peace

To: Mom and Dad
Thanks for checking the air in my tires, a shame I still haven't filled them up
—Richard Cantwell

November 27, 2007

To: Julie Carlsen
Your bed is made and all is right with the world. Study hard and fence well. Go Brewers!
—Steve & Sue Carlsen

To: Mom
Thank you for staying married to Dad for all of these years. We know he can be difficult, but we also know he loves you very much. Congratulations on your anniversary.
—Zavier, Carter, Jacob, and Henry Miller

November 26, 2007

To: Samantha Briggs
All my sister asked for her birthday was a greeting aired on her favorite NPR show. So, Happy Birthday Sam! From your sister Felice.
—Felice Serrano

To: Bill and Rita Olson
At the show, (Dec. 1) for a Happy 40th Anniversary! Rita an Italian from South Philadelphia. Bill a Scandinavian from Hastings, Minnesota. Like ravioli with a side of potato sausage – a special pair in every way. Your kids and grandkids love you.
—JoAnn Olson Krenitsky

To: Ariel
Happy eighteenth birthday! Now we can hit the clubs together... or vote. Whichever one you want to do.
—Ashley Mui

November 25, 2007

To: Thomas and Agnes Ruest
Welcome back to the USA! We are glad we were reunited for a wonderful winter evening before you headed down to NYC to see Prairie Home Companion in person!
—Camille & David Bernstein

To: Lennie Atwood aka Pawpaw
The Army treats us well. Joe and Sophie are walking and little Ben is getting leg braces soon. Happier Holidays than ours from Minnesota!
—Kimberly Atwood Anderson

November 24, 2007

To: Mark and Julie
To my sister and brother-in-law: May your newly announced child-to-be be a beautiful little sister to Ian James, and she'll be a great PHC listener. You make me proud to be your brother.
—James Brock

To: David in Belfast
Congratulations on new grandbaby and I'm thankful that you beat the Cancer!! You ROCK!
—Sandra Anderson

To: Mom and Dad
Hello to Mom and Dad, Uncle Bob and Aunt Lois from Hannover -- North Dakota's "Lake Woebegone!" Where the woman is tired of cooking, the men are playing games, and the children are noisy. We love you and hope you are enjoying the big apple!
—Sara and Greg Zillinger

November 23, 2007

To: Stephen O'Neil
Professor Teabear, Happy Birthday. Thanks for being our good friend. - Risky and The RMD
—Christian Steinmetz

To: Brad Luhrs
To Brad, Thanks for driving the AlCan with me next week - proving that your'e just as crazy as I am. Tell Aimee that I promise to have you back in almost one piece in early December. Rich
—Rich Stromberg

To: Steve Leonard
Happy double-nickel birthday, Grand Marais boy! Let the celebration begin, and continue! with love from your Oshkosh gal
—Magda Krance

To: Duane Record
Aren't you glad you retired so you could come to A Prairie Home Companion Live in NYC this time????? I am.
—Sharon R. Record

November 22, 2007

To: Tom
Tom, so glad we're here together again almost in time for your 17th birthday! I know Dad is enjoying the show with us from up in heaven. Love you lots! Mom
—Karen Shinevar

November 21, 2007

To: Rachel
Happy sweet 16 my sweet daughter. You are so much like me, only so much better. That's what being a dad is all about. From Dad in Brookings, SD.
—Kevin Henson

To: My sweet baby, Connor
May you always feel joy, never feel more sorrow than you can bear. May you always know of the good in others; may you always be strong enough to walk away. May you be buried in a casket made from a hundred year oak; that I shall plan tomorrow. I love you.
—Alicia Kuh

To: Abby Sapp
Thanks for telling me about the Prairie Home Companion Show. Having 3 teenagers at home causes me to forget to take time out for myself and to seek out things of interest to me. This is better than "Calgon".
—Sandy DeJohn

To: oliver king and linda king
I just wanted to say thanks for allowing their daughter to be a professional student. I promise I will finish before Jesus returns.
—jeanette king

To: Amanda Vaughn
I want to wish my favorite big sister a happy 28th birthday on December 2nd. She's also my only big sister and I love her and miss her dearly! She moved to Seattle, Washington from Tennessee over a year ago and I have only had the opportunity to visit her twice. She loves listening to Prairie Home Companion and I want to surprise her with a very special birthday wish. I love you, big sister!
—Sarah Vaughn

To: Holland Christian Class of '72
Hey y'all, So sorry I can't make the reunion tonight, but I tripped over my southern drawl and got stuck in the sand. Greetings from Florida, hope you survive the Winter!
—Betty Hurd

November 20, 2007

To: all people from minnesota
Hello dear Minnesotans! I greet you from Germany. I used to live in Minnesota when I studied philosophy at Bemidji State. I fell in love with your state:..the fishing, the humour...the Vikings...the bad beer...I now listen to your show whenever I get the chance and try to spread Minnesotan humour in Northern Germany (they do get it!)
—Heidrun Wulfekuehler

To: Howard, Jean, and Peter
Happy Thanksgiving Howard, Jean, and Pete. I'll tape the Packer game so that it won't affect my appetite again this year... and Jean, don't forget to remove the rolls from the toaster oven. Love, Christian and Jennifer
—Christian Vettrus

To: Jane
Jane Happy 25th Anniversary. I would marry you again in a heartbeat. I hope we have 25 more. Jim
—Jim Sherry

To: Judith Robinson
Happy Birthday to my angel who has now found herself in Garrison's generation. Love, Buck
—Philip Robinson

November 19, 2007

To: John Gresham
All of NYC can know now -- we are married. Cathy & John
—Catherine Sullivan

To: Rob
Happy 50th Birthday Dad, thus far you have seemed incredibly at ease about it, but that could always change. Thanks for everything you do and much love. -Teddy
—Teddy Minch

To: Thierry
Hi dad. I know it's sad and wet here in Switzerland, but it seems possible we will be having some snow...! Your son Terence
—Terence Reverdin

To: Robert
Hello to my Dearest Robert in Iraq. Pray (audience) that fate will hear us. Robert, however much you love me, I love you more! You will be home in 16 days! I love you more than my life! YOUR Katie.
—Katie Tveiten

November 18, 2007

To: richard goff
Gee Garrison! where have you been all my life? I LOVE your NPR show, drop what I'm doing each week to listen. I'm 53 but I can imagine what it was like in the RADIO days. The actors and you are awesome...THANKS
—Richard Goff

To: Alan and Kathy
Wishing the young lovers in the Shenandoah Valley many more happy years on your 35th anniversary. From Iowa, I toast your romantic resilience. Salud!
—Gloria Betcher

To: CPL Carl Dreis
I want to tell my fiance in Northern Iraq that I love him and cant wait for him to come home.Thank you.
—Sarah Fairchild

To: Peter Fox, My Father and Cheryl, My Mother
Hey Mom and Dad, you're always in my thoughts with love.
—Evan Fox

To: Grandpa Bill
Happy 80th birthday on Nov. 30th to a great old guy and wonderful Viola & Violin teacher for over 50 years! Keep on playing.
—Jan Hoblit

To: Charles and Amanda
Congratulations on your first child. She is a beautiful baby girl, and a fantastic first step to the amazing life ahead of you.
—Benjamin Jackson

To: marc grella
(my husband doesn't know it yet, but we will be seated in Row B #105& 107 at your november 24th show in NY, 5:45 Town Hall - these tickets are his 40th birthday surprise!) dear marc, happy 40th! although you may not get the "thrill" i got from your 4oth surprise to me, i hope you enjoy the show! all my love, jen
—jen grella

November 17, 2007

To: warren butler
Happy Birthday to --better known as Wonderful Warren--from your dear wife in St. Augustine Florida
—cathy brown

To: vic
We made it thru our 14th deer season, and I love you more than the 1st one, even though I miss you terribly when you're gone!
—terri seybold

To: Kristi
Just down from the attic in CT. Mark isn't in a coma from the all the memories in trash bags. This isn't getting me any closer to becoming engaged! Hoping you are still gushy from the recylced romance of your WI youth.
—Christine Cicoria

To: Gordy and Jeanne
Happy Anniversary! No napping on the drive home tonight.
—Travis and Sheri

To: Grandma Susie
Happy Birthday! Love, Meredith, your little cutie
—Jeff & Jody King

To: larry krutz
well i just wanted to say that we love dad and you'll be home in no time prayers go out to you stay strong ( he is recovery from brain surgery ) he listens to your show faithfully
—donna blackwell

To: Morgan
Morgan-Thank you for the PRIVATE Birthday party at the Grand Hotel & congrats on 1 & 1/2 years together. Love Andy
—Andy Weinert

To: Maria
Congratulations on your new job. Have a happy and "hygge" birthday. PS: Thanks for returning with me from Copenhagen to Como Lake.
—Victor Toso

To: Matt & Jen
Welcome to the Twin Cities. One winter here will make up for all the easy ones back East.
—Russell Craig

To: Miss Ava the 1 year old
Miss Ava- Call us when your mom and dad are uncool and mean, and when you are ready for your first ride on a Harley- Happy First Birthday!!! We love you more every day- love Aunt Jo and Uncle Dustin
—Aunt Jo and Uncle Dustin Brawley

November 16, 2007

To: Andrew Gardner
Happy 70th birthday, Dad! I only wish you lived someplace I wanted to visit so I could be there to celebrate with you!
—Justine Gardner

To: Lance
The dog is coming up with me for Thanksgiving. You can't keep her but I love that you love her.
—Josi West

To: max breiteneicher
Happy 28th little brother. Love from your older and wiser sister.
—alexis breiteneicher

November 15, 2007

To: Otto
I hope you had your happiest birthday yet and that this year brings you peace, adventure and lots of love. I miss you!
—Honey Bunny

To: Deb Loeks
Hallo to Deb from her husband who is sitting beside her in the front row tonight. We're a long way from from our home in the Yukon - thanks for getting me back here to the Old Country after 40 years!
—Dave Loeks

To: To all of our friends and family in Toronto Canada
We are here in Minnesota celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary at A Prairie Home Companion. We send our love and wish you were here with us. Tell Baby Jacob to keep up the family call!
—janna and william adair

To: Shelly Doran
Happy 40th Birthday to my lovely wife Shelly. And as Billie Burke says, "Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese."
—Paul Doran

November 14, 2007

To: Gabriel Bleu~
Gabriel Bleu~ Happy 13th Birthday, a more special angel a mother could not ask for. Keep dancing among the stars. Love You Always, Mom
—Anastasia Wojda

November 13, 2007

To: Becky and Dwight Ault
Happy 50th Anniversary from your kids. We sure do admire all those years of wedded bliss! Hope we can do the same. Enjoy the show!
—Melissa MacKimm

To: Michelle Hamby
Happy Anniversary of your 29th birthday, Sweetheart. You're even more beautiful today than the day I met you. Age means nothing to someone as beautiful as you.
—Matthew Hamby

November 12, 2007

To: Anne Buchalter
Mom,turn your hearing aid up to stun so that we can wish you an above average ninety first birthday.
—Cathy & Terry Buchalter

To: Tom
My dad is in the hospital having undergone colon cancer surgery. My message, in the most loving spirit is: Roses are red, violets are blue; I have a longer intestine than you. Get well!!!
—Don Peterson

To: Su Rogness
Happy 50th Birthday to the middle kid of the Christensen clan! It's great we can all celebrate together tonight. Hope you enjoy the show! Love, Mom, the rest of the delinquents and the outlaws.
—Anne Gherty

To: Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn, Mom and I are so happy for you and Ty on your engagement. Enjoy the Caribbean cruise. Ty is a wonderful guy. Be happy always, Love Dad.
—David Haines

To: Wayne and Conni
Happy 40th Anniversary, Wayne and Conni! You have taught us the value of good friends, great food and sight gags, all very important! We love you, Becky and Wayne, Jr.
—Becky Pelley

November 11, 2007

To: The Harvey Family
Hi! from Alex & Joe in Brunswick, Maine to the Harvey family in Kincaide & Lonesome Elm Kansas. We miss Keith too!
—Alex Godleski

To: Stuart
Just keeping the-(listening all the month of) November-Minnesota-Love message-Theme thing going?
—Lisa Widener

To: Ron & Roz Schnick
Celebrating their 40th anniversary of their meeting eacg other on 11/17/07 and on 8/17/08 will celebrate 40 wonderful years of married bliss.
—Ron and Roz Schnick

November 10, 2007

To: Zona and Lewis Medley
Mama and Daddy, I'm so glad to have you with me in California for Thanksgiving.
—Brandon Medley

To: dad
dad hope your eye laser surgery went well,heard you saw a whole butch of colors when they did it maybe it will inspire your art work...your son jeff
—jeffrey howe

To: Richard Barnett
Happy one month anniversary to the best husband in the world. When I found you, I found home, and I will love you always.
—Ruth Barnett

To: Alison
Three generations of the Creeger family are here tonight, from Luverne, to enjoy the show together. Alison Creeger are , wasn't sure about attending a show that here Grandparents are excited about, however, she would like some Powder Milk Biscuits.
—nancy creeger

To: Cousins Catherine and Frankie
As cousins, you have grown up visitng each other and are together again this week-end...remember, no pinching, fighting, get to bed at a reasonable hour and hold hands when crossing the street.
—Aunt/Mom Cathy Gilmore

To: Karl Petersen
Yes, all the Halloween candy wrappers behind the couch are from us. Happy Birthday and Veterans Day,Dad. Love, Claire and Pauline
—Claire & Pauline Petersen

November 9, 2007

To: Ann Nordby
Happy Birthday as you celebrate your birthday at "A Prairie Home Companion" on November 10 with your good-looking husband John Mark and your above-average children Caroline and Erik.
—Eunice Helgeson

To: Our family in Georgia
—Jim deRevere

To: Shelley Reese Cornish
Shelley - Boston to Minneapolis is long way to go to celebrate your birthday. Enjoy the show and your birthday. love, mom and dad
—Richard and Deb Reese

November 8, 2007

To: Erin and Patrick
Happy Birthday from your old aunt Liz. Hope you are enjoying the show....and glad there is no snow! Love you!
—Liz Gregory

To: Dan McGuire
greetings to my "RVing" friend, who claims he is happiest when he is moving,where ever you my be. See you in Tucson for the News Years party.
—randy creeger

To: Janet Bryant
Happy Birthday! It will get better.
—Mike Bryant

To: Tim
Waiting for a pet piranha, but will settle for a dog. Love you always.
—Emily Dancer

November 6, 2007

To: Alfredo Salva
Happy 31st birthday to my husband on Sunday, November 11th.. I Love you so much and God bless you.
—Mary Kristine Salva

To: Family & Friends
Undercover Packer fans wish to say Hi to friends & family in Rockford, Illinois. Viking fans are WAY more friendly than Bear fans.
—Mike & Scoot Phillips

November 5, 2007

To: Dr. Rob Minch
Happy 50th birthday. Enjoy Minneapolis and tonight's show. We'll celebrate Baltimore-style when you return... crabcakes, Natty Boh and karaoke. Will hotdish go with this?
—Andrew Reiner

To: Dan
Mary and Jay send congratulations for the completion of your beautiful hand made sea kayak. We are happy that your finger was not claimed by the chisel that slipped.
—Jay Larrabee

To: G. Keillor
Greetings, Mr. Keillor, I've been a listener as long as you've been on the air and I think you're a great storyteller. One of the best, in fact. I was listening today to the literary birthday spot you do every day and would like to know which published work Sinclair Lewis won the Nobel prize for in 1930? You may be amused to know that my mother, as a six-year-old, had to sit on his lap once in 1930 and she remembers he smelled "funny" and his beard had scrambled eggs in it. He was visiting at their home as her father was a personal friend (of S.L.'s). Also, Will Durant's wife's name was "Ariel". Why didn't you say that? Thanks for being you, Nancy Goettsch
—nancy goettsch

November 4, 2007


To: Gum Gum
Happy Double-Nickels Birthday Gum Gum!
—Heather, Steve and Anna Jeffrey

November 3, 2007

To: Doug and Marlene Ness
Congrats on 39 years of wedded bliss to Doug and Marlene Ness of Williston, ND. Happy Anniversary! With love, John, Danica, Mahala, and Drew.
—Danica Chilson

To: Alex
Congratulations on being selected to translate the 4th century copper amulet in Hebrew! We loved our time with you, visiting Shaker Village, and on the Kentucky River. Enjoy your senior year, you Episcopal postulant, you!
—Chuck & Debi Riffee

November 2, 2007

To: Keith Timm
you are the most incredible man I have ever known, hope to celebrate many more birthdays with you- i love you Carolyn
—Carolyn Amey

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Mr. Keillor, I'm reading PONTOON and just want to tell you that the first line (Evelyn and insomnia) is one of the best first lines I've ever read. I loved it.
—cappy rearick

October 31, 2007

To: Martha Ketcham
Get out of that fetal position--your presentation on Monday will be great!
—Sue Boland

October 29, 2007

To: Everyone Listening
From a little boy from Honduras who fell in love with this wonderful show.
—Nestor Jaenz

October 28, 2007

To: Minnie & Lipman
Hope you're having fun on your hillbilly mountain. Looking forward to spring break 2008. Boing Boing!
—Dan & Tad Timm

To: Janet Bisbee
Happy 50th! For your birthday, I promise I'll write! From your friend since fifth grade in Wales, Maine.
—Mary Henderson

To: Jane Froman
Remembering you on your 100th Birthday. The melodies linger on.
—Jane Froman Centennial

To: debbie
Enjoyed our trip to Charlotte and GK's show at the Oven Auditorium. It was a blast! Love, the Good Twin
—donna block

October 27, 2007

To: Sandy
Happy 60th to _______ in Portland, Oregon at your Fogey Faux Prom. May "Sandy's Last Chance Fancy Pants Dance" rock the night away.
—Steve Pierson

To: todd
Dear Todd, sorry you had to spend your week in the ICU. You had us worried.I think I will be able to beat you on the Wii when you get out. Love, your brotherm
—jerry condra

To: To my brother, Jon
Congratulations to my little brother who's graduating from the Airforce F-16 flight school in December. We are all very proud, just remember, I knew you when you used to suck your thumb.
—Shelaine Harbart

To: To my dear family and friends
I'm doing all right in Pennsylvania, but I'm having a hard time adjusting to living away from home in Iowa. Did you know you can't buy alcohol at the grocery store out here? This state is crazy.
—Shelaine Harbart

October 26, 2007

To: Guys All-Star Shoe Band
You guys make Saturday night a rockin' good time and a great way to start the weekend
—Kurt Goodwin

October 25, 2007

To: Kay Fetner
Happy Birthday, good lady, on November 27 from Jane and Suzanne!
—Suzanne Tate

October 22, 2007

To: Jeremy
Though the cause of much strife, you're the love of my life. Smile, I love you.
—Brynn Damon

October 21, 2007

To: Sheila Wilson
When God answered my prayer for a wife 37 years ago I had no idea every year would only get better, to Sheila with love from your husband
—Eddie Wilson

To: Bill Bagwill
doing the Breast Cancer three-day in Dallas. 40 miles down, 20 to go! Thanks for being my tent mate and my soul mate.
—Nancy Stafford

To: Mom
Sorry I didn't call you on your birthday, but men with guns kept everyone here in Sao Tome busy. Luckily they forgot the bullets.
—Rene Dechaine

October 20, 2007

To: Sandy
Hi y'all! To Sandy and Toney in the high country of Boone, North Carolina, Thanks for getting us hooked on PHC some 25 years ago! We're in the sixth row here at the Charlotte show!
—Judy Ballard

To: patrick kelly
i am so lucky to be marrying the most handsome man in the world. Thanks for the ring!
—lauren Koutrelakos

To: Joyce Sullivan
Happy Birthday to sister Joyce from Fran in Tallahassee. Hope you enjoy the show in Charlotte.
—Fran Rutkovsky

To: Marge "Amah" Harris
Please read December 22, 2007... Happy Birthday to Marge "Amah" Harris on her 100th birthday. Amah has not missed her "date with Garrison Keiller" for the last 30 years.
—Lynn Stanwood

To: EmLou Oshita
Go get your dance shoes, so we can clog to Stuart’s fiddle tunes! Love from the Flatfoot Cloggin’ grand daughter of a Norwegian farmer in Viroqua, WI
—Karen Singleton

To: Cecilia Schmitz
Hello to Mom, Dad and John back in Dayton, Ohio - home of the Wright Bros., from North Carolina, where Wilbur and Orville tested the airplane they developed and built back in Dayton, OH. I said it.
—Connor Strand

To: Andrew Deveau
Happy Birthday Dad. We love you and thanks for the sailboat.
—Emily & Claire Deveau

October 19, 2007

To: Irene Strand
Hello from Charlotte to Irene Strand in San Diego. We're having a lovely visit with George and Farol but wish you were here also Mom. Norwegians are in the house!
—Steve Strand

To: Jane and Fletcher Elkins
Twin girls, Gram and I love you! WE are proud of your scholarships to Northwestern and Columbia! You go girls! Adam, your brother loves you!
—May Winiarski

To: Mom and Dad
Happy 60th birthdays and hope you're enjoying Ireland. We love you, from David, Kelly, and the boys
—Kelly Keller

To: Maggie Allen
Greetings from Charlotte to my won-derful mother-in-law Maggie Allen in Cincinnati (the other Queen City). Thank you for being constant as the northern star - Annie
—Anne Strand

To: Jan Woolley
To Jan, my love, friend and companion on life's journey, happy 25th anniversary on 30th October. With all my love, forever, Andrew (Lewes, England).
—Andrew Woolley

To: Bruce Adkins (aka Geezer Jock)
Happy 64th Birthday! Please try to stay awake during the show because you snore. Also, try not to laugh too loud, I hear it enough in person, I don't need to hear it on the radio. Your loving Son, -Rob
—Robert Adkins

To: Kerry Flye
Happy Birthday Sweetie. 45 years old and you look better than ever. I'm glad I'm the one you call "husband".
—Bill Flye

To: Lezelle
Lizelle dahling, Enjoy the beach and the lovely plum flower, but this time remember! hat off in the shower!
—Suzette Dissinger

To: Bo Glenn
To my husband Bo and son James: Although we're far apart, the fact that we're listening to PHC together brings you both back to me. Love you. See you soon.
—Jan Glenn

October 18, 2007

To: Buddy & Audrey Hudnall
Happy 68th Wedding Anniversary!
—Paulette Stiles

To: John and Shirley
Hello to the Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler and the Goddess. Holler when Mr. Keillor reads this so I can hear you on the radio! Love, Jules.
—Julie Vetalice

To: Jim and Gloria
Dad and Momma Lomma, love you. You did a good job helping me grow up even though you are two of the strangest people i know.
—Adrienne Fox

To: Julie
Happy 29th Birthday; you will always be younger than me! Enjoy the Charlotte Show!
—Michael DePalma

To: Randy
Well, you got out of the monthly Saturday game night with our church friends to see Garrison with your girlfriend. I'm so excited to get to see the show live in our hometown of Charlotte! Happy Birthday in advance honey (November 1). I love you!
—Nina Coggins

To: Shannon Rodden
"Thank You" to my daughter Shannon for tickets for the good seats at tonights show. Hopefully this means we are "forgiven" for poor parenting. Love, Dad & Lynn
—Mike Watson

To: Scott
Happy Anniversary, Scott! I feel so lucky and so blessed to have you in my life! All my love, robin
—Robin Williams

To: Jessica
Congratulations on the taking the PCAT - pharmacy school, here you come!
—Rachel and Garin Hill

To: Leland Frye
Hey Baby, Hope your birthday present was the greatest. Sorry about the hot air balloon story and you don't have to bungy jump either. Much love, me.
—Jean Frye

October 17, 2007

To: Elaine Helms
Tonight, on our 23rd wedding anniversary, I wish we could go back and do it all over again, because I'm beginning to get the hang of it.
—Rick Helms

To: Mary Quaile
Happy 90th Birthday from all 90 of your descendants! We love you very much!
—Jocey Botimer

October 16, 2007

To: Guy Jewett
For October 27. Happy 100th birthday today to Guy Jewett in West Salem Wisconsin from your four boys. We all beat you into retirement, but you beat us to 100.
—Tom Jewett

To: James
James, Thank you for buying me the best seat in the house, the one next to you! Julie
—Julie Kelley

To: Katie Davis
Hey Kate...Well you are another year older, another year closer to the big sleep. Just all hurts until someone gets funny... Charlie
—Charles Davis

To: Bobby Radle
Welcome home from Iraq. Thank you and we will remember those of the 25thID who didn't come home. Hugs to you and Jenn.
—Melanie Mabb

To: Joe & Prissie Griffin
Happy 50th anniversary! Enjoy the show live in Charlotte! "Here's to you who are superior and have darn few equals!" Love, Karen, John & family
—Karen & John & the rest of the family Griffin/Tyrrell

October 15, 2007

To: Jenny & Bill
I cannot wait for my first Yooper Thanksgiving - I hope there's snow! I guess I'll have to get a pair of snow pants eh? I wonder what Tony will think!! Love Always, Melissa
—Melissa Stream

To: Paul Chavez
Happy 43rd Birthday on Nov. 16 to our son who can still wear the Powder Milk Biscuit t-shirt he got while in the 7th grade.
—T J & Billie Chavez

To: Selena
To the girl whose heart is large enough to carry an entire mythical town inside her. Happy third anniversary sweetheart.
—Vaughn Talbert

To: Rob Voss - My Honey
October 27 2007: Happy Anniversary, Darling. Aren't we fantastic newly-weds? (7th yr); We made it though your 34th year in the Army (you old fart); made it through the 6th year of a WAR; and we've made it through the 3rd year of being stationed apart; I MISS YOU and LOVE YOU SO MUCH..
—Anya Montgomery

October 14, 2007

To: Jack & Mae, Maxine & Archie
We are here in the fourth row and we hope you are listening. Thank you all for giving us life and love. We could not have made it this far without laughter, and you continue to show us the joy of life to be found in every moment.
—Tom & Austin Sapp

To: Dennis Leland
You are the bomb, darling. Drop on me and all will be right in OUR world!
—Jan Young

October 13, 2007

To: Judy Wolgang
Happy upcoming Birthday Judy! Wish we were both celebrating it in Baltimore tonight, with Garrison and Carole!
—gina Capuano

To: Louise Render
To Louise (in Dallas) on her 50th Birthday from her whole loving family: These are the good times birthdays of fifty make, Happiness, love n' fam'ly as much as you can take, Life is flowing like ketchup on your cake! (with all respect and reverence to GK and RD!)
—Richard de Koeyer

October 12, 2007

To: Andy Deveau
Happy Birthday, Dad. How thoughtful of you to buy us a sailboat for your birthday! Love from your girls.
—Emily & Claire Deveau

To: Fritz
To Fritz in Nampa, ID, from Lisa in Baltimore, MD – I sure wish you were here but since you can’t, this is your invitation to join me for my big 60th birthday celebration at the PHC show in NYC on Nov. 30th. I’ll be the one wearing the propeller beanie cap perched on the crest of the slippery slope praying you join me for a wild ride down the other side!
—Lisa Forrest

To: Vaughn
For the Charlotte show Oct 20th - we'll be there and my friends too. Greeting Happy 3rd Anniversay Vaughn, From Selena, You are the love of my life. And Happy Birthday to Rick Cammer, also in the audience, from the only other nerd in the office that came to the show.
—selena talbert

To: Bruce
You have stumped the doctors with your strange symptoms - don't let them poke and prod you too much! Feel better fast.
—Alyson Wilson

October 10, 2007

To: Hannah
Hello to Hannah and all of her friends in her engineering study group at UMBC, the best college in Baltimore. Go Retrievers!
—Alyson Wilson

To: Darby and Bill McGraw
Hi to Darby and Bill in Henniker, N.H. Remember Big Sandy Pond and Deely-Bobbers and Prairie Home 30 years ago?
—Claudette and Bill Warner

October 9, 2007

To: Grandma
Hello Grandma, I know its getting chilly up in Fargo, but hang in there! I will see you Saturday afternoon, after the big game in Grand Forks!
—Megan Ring

To: alfred salva
—kristine salva

To: Carl
Little brother, I'm sorry you're not here and I'm not there. Or, mostly I'm sorry that you're in prison. Love you!
—Marion Foster

To: Robert Griffin
Congratulations on your graduation and all your recent success, I know all will be well in your future.I'll make sure I put your cds back in their case so you don't yell at me again. Thank you, You will always be my best friend.
—Robert Pearman

October 8, 2007

To: Robert Krinsky
To my podster-pea, happy 45th birthday. May you have 45 more happy, heallthy and adventurous years ahead. Love your Pea-Pod!
—Robyn Katz

To: Janice Beck
Welcome to Janice Beck of Columbia, MD. At 88 years young this week, Janice has run a Scrabble Club for 28 years and plays bridge and mah jongg weekly. Still sharp as a tack! Happy Birthday from Betsy, Sue, Jim, Phyllis, Irwin and all of us here.
—Susan McNamee

To: Susan And Mark
Mumsy and Poppers, You're my very favourite puffs of fluff. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Bin
—Brynn Damon

To: Ariel
Ninth day in the hospital? This sure is a bad flu. Don't tell mom but the house is a wreck and I still can not cook. We all miss you terribly. Feel better soon so we can bring you home. P.S. Your dog needs walking. Love, Dad
—Joe Parr

To: Howard Hong
Til Lykke på din 95th fødselsdag, kaerste Far! I can't make it from upstate NY to Northfield by Oct. 19th, but I'll put the metal to the pedal soon after and clean up from any hoopla.
—Mary Hong Loe

October 7, 2007

To: Beth Mahar
Hope you have fun allemande-ing and do-si-do-ing with your family & friends at your 50th birthday party. Wish I could have just sashayed over from Boulder to Boston to join the festivities!
—Amy Tavrow

October 6, 2007

To: Ken
At 70 new love is still special. To our future whatever and wherever it may be.
—GeorgeAnn Moore

To: Dave & Val
Enjoy your first trip to Minnesota and the PHC. Doesn't look good for the kayaks back home in Maine, but thanks anyway. Love, Mary and Bill.
—Bill Blais

To: Janet Sarbaugh
cough so I know your really in the audience
—Bill McAllister

To: Tom and Louise
To Tom and Louise Hartley in California, PA. It took me 20 years (in audience 10/5) to make it here. It is almost as good as the first time listeing at home gathered around the radio and listening to the Pittsburgh Broadcast. Don't tell Mr. Keillor i still have that cassette tape!
—James Lohr

To: Jen, Sarah, Boo and Drew
Minnesota greetings to you ohioans, enjoying the sights with brother Steve and Joan. It's great at the Fitzgerald with friend Garrison.
—Paul Butler

To: Mom & Dad & Uncle Allan
We made it. Know you are watching from the big tomato patch on high. We brought Steve along, just so you know he found us.
—Anita Butler

October 5, 2007

To: Katrina
Just wishing yourself a happy 33rd birthday, seeing as how no one else in your family with think to do so in such a public manor. That's what you sign up for when you become a mom, and birthdays never live up to one's own expectations. But you never know, something may just end up surprising you before the day is out - such as Garrison actually wishing you a happy birthday himself.
—Katrina King

To: Myrtle Schmeckpepper
Yes, but did you read it as well. And by the way congrats on your new job.
—Theo Alexander

To: Karla Kitch
Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet Lake Oswego bride! I love you more and more everyday and look forward to many more celebrations with you. Love, Jim & the bubbas.
—Jim Kitch

To: Roger Hughes and Esther-Russell Hughes
Love from Nottingham, and I look forward to hopping back across the pond to come home for Christmas.
—Kelly Hughes

To: Tom Henry
To Cindy To think it's been 11 years on Oct 5th since we wed in preachers grove at Itasca State Park. The perfect autumn colors with the perfect people gathered for the perfect party. What a day!!! Tom any chance this can get aired on the program tonight?
—tom Henry

October 4, 2007

To: Ed & Trish Clark
Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad! Here's to 30 years of love, laughter, and knee-slapping jokes! Love, Melissa
—Melissa Clark

To: dennis and sonja
Happy 28th anniversary! Fargo's nice but its a long way to Mpls to be entertained. (in audiance)
—bob and kristi vincent

To: Susan And Mark
Your fluff may indeed be close to puff, but I've always been partial to both anyways. Love you!
—Brynn Damon

To: Dennis and Sonja
Happy 28th anniversary. Fargo's nice but its a long drive to be entertained.
—Bob and Kristi Vincent

To: Rowan Stoves
Grandpa welcomes you to life outside of Mom! 8lbs 15½oz, 20¾in, 10/3/2007.
—James Stoves

October 3, 2007

To: Terry Brown & Trudy Wilson
...of Portland, OR, welcome to our town. Your daughter has been at school here four years, what's taken you so long to visit?
—Greg Loxtercamp & Stephanie Zahrbock

To: Heather McMullan
Happy Birthday! Wish I could be in Charlotte Saturday to celebrate and enjoy "Prairie Home Companion" together.
—Barbara Gade

To: Sonny Burchfield
Happy Birthday to the best stepfather in the world, and good luck with your surgery this week! All my love, Rabbit in Huntsville
—Erin Keniston

October 2, 2007

To: Sadao Ohata
Now is the time to read books and listen tothe music and radio.No season is more than autumn.
—Maurice Ronet

To: Janet Krueger
Hi Mom (in Carlsbad-by-the-Sea, California)- Garrison missed your BIG BASH last December 13! So, now that you are almost 91, how do you like it? Your four wonderful kids love you lots!
—Stephanie Watkins

To: Gerald and Cynthia Peterson
Fifty years for Sputnik, fifty years for the Petersons! Happy anniversary!
—Celeste and Tycho Peterson

To: Cameron
Even though we are divided by an ocean and several time zones divide us, I still feel like you are with me. I love you very much and in my heart we are always together. Happy (early) anniversary and I miss you, dear.
—Alisha Kirchoff

To: Theo Alexander
Sure, I read "Middlesex" faster than you read "The Tin Drum," but you're still the champion of literature in this house.
—Myrtle Schmeckpepper

October 1, 2007

To: Willie
Remember, altitude is your friend!
—Jim Nageotte

To: Kate Fessenden
Congratulations to Mikey from Minnesota on his engagement to Kate-the-Great fom New York State !
—Martha Fessenden

To: MacLaren David Peace
Happy 65th Birthday Dad! We love you very much.
—Kevin & Tasha Kaufman

September 30, 2007

To: Frank
You were right we were meant for each other. I was wrong you aren't delusional. Happy 5th Anniversary!
—Nilaja Troy

To: Uncle Jim Campbell
We hope you feel better soon and remember which way the gown goes on during your visit to the hospital. All our love from Colorado!
—Lisa Kujawa-Levine

To: Rob Voss - Husband
October 27 2007: Happy Anniversary My Darling. Aren't we fantastic newly-weds? (our 6th yr); even though you're still an old fart in the Army (34th year); and you're still in a war (6th year); and we're still apart (3rd year); I MISS YOU and LOVE YOU SO MUCH
—Anya Montgomery

September 29, 2007

To: Mom and Dad
Hi! Just wanting to tell you how great you guys are and thank you for being so wonderful. Also wanted to congradulate Mom on her promotion and Dad for finishing out the hay crop, way to go! Love Always
—Thadd Evans

To: Tom and Marylee
(In the audience 9-29-07)Hope you are enjoying your anniversary trip. The sofa is safe from the Airedales this weekend.
—Scott and Naomi W

To: Garrison Keillor and everyone at the Prairie Home Companion
Thanks for the great times saturday evenings. We look forward to every show down here in dried up Kingsport Tennessee. Send some of that water from Lake Wobegon!
—Peninnah and Herbert Wolfe

To: Stan
Get out the Martini shaker and turn up the volume. It's time to flat foot to the Powder Milk Song and your boy "Guy Noir" is up to his foolishness again! I love our Saturday date night!
—Sonya St. Jacques

September 28, 2007

To: Chuck Kosse
To Chuck –– After 29 years, you still irritate me LESS than the rest of the world. Happy Anniversary on October 14th. Pat
—Pat Salkowicz

To: Sarah
Wishing Sarah a happy 104th--Hope you're laughing til it hurts.
—sean twomey

To: Jessica Ford
Jessica, Sarajevo has turning leafs and pumpkins - but it doesn't have you, our son, or the Labs to enjoy them with. Keeping listening from Germany as will I from Bosnia and jar a few apples from the tree to share when I get back next year. I love you, Christopher
—Christopher Ford

September 27, 2007

To: Paul
My Paul, Thank you for proposing to me. You chased me until I caught you and I am one lucky girl. Love always, Peg
—Peg Lilly

To: dad
Dad, I'm still waitin' for you to tell me how i can hear the show in London. See you in December
—elizabeth widlake

September 26, 2007

To: Aaron
I just moved to St. Paul and want to say hi to all the gang back in Houston, Texas. I miss you; and no, it hasn't snowed yet!
—Dan Fenn

To: Jacqueline Christensen
In Albert Lea, Minnesota, in my youth, I found my First Love, the Fair Jacqueline Christensen. Alas, our engagement of those early years didn't work out and our lives took us off in different directions. Fate and faith crossed our paths and brought us together 33 years later. We are now to be married on what might have been our 34th anniversary, October 20, 2007, in Edina. This Irishman is now surrounded by a Scandinavian multitude in my new family. I am assured a steady supply of rubarb pie and other delights for the rest of my days as I have re-found my very own Prairie Home Companion. If you would, if you could, please send my greeting on your Charlotte show (our wedding day) to my bride Jacqueline.
—Robert Craig

September 25, 2007

To: Mary Hannon
We want to wish you good luck as you start your college years at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. We are very proud of you and we love you. Mom, Dad and sister Amelia
—Bethany Hannon

To: James Brock
Dear dad: Happy 65th! Hope you have a lot of surprises, all good, down there in Alabama. Will be thinking of you here in Brooklyn. Love you.
—James Brock

September 24, 2007

To: Kate
Dear Kate, if I'd known you were going to grow into a woman after only 12 years. I'd have made a few more just like you. p.s. You'll always be Katie to me. Happt trails. Love, Doc
—Doc Johnson

To: Tabitha
Happy Anniversary BithyBee, I love you! - Chonie
—Ernest Escobedo

September 23, 2007

To: Marty & Dick Purcell
To our beloved "M" & "D" from Grinnell, Iowa, a happy, belated 44th anniversary from "the kids." Enjoy Lutsen. Go Hawks.
—Gene & Lynn Purcell Valek

To: Bruce
Thank you for 32 wonderful years. You will always light my fire, and walk my dogs!
—Lloyde Newman

To: Marie Lee
Happy 75th birthday, Mom/Oma! Today's the day. Did you ever think you'd hear your name on the radio? Have fun at your party tonight!
—Steve and Maia Wright

To: Bill Brown
Dad, I hope you enjoy the live show in Charlotte on October 20. It was quite a feat to find those tickets so Happy Birthday!
—Jennifer Olsen

To: Pawel Korink, Age 8
Happy Halloween Birthday Boy back in Berlin from your step father in a faithless based Sonoran Desert Federal Witness Protection Program
—Richard Posner

To: Don
Happy 50th birthday on October 2nd!! Wishing you many more years of great health, wealth, and wisdom. Your loving wife,
—Kristy Heppelmann

September 22, 2007

To: Jessie and Todd
Congratulations on your wedding this morning. May you have many happy years together and remember to take turns cleaning the litter box.
—Stephen Paul

To: Carolyn
Happy Birthday on the 23rd! Wish you were here. Love from St. Olaf!
—Jason Chance

To: Ursala Knudsen-Latta
You're in England, wet and drear So’s Alaska when you’re not here As-Salaam aleikum, dear Arabic scholar Don’t forget to give the folks a holler.
—Kristin Knudsen

To: Mom & Dad Ballard
Jannie's car is in the shop so call her asap. Oh and - send money.
—Brooke, lee, Jack and Michael Bechtold

To: Ralph Crawford
Happy Anniversary! You are my soul mate and my life, and yes I would do it all over again!
—Ellen Kuniansky

To: Mike Powers & Teri Spires
Hello to my folks from Fairbanks Alaska who are at the show today. Tell them not to worry… I have a pile of dishes and a heap of laundry waiting for them when they come home.
—Danny Powers

September 21, 2007

To: RonMop
Imagine our connecting again after 44 years! I'm so glad you found me. Let's celebrate old times and new.
—Annie Bodell

To: Mike and Amy Lodge
Mom and Dad, Happy 15th Anniversary! You've gone from camping down the Oregon Coast in your VW Vanagon on your honeymoon to planning the wine tour camping trip in your new Class C. Wonder what your 25th will bring?!!
—Garrett Lodge

September 20, 2007

To: Mark & Susan Howard
Congratulations to Mark and Susan; after nine years tied the knot. (They are honeymooming in Minn. and have tickets to either Sept 21 or 22 show)
—Dennis & Micki Howard

September 19, 2007

To: Mary
Mr. Keillor, Flew from California to attend your Friday night show and street dance on Sat evening. Thank you for such great music, fun and good old fashioned entertainment. It was worth the trip!!
—Mary Scharosch

To: Cindy K Howard-Bartz
Cindy - Happy 5th Anniversary! Love you more each day... Butch
—Butch Bartz

To: Dick Ashton
Happy Birthday to my Husband who is taking me to Alaska for his birthday...What a pal!
—Fran Ashton

To: Steve Herzog
Steve Herzog, your adoring wife and three kiddos wish you a very happy 40th birthday on October 5th. We love you!
—AJ Herzog

To: Bruce Lovett
enjoy your favorite radio show on this very special day of yours. Happy Birthday, love Ruth and John
—Ruth Reynolds

September 18, 2007

This goes out to my pops in austin, texas. thinking of you from albuquerque, new mexico

To: Coleman Rollins
Will you go to Sadies with me?
—Kayla Johnson

To: Don
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart, It has been 12 years since we had a first. Hope for many more years to come. I love you! Patti
—Patti Drolet

To: John and Jean Tiedeman
Greeting to the Lutheran´s in old Oronoco, MN..You know who you was great to have you visit us in Germany and looking forward to your that is....Hope all is well at the MN cabin...cheers--
—Jim Tiedeman

To: david & Jenny
congrads on your wedding engagement for next(2008) Also congrads to ANAVOX and your christian music recording
—pamela mettetal

September 17, 2007

To: Dallas Sanders
Happy Birthday Gooseman! Even though your heart is weak, our love is strong. Sheila and Kalin ("Collin")
—sheila sanders

September 16, 2007

To: Bruce Hunter
Happy Birthday greetings and many happy returns on October 4th from all your kin in Pinehurst,Montclair,Sarasota,and Snicker's Gap, including Smokey!
—Kaye Stoffel

To: Chuck and Sue Hefner
Thanks for the graduation gift...I still think of you whenever I see oyster crackers. Things are great here out West! Lots of Love
—Anna Hope

To: Hugh Crowell
Happy 50th Birthday ! It was a great day for our family when daughter, Julie vowed, "I take you, Hugh" !
—Kay Moffett

To: Rick and Penny Jackson, Columbus, Ohio
Both of us couples were married on September 22, 1973. Us in Bowling Green Ohio, they in New Jersey. Our daughter Sarah met their son, Rick, at Miami University, and were married in 2005...but not on Sept 22. At least the kids only have to remember one date for their parents. Ufda...I'm a Lutheran pastor.
—Bill Roman

September 15, 2007

To: David End
Happy 6th Anniversary on 9/16. I would have tried to have this on last week's show, but I didn't see how to post it in time. :-(
—Carla End

To: Veita Jo Hampton
Congratulations on your nomination for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for Windows to Vietnam!
—Judy and John Houston

To: Walter
Thanks for being a great Dad! Love from your Son in Seattle...
—Ken Jacobson

September 14, 2007

To: Peter and Carolyn Harstad
Congratulations on celebrating your 50th wedding Anniversary at the September 15 show. You've survived a honeymoon on the Gunflint trail, 5 unruly kids, 10 grandkids, two of bouts of cancer, and one move north to retire in snowy Minnesota. To your children, you are both "Stode Pere." FYI: “Stode Pere” means “Big Pete” in Norwegian. “Big Pete” is a family legend whose feats of strength as fisherman in Norway and a farmer in Iowa have been passed on from generation to generation in our family.
—Dave Harstad

To: Andy
Congratulations on your final naval deployment! The boys and I will miss you terribly and can't wait for your return. Midwest or bust!
—Elizabeth Smith

To: all our past loves
Happy Past Loves Day (September 17) to each of you, with thanks for your unique gifts to our lives.
—Kate and Leon Harper and Marasco

To: Fritz
Lisa in Maryland gives a big shout out to Fritz in Idaho! Hey Hon, I'd love to have you join me for my 60th birthday in NYC at the November 30th PHC show... I'll be the one wearing the beanie cap, perched on the crest of the slippery slope, anticipating a wild ride down the other side!
—Lisa Forrest

September 13, 2007

To: The congregation of First Christian Church of Tiffin, Ohio
Pastor Doug and Linda send warmest greetings to the congregation, and birthday congrats to deacon/daughters Karen and Kim! We'll be back in the pulpit next week!
—Linda DeVos

To: Mark Whitcomb
Happy Birthday Son. Love, Mom,Dad & Courtney (Attending the Sept 15th Show)
—Kathleen Whitcomb

To: John & Betsy
The best danged brother and sister-in-law I could ever hope for. After all these years so glad you've finally made it up here for a duct tape, Powdermilk biscuits, and rhubarb pie!
—Linnea Stenson

To: David
My Darling Soldier, The great Live Oak arch heavy over the road to home, far away from the sand you are on. They bend not as heavy as my heart though as when I saw you go. Come back soon to your faithful wife. Come back soon to your dog. Come back soon, my love, to your waiting life. I never thought I would hear a bullfrog pine, so too, I never thought I would sit alone to hear him as I dine. The song of the thrasher sounds lonlier too as here in our Georgia home I wait for you. Come back soon to your faithful wife. Come home to your dog. Come home, my love, to our waiting life.
—Kitra Bridgette

September 12, 2007