January 10, 2010 - January 16, 2010
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January 16, 2010

To: Vern and Verbal Isenhower
Happy 81st anniversary Vern and Verbal Isenhower of Louisburg Kansas. The world record is a few short years away!
—TerryAnn Porter

To: grandpa dave
—bethany clarke

To: dorrit geshuri
beads babydeer toes chapelhill love ezrabean
—bethany clarke

To: Gabrielle Berger
To Gabrielle, my new wife who's always on call, here's to a new life in San Francisco, full of happiness and medical school loans.
—Seth Cohen

To: Hitty
Happy birthday to The Ancestor! From H.L.S. with "lotzalove"
—H.L. Sevashteen

To: Madelon Batteiger
Hello to my sisters Midge and Madelon in Cincinnati. I'll be visiting soon; please have some five-way chili ready for me!
—John Batteiger

To: Dan Buckminster
Happy Birthday - hope you're not angry with us for converting your futon couch into a goat shelter. Don't forget Erin's birthday next month!
—mike friedman martina carroll

To: Susan, Joyce & Carolyn
It was wonderful seeing you all and being together after such a long separation. Thanks for coming all the way to Cupertino to make it happen. We should make it an annual event. The laughter was priceless and much needed after receiving heart-breaking news the day before.
—Susan Hubbart

To: Rosemary Wiesner
To Grandma Rosemary in Missouri: If you and Virgil had run away from home like we suggested, you would be here in San Francisco at the live performance instead of home with the kids listening to the radio. Love, Rick and Paula
—Rick Wiesner

To: Pamela
The FOURTH of November in '95, Hardly a HEAD-hair of mine is alive, Remembers our WEDDING day-WHEN you-MADE me, The MOST blessed companion-WEST of the PRAIR-rie. My SWEETHEART, my darling, my DEAREST of dear, We MET on the internet WHEN that was queer. Now KETCHUP we eat every DAY to REDUCE-stress, TONIGHT, first row balcony-WITH you?...PRICE-less!
—Doug Christensen

To: Minnie Mae and Ellie Moe
Winter's short now. Laugh back those snow berms, or just ask Oakie to 'pull puppy, pull!'
—Adrian Eve Revenaugh

To: Tom and Carolanne
Happy 27th Anniversary, you're the best! Keep it truckin'
—Ashley Brown

January 15, 2010

To: tom ogden
Happy Birthday Tom, Keep up the trail & bridge building work for it keeps you young and strong. Your loving wife, Leah
—leea davis

To: garrison keillor
GK.i have been fan for over 20 yrs.i have all of your books and hundreds of hrs of audio.was in Sf show as well as your two solo in az..Wanted to know if i could be married on your show. your biggest fan thx glenn
—glenn mclean

To: Kevin
You are the best husband I could have asked for. It's been a hard year, but even the bad times aren't that hard...because I have you. You are my rock.
—Clara Elliott

January 14, 2010

To: michele browne
Lovely melly-belly-boom-de-aye greetings from DeRuyter, New York and Jakes first college acceptance. Now it will be Ali's turn, where do you think he will go? love, your hippy chick sister muffers-snuffers-puffers-pooh
—yvonne lott

To: Peter
Thanks for being a good sport and letting me run off to the City today to see Prairie Home Companion leaving you to go on alone installing the new water heater. Whatever you do, don't let it fall on you because I won't be there to save you!
—Terry Andre

To: Barbara
Happy Birthday mom! 39 years, woot woot! Don't crowd the mushrooms! Love, your favorite child, and the other one.
—Adrian & Alisa Plath

To: Ben PerLee
you may be a chicken-loving, English Major from Cal at Berekeley, but we know you heart will always remain at home in Santa Rosa! Have a most excellent last semester & don't give in to senioritis! from you parental units back home.
—Lamar Peckham

To: Cathy
Happy Belated Birthday to the person who feeds me! Your good dog Jess (and Ward, Mo, and Les)
—Ward Campbell

To: Joe
We listened to Prairie Home Companion on our first date at Cross Island and here we are, more than 26 years later, watching a live broadcast from the seats of the Strand Theater in Rockland. Technology may boggle our minds, but what you do to my heart is beyond the powers of human thought. I can't imagine a better husband.
—Shlomit Auciello

January 13, 2010

To: Clara Elliott
Happy Birthday my love. These have been two of the best years of my life. It's been a joy and a privilege to share them with you. Thanks for saying yes! Your loving husband, Kevin
—Kevin Elliott

January 12, 2010

To: Alyssa Scott
Greetings from your cat Shadowfax. I miss you. It's been one long bad hair day since you went away to school in San Diego.
—Kevin Scott

To: To Tim & Judy Russell of Prairie Home
Welcome to Tucson from your friends in Ely, MN (Burntside Lodge) who are in the Tucson audience January 30th. Enjoy your stay and the warmth of the desert. Let us know if you need the names of any great Tucson restaurants.
—Lonnie LaMontagne

To: Diane Allen
I married you in 2004, and again in 2008. Iíll marry you as many times as it takes. Happy 25 years and counting.
—Kathleen Quenneville

To: Grady Mahusay
Happy 10th Birthday Grady-Girl! Love you more than 10 billion Swedish Fish! Thank you for making me smile everyday. Love, Momma
—Suzy mahusay

January 11, 2010

To: skip dodge
Wishing his beloved of twenty glorious years, a frisky, happy 6oth birthday. And, looking forward, (wink), to their weekend together in the city.
—gregory gazaway

To: Martha
It was wonderful to see PHC live in the beautiful SF Opera House. We were hoping for a rain shower, however, just like at the Tonga Room. Wished you were with us!
—Cynthia West

To: Scott Anton
I'm sorry we missed you on your birthday but if you want we can call and sing Happy Birthday again!
—Leah Anton

To: Laura Dean
Wishing you a Happy Birthday for January 23rd, have a wonderful week at Rancho La Puerta, Tecate. We will miss you
—Robert & Ruby Brown

January 10, 2010

To: Kaela
Great job getting straight A's for your first semester at San Francisco State! We are proud of you an cannot wait for you to graduate then come run the family business. Love mom and dad
—Polly Peckham
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