January 17, 2010 - January 23, 2010
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January 23, 2010

To: Bud
Dear Bud Isn't it great that we are grandparents for the first time. Congratulations Jack & Maureen on the birth of our first grandson Cole. Love our Saturday nights with Prairie Home Companion together. You are the best. Love Marie
—Marie Shepherd

To: The Koncrete Kahuna
Happy 14th Birthday! Here's hoping all your snowboarding dreams come true. Our love always.
—Mom & Dad

To: Marilyn & Kent
Thanks to our "OLDER" sister Marilyn for arranging this family get together -by the way Happy Birthday Kent!
—sheryl schrader

To: Tom Weiss
Best wishes to Dr. Tom, visiting up there in Mayoland, where all the nurses are strong, all the doctors are above average, and all the patients are good-looking. From the gang in Larryville. To the staff: He'll be in the audience for your Jan. 23 show
—Norm Yetman

January 22, 2010

To: Jean Brodie
Dear mom; welcome home. Feel better. Cozy up in your chair to listen to Garrison. Did you know Keillor's middle name is Edward? My best dog ever was named Edward. That dog sure loved you. And I love you even more.
—Eileen Brodie

To: Tom Weiss
Hurry up and get well so that you and Pat can take another homeymoon in New Orleans, where it is warm
—Fred Bateman

To: Char Egan
To Mom Charlotte who moved from the foothills in Ashville to move back home to the Michiagan Chill. If you think cold weather is a thrill, Come vist your Grandson in Rochester where the temp is nil
—Pat Egan

To: Grandma Lois & Grandpa Bill
Lois and Bill, sitting right down front in row #8, that is a bit too close don't ya think; you might draw attention to yourselves. Your CO family
—kevin shearrow

To: Wes and Marie
Looking forward to seeing Lacie Lou and the pink shower curtain at Chuck and Mary's next Twin Cities marathon.
—David Mellgren

To: Mom
thank you for the christmas tickets hope you are listening to the show tonight.Sending you hugs as big as a house. Mom & Dad
—Eric Gruber

To: Sweetpea
Dearest Sweetpea- Three winters in Rochester and my passion still burns hot for you. Your resentment turns me on. Yours for Life, G
—Geoff Smith

To: Samuel
Happy Birthday! Our love is infinite, but our time together is finite. Let this year make us younger.
—Kristi Hockenberry

January 21, 2010

To: Dave!
Hello my honey - attending the PCH San Francisco performance was like coming home! Thank you for a special & memorable day!
—Deb Zarka

To: Al
Happy 40th birthday to Al (the best paleo-oceanographer in the state of Iowa!) celebrating in the audience tonight! (1/23) With love from John and Lori in Maine.
—John Gunn

January 20, 2010

To: Tom Weiss
Gabie and Ellee in Raleigh hope their Uncle Tom gets better soon, so he can return to Kansas where the weather is so much nicer.
—Lee Craig

January 19, 2010

To: Allan and Phillis
I'll bet you have a super time in the audience Sat 1/23. Hoorah!!I found the Chicago station. Love you
—Carol Thomas

January 18, 2010

To: Kerry
A great big thanks again to our favorite Minnesotan for the babysitting- it was great for us to get out and visit Lake Wobegon... those two little girls love you!
—Rich, Sus, Matt, and Ash -the parents!

To: Tami
To my Princess, Wishing your a very happy birthday from me and our three wonderful children. Thank you for sharing your life with me.
—Rich Dreher

January 17, 2010

To: Jim and Nancy
To Jim and Nancy in the audience from your son in Baghdad; chill some beer and bake up some ham puffs-- I'm coming home.
—Nathan Canestaro

To: Garrison Keillor
I have been a fan for 10 years. I fear you greatly under-rate your story "Alaska" and the wisdom to be gained from this story. I have abstracted the practical wisdom from "Alaska","Pontoon boat" and "Uncle Al's Gift" in advice to my friends and family. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
—Louis Mancini

To: Dave Shipman
The surest way to reach my father would be through Prairie Home Companion. Happy 50th birthday Dad, from your favorite daughter.
—Liz Shipman

To: Mom, Papa & Luke
Glad you made it down from Foley to see the show with me. Our Lake Wobegon tradition lives on.
—Sarah Botzek

To: Kenneth Brown
Happy 87th birthday to Kenneth Brown from your film-director kid in Italy. Your "home movies" in Aledo were the inspiration that has taken my work to Cannes and Hollywood!
—Warren Brown
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