January 24, 2010 - January 30, 2010
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January 30, 2010

To: The Fenimores
I wish to thank these folks for this marvelous birthday present. The Mrs Fenimore and I have been friends for 62 very memorable years, her husband is a bonus to the friendship.
—Alice Millhon

To: Bev Palm
Happy 60th birthday to my little sister who's at a theater in Colorado Springs watching the show with her big sister in North Saint Paul.
—Shirley King Kopp

To: rob and myrna daly
You're visiting your son Shawn and his wife Kim in Tucson. But Widmer Brewing needs you back in Portland. Hope you're having a great time at PHC.
—john gram

To: Sam
Happy 21st birthday to Sam in Connecticut listening from Western Connecticut State University (West Conn. sounds like a prison): sorry you can't make the show here in Tucson from Mom, Dad, Uncle Randy Aunt Ellen and your little cousin, Micah on January 30th.
—Donna Prezelski

To: John Greenfield
Happy Birthday Dad. It was always fun listening to Guy Noir on the way home from the golf course.
—Eric Greenfield

To: Ric Cooper
Happy retirement. Enjoy your sunsets on the ranch and please dont forget to feed horses and collect the eggs from the chickens.
—alan mignault

To: Anna Fulton
Anna Fulton, I am Pea Green w/ envy that you are sitting in the audience in Tucson with my brother and I'll hear all about it when I call you tonight!
—Andrea Fulton

To: Donna Collingwood
Donna, Thank you for the tickets to "see" my favorites from Prairie Home Companion on a Thursday night night in Sioux Falls, SD. It is so special to be with you! Love, Woody
—Woody Collingwood

To: Gordon
My fellow English major lo those many years ago. We grow old, we grow old, we shall wear the bottoms of our trousers rolled.
—Robb Curtis

January 29, 2010

To: Hannah and Andrew in Florida
We are so excited that the baby is a girl. I'm having to hold your mother back from buying out everything that's pink and frilly. Love David and Mom
—David Eidson

To: David
Happy 57th birthday to the man of my dreams. You are so brave to have taken on another wife and 11 children. Hope you see #58!!
—David Eidson

To: martin willis
hello to Martin in Ohio from Grandma Willis in Arizona. Good luck with your audition at the Muskingum College of Music. Your musical talent and your parents lack of singing ability proves that musical talent isn't inherited.
—john willis

To: David Fetherstonhaugh
Hey Son, These past many years we’ve kinda “had the biscuit” and not those “good old fashion, bakin’ powder” kind. . . Huh? And its great to have us sitting right here, together, in this Mountain View, CA movie theatre, enjoying the heck out of watching our favorite entertainer! I love you, son. . . and our little munchkin’s Hannah and Finn, and momma too.
—Carol Heart

To: Joyce Spears
We wish you a happy birthday, mom! So nice of Garrison Keillor to come to Tucson for your birthday! Enjoy the show and have a terrific day!
—Dianne Hill

January 28, 2010

To: Dr. Hummingbird in DC
Please come back to your desert home. We’ll have breakfast with the hawks and dinner with the javelinas. Love, Donna and Steve. Javelinas are bristly, pig-like, wild desert animals, also known as peccaries. They live in and around Tucson. They like to knock over garbage cans and rip out Malibu lights, but we love them anyway. Their name is pronounced hahv-ah-LEE-nah.
—Donna Moulton

To: Jean, Jeanie & Jeff
Sorry I'll miss the tractor pull again. Good luck & don't get squished by that big Allis Chalmers. Old Doc Barton says I'm nearly healed.
—Larry Neal

To: Andy Fuller
See, honey? There is life outside of sports!
—Laurie Fuller

January 27, 2010

To: Mom and Dad
Hello to Mom and Dad (in the audience 1/30) from your above average daughter, Nancy. I hope you enjoy the view from the cheap seats. They really were the best available, not just the least expensive!
—Nancy Rzonca

To: Lutherans in Lake Wobegone
Methodists in Marion , NC are packing 142,500 ready to eat meals for Haiti on Feb. 13th and invite the Lutherans up North to do the same!
—Pam McNally

I would like to wish my husband David a Happy eigth anniversary. We can only go up from here. All My Love , Kathy

To: Bill Butters
(for feb 4 I have tickets) Greeting from Toronto to the clebrated Minnisota Fighting Saint William Butters. You did the fighting part so well, overwhelming grace has made us saints.

To: Dee
Finally got you to a PHC show, thanks for being my best friend. We are a great team. Let's stay together forever. I get better with age.
—Raymond Freer

To: Ken & Sandy Duckert
Greetings from Auckland, New Zealand. How wonderful it is, that here in the deep south we can get this great radio show via internet streaming. Thankyou.
—Graham Astley

To: Don
Thanks Darling, for taking me to see the show live! Not sure what to expect so I packed us some snacks. Just in case.
—Heidi Aranda

To: Joyce Hassler
Happy late Birthday, Joyce! Now you can enjoy Garrison's show without all the SNOW!The only thing missing is the slice of rhubard pie.they don't sell that in Texas do they?
—Don King

To: Aid Workers in Haiti
Greetings to all the aid workers in Haiti, particularly our nephew, Matt Marek with the Red Cross. You guys are doing a terrific job and we salute you. Norman and Ann Marie Hicks, Falls Church , Va.
—norman hicks

January 26, 2010

To: Peggy Webb
Greetings to Mom...patiently waiting 85 years to see THE show live (2/4); almost as long as it's been going! :)
—John Webb

To: Keith and Leona Franklund
Papa and Grama Franklund we miss and love you much, Maggie and Jack
—Dustan Franklund

To: Jim
Happy ninth wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband! May next year be our first year of wedding bliss after I am done with graduate school!
—Karen Munroe

To: Russ Ringsak
Russ, met you in mpls 1970-ish at Eric Wheeler's. I now live in Scottsdale, AZ, and would love to host you while you're here, or at least get together. Love your writing. I'm still a designer, but about to retire. Call 480 488-8456.

January 25, 2010

To: Uncle Bob
Happy Birthday Uncle Bob. We hope you are enjoying the live show in Tucson. Sorry there isn't a Rhubarb pie waiting for you at home. You'll have to wait until the spring time. Lots of love - Jan, Joan, Joe and John
—Jan Holyko

To: Terry McConnaughay
Happy 90th birthday. Still going strong and still making the best martinis.
—NM Blackburn

To: Joan Ashcraft
Your dedication to ensuring that children of Tucson Unified School District and beyond will thrive with an Arts Integrated Curriculum is inspiring to me and sincerely appreciated. Long live Opening Minds Through the Arts!!
—Kathleen Halstead

To: Fred Newman
I'll be in the audience for the Tucson show. Can't wait to see you do the same things you did back in high school in LaGrange ..and you get paid for that, huh?
—Dale Shackelford Halstead

January 24, 2010

To: janet magrum
happy birthday big 50 th in tucson, AZ going to see prairie home companion live there in tucson on jan 30,2010 enjoy the show love you mom from all of us back in OHIO

To: Matthew Ryan
Bud, we're all excited for you to begin your study-abroad adventure in Amman, Jordan. Have fun, be good and write us EVERY SINGLE Sunday as promised. (Don't make me come over there.) Love, Mom
—Becky Ryan

To: Mother Theresa
Happy 80th birthday Mom. Pending the weather we'll be there for your celebration! Whip up some of that Rhubarb-be bop o boo bop Rhubarb pie. Love your "little darlings"...all 16 of us..Joseph, Margaret and Monica, the twins, Jeannine, Kathleen, LaVonne, Paul, Denise, Amelia, Rynetta, Leo, Ruth, Julie, Lawrence and David, the 20+ grandkids and your twin sister Patricia.
—margaret straley

To: Courtney Kenn
This weekend marks another wonderful year in which I haven't gotten around to asking you to marry me. I hope for many more to come.
—Justice Morath
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