February 7, 2010 - February 13, 2010
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February 13, 2010

To: James Ramlet
I hope you're enjoying singing with Vocalessence and Garrison. Happy Valentine's Day.
—Susan Ramlet

To: All my friends in St. Paul, especially those on Cathedral Hill.
I moved back to my home village in Germany last week, which is a kind of like Lake Wobegone. Now my daily commute is a hike across a cow pasture, where I practice my loon calling. Why did I leave Minnesota in the middle of winter...the best time of the year? I miss those cold and sunny days, and the snow and ice. You better come visit me! I've got German rhubarb pie waiting for you already.
—Rosalie Clemens

To: Paul and Shannon
To Mom and Dad, We hope the show is as good tonight as it was on your first date. Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary.
—Lauren Nahurski

To: Kaye and Noel
Love to Malawi from Ryan, Rachel, Peter, Suzanna, and Kristy! We have asked the extended family to stop mailing you cans of tuna, but can't guarantee they'll listen.
—Rachel Kuck

To: Delores
Hi Grandma Delores from Austin and Chase in Minnesota, Wish you were here!
—Jean Meister

February 12, 2010

To: Donald and Sheila
Hi from Cave Creek, Arizona. Today, it's 70 degrees and sunny. Just thought you'd want to know!
—Bee and Bill Bemmels

To: C.K. & Camilla Lomax
Mom & Dad Happy 70th anniversary from your 64 & 66 year old dimpled darling kids - Sara & David
—Sara & David Lomax

To: Lillian Francine Acevedo
Happy 10th Birthday to my beautiful daughter Lily. Lily, you make everyday a happy one for your dad and sis. You're my special pal!
—Robert Acevedo

To: Patrick
Shakopee Baby: it's not Leap Year, but I have to ask . . . time we tied "the knot?" (Waiting two decades for "a sign", like Vikings winning the Super Bowl, is no excuse!)
—Laura Regan (Tucson)

February 11, 2010

To: Karen Cronquist
Greetings to Grandma Ray, who lives in Grand Marais, Minnesota, from your sis, a born again and again Unitarian, who lives in Maine, mainly.
—Lois Howlett

February 10, 2010

To: Jay
To my new valen-tine, these past three months have been di-vine!
—Katie Michaelson

February 9, 2010

To: Mike
Thank you for helping me find my first four leaf clover. Here's to the year of the McPeeks!
—Meg McPeek

February 8, 2010

To: Gerda Carmichael
Abuela, PLEASE act your age on your eightieth birthday!
—Maria Calhoun

To: Chuck in Atkinson, IL
Looking forward to the first Cribbage Cup Challenge of 2010. Susie's not ready to take it off the mantle quite yet. It could get ugly.
—Jeff Orr

To: Matthew Hartung
(in audience 2/13) Babe, we have only been together for three months and I bought you tickets to Prairie Home Companion. Good luck trying to top that.
—Sarah Komer

To: Michael & Cherie,
Happy Valentine's Day anniversary to my good friends!
—Carla Klein

February 7, 2010

To: Charlotte Jackson
Happy 23rd anniversary on Valentines day, We could have done worse, heck both of us already did twice.
—Jack, Jackson

To: Jonathan
Hey Jonnie-sorry i've been so crabby! 30 years of marital bliss and now we are working on our own Victorian farmhouse-WOW! Think we can get the pottys to work now......???????
—Anna Schrock

To: Elson and Helen Spangler
Happy Birthday Mom and Dad. What great fun celebrating with the Prairie Home Companion in the beautiful Fox Theater.
—Nancy and Joe Messana
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