February 21, 2010 - February 27, 2010
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February 27, 2010

To: Jim Davis
Happy Birthday Dad... What a great birthday to have, leap year, to bad it is not a real birthday this year.
—Jamie Davis

To: Bruce and Sherry in Mancelona MI
The bean seeds are coming. Keep those chickens away from Louie!
—Bruce and Kathy Krauskopf

To: Kat Schwartz
Kat, we know your Dad & I dragged you here being the pre-teen that you are BUT look how much fun you are actually having? When you are 17 you may actually look forward to this just like your brother sitting next to you. Smile! We will always push to broaden your horizons.....
—Lisa Schwartz

To: Hal Perlman
You were born in '55 and today you are turning 55! (And, yes, your number is once again bigger than my number!) Looking forward to more trips around the sun together. Happy Birthday with all my love....
—Cindy Perlman

To: Action Jackson
Action Jackson; So sorry that school is more important than a trip to motor city to see our radio hero, this kind of guy comes along only once in a lifetime. Hello to the 7 other children pursuing their eduction in even farther flung places. The Gillies.
—Scott Gilmore

To: Jimbo and Marcie
Enjoy the show at the Fox tonight! Love your beautiful five daughters Nora, Molly, Maggie, Bridget, Jamie and future son-in-law Devin.
—Nora Reidy

To: Carol Bertrand
Thank you for planning this evening to see Prairie Home Companion Live! You know it is my favorite show, and you even arranged for us to be at the cast party! (Please Garrison stop by and say hello) I am so fortunate to have been blessed with your love, two wonderful boys, abd 17 years of marriage.
—Ron Boyd

To: Jack Bailey
The Bailey family wishes Jack Bailey a happy 69th birthday today. To a truly great performer who celebrates love and laughter every day.
—Karen Volas

To: Dave and Judie Small
We've had enough of the snow! If we promise to put the Christmas lights back up, can we come back to Florida?
—Bearden's of Wyandotte Bearden

To: Mom and Bob
Thanks for all your love and support this year. Stay warm up there in Charlevoix...Spring is on its way,we hope!
—Jennifer Danforth

February 26, 2010

To: Bay Arenac Career Center FFA students
I'll see all of you Sunday evening at the Chippewa Nature Center's full moon hike. Dress warm & wear your boots. The snow shoes are all taken. Mrs. G.
—Valerie Gerhart

To: Mom and Dad
Happy Birthday to my dear mother! Sorry you couldn't make it to the show using the tickets that we bought you as gift. Glad we're able to enjoy them instead!
—Krissa and Jim Rumsey

To: Jeff an-DOAN-yuhn
You left Detroit, moved to Dallas, and became a Republican. For your sister's sake do we still talk. At least you listen to public radio.
—Cross muh-RAY-dee-uhn

To: Michele Niles
To my beautiful wife on your 49th birthday, let's trust the kids and not worry about them until we get home tomorrow. I'll get a late checkout to give them time to put the house back together-wink, wink.
—Craig Niles

To: Anna Durham
Happy 50th Anna - we all love you for the many ways you have enhanced our lives! Can't wait until the show tomorrow
—Jace Allen

To: Kris, Ron & Phil
Many thanks for helping me scratch one more thing off my 60th Birthday Bucket List, and love to Phil for always making each adventure better!
—Cherie Giller

To: Corinne and John
Chloe and Charlie hope you're enjoying the show. Don't worry about us--we've got plenty of hay and chow. We'll take noserubs when you're home!
—Craig Bethune

February 25, 2010

To: Sandy
To my 3 best girls. Thanks for the great Christmas present - here I am live at the Fox Theatre - G
—Glenn Rogers

To: lori simonian
may the snow stop falling and the flowers start blooming soon dear its allmost here.
—matthew simonian

February 24, 2010

To: Jennifer McIntyre
To a devoted fan of Prairie Home Companion, a very Happy 60th Birthday on February 21 2010 from your friends in Sault Ste. Marie Canada
—Susan Garrett

February 23, 2010

To: Dale and Pat Baxter
Happy birthday and happy early birthday from your kids and grandkids. Hope you're having a good time, things are fine at home...sorry about the shower, but it was like that when we got here!
—Melissa Metivier

To: Jennifer Danforth
Jennifer, you are my best friend, my greatest treasure...the jelly to my peanut butter. Happy Birthday!
—William Danforth

To: Alanna
Thanks for four beautiful months and the many to come. Sorry about the mandolin.
—Ian Malhoit

February 22, 2010

To: Adrianna
Grandma and Grandpa hope you enjoy the show much love Adrianna, Julia, and Azania
—Adrianna Ortega

To: Jessica, Judith & Erica in Battle Creek
Please don't continue to antagonize the cat with mind games, she can't afford to lose any more hair. Love, Mom & Dad
—Steve Kamm

To: Sonya and Sarah
Sonya, so proud of your social activism at Western Michigan U, imagine passing algebra, it's easy if you try. Sarah, empty the dishwasher.
—Sheri Kash

February 21, 2010

To: Robert McNair
Hi Papa, The Marine corps is really boring. Maybe i should of gone to college instead. Say hi to the dogs for me.
—Fletcher McNair

To: Robert Delahunt Jr
To My Dear Friend Robert, In this short time, you have opened my heart, mind, and soul to so many wonderful and exciting new feelings. You have stirred my heart...and I appreciate the sweet and wonderous blessing that you are...Looking foward to being together.
—Lynne Turner
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