March 28, 2010 - April 3, 2010
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April 3, 2010

To: Ray Hornsby
You've done many great things for many people, but one of my favorites is when you introduced me to APHC. Hope you're enjoying the live show in Nashville.
—Daniel Buckhannan

To: Mom and Dad
spring break is ending so don't worry, I'll start my homework soon.
—Eva Mearns

To: Len Green
Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!
—Noelle Estes

To: Nana and PopPop
I miss you Nana and PopPop! Listen carefully and you can hear my applause in the audience today. Love from Henry in Seattle
—Michelle Monette

To: Megan
Happy Birthday Megs! Thanks for coming all the way from Billings - see you in the back row!
—Angie Bowlds

To: Lana Rae
I hope taking you to the show today will be enough for you to finally give me your meatloaf recipe. With love from your son.
—Connor Lenz

To: Daddio
Amber sends love to her dad way down in Cajun Country. Please send food ASAP cuz salmon gumbo just aint right! Glenn, you send boudin.
—Amber Lessard

To: Carole
Hi to everyone in Glendive, MT from the very last row! Even in Seattle, we're still drawn to the Prairie.
—Megan Schultz

Great job getting a 90% on your Organic Chemistry test at WSU. Don't rub it into your roommates to much. Go Cougars ! Say Mom, Dad and sister Laura, from Walla Walla, Washington.

April 2, 2010

To: Kathie
Thanks for bringing me to the show KD. My life is now complete. I hope Taibo is feeling better soon!
—Luci Strehle

To: Luz Galusha-Luna
You are settling in Seattle! I will be back for the June wedding at the monastery. I am going to be a no-trouble mother-in-law! Congratulations, Luz and Cole, on finding love in Seattle.
—Socorro Galusha-Luna

To: Loving Husband and Father, Leslie Steussy
On Wednesday, March 31st, Leslie, age 62, passed away in his home in Moorhead, MN, surrounded by friends and family after a ten-month battle with pancreatic cancer. His wife and children would like to say: Dad, we know you’re up in heaven right now listening to a Prairie Home Companion, just as you have always done, every Saturday at 5 o'clock for the past 26 years. We miss you.
—Family of Leslie Pat, Jason & Christine

To: Andy Stephens
Happy 54th Birthday to the funniest person, great man of integrity and a hunk of a husband lo these 29 years!
—Jeanne Stephens

To: Sandy
Happy late Birthday Mom! We love you and hope you enjoy the show!
—Wendy Petershagen

To: Pankratz family
Born in Minneapolis, my deceased mother, Donna Loosen moved to Seattle while in High School. Her children, deprived of connections with our Minneapolis relatives, have made Lake Wobegon characters a significant part of our lives. (A shout out to Pankratz family in St Paul. We love you even though you are not English majors!)
—Renee Reed

To: Lee Raymond
Happy birthday Lee, you old Minnesotan, you. How far we've come since the early 80's in Boston, when we shared a first name and a love of Prairie Home Companion. Seems appropriate that I'm in the audience here in Seattle on your birthday, sending greetings to you in North Carolina, where you're living your dream of working on guitars and fiddles.
—Barbara Miller

April 1, 2010

To: Bill & Lisa
Woo Hoo!! Congratulations on having a REAL Saturday Date Night! What could be better spending it being with Garrison & Company? Love ya, Montana Teresa & Chuck
—Teresa & Chuck Woolley

To: Collin Leppard
Happy 5th Birthday, Collin! Good night, sleep tight, don't let the Easter Bunny bite....
—Steve Leppard

March 31, 2010

To: Sarah Stoner-Nicolosi
To my alarmingly precocious daughter because you find the idea of a live, staged radio show seen on a movie screen to be hilarious.
—Craig Stoner

March 30, 2010

To: Leverett Hubbard
happy birthday levdawg! don't forget to thank 'oh great one' for those tickets!
—Suzie Haberland

To: Audun Jensen
Thanks to my old Minnesota-phile English teacher, back in Gamle Norge, for forcing PHC on us, all those years ago. Look what you've made me do -- crossed the Atlantic alone, just to catch the show tonight!
—Anders Alterskjaer

March 29, 2010

To: Mom, Dad, and Mark
It's funny that I moved out of the Midwest and NOW see Prairie Home Companion live. Seattle is great, but I do miss home.
—Rachel Hovel

To: Jeff
How lucky, my life, To be, now, your wife. How truly we're blessed To ever have met. When I hiss and I scratch, And show my inner hell-cat, Remember my inner kitten, That with you, is still smitten.
—Kathy Ferris

To: DR. Karol Bomsztyk
Happy 60th Birthday. Continue enjoying work, biking, jogging, music. And, as Mother would say, "be successful". With love.
—Henry, Vivian, Michael, RozaRoza Rusinek
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