April 5, 2010 - April 17, 2010
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April 17, 2010

To: michaela and adam
your wedding will be during the full moon on june 26th. In Maine the lupine will be in bloom. It's all wonderful. You are beginning the rest of your lives together during the best time of year. We love you. Mom and Dad
—Dorothy Carter

To: Melissa MacWilliams
Happy birthday, M'liss! Sixty's not so bad...I've warmed it up for you. Come to Maine! There's a birthday lobster waiting for you in Damariscotta.
—Kimberly McClain

To: Bibi Pasternack
Happy birthday from your favorite three-legged beast. We've got 58 dachshunds howling for you down at the kennel.
—jack pasternack

To: Bibi Pasternack
Wishing you a very happy birthday from your sis-in-law. We've got 58 boxes of Cracker Jacks waiting for you, if you've got the teeth for it.
—shelley fredson

To: Ernesto
To My Poppy Chulo from Pinky: thanks for the best 50th birthday- gluten-free dinner, dancing, and my favorite live radio show; it doesn't get much better than this!
—Lisa M

To: Maud Hart Lovelace and Betsy-Tacy Fans Everywhere
Happy Birthday to Mankato, Minnesota's Maud Hart Lovelace on what would-have-been your 118th birthday (April 24th) and to all the fans of your beloved Betsy-Tacy books.
—Jennifer Hart

To: Ban and Sara
Congratulations on your engagement, Ben and Sara. Sara, you were warned when he proposed on the bungee swing. Love, Mom and Dad
—mark brumbaugh

To: Bibi Pasternack
Birthday greetings and a big hug to my little New Jersey sis from her big Wisconsin bro. I hope with your second run at 29 you finally got it right.
—Maury Pasternack

To: Residents of NJ
Nothing you do for a child's public school teacher is ever wasted. From an extemely proud first grade teacher in Jersey City of 35 years.
—Mona Segal

April 16, 2010

To: Marilyn
Growing old together requires a flexable attitude. I know when I was younger and you caught a glimpse of me passing by quickly, you thought " was that George Cloonie ? " and then realized it was just me, but now as you see me through a open door for a momment you shouldn't shout what Andy Rooney doing in our house !
—Ed Zimmerman

To: Garrison Keillor
Hello Garrison, I have enjoyed listening to your programme since 1994 when I arrived in Atlanta to do graduate work. I especially enjoy the segment, news from Lake Weobegone - and life at the Lutheran church. I am an Aussie Anglican priest, as is my wife, and we take great comfort from your words - they ring true of our experience in our respective pastoral cures. I decided to be bold this last easter and do something different with my easter sermon. The inspiration for my effort comes from your show. You may go to click on sermons, and click on April 4 for your listening pleasure. Grace and peace, and Easter blessing to you, your family and the crew - Fr. Paul - a grateful fan.
—Paul Elliott

To: Esther Dick
Happy 95th birthday to my beautiful Mom Esther from Sterling Colorado. Mom credits her strength from actually living on the prairie home Homestead when she was a little girl.
—Margie Klein

April 15, 2010

To: Dad
Happy 49th birthday- 1 more year and we'll spurge for good seats.
—Matt Reid

To: The Clever Family (Mom, Dad, Dan, Autumn, Brooke, and Kaleb
Wishing you were all up here in the city with me. Can't wait to go home to Bear Lake on break. Thanks Dad for introducing me to "A Prairie Home Companion" all those years ago. Love you all lots.
—Joe Clever

To: P.W. Armstrong
A bit of a bang on the bongos behind the bench for our beloved Puckish Perry; a patently non - English major who at five and sixty still pens a heck of a poem. There is simply not enough time in the day to celebrate all the things you are to us.
—Della Fennelly

To: Lea
Where are we goin'? And can we get there from here?
—John Hayduk

April 14, 2010

To: George
Happy to be here tonight; we're still doing alright.
—Elisabeth Patterson

April 13, 2010

To: Wilson and Dorcas Bull
You started it! Congratulations on your sixty-second wedding anniversary from your offspring-Cindy, Kathy, Chris, Sarah, Tony, and Keith, and from their offspring. That's a lotta Bull!
—Cynthia Tisue

To: della fennelly
a toast for della from an host of fellas at 2&50 she's gorgeous and nifty thanks to mr. keillor, boyish and witty her happy "home companions" celebrare her vernal nativity. penned by an anonymous and patently non-English major
—p.w. armstrong

April 12, 2010

To: Mom, Dad, and Cody
I wish I could go with you to Portland for Eli's graduation but you will have a great time and I probably wouldn't be able to sleep with Dad's snoring.
—Zoe Berman

To: Dylan
Congratulations on being accepted into the Honors program at St. Joe's High School. We're very proud of you.
—Nanny & Pop Braden

April 10, 2010

To: Kathleen Gosenheimer
Happy 10th Anniversary of your Heart Transplant and Happy 10th Birthday to your granddaughter Hannah. "Born" in the same hospital on the same day. To Life!
—Barbara Gillingham

To: Mark Storts
Happy 47th birthday from your daughters and wife. We hope you like your tickets to the show at Ohio University in Athens. We will pick Katie up at Tiffin Hall to go with us! You brought Prairie Home Companion into our home every Saturday night while our girls have been growing up and we thank you!!
—Merri Storts

To my saucy sis and her husband...thanks for tolerating these two middle-aged newly-wed's to your neice's Louisville wedding yesterday...let's plan to dance to the "Love Shack" again soon....
—Beverly Pittman

To: Bill Adams
Hello from The Little Apple! Not sure what this is going to look like. See you Thursday!
—Diane Matteson

To: Tom Hunter
Dad, sorry you had a heart attack and can't make it to the show. We'll take you to one in Minnesota later! Love, your kids.
—Daniel Hunter

To: Dick, love in our silver wedding anniversary
You crossed the Mason Dixon line to marry me in Minnesota. I crossed back over it for you, here to Tennessee. Life is good. Thanks for 25 Looooonnnnng years.:-)
—Diane Acree

To: Steve Wariner
Remember the guy who rebuilt your staircase back in the '90s? I'm in the audience tonight and wanted to say hello!
—Wayne Kelly

April 9, 2010

To: John and Donna Olshefski
APRIL 17 2010 Welcome to my hometown, hope you aren't scarred for life.The best part of housesitting was driving your car. Did you know we could have taken the train?Thanks for letting me drive TODAY!!
—Yvette Dozier Williamson

To: Miguel
Dear Ulysses, your siren is calling to you from miles away. Will you come upon shore or stay tied to the mast? Thinking of you.
—Frida Fleetwood

April 8, 2010

To: Rob and Cathy Carter
Greetings from Nashville. We're back home in the city of Vanderbilt University and we may never come back. Maybe we'll just head down to the Gulf and retire. 26 years old and retired sounds might fine to me.
—Ted Carter

To: Ed
Well, big guy, we've made it as husband and wife for over 50 years now. "Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be" Love you forever.
—Mary Margaret Lambert

To: Laura Gwin
Sending belated birthday greetings with love to my baby sister who turned 42 yesterday (April 9) - I may be older but you are certainly wiser.
—Lachelle Norris

To: Pearl Daddy
So happy and proud of you on your new job in Birmingham. I know you will be succesful, and I know they love you, but probably not as much I have for 25 years. You're best friend a Pearl could have.
—Jeannie Ingram

April 7, 2010

To: Heidi Gorney
Happy 50th birthday to you! Sending you much love and wishes for great health and happiness.
—Lisa Cripps

To: Carol Merritt
Happy Birthday Carol France !!! And hi to the Goodin Family back in the Buckeye State. Mom & Dad Goodin are smiling down on us ALL. With a sign that say GONE FISHIN and the water is like GLASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Edgar Merritt

April 6, 2010

To: Charlie Wilson
Dear Charlie, I was thrilled with your marriage proposal! The fact that you chose to do so on April Fool's Day did concern me just a bit, but I am saying YES and you will not be allowed a loophole to withdraw it at a furture date. Love Always,
—Jeannia (prounded Gina) Chandler

To: Celia Mahan
Happy Birthday to Celia who will be turning 7 on April 10 and celebrating at the Ryman. Love, Mom
—Laurie Mahan

To: Betsy
Happy fiftieth birthday from your two boys in Artesia, New Mexico. So glad we are part of your amazing life!
—Bob Flynn

To: Al & Betty Rose
Happy 100th Birthday to Al & Betty Rose of Maumee Ohio -- who both turned 100 recently and who will be married 79 years in June. ( What selective hearing will do for you!) Keep salting your v-8 and eating braunschweiger. From all 45 of your loving progeny!
—Helen Harrigan
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