May 2, 2010 - May 8, 2010
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May 8, 2010

To: Mommy
Mommy, I love you and couldn't have gotten through this year without you. I know we will make it together. Can't wait for Christmas in India! Kate
—Katherine Sinclair

To: Amber McKoy
Congrats to our Mezzo Amber graduating with a Bachelors of Music degree from UW-Whitewater! On to Opera in the Park and IU! WOOT!
—Jeannine McKoy

To: Jonathan
Bee, happy palindromatic 55!!!! Only once in a decade....
—Lynn Bernstein

To: Sandy
Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for the extended loan of many PHC tapes that have kept me greatly entertained. I will return them someday - I promise! love, your daughter who is nuts about mini things!
—Jeanne Everill

To: Luke
Hi! I hope you have a wonderful day today, remember to solve at least 3 puzzles. I love you. From your big sis.
—Kala Fowler

To: Morgan Obrien Bocciolatt
Just want you to know my employer is putting me on furlough one day a week. Times they are a changing. Spend frugally not freely. love dad
—Michael Bocciolatt

To: Kjersti (pronounced Shearsty)
KJ - Tears of joy run down my face Ever warm, not out of place A closed heart now open Bringing sobs of passion long forgotten. Whispers of love cross your lips Whispered so softly, you thought I missed. Enduring words of soft caress Lost kindred souls forever bound in eternalness. You are loved - JK
—Jason Koskinen

May 7, 2010

To: Nancy Cincotta
Wishing Mom Cincotta a Happy 58th Mother's Day!
—Marie Cincotta

To: Mary
I'm here with Dad at the show and just want to say we miss you Mom. Thanks for raising the so-called "4 UGLY BROTHERS" We love you, #3
—Joe Hronec

May 6, 2010

To: Asianna Grace Davis
—susan wilpitz

To: Garrison Keillor
Wouldn't you know! We move to Chanhassen, mn, from Roanoke, VA, only to find that the Prairie Home Companion is going to Salem/Roanoke in Sept!!! Our luck!
—Marleen North

May 5, 2010

To: Arielle
Arielle, Arielle, Arielle 19 years young. You are our sunshine, our hurricane our one and only. Happy Birthday, Love Mom and Dad.
—Mike Demas

To: suzan
glad we finally made it to see APHC right here in NYC. So glad we didn't have to wear those silly 3D glasses. They make me look so fat.
—sarah reid

To: J-Bird
Honey- 17 yrs. ago, you said "Life with kids isn't smooth highway driving - it's off road driving, so get used to it." That was good advice. Thanks for being a wise & wonderful mother and my BFF.
—Louis Palazzo

May 4, 2010

To: Michael Price
Hello my darling brother. I miss you so much and I am counting the days until I see you again. In the mean time, know I am thinking of you and I love you. Hugs and kisses from your little sister.
—Valarie Bohannon

To: Betty Stadum
Thank you mother..... ( Betty Stadum) Moorhead Minnesota who lives blocks from the Prarie Home Cemetery..... for recycling your Mothers Days cards from last year to save us from having to buy new ones! We love you.. Your Family
—carolyn Kopca

To: Linda & Gary
To my ol' hippie friends -- Congratulations on your 30th wedding anniversary! Keep on hiking and making music and creating art and loving each other.
—Carolyn Freeman

To: Mark and Audrey Haverkamp
Nothing say "Spring" like the sweet smell of bull manure in the morning. I know you'll miss it. Happy Retirement!, now you'll have time to help me move some real "bull".
—Lorraine Madsen

May 3, 2010

To: Jim Donovan
Dad, Just because we have national health insurance doesn't mean you have to test it. Quit scaring you're kids. Arise, take thy bedside reading, and walk out of that hospital ASAP.
—Jim Donovan

To: Julia
Happy birthday! Better than a lame social network digital wall posting, right? [But maybe not better than lemon curd.]
—Kaitlin R-S

To: Martha
Happy 25th Anniversary from Francis to Martha. I've spent a quarter century writing and re-writing this greeting...How'd I do?
—Francis Hare

May 2, 2010

To: Emma
You have done a great job in your first year at Global High School and we are proud of your hard work. Hope you are enjoying your first trip to New York (May 8) and finally getting to see the show you have been laughing with since you were 9 years old! We love you. Mom and Dad.
—Kim and Mark Bauman

To: Mabel Exline Indahl
Happy 100th Birthday, Grandma Mabel! We love and admire your zest for life. Her great granddauthers and her great-great grandchildren are looking forward to many more games of Rummikub together.
—Sue Exline
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