May 23, 2010 - May 29, 2010
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May 29, 2010

To: Ma & Da
Here is to 33 years of happy marriage to the only two people who wish they were Norwiegian and live in a swamp. Don't let the mosquitoes in Everglades City carry you away.
—Audrey Rackley

To: Sarah
Happy Birthday and congratulations on graduation and your anthropology degree! Have fun digging expensive holes!
—Matthew Bradley

To: Fred and Joan Richardson
Mom and Dad - We hope you're enjoying the show tonight. Thank you for doing such a great job in raising us. However, there is some room for improvement with your son - these tickets are your Christmas, birthday and anniversary gift so apparently you raised a cheapskate!
—Jonathan Richardson

To: Community Events
To the group that came here on the Fredricksen Library bus trip: There sure was a minimal number of books being read on the way here! Your library representative is watching!
—Jessica Nupponen

To: Uncle Eddie
Thank you for blowing off your band and Aunt Jan to see the show with us! It has only taken us 5 years to get you out here. We love you.
—Elizabeth Heneghan

To: 2LT Collin Russell
Thanks for serving our nation in frigid Alaska. Your Mom's strawberry rhubarb crisp is better than ever -- too bad we can't air mail you some!
—COL (Ret) Warren Russell

To: Mike Hammon
Happy Birthday, Dad. Please stay single, and protect my inheritance. I love you very much!
—Greg Hammon

To: 2nd Lt Collin Russell
While celebrating our annual trip to Wolf Trap PHC today, that you attended so many times with us in years past, we miss you even more and dedicate this message to you and all service members like you stationed in Alaska and world-wide. Love Mom and Dad
—Bonnie Blyth-Russell

To: Ronan and Cade
Boys, take good care of Oma while Dad and I are here enjoying the show. No fighting over Legos or the Wii! We love you!
—Donna Ray

To: My mom Helen
Iím excited to report I finally met a guy in DC that is intelligent, and funny, and successful, and . . . a REPUBLICAN! Iím thrilled to bring him back to Marietta, Georgia to meet you and dad Thursday.
—Christina Hermoyian

To: Madeleine Donohue and Brian Wedge
Hello, London cousins, from Wolf Trap - we are attending the show you first took me to 30 years ago in St. Paul. Wish you were here, too. Love to you both! P.S. Garrison looks great - he never ages!
—John Coy

To: Heather
Happy anniversary. Thanks for two great years of marriage and hopes for a hundred more.
—Matt Reklau

To: Jessica
Our Appalacian Trail thru-hiker: Yes, we'll send more, you can't keep the dog.
—Cameron LaFortune

May 28, 2010

To: Sarah Jane & Maggie McKenzie
Congratulations, girls, on your personal bests in the 1500 and 800 meters at the Seattle City track championships. Your aunt and uncle are proud of your prowess as middle distance runners. We will go for a run in Rock Creek Park together when you visit us this summer in Washington, DC.
—Jeffrey Hayward

To: Michelle
Congratulations on your new home. Now you can come and get your firewood.
—Irene Balassis

To: Lauren Gwaley
My Virginia sweetheart, you are very missed from London town.
—Michael Seay

To: Mom, Dad, Katy, Tom & the Cats, Javier and Waylon
So glad you were able to come visit Greg and me this weekend in Virginia. We will have a great time celebrating Memorial Day and remembering our recently departed patriarch and ex-prisoner of war, Daddy B. May he rest in peace.
—Meredith MacKay

To: Kristi Peterson
Thank you for 20 wonderful years of marriage.
—Peter Nagelhout

To: Steve
Thank you for not refereeing soccer so we could be here at Wolf Trap. I love you!
—Laurie Diener

To: Liesl
To my marvelous daughter raised with 22 years of Prairie Home Companion. You truly are "above average". Wish you were here at Wolftrap.
—Glenn Burger

To: Donald Needles
To my loving husband, the happiest of birthdays. 34 years of marriage has passed quickly and yet we've only just begun to live!
—Karen Needles

To: Eli
I couldn't be happier that you're finally coming home, but as you plan your 6 week solo voyage across the Atlantic, I still can't help but wonderó would it not be easier to fly? Happy 28th birthday to the youngest stubborn old man to ever live. Sail quickly but safely, and know that I will be nauseous and nervous the entire time. With all my Love.
—ilse riebe

To: Eamon Robinson & Erin Brechbiel
We just tried some of those ketchup flavored "Powder Milk" biscuits.† You're a great cook & you'll keep Erin happy in your new kitchen!
—Laura Robinson

To: Sue Maynard
Happy 30th birthday my darling goofball. A Prarie Home Companion for your birthday and powder milk biscuits starred in our wedding homily this time last year. You just may be a big fan
—Dave Maynard

May 27, 2010

To: Carl and Barbara Johnson
(Garrison - we'll be at the Wolftrap show on Friday May 28th...) Happy 80th Birthday Mom and Dad! Dad, I think it's time for that Manhattan you've been putting off. Mom, looking forward to your postcards from Bermuda. Tom, Karen, Erin, and Natalie.
—Tom Johnson

To: Bridget and Herb Moen
Mom and Dad- We wish you were here! Love Kate and Steven
—Kate Moen

To: Alex
I'm celebrating your birthday at A Prairie Home Companion. Have fun riding camels in the Middle East! Can't wait til you get home! God Bless!
—Jacob Johnston

To: Bas Bleu Reading and Food Club
Greetings to Bas Bleu in the audience (May 28) who have been meeting monthly since 1981 for great books and great food
—helen mollick

To: Pat D'Aprile (pronounced "duh-prel")
Happy 77th Birthday, Mom! Please tell "Precious" and "Perfect" to top dinner and a show at Wolf Trap. Just remember, we love you more.
—Robert & Mary Harper

To: Nico
Happy 31st birthday Nick and congratulations on your new American citizenship. Your first birthday as an American and you get to spend it enjoying Prairie Home Companion - What could be more patriotic?!!?
—Tara O'Flaherty

May 26, 2010

To: Elena
Thanks to my slice of rhubarb pie for saying "yes" when I popped the question. Letís stay madly in love forever, or at least until we make it out of the parking lot tonight. (Saturday 5/29 show)
—Jason Waskey

To: Mundy O.
From Oregon to Sweet Virginia, you've been my home companion. Now, I'd be honored to call you my wife: Will you marry me?
—Adam Flake

To: Judy & Archie Doering
Judy & Archie--Hope you're enjoying your '09 Christmas present and experiencing the magic for yourselves--the magic of the show, and if you thought anything else I don't want to know. love, Brenda & Rick
—Brenda & Rick Doering

To: (husband) Dan
Happy belated birthday! Hope you're having a good time here in the audience (June 5--Santa Barbara). Greetings to my in-laws in Ashland. See the show in Jacksonville!
—Carolyn Geiger

To: Eamon & Erin
Hello you still getting married you make a great couple. Your uncle Gary Rickert
—Gary Rickert

To: David Itzel [it-sull]
Greetings from Iraq. Eric and I hope you are enjoying the show. Bet you never thought you would actually see the live version. So what do you want for dinner?
—David Itzel

May 25, 2010

To: Brian Weigel
If as I gazed to the sky, a star danced to the Earth and I could wish for whatever I may, I would wish to find my one true love to spend forever & a day. I wished & it came true, yes I'll marry you!
—Debbie Thompson

To: Mr. Keillor
It only took 3 vans, 1 car, 1 pickup, 3 taxis and 1 tow truck to get 3 generations to your great show Sat nite at the Fox theatre in Atlanta. I am 13 years old from Orlando, FL.
—Garrison Little

To: Hi
hi. happy birthday.
—Sarah Melton

To: Becky Jordan
What a way to celebrate your birthday - first Andrew's graduation from the Naval Academy, followed by Wolf Trap & Prarie Home Companion. Happy, Happy, Becky!
—Tina Dove

To: Martin Fenwick
Fella, Will you marry me? Love from your Sugar Gal
—Susan Smith

To: Ben Selig
Happy 2nd anniversary! Happy 6th month birthday to our twins, who were born 8 weeks early! Love, your wife
—Heather Selig

To: Al
Happy birthday to the fabulous Wepsala brothers of Walker, MN, and hurry home, Mom misses you!!!
—Molly MacGregor

To: David
Happy Fifth Anniversary. I love you more and more every day. Can't wait so spend forever with you.
—Janie Gildersleeve

May 24, 2010

To: Valerie
We turn into true American Icons every day we live by work and love. Thank you for teaching me the important things in life.
—mark gaydos

To: Dave & Steph MacPhail
Congrats to the newlyweds of Rochester, Minnesota, married today (May 29th) in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. The cupcakes were good, but you're Minnesotans - where was the rhubarb pie?!
—Lorman, Sara, and Lynn Anderson

To: Lew Ketcham
Happy Birthday, Schweet - who knew 62 could look so good or be so much fun? Love, Baba
—Barbara Ketcham

To: Colleen
Colleen, I am glad we were so bad at breaking up. Will you marry me? Love, Josh
—Josh Adler

To: Husband Jim
Jim: We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary a week ago! Is it our love of Prairie Home Companion that's kept us together? Please Garrison, don't retire again! Who knows what might happen!
—Linda Bufano

To: Betrothed Eamon Robinson & Erin Brechbiel
Marriage is a balancing act. Both gymnasts must have a strong core including the courage to laugh at one's own self. Mazel Tov!
—Leslie Pennick

To: Beth and Olivier
We wish you were here. Although, this is sort of a date so, we don't wish you were here THAT much.
—ed stahl

To: Gabiel
Mama & Dad wish a happy 12th birthday to Gabriel in the audience tonight at Wolf Trap. Keep your eyes out for Guy Noir! We got Powder Milk biscuits for dessert.
—Annamaria Basile

To: Susannah
My gluten-free girl: here's to one wonderful year without wheat; I hope there are many more to come.
—Michael Blau

To: Doyle Camp
To my Dad, who died last week, two weeks after turning 81 and 30 days shy of 55 years of marriage. The world will never know what a kind and gracious man it has lost, but it ought to. I miss you.
—Paul Camp

May 23, 2010

To: Dad
Dad, I know you're here with us listening. We miss you. Tom's graduated from St. Olaf and Katie's great in Boston. Thanks for watching out for us. Love, Marsha and everyone. (This is for the Ravinia date)
—Marsha Thomas

To: Jenn, Glenn and Doodle
Hey, guys. Well we finally made it here. To see the show to which our kids were born. Let's just hope that the subliminal messages don't cause biscuit addiction. And Glenn, don't worry, the cows are smarter than you think...they can milk themselves.
—Shannon Williams

To: Ruth
Happy Belated Birthday Mom- Dr. B and I send our very best and can't wait to spend summer nights grilling on the deck with you!
—Alice Massie

To: Bill Arrington
Daddy, keep fighting that cancer! We want to keep you until Prairie Home Companion comes to Atlanta again and we can take you with us to see Garrison Keillor! With great love from your kids and grandkids
—Brenda Poss
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