June 6, 2010 - June 12, 2010
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June 12, 2010

To: Darwin Gundy
Happy 7th Birthday to a big Prairie Home Companion Fan! Enjoy your Birthday and your first show in the new house, and we hope you make it to Lake Wobegon in your dreams tonight! WE LOVE YOU! Momma and Babbo.
—Tasker & Beth Gundy

To: Sally Goodin Puddin
Dear Mama Still out on the Ullrich Ranch, barely sleeping on a hard German bed. Long for the soft comfort of home and your sweet smile.. Love to all at the homestead, your, Amy Lou "with her pants full of poo"
—Amy Nayes

To: Suzanne Marie Kochevar
Happy 56th birthday to the Minnesota Traveler. Hope you enjoy this show as your present. You had to move to Spokane to see this show after growing up in Duluth.
—Kate Robbins

To: Ben
Your mom and I are so proud of your military service, keep up the good work in Qatar, Keep 'em Flyin, see you soon!
—Craig Dykstra

To: Joey Wenda
Congratulations to Joey on his graduation from both West Valley High School and Yakima Valley Community College from mom and dad, Gramma Ruth, Gramma Emma and crazy uncle Jimmy. Joey was to be here at the show today, but he got his first real summer job yesterday at the Apple Tree Resort, where he gets two free golf games a week, as part of his compensation. Dad will be calling you soon for a tee-time!
—Walt Wenda

June 11, 2010

To: LaDaonna, Sarah, and Alison
Wish you were here in Spokane to celebrate my 29th birthday. Perhaps for my NEXT 29th....
—Christa Stabile

To: Rayette Sterling
Happy Anniversary, my love, on this our 6th wedding anniversary. I'll bet you didn't know that the 6th anniversary is the Wood anniversary. Make of that what you will.
—Buck Sterling

To: The Holmes Family
To the Holmes Family: can't wait to see you all at Lake Okoboji -- celebrating 117 years of family fun! (will be at show in Spokane on 6/12)
—Lisa Holmes

June 10, 2010

To: Your wife
Enjoy the Spokane said Guy Noir would never visit our little burb. If you had a bucket list -- you'd be checking this one off.
—Tony Boston

To: Son Jake and fellow Scope Dopes (Air Battle Managers) at Robins AFB, GA
Make sure the dot on your screen is an actual military aircraft and not a drop of mustard from your sandwich
—Patty Dykstra

To: Michael Dalich
Wish we could spend another live moment with the Prairie Home Companion crew but you sacrificed your ticket for your mom while you listen at home with baby girl. You're a GREAT son and a GREAT dada
—Laura Visintainer

June 8, 2010

To: Kathy Mattson
55 and still alive-thanks for getting me off the farm and to the big city of Spokane for this show. You're right, coming to the show is a lot more fun than weeding and dodging thirsty mosquitoes. We may have been born thousands of miles apart but we are indeed sisters from different mothers.Happy birthday Kathy!
—Diane Green

To: Michael Burns
Dear Michael: Your mom and dad are thrilled that you get to see your absolute favorite host in Spokane. You listen every night before bed!
—Greg & Roberta Burns

June 7, 2010

To: JillnJon Williams
Thanks for taking me to PHC/ Tucson in March - it's becoming a habit! Happy Father's Day Jay and 30th birthday Eli -- enjoy the show!
—Pam Yarwood

To: Men and Women Oversea's in Yokosuka Japan
To all the service men and women and all the civilians supporting the Navys Seventh Fleet oversea's in Yokosuka Japan, working at SHIPs REPAIR FACILITY (SRF), listening to AFN. You all are doing a great job, ensuring the Navy can meet all its missions everyday. "NAN DEMO DEKIMASU"
—John Chambers

To: Ken & Martha Ortegren (Bedstefar & Bedstemor)
Congrats on your 70th wedding anniversary June 8. We'll see if it lasts once you two learn about each other's idiosyncrasies. With love,
—Jason, Tabatha, and Shelby Lane Ortegren

To: Traci Smith
Happy Birthday, After years of listening to the show I am so excited you get to SEE it live in Spokane. Your a young 48, and like a great wine just keep getting better with age. I love you Babe.
—Randy Smith

To: Victoria Kimball
The fishing here in Africa is great, and the weather is even better. I'll see you in 7 weeks. Good luck at Ironman. Your husband,
—Ray Kimball

June 6, 2010

To: Rhoda Ensign
Thank you to Grandma Rhoda for introducing us to Prairie Home Companion! I am so glad all 3 generations are celebrating my birthday, Marty's 21st birthday & Kevin's birthday with being at this show...too bad Kevin had to miss the fun!
—Rhonda Gardinier

To: Pat
Happy Birthday to my wife. Tomorrow (June 13) is the 12th anniversary of her 39th birthday.
—Clayton Edgar

To: Sugar Booger
Twenty-nine years we've had together. It's all I ever hoped for. Now I have to set a new goal. Love, (see last name above)
—Clayton Edgar

To: Sofia
To: Albert & Sofia Put some sun screen on! From: Future Albert & Sofia
—Albert DiPadova
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