June 13, 2010 - June 19, 2010
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June 19, 2010

To: Jones
Happy 27th Birthday. Have fun riding roller coasters today and the rock show tonight. Tuscaloosa Alabama
—Randy Fowler

To: Gail
Three o'clock Pacific time is not seven o'clock eastern time. Hope you made it to the show on time.
—Clay and Tim in Portland, Oregon

To: John Reynolds
Thanks for having a quick surgery. I was going to have to leave you at home tonight! Your caring wife,
—Ruth Reynolds

Hope you cleaned the swimming pool before the swamp animals took over. Always thought you had a little frog whisperer in you.

To: Cate De Long
Wishing Cate a Happy Birthday as she attends her very first LIVE PHC at the Blossom Music Center, after many years of listening on the radio.
—Lynn Grant

To: John Bacha
Glad to hear you're unplugged. The next show is on me. Get better for the Ox Roast.
—catherine summers

To: Mark Holland
Happy Father's Day! Have fun at watching Prairie Home at Blossom. We will be listening live at home. Love your daughters
—Jennifer, Katherine, Susan Holland

To: Dr. George leslie
Congratulations brother! You showed them all and made us all proud. A PhD from Penn is indeed an accomplishment. Ben franklin would have be proud to know you.
—david leslie

To: Chris (aka The Giant)
Thank you for coming to the show with me (from Buffalo, NY). Isn't this more fun than scraping wallpaper?
—Ryan Lysarz

To: Dad
Helping me move all the way from FL to MN is another reason why you're the best. Love you, pops... Adam
—Adam Prowatzke

To: John and Gillian
Happy 30th Anniversary!! Thanks for your support From your loving sons,
—Daniel, Matthew and Simon

To: Jennifer Cuthbertson
Mr. Keillor, If you could please take a moment to wish Jennifer Cuthbertson a Happy Birthday tonight, it will mean more than you might imagine. Again you're in town near her birthday and, again, she's right there with you in your (June 19) audience!! She is a long-time "Prairie Home Companion" listener, a big fan and it will really mean a great deal to her. Thanks (a lot!) in advance, Stan
—Stan N.

To: Lauren Holz
Hello to Lauren Holz in New York City! Hope all is well for you in the big apple.
—Tele Gallagher

To: alex
happy 2end daddysday from your sweet little girl olivia
—tammy ogden

To: alex ogden
happy daddys day from your sweet little girl Olivia
—tammy ogden

To: alan brierly
Happy 30th anniversary to the man I love!
—brenda brierly

June 18, 2010

To: Kevin
to our son who not only invited us but paid for our tickets. it's a happy day when adult kids start picking up the tab. PS...we'd like for you to mention this idea to your brothers.
—tom Hardin

To: hoover children
Sending love to the wonderfully diverse Hoover children: our hillbilly hippie in West Virgina, our Brooklyn hippie musician, and our newlywed Florida hippie Marine wife.
—susan hoover

To: Sharon Sipka
Congratulations on your retirement from your Presidential position. Huzzah for a job well done and rest well deserved!
—Cindy Brown

To: Pop
Congratulations on your retirement after serving the students of Jersey City for 44 years! Well done!! Think of all of the students using your "grip" on their their own children! Love your favorite daughter - Claire
—Claire Pfalzer

June 17, 2010

To: Nick & Maura
Hope you're enjoying the City of Lights while we're stuck in Ohio. Although, for these two hours we are not jealous of you. Hurry home, your tomato plant is dying.
—Jake & Melissa Garris

To: Jim & Eva Tomlinson
Hello to Mom and Dad who are happily playing pioneer couple in their remote summer cottage in Wyoming County, NY! I'm sure that it's cooler there than it is here in Florida! Love, Jessica
—Jessica Tomlinson

To: Doug Scott
Happy Father's Day Daddy! We love you so much and hope you have a great day! Love, All your Girls
—Renee Scott

To: Joe Fodor
Happy Father's Day and Happy 50th Birthday Dad! Good luck on your new career path. We are so blessed. Love Bala & Mom
—Millie & Bala Fodor

To: Jules
Sending my love from the Northeast to the Midwest. You're the best.
—Tom Haynes

To: Connie & Jim Malm
Thank you mom and dad for 60 married years (July 8) always there to love and guide the family. We love you! Betsy, Melissa, Karen, Sarah
—Melissa Malm

June 16, 2010

To: Dan Fisher
Dad, I fell off a cliff and got 25 stitches in my face. Tell mom I'm fine except for all of the blackouts. Happy 65th Birthday! Your opaque son, Fyke
—Fyke Fisher

To: Ron and Melody Bethune
Happy Anniversery Mom and Dad! Now that I am married I am beginning to understand why anniversery's are so important! Happy 37 years! Love and God Bless! Rob, Julia, Karisa and Joe
—Karisa Zinsmayer

June 15, 2010

To: Eric Rajski
Hi Dad, thanks for introducing me to your favorite past-time - lying on the couch, listening to A Prairie Home Companion! You are right, it is even better the second time. I love you, Hazel
—Sarah Rajski

To: Susan & John
Congratulations to Susan & John of Wooster who are waiting the birth of their new baby (Jack). If they are not at the show on Saturday, he's already arrived!
—Carmela (mom)

To: Dr. John Murphy
Prarie Home comes to our home town and we are in Canada listening to it on the radio. Something seems wrong with that?
—Daryn Keeney

June 14, 2010

To: Keith and Shirlee
Welcome to your dreams, you're on the lawn listening to Garrison - this is living. We love you much! Rob, Machelle, Matthew and Jake
—Machelle Moeller

To: Michele Wogaman
At Blossom today - and we're counting the days until you're headed back to the NW MN prairie. The peas and beans will be ready - and your sister can't wait for you to come home.
—Debbie Dykhuis

To: Debbie
Debbie. Garrison must not have wanted to get in trouble for telling everyone you are now 55. Happy Birthday. We really enjoyed the show.
—Jack McGrath

To: Andrew Mercer
Christina Mercer would like to wish a very happy anniversary to her wonderfully loving husband Andrew. Cheers and years to us!!!
—Christina Mercer

June 13, 2010

To: Tyler & Jessica
A big shout out from the Pac Northwest (seattle) to Tyler and Jessica currently serving at Ft Gordon, Augusta GA. We love and miss you both very much. Stay Safe Tyler - We are so excited to meet the newest addition to the Kirby Family in November. Jessica, please stay off the ladder until the baby is born. Love Mom, Dad and William
—Coya Kirby

To: John Hall
Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I'm 22 years old, but I'll always be your peanut. I love you with all my heart.
—Anna Hall

To: Peggy Davis
Our 40th wedding anniversary Sunday, June 27 I thank God for the adventure of loving you
—Andrew Davis
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