June 20, 2010 - June 26, 2010
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June 26, 2010

To: Dan & Erin
Greetings from the Tanglewood Lawn and thanks for the tickets. We're glad we made you listen to the show as you grew up.
—Carroll Friedman

To: Dean Edwards
Dad, you and mom may be in the audience tonight, but we are just like the two of you: you and I are enjoying the show and Mom and Maki are trying to sleep. From Chris and Maki, listening live in Tokyo.
—Christopher Edwards

To: Mark the intrepid traveler
Hello from Tanglewood! When are we moving back home from the Philippines? There - now Garrison asked, not me. Love Kristen
—Kristen Owen

To: Nathan Mabry
Love to Nathan in Portugal from Tia, and 17 week old Ayden Alan. We wish you were with us at the show here tonight! See you when you get week?
—Ramelle Pulitzer

To: The Ramsey's
Enjoy your weekend in the wild and PHC at Tanglewood. We are sorry that we love you slightly less than we hate camping! With Love from air-conditioned comfort, Jessica and Brian
—Jessica Liberatore

To: Martha Johnson
Happy 94th birthday Mom. I know you worry about dementia setting in. Just forget you have it or just tell your Norwegian friends you are just like them now.
—Dale Johnson

To: Sig and Carolyn
Happy 67th Anniversary on July 2nd
—Sarah Shapiro

To: Brett and Jenny
Greetings to you on your cross continent tandem bike trip from your family and loved ones in Northampton Massachusetts. Send us a postcard when you get to the farm in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota.
—Guy Constantine

To: Ann Kirvin - My favorite Sister-in-law
Enjoy your night at Tanglewood with your sisters. I hear that new tattoo of a flamingo covering the scar on you leg is something to behold. Take good care of my son when I am at Philmont next month.
—Mary Jo Gatslick

To: Dad (Dennis Johnson)
Happy (belated) Father's Day! I'm so glad we could be together tonight. I love you. P.S. I hope you remember where the car is parked... because I definitely do not.
—Britt Johnson

To: Tammy
Happy 4th anniversary. Thanks for traveling 620 miles to celebrate, tonight, even though we discovered the Summer Love Tour will stop 35 miles from home.
—Mike Ozlanski

To: Molly
Happy Birthday! We have the greatest gifts ever! Our son, Will, and my discharge from the submarine service! I love you!
—John Rhodes

June 25, 2010

To: Stacey and Peter
Congratulations on your wedding, Peter and Stacey, who are spending their rehearsal dinner here with family here at APHC!
—Chrissy DeAngelis

To: Hillary
You are an Angel, and I love you...
—Patrick Grassey

To: Mom
Sending love to our family in Texas & Connecticut! So bittersweet to be on the lawn at Tanglewood without Dad. Leaving a glass untouched for him.
—JoshnLeah Rotenberg

To: Maren & Ellie Vail
Happy birthday Ellie and Maren!
—Rebecca Butters

To: Ellen and Jay Sklar
Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad! Hope Dad learns enough new jokes tonight to last another 50 years. love from the whole family.
—e.i. s.

To: Maria and Emma
Have a lovely summer vacation in South America. I will be here working hard to support your travels. Send big hugs to the family down there.
—Felipe Londoņo

Catherine, Congratulations on your graduation from Mercy High School and good luck at Loyola University, MD. We are so proud of you - love Mom and Dad.

To: Cheryl and Bob
We're sitting here thinking that if Toronto was closer to Tanglewood you could join us this afternoon, on the lawn, under the tree, next to the dumpster (our usual spot). Your friends,
—Kris and Vince Bendikas and Lubrano

To: Molly and Eddie Ledermann
More love than we can measure goes to you on the birth that sweet baby boy born on the Summer Solstice in Missoula, MT. Storing up our hugs until we meet him in July. Love Papa and Grandma in West Bend, WI
—Mary Reilly-Kliss

To: Tom
Happy 45 Anniversary to my best friend and a great dad to our kids and grandkids. Every day is a treasured surprize.
—Anne Rarich

June 24, 2010

To: Raphaella
Hi to Raphaella who is seven years old and likes to hear her name on the radio. Too bad she's at Tanglewood tonight instead!
—Sara Zucker

To: Neil
Happy Anniversary! I'm telling you it HAS been 13 years of harmony and bliss. Should we try for another year? Send me an e-mail and let me know -- don't forget to request a delivery receipt! I love you!
—Cybil Howard

To: Lillian in Rochester
Mom, you'll be thrilled to hear I found a new job. We're leaving Boston and returning to the promised land of the Twin Cities. Hallelujah!
—Julie Baker

To: Mike Friedman and Martina Carroll
Responding to your PHC greeting (Jan 16th), I'm not angry about the couch-turned-goat-shelter, just glad you found a sitter for the kids!
—Daniel Buckminster Erin Webb

June 23, 2010

To: Jeanne Hummel
Happy birthday mom! Love, Kirsten, Robert and Mark.
—Kirsten Hummel

June 22, 2010

To: Garrison Keillor
A few years ago I was in a crowded Boston elevator. A tall stately gentleman behind excused himself as he moved past me to exit. Then he turned and, with a wink, said, "I hope you enjoy the book". The book I was holding as "Love Me" and the man who had just left was Garrison Keillor. I missed my first chance to have you autograph your work. Would you be so kind as to sign the book on June 26th -- I will be in the audience.
—Julia Burk

To: Jones
Happy 27th Birthday. Have fun riding rollercosters today and the rock concert tonight.
—Randy Fowler

To: The Normans
To Jenn, Glenn and Doodle. We're so glad you could come with us today. And Glenn, just so you know, the food you're eating right now is good for you...and no, we're not sorry.
—Shannon, Mel and Andrew Williams

To: Sweet Potato
Its still Birthday Season! Enjoy the show and remember, applaud fast, they'll think there are more of you. LOL, you know what I mean
—Peter Hirst

June 21, 2010

To: George and Kathy
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to George and Kathy, my adoptive parents, and Happy 74th birthday today Dad!...P.S. Can you please call me "Oprah"? We live in Connecticut not Mayberry! Love, your daughter "Opie"
—Opie Shipton

To: Scott McKellop and the Wadena County Homeland Security and Emergency Management TEam
The residents of Wadena and their families thank you for the incredible job you are doing keeping everyone and their property safe following the F4 tornado that tore our town apart. The parents of the class of 77 are also grateful for you doing what they never could, give a curfew and have those "kids" follow it!
—Jayme Holmes

To: Marie
Marie and I will be driving all the way from Montreal to Lenox on June 26 to attend your show.This is my gift to her for her 60th birthday and 40+ years of a great frienship through hard and good times.So here's to another 40 years of a friendship that will never get old!! Love ya, Marie!
—Lucie Benoit

To: Sabrina
Thrilled to be here together at our first live PHC, and looking forward to our wedding in September!
—Michael Saletnik

To: Heidi Spruce
Happy Birthday Heidi! Cant wait to marry you this October. Love Anthony
—Tony Riello

June 20, 2010

To: Nicolas
Happy 30th Birthday to my baby, from your honey. We might not be Ole and Lena, but we are the All American couple. You are the best. And I love you the most. Enjoy your big day.
—Amy Andersen
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