June 27, 2010 - July 3, 2010
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July 3, 2010

To: Kala
Hey Kala-lalala. Vayne and T.C. say we love you! You rock Kala.
—Thomas Osborn

To: Waynne Williams
My father in Christchurch New Zealand listens to PHC every week on internet radio live on Sunday morning 1000-1200. then he gets up. this sunday July 11th he turns 65 and celebrates 50years as a cameraman with Television New Zealand. he started at age 15. our family loves everything about PHC
—Gilly Williams

To: Ryan and Julie
Congratulations on the engagement from your brother down in Texas
—Sean Jacobi

To: Captain Jacob Kraft
God Speed to Captain Jacob Kraft from Mom and Dad who is at this very moment is on his way home from Iraq. It's been a long year, we are so very proud, Can't wait to see you!!!
—Wiliam Kraft

To: greg
See it was worth missing your saturday afternoon trip to costco dinner buffet.. Just to hear them say your name!
—dick hersh

To: Mom and Dad and all my friends in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa
Aloha, I made it out here in Hawaii this 5hr. time difference is for the birds. The Army is alright, except for all the yelling. I Love you all.
—Luke Borchardt

To: Deanna
Hello to Deanna, one of PHC's biggest fans, who planned the big trip for the gang to come tonight but then came down doo-bee-doo-down-down with the flu. Hope you feel better in time for next year's show. Love, Tom, Kathryn, & Jenny
—Tom Denk

To: Jennifer
My high school sweetheart, after three marraiges, two kids, and fifteen years we're together again thanks to facebook, bacon, and your devotion. I love you.
—Wadsworth Boddy

To: Chris Hineline
Happy anniversary, honey! I am so glad you reassured me about the temperature of my feet 27 years ago!
—Nicole Hineline

To: Paulette
Jim and Paulette Hagen, Darien IL - 40 years ago today (July 3) we started married life together. Our love keeps growing.
—Jim Hagen

To: Jim Hagen
40 years together!! It's only getting better. Celebrating with Garrison Keillor better yet. Thankyou for all the daily moments of love and faithfulness!
—Paulette Hagen

July 2, 2010

To: Suzanne and Herb Cohn
Happy anniversary to our parents Suzanne and Herb Cohn who are visiting Highland Park for their July 4th wedding anniversary. 56 years and still in love!
—Amy and Jon Cohen

To: Dennis Brungardt
Happy 35th Anniversary COCONUT! from your wife, Cupcake
—Cheryl Brungardt

To: Austin
We sure have come a long way since our first meeting with Patrick Kavanagh on the banks of the Grand Canal in Dublin. Nice, isn't it? We should take some time and read a little more of his poetry. Love, Marsha
—Marsha Thomas

To: Jeanne Petrick
Tonight at Ravinia we begin a six-month celebration of 35 years of marriage. Our secret can be found printed on a book of matches: "Keep Away From Children".
—Robert Petrick

To: Jon and Adele Marshall
Happy 50th Anniversary from your family in Edina!
—Mark Marshall

To: Jerry Hall
Happy 44th birthday from your Minnesota in-laws. We are thankful, as always, to have you in our family. Here's sending our love. When will we get a ride on your new bike???
—Sandi and Michael Tobin

To: Eileen Weber
What more could a strong woman desire? Celebrating your 50th birthday at beautiful Ravinia with that good looking man next to you and your above average child waiting at home. Happy birthday!
—Liz and Jim Powell

July 1, 2010

To: Dwight
We hope you enjoy your introduction to A Prairie Home Companion since Kaleigh spared no expense in getting the good seats. But what we'd really like to know is when you're going to make an honest woman out of Kaleigh and ask her to marry you? Best regards,
—Rose & Nick Durec

To: Kristin
Happy 1st anniversary. Thanks for the tickets to the show. I love you.
—Matt Luttrell

June 30, 2010

To: Ann Wynia
To our Aunt Ann, Congratulations on your RETIREMENT as President of North Hennepin Community College. Now is the time for all those beckoning travels - just be sure to beckon us to go with you! We love you and are so proud of you! You are the best Aunt in the world! Please continue to spoil us. love from your Texas nieces and nephews (the Jobes)
—Melinda Jobe

To: Jackson
Happy 8th Anniversary! I'm looking forward to leaving the kids with the babysitter and celebrating with you at the Ravinia Prairie Home Companion show.
—Stephanie Kulke

June 29, 2010

To: Chris Sopata
Happy, happy birthday to my soul mate and best friend! You might need more ketchup this year. Don't worry, your good years are still ahead. I love you!
—Hilary Sopata

To: To the Bagleys
At Corolla beach, we know that we are missed. But Ravinia and Keillor were both on our bucket list. Count us in on Tuesday night for Sundance Karaoke. Right now we're sitting on the lawn out here just North of Skokie.
—Cliff and Brenda Sharpe

June 28, 2010

To: Gabriel Noel
Happy 25th Birthday Gabriel !!! You are my heart! Keep making music! Love, Mom
—Rhoda Noel

To: Steve Young
Have a spectacular 60th birthday Dad! Light a sparkler and have another piece of rhubarb pie!
—Tanya and Travis Young

June 27, 2010

To: Deanna
Happy 35th Anniversary! Now that the two above-average children have moved out, let's revert to childhood ourselves for the next 35!
—Cathy Smitha
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