November 13, 2010 - November 20, 2010
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November 20, 2010

To: The Hernandez's in 79843
Greetings from El Paso! Can't wait to get home and STAY THERE!
—Daniel Hernandez

To: Mom and Dad
Sorry we missed opening day this year - save a deer or two for us. We'll see you tomorrow in Door County!
—Angie and Jon Lenius

To: Mom and dad
Looking forward to spending my first Thanksgiving in Hawaii in 32 years!
—Irene Sasaki

To: Jan and Chilton
Happy 43rd Anniversary from your Granite State family- wish we were celebrating at Navigation with you.
—Tobin Greer

November 19, 2010

To: Emma Thompson
Happy 2 year birthday! Would you like a little baby brother or sister? Better choose soon!
—Joe Taube

To: Caroline Taube
Happy 2 month birthday! Now please do not soil your Thanksgiving outfit as bad as Halloween's.
—Joe Taube

November 18, 2010

To: Mark & Luis
Mark & Luis & their mystery date will be at the dance but they'll be late. Friends are in the limo and out on the run while you sit here and watch Garrison.
—Mark Hargrove

To: Myers Hargrove
Myers, Were not sure which dress you went with. "the devil in the blue dress" or "the lady in red" but either way you'll be the bell of the ball.
—Michelle Hargrove

To: Dennis Foley
Congratulations on an amazing 38 years providing care as a Physician's Assistant in the Farmington (CT) Valley. Enjoy a well earned retirement!
—Jim Joseph

To: Drew Univ. in Madison, NJ Physics Department
Please turn off the lasers early on Tuesday so T-bone can get out of lab and make the flight home for Thanksgiving.
—Mom and Dad Bone

November 17, 2010

To: Bennett Diamond
Bennett congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah this morning. You were fabulous. Love Mom and Dad
—wayne diamond

To: Charlene Lutz
Special birthday greetings to my mother, Charlene Lutz, who will be celebrating her birthday this weekend in the audience at the live broadcast in Houston. Happy birthday mom!
—Heidi Lutz

To: Georgyee
Hal and Shari say hi to Hal's mom, Georgyee. Introducing us to PHC was your best gift ever--oh, wait, I forgot about that life and love stuff.
—Hal Watson

To: Dr. Joseph Gendron
Congratulations and best wishes for a happy retirement, enriched by plenty of golf on the shores of Lake Wobegon.
—Tona Willand

To: Scott McClure
Birthday Shout out to the McClure Clan. Scott McClure 11/21 54 years old Brother Kent McClure 11/19 58 years old Uncle Dick McClure 11/20 80 years old Nephew Charlie Abbott 11/21 20 years old
—Michelle Hargrove

November 16, 2010

To: Rachel Horton White
Dear sister, Ida's generally a good dog, but if she eats the kitchen garbage again we'll have to put her outside.
—Joanna Horton-Liao

To: Rosella Strandemo
Happy 84th birthday to our wonderful ma and grandma rosella standemo, may she keep showing us up with her work ethic for years to come.
—Charlie, Sarah, jason, alyssa , rachel , Telsche Overby

November 15, 2010

To: Tom Perkins
Happy 55th Birthday to the best husband on the planet. You know who you are! Thanks for sticking with me for over half of your life now!
—Leza Perkins

November 14, 2010

To: Bonnie
Happy Anniversary, my bride of thirty years. I do love nothing in the world so well as you: is not that strange?
—John Homier

November 13, 2010

To: Bradley king
We hope your surgery at the Shriner's Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina goes well. Love P.S. The pets, Matti, Stripes, and Tigerlily, look foward to your convalescence.
—Anna Gregory mom and dad King

To: Julie & Steve Sopoci / Greg & Donna Drake
Hi to parents in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Katie will reenact this episode of Prairie Home Companion through interpretive dance when we see you for the holidays.
—saul sopoci drake

To: Sara
Hola to our daughter, Sara, who grew up here in St. A, listening to A Prairie Home every Saturday nite. Hope you're listening on podcast in Madrid. Your brother's taken your bedroom.
—Leah Mahan

To: Kathy & Pat Hynes
Happy 41st anniversary mom & dad and thank you for introducing me to prairie home companion when we (me & the show) were born in 1974
—Rachel Hynes

To: Bruce Mack
A very happy birthday, Dad, from your loving kids, who hope you're enjoying your seat in the audience. Andrew, Alicia and Becca.
—Andrew Mack

To: Terry
Happy 54 Birthday Dad! I hope its full of rainbows and sunshine.
—Hannah Drozd

To: Mima & Poppa Friedman
Hello from Houston and a reminder to not bring any food on the plane when you come Thanksgiving. We have plenty of Turkeys in Texas!
—Michael & Allie Klein

To: Warren
Dad -- Finally made it to the show you introduced me to when I was little. Still a big fan of it... and you. Love, Jessica
—Jessica Clark

To: meaghan
no matter how crazy life may find us i have always and always will love you every day of my life.
—joshua young

To: Jacob
Uncle Thaxton's fiddle debut is in less than two weeks. Uncle Dempsey, Uncle Whit and I will play along. Please come and play bass. Love, Dad
—Jim Springfield
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