December 4, 2010 - December 11, 2010
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December 11, 2010

To: Paul
Happy 41st birthday! Garrison did not read my greeting last year; I hope he does this year. Do you think it matters that I AM an English major and a loyal fan of both you and Garrison? Enjoy the day and the year ahead!
—Ellen Johnson

To: Alice
Congratulations on being accepted to St Mary's College of Maryland's class of 2015! We are so proud of you! Love Mom and Dad
—Esther Howard

To: Elizabeth and Richard Cowles
Mom and Dad, I will be coming home in 11 days after almost 6 months! Buy enough milk yet? Love you!
—Erin Cowles

To: Dr. John Konnak
Pete & Nancy Jacobsen would like to say hello to DR. John & Betty Konnak in Ann Arbor,Michigan We wish you were here,because if you were... we would be going to a REALLY NICE Show
—Pete Jacobsen

To: The Fisher Clan and Friends
To all 14 who are here tonight - Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for making this a holiday tradition for over 45 years! We Love You !
—Fred & Krista Fisher

To: Paul Ryan
Congratulations to Paul on his retirement from Pfizer on 12/17/10 after 30 years of employment. Time to clean out the garage and work on your golf swing!
—Patricia Ryan

To: Our Families
We can't wait to come home to the Midwest for our first Christmas as a married couple. It will be a relief to leave New England for at least a few weeks!
—Clara & Shane Sanders Marcus

December 10, 2010

To: Keith/ Dad in South Dakota
Hope all is well on the new job. Try not to freeze and stop denying that you like cats- we all know you're taming the wild kittens in the barn. Much love, Jessica
—Jessica Van Horn

To: to our boys Christian & Julian
Sorry you couldn't be here tonight for our annual tradition...i guess that's what happens when one joins the Marines and the other is on the five year college plan.We love you both and we'll try for next year!
—Toni Amato

To: Cindy Kirby
Congratulations to Cindy Kirby on her retirement next week from Onondaga Community College in Syracuse. To her husband Dave, sorry to send her home -- we can't keep her any longer!
—Timothy Stedman

December 8, 2010

To: Corey
It was Christmas time 1997 when you were sent to us from heaven...and somewhere in between you turned thirteen! Happy Birthday! Love, Mom & Dad
—Denise Emery

December 5, 2010

To: Tony & Linda
Greetings from the Big Apple to our friends in Mooresville NC, AKA the Big Persimmon.
—Don & Sandee Carrigan


December 4, 2010

To: Matias
20 more days to go until xmas! Do not forget to send that letter to the North Pole! love mom
—Claudia Giulivi

To: Mom & Dad
Hope you're enjoying the show! Brian's on the roof utilizing the leaf blower you gave him, I've got 911 on speed-dial, and I'm sure Jon's 'studying' for finals. Love you and see you at Christmas - can't wait!
—Sondra Swedborg
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