January 15, 2011 - January 22, 2011
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January 22, 2011

To: Elissa Stevens
Happy 6th Anniversary to Elissa on February 19th
—Mitchell Stevens

To: Christian
Great job on completing your benchmark testing and half of the school year! Keep working hard at your studies! The best half is the last half! LOVE, MOM
—Lynette Mouton

To: joe lambert
I love you Joe and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I have wanted nothing more than to be your wife. I love you.........
—susan lambert

To: nate and whole mosher family
hi to the moshers of shutesbury massachusetts who listen weekly to this show
—paul britt

To: Priscilla - Dottie -Merle
Hope you're making happy memories while enjoying the AZ sun. Love and hugs, Karen
—Karen Wells

To: Andresa (pronouned: An-dree-sah)
Happy Birthday! Hai - Hai! We love you as big as the sky and bigger than that, Love and hugs - Mom
—Karen Wells

To: Lynne
Thanks for coming with me from sunny Georgia to the frozen prairie. The Mayo brothers will "get 'er done" & we'll be home soon.
—Dwain Smith

To: Travis & Stephanie
Birthday greetings to you both as you spend the evening with Garrison on Jan. 22. Enjoy!
—Natasha & John Rank

January 21, 2011

To: Harrison
Happy 13th Birthday Harrison, your a teenager now. Shall I hand over the car keys now? Or could we give it some more time? love Dad ...
—Geoff Wells

To: Karl Schoeller
Happy 80th Birthday Dad... Would it not have been for you I would never have heard of Garrison!
—Jeff Schoeller

To: Wyatt
Wyatt... Thanks for the tickets, they were a wonderful Christmas gift. This is much more fun than sitting at home on the radiator trying to stay warm. Love, Mom and Dad
—Ridge Henderson

January 17, 2011

To: Margot McGimpsey
Hi Mom, just wanted to say happy 50th birthday. I hope you having fun on Cape Cod. Your son, Ian
—Ian McGimpsey

To: Frank & Maggie Boehmer
Sorry we left you and the best neighbors we ever had, but after 34 years, the snowy, cold winters of Minnesota were calling us home. Come visit us soon. From up in Upper Underville...
—Rob & Paulie Undersander

January 16, 2011

To: Robin
I didn't know I had a bucket list.... until you gave me these tickets for Christmas. After listening for 33 years, I am finally here.
—Dennis Mack

January 15, 2011

To: Karin and the kids
When God called me to seminary in St. Paul, part of the plan obviously was to get me to a live show after 30 years of listening on the radio. Love to all in Nebraska--can't wait to be home with you on Friday.
—Matt Schur
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