January 22, 2011 - January 30, 2011
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January 29, 2011

To: Molly Conner and Jason Eller
Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary on February 14! We hope you both get your leave from the 101st Airborne in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and can be together on your anniversary. We love you, Mom and Dad
—Barbara Conner

To: David
Hi da-Boy! Thanks for sending Sam and I to see Prairie Home Companion! That, plus a Vitamin D deficiency and more hotdish than my Colorado sensibilities could typically handle, means I'm really starting to feel like a true Minnesotan. Please help me...
—Alyssa Azari

To: Paco
Happy Birthweek and many more! Love your honey bunny
—Anrdra Chumas

To: Derry Boyd
Happy 84th birthday Dad! As you sit in tonight's audience I remember you and mom taking us to our first PHC in the mid-1970'S. Glad you and Garrison are still at it after all these years!
—Winton Boyd

To: Callie Doherty
Queen of the Universe, Happy Birthday - today we celebrate 25 years of your benevolent reign. Thanks so much for making me a King for the last few years.
—John Doherty

January 28, 2011

To: Bob and Marian Kratzke
I thought this was better than the same-old dachshund anniversary card. But as Lutherans, perhaps you would prefer the card. Oh well! Happy 26th Anniversary
—Andrea Kratzke

January 27, 2011

To: Elizabeth Miller
Happy 50th Birthday Mom, hope it is a great year.
—Jack Miller

To: Mom, Dad, and Cuffy
Hi from Eichstaett, Germany! Can't wait to be home in August!.
—Katelyn Houck

January 26, 2011

To: Eddie Barnett
wishing you a speedy recovery...Buddy wants go for a ride in Big Red.
—Michael Bedsole

January 25, 2011

To: Candice
Happy Birthday Candice! You are a part of my heart that walks beside me, and I'm so proud of the woman you have become. Of course it's part due to eating Limpa bread, lingonberries and choaking down silta once a year. It made me strong and you above average. Love you tons, Mom
—Mom (Jeanne) (Dunham)

January 24, 2011

To: warren grossman
Happy 70th year of living. May it be blissful. You're like a divine tree in the world, who spreads love, heals and helps the world.
—mara burns

To: Andrea Stone
You know what I meant 'bout the fuzz of a kiwi, at least we had a good laugh at my expense. Let the good times roll.
—JD Irwin

January 23, 2011

To: Dustin, Mel and Mazzy
Miss your all and know that you're you guys!
—Sarah J Palmer

To: Lilli
Lilli is on her way back from Innsbruck on February 7 and looking forward to PHC and some walks around Lake Harriet.
—john thene

January 22, 2011

To: Elissa Stevens
Happy 6th Anniversary to Elissa on February 19th
—Mitchell Stevens

To: Christian
Great job on completing your benchmark testing and half of the school year! Keep working hard at your studies! The best half is the last half! LOVE, MOM
—Lynette Mouton

To: joe lambert
I love you Joe and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I have wanted nothing more than to be your wife. I love you.........
—susan lambert

To: nate and whole mosher family
hi to the moshers of shutesbury massachusetts who listen weekly to this show
—paul britt

To: Priscilla - Dottie -Merle
Hope you're making happy memories while enjoying the AZ sun. Love and hugs, Karen
—Karen Wells

To: Andresa (pronouned: An-dree-sah)
Happy Birthday! Hai - Hai! We love you as big as the sky and bigger than that, Love and hugs - Mom
—Karen Wells

To: Lynne
Thanks for coming with me from sunny Georgia to the frozen prairie. The Mayo brothers will "get 'er done" & we'll be home soon.
—Dwain Smith

To: Travis & Stephanie
Birthday greetings to you both as you spend the evening with Garrison on Jan. 22. Enjoy!
—Natasha & John Rank
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