February 5, 2011 - February 26, 2011
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February 26, 2011

To: Ian
When I am listening to the radio, the distance between us doesn't seem so far.
—Danielle Novick

To: Pixie Princess
20 years of weekend entertainment w/Mr. Keillor and troupe; 28 years of glorious love and companionship w/ you. You are still Waaaaaaaay cuter than Mr. Keillor.
—Bob Prasser

To: Darry (like the cow)
Dad, Thanks for the years of making us listen to Prairie Home Companion. If it wasn't for you we might have become English majors.
—Lori & Cheri Lester

To: Stef
Move back to San Diego already! The blue skies and mexican food miss you, and so do your brother and sister!
—Elissa B

To: Darry (like the cow)
Dad, Thanks for the years of making us listen to Prairie Home Companion. If it wasn't for you we might have become English majors. Love from your girls,
—Lori & Cheri Lester

To: Darry (like the cow)
Dad, Thanks for the years of making us listen to Prairie Home Companion. If it wasn't for you we might have become English majors. Love from your girls,
—Lori & Cheri Lester

To: Elissa
You're the best thing that ever happened to me and the magical mystery tour of our marriage is still my greatest joy.
—David Berver

To: John Joseph
Moose and Smoochie love each other. Happy Birthday Lonna!
—Sarah Joseph

To: Therese, Ray, Tim, Karen, and most of all, my loving husband Judd
Thank you all for sharing this amazing day with me and helping me realize my dream of being in the audience for a recording of Prairie Home Companion live. Cross one off the bucket list!
—Victoria Curran

To: Victoria Curran
To the love of my life, my beautiful wife Victoria. Happy 1-year and 7-month anniversary this week.
—Judd Curran

To: Wally
Happy 50th B-Day Wally to the bestiest friend a guy could tolerate. Thanks for being my top gun wing man from when you looked like a college stud, until now when you look like Garrison.
—Mike Bieraugel

To: Bill and Marilyn
Escape the Wisconsin tundra and come join us snowbirds at the "San Diego Free Clinic for the Diagnosis, Treatment and Cure of Welldigger's Frostbite Syndrome."
—Rod and Nancy Larson

To: Wilson's
To the whole Wilson family- so glad those of you who made it out to San Diego, to the rest- you are really missing a lot here in rainy San Diego.
—Nicholas Wilson

To: Senior Airman Wesley Golden
Awoke to 2' of snow in Arrowhead. Wish you were here to help us dig out! Dad & I WILL make it to San Diego for PHC even if we have to employ Buffy (our pug) as a sled dog. Aim High! Love, Mom XO
—Marsha Golden

To: Mom + Dad
Fishstick the dog wants you to hurry up and retire so that you can throw tennis balls for him all day long.
—Elissa, Chris, Tim, and David Schoenmackers

To: Jack, Kathy & Katie
Hi Guys! I told you you'd like this show! PS Its snowing in Illinois!
—Russ Stanton

To: Fr Jim
You told us to listen to APHC for preaching class, many years ago. And here I am today, a better preacher because of it, and I'm never bored on Saturdays! Hope you are well.
—Fr Rick Lopez

To: Jennie
We finally made it to a PHC show! You are the best! By the way, Daniel and Sara told me that these tickets were under the Christmas tree.
—Miguel Cortes

February 25, 2011

To: Lois
Happy 80th Birthday Mom! Missing you and thinking of you always. Love to my newest guardian angel.
—Amanda Liu

To: Uncle Bob & Aunt Linda
Greetings to Uncle Bob & Aunt Linda Lake of Blue Springs, Missouri who got us listening to A Prairie Home Companion long these 29 years ago! Love from Linda & Richard
—Linda Niwinski

To: shawn
To my sweet husband Shawn, I love you more each day...I am so glad we are here together. I love the way you snuggle the cats but would enjoy more my way.
—peggy sennett

To: the good teachers of Wisconsin
Thank you for raising your voices in solidarity! You are setting an example for all of us. Educators in San Francisco support you and salute you. Hang in there!
—Susan Bell

February 24, 2011

To: Lynda Gaynor
You can quit watching for the Lake Hodges dam to spill over.
—Bob Heygood

To: Zach Tatlock
Thanks for being my Guy Noir. Love,
—Anne Tatlock

To: Adriana
To my best friend and wife. 25 years of happiness and good times together! I know that you are deserving of only the finest things in life, but you have to admit that all in all staying at the KOA this weekend isn't really that bad.
—Jeffrey Pickford

To: Stan Trom
Glad to see you have made such a remarkable recovery. The old foot is new again! Looking forward to spending some quality time with you in sunny San Diego. Your loving son,
—Phil Trom

To: Charlotte and Bernadette
Stay warm in Wisconsin and have fun, the 80 degree weather here I will catch and send your way. All my Love DAD from Saudi.
—Ron Lewis

February 22, 2011

To: Amy
To Amy: Thanks for nine amazing years of marriage - and for celebrating our anniversary by accompanying me to the show [Feb 26 in San Diego]. Let's forget about the babysitter, and not go home till tomorrow! Love, Jeff
—Jeff Brown

February 21, 2011

To: Art and Dorothy Waer
Happy 75th Wedding Anniversary -- still in Whittier, CA, your birthplace over 90 years ago. Thanks for the memories. Love, Jim, Kathie, Becky, Christie, Andy, Amy.
—James Waer

February 20, 2011

To: Pam
Greetings from frozen Idaho Falls where I've gone from San Diego this weekend to visit my husband Ron! Hope you enjoy the seeing PHC live and tell us all about it! At least I'm not at home in Ocean Beach wringing my hankie by the phone waiting for Ron's call.
—Jerri Brown

To: Shirley Sprague (Concord, CA)
TO: Shirley Sprague (listening from Concord, CA) Happy 75th Birthday, Mom! From your 2 daughters, who can't thank you enough for moving from Wyoming to sunny California when you and Dad got married! (someone hand Mom a tissue, I know she's tearing up...)
—Sherry Paulson

To: Andre Juarez
Happy Birthday on 2/25 to my FAVORITE son who is proud to be a "Mama's Boy" whom from this day forward is restricted from revealing his real age to prevent people from suspecting that his mother isn't really "30ish"
—Clarissa Juarez

February 18, 2011

To: The Davisons
'Hope the weather's nice down in Sanibel, Florida. See you Tuesday ... save me a spot by the pool!
—Allen Davison

To: Pete
To Pete, We met as freshmen at UMM and who knew that we'd now be celebrating two great kids and 30 years together on the prairie! Thanks for keeping life civilized! Love, Brenda (Also-hi to Rod and Val in Milwaukee--can't wait for our rendezvous in Glacier National Park next summer.)
—Brenda Boever

February 15, 2011

To: Randy
Happy 50th birthday! Love,
—Laura Larson

To: Justin Hunter
You may make huge messes in the kitchen and leave them for me to clean up. All the while insisting your headed right back in there to clean. You just might hog the remote and make me watch man shows. But darling, without you I would always be the weirdest person in the room.
—Lindsay Hunter

Hi! to Mike and Anna in Cody, WY. ( To be used at the feb 19th production in Morris, MN )

To: Nina
Happy 70th Birthday to Nina in Salem, Oregon -- from an old friend to a slightly older one.
—Beth Glascock

February 14, 2011

To: Wouter aka ChEeTaH
Happy Birthday to Wouter in the Netherlands! Enjoy the extra spots... WHEEEEEEE!!
—Josh from California

To: Tim Kraft
Hi Dad, I wanted to take this opportunity to announce that Justin and I are engaged. I know you've warned me of the misery that will overtake my life if I marry a Yankee's fan but I love him, and against my better judgment I wanted to announce it on this show. I love you and go Twins!
—Katie Kraft

To: Everyone back in Portland OR
We left paradise for Hell but hope to be back soon, the water in Oklahoma tastes like horses.
—Bruce Cunningham

February 13, 2011

To: Helen of San Diego
My dearest H., my ever blooming valentine. Do u remember "Ode to Red Underwear? My first love poem? U wouldn't happen to know where those underwear are would u?
—Wayland Myers

To: The Marsh Girls.
Hello Ladiesd of Lavinia. May you Always be Young. Mom, Dad & Grandma.
—Dave & Mary Marsh

February 12, 2011

To: Margaret Maxwell
Margaret and RD, After 52 years of friendship, we're still waiting for you to send the brown rice casserole recipe to Chicago in time for Valentines Day! Love, Tim and Jill
—Jill &Tim Schlind

To: Sue Sutton
Happy Birthday to our mother Sue!! It is her B-day on Sunday Feb 13th. She will be at your show in Bemidji!!!
—Andy and Peter Thul

To: Air Force Jr. R.O.T.C. Students in Salem, NH and Fargo, ND
I wish all my former students the best in life. My prayers are with those who are presently serving in any of the Armed Forces. Fair winds and following seas, God Bless. "The Colonel" PS:Bemidji IS colder than Fargo
—Diana Kihlstadius

To: To my friends in "Produce Land"
You always remind me that Bemidji is NOT the cross roads of our industry....However, maybe now you know why I live here! From the "Gasman" (ethylene a fruit ripening hormone naturally produced from climacteric fruit) Bananas, tomatoes,pears, avocados mangoes....
—Dennis Kihlstadius

To: Carrie Jo
The cheese and res wine is on the table The moon is full and blue. The sauna is hot. Just like you. Still going strong after 30 years Love wonza P.S. this is your official valentine's card.
—Ron DeValk

To: Martin DeValk
To Martin, elementary education student at UMD, good luck keeping the rugrats in order, and say hi to Alex and to Larry, the cat. Love, Mom and Dad
—Ron DeValk

To: Nick DeValk
To Nick, a true fire-and-ice Minnesotan, who is fighting fires at the Eagle, Colorado fire department and riding the slopes of Vail, we miss you! Love,Mom and Dad,seeing Garrison in Bemidji.
—Ron and Carrie DeValk

February 11, 2011

To: Jack Buhn
Hoping you are having a beautiful night in West Hills,CA. listening to your favorite radio show!! Wish you were in Bemidji with us!
—Laurie Nielsen


1750 miles you and the 3 kids drove back last week with Grandpa from tucson to Minnesota. Welcome back to where you grew up.

To: Stephanie (Fraise)
Thank you for the faith you place in me--while I finish my college education--I could not ask for a more supportive wife.
—Matthew Leschen

To: Asa Schaefer
Roses are red, Violets "are" blue, You're thirty-six, Happy Birthday to you! To our First-born son from Salty & Peppy in the frozen north land.
—Kathy Schaefer

February 10, 2011

To: Dewayne Jones
Happy Valentines Day to the man with many hats, and you look wonderful in them all. Your an amazing Pastor,father, husband and faithful friend. Your an original, and I'm so glad your mine. ( Nickel, Louisiana)
—Jennifer Jones

To: Shirley Sprague
Happy 75th birthday, Mom! From your two daughters.. We hope we've made you proud and with any luck, hope to be half the woman you are today. Love, Lu Lu Belle and Sherry (Concord, Calif.)
—Sherry Paulson

To: Salty and Peppy
Roses are red Violets are not 37 years later he still thinks you're hot! Happy Anniversary
—A couple of snow bound Okies...

February 9, 2011

To: Einerson Family and Friends
Pastor Bob and Scott came out and cleared the snow off the roof, so the front door to our cabin at Big Lake is no longer frozen shut. Come on out for some coffee and cookies. Note to PHC staff: Sarah and 14 yr old Martin (here to play her son in a local play) will be at the Bemidji show and 93 yr. old Amos,a Norwegian and a faithful listner, will be listening at home (he is in congestive heart failure. Would love Garrison to come out for coffee and cookies too!~ CAN YOU USE THIS FOR THE BEMIDJI SHOW?
—Amos, Sarah and our guest Martin from Norway Einerson

To: Barb and Larry
Hope you have a great time at the show in Bemidji. Miss you and looking forward to seeing you over here in Seoul!
—Lisa Ellingson

February 8, 2011

To: Dad
Happy Belated Birthday! Remember to back away from the npr radio now and again. Mom's starting to say you like it more than her.
—Katelyn Houck

To: Wayne Wolff
Sorry we aren't at your 50th birthday party tonight. We are here at the show instead. Happy 50 Wayne on the 15th.
—Terry & Char Bergstrom

February 7, 2011

To: marsha karam
Happy 55th birthday Marsha!feb 12th.hope you like the closet. sorry it took so long to build.we have the show tonight in bemidji,and hangers for valentines day! hope im off the hook,,,,,,,love david
—david karam

February 6, 2011

To: Jeff, Kathleen, and Jessie Barnett
Hey guys, check it out! It's pretty cold up here and I'm thinking of you but I'm loving those pistachios. I hope that you keep taking all the snow from new york and loving all the great snow days down in Virginia. Love you!
—Whitney Barnett

February 5, 2011

To: Ann & Rick in Pennsylvania
Happy Valentines Day to our old Guthrie friends. Betcha wish you were here!
—Deb & Matt Marsh

To: Ted Talley
Dear Dad and Diane, Glad you're there with Garrison for a little R&R. Hope you return to Arkansas a bit wiser and have always been above average! Love your children...all six of them!
—Emily Talley

To: Britt Skullerud
Just arrived from Norway to visit St Paul and she is wondering if we are going to get any chilly weather while she is here.
—Emily Wallace

To: Aaron Nytroe
Happy 40th Birthday to everyone's favorite free ranging meat man: Aaron!
—Carol Nytroe

To: Jim Melang
Enjoy the show. Your bed at Regions hospital is probably more comfortable than our seats here in the Fitzgerald.
—Bill and Carol Winkler

To: Laurel & Luci from Orlando
Happy Birthday Laurel! Most people travel in the opposite direction this time of year--only your amazing Mom would think of this trip! love, Elaine & Mike
—Elaine Silver
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