February 26, 2011 - March 5, 2011
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March 4, 2011

To: Steve Greene
Happy Birthday Jon Steven Greene Thank you for the introduction to Praire Home Compamion and the only person whose voice who I can sleep to, Garrison ( Sorry Garrison, but not!) . Kristin still apoligizes for locking you (Mr. Green Jeans)out of your car! (She is on staff at Carnegie Mellon now) Love you always, Kathy
—Kathleen Stoner

To: Linda McCoy
Happy 60th Birthday to a stubborn 100% Norwegian, true Lutheran, and the most faithful Prarie Home Companion listener in Overland Park, Kansas
—Randy Larson

March 2, 2011

To: SPC Jason Michael Smith
to my bestie, lover, and fellow pirate. Sending you big besos from home!
—Lucia Artacho

March 1, 2011

To: Emmon
Happy 18th birthday (plus a few weeks for good measure) to wonderful Emmon. Vi elsker dig Sweet Pea!
—Anne (Mommy) Hedrich

February 28, 2011

To: Dan
Hi GK! This is from an old neighbor of yours in Cathedral Hill (I used to live half a block from your bookstore!) who is turning 30 on March 30, my golden birthday - while I'm living in Italy. I'd love to hear your voice read this little poem I wrote if you want: just a word ----------- I just got time for a word, just a word and wanted to remind you of when we walked together under the cherry orchard, after the fruit had all been picked. You had wanted to go sooner, but I couldn't get away from work, I had told you. But I knew when we got to the stands by the road, with the too-sweet wine, and the cherry pie, and you holding up a pumpkin I knew that you had forgiven me.
—Dan Sassenberg

To: Nancy
You'll always be my friend even though you stole my dark chocolate at the Christmas party!
—Roxy Rockwell

February 27, 2011

To: Eric and Melissa
Looking forward to your visit in 2 weeks. San Diego's winter is almost over; so leave the snowmobile suits in Buffalo. Love, Uncle Mike
—uncle mike heidenreich

To: pete & vel
Geetings to sunny Sebring Florida from all of us chickens, ducks and geese at Northfork in northern Michigan, oh and the goats too! Please send us some sunshine we are sorely tired of winter-our feathers are freezing!
—jerry williams

February 26, 2011

To: Ian
When I am listening to the radio, the distance between us doesn't seem so far.
—Danielle Novick

To: Pixie Princess
20 years of weekend entertainment w/Mr. Keillor and troupe; 28 years of glorious love and companionship w/ you. You are still Waaaaaaaay cuter than Mr. Keillor.
—Bob Prasser

To: Darry (like the cow)
Dad, Thanks for the years of making us listen to Prairie Home Companion. If it wasn't for you we might have become English majors.
—Lori & Cheri Lester

To: Stef
Move back to San Diego already! The blue skies and mexican food miss you, and so do your brother and sister!
—Elissa B

To: Darry (like the cow)
Dad, Thanks for the years of making us listen to Prairie Home Companion. If it wasn't for you we might have become English majors. Love from your girls,
—Lori & Cheri Lester

To: Darry (like the cow)
Dad, Thanks for the years of making us listen to Prairie Home Companion. If it wasn't for you we might have become English majors. Love from your girls,
—Lori & Cheri Lester

To: Elissa
You're the best thing that ever happened to me and the magical mystery tour of our marriage is still my greatest joy.
—David Berver

To: John Joseph
Moose and Smoochie love each other. Happy Birthday Lonna!
—Sarah Joseph

To: Therese, Ray, Tim, Karen, and most of all, my loving husband Judd
Thank you all for sharing this amazing day with me and helping me realize my dream of being in the audience for a recording of Prairie Home Companion live. Cross one off the bucket list!
—Victoria Curran

To: Victoria Curran
To the love of my life, my beautiful wife Victoria. Happy 1-year and 7-month anniversary this week.
—Judd Curran

To: Wally
Happy 50th B-Day Wally to the bestiest friend a guy could tolerate. Thanks for being my top gun wing man from when you looked like a college stud, until now when you look like Garrison.
—Mike Bieraugel

To: Bill and Marilyn
Escape the Wisconsin tundra and come join us snowbirds at the "San Diego Free Clinic for the Diagnosis, Treatment and Cure of Welldigger's Frostbite Syndrome."
—Rod and Nancy Larson

To: Wilson's
To the whole Wilson family- so glad those of you who made it out to San Diego, to the rest- you are really missing a lot here in rainy San Diego.
—Nicholas Wilson

To: Senior Airman Wesley Golden
Awoke to 2' of snow in Arrowhead. Wish you were here to help us dig out! Dad & I WILL make it to San Diego for PHC even if we have to employ Buffy (our pug) as a sled dog. Aim High! Love, Mom XO
—Marsha Golden

To: Mom + Dad
Fishstick the dog wants you to hurry up and retire so that you can throw tennis balls for him all day long.
—Elissa, Chris, Tim, and David Schoenmackers

To: Jack, Kathy & Katie
Hi Guys! I told you you'd like this show! PS Its snowing in Illinois!
—Russ Stanton

To: Fr Jim
You told us to listen to APHC for preaching class, many years ago. And here I am today, a better preacher because of it, and I'm never bored on Saturdays! Hope you are well.
—Fr Rick Lopez

To: Jennie
We finally made it to a PHC show! You are the best! By the way, Daniel and Sara told me that these tickets were under the Christmas tree.
—Miguel Cortes
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