April 23, 2011 - April 30, 2011
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April 30, 2011

To: Cherie Worth
To Mom in the audience from your loving kids in Colorado and New York - we're so proud that you've dedicated more than 40 years to educating the kids who need it most, and happy that this is your last semester before retirement. You're still the best teacher we've ever had.
—Chris & Jennifer Worth

To: Rachel Boeglin
(Please read at your St. Louis show, as Rachel will be in the audience.) Rachel, I was thinking of flunking you, so that EHOC could keep you as an intern, but instead I'll wish you the best as a JVC volunteer in the Big Apple. Ciao!
—Mira Tanna

To: My son, Jacob
Well son, at the tender age of 20, you finally landed yourself a summer job. Not sure who's happier about this - me or my wallet.
—Scott Wilson

To: Larry Kuhl
Your 50 years old this week, so I've been praying that we both live to at least a ripe old age of 100 - that way we can still just be middle aged a little whole longer.
—Scott Wilson

To: Samuel Cooper
Well son, we know tonight is your big prom night, but you see Garrison Keillor has come to town. So, take some pictures for us and let us know how it all goes. Love, your utterly exhausted parents,
—Scott Wilson

To: Joe & Marilynn Wilson
How on earth after 50+ years can you be so completely enamored with one another? Happy Golden Anniversary to Joe & Marilyn Wilson from their finally grateful children.
—Scott Wilson

To: Louis
To Louis, my 10-year-old son, who just got a trumpet yesterday. I wish you many happy toots.
—Angela Morgan

To: Nancy Sturm
Happy 60th Birthday to Nonna Nancy in Ormond Beach, FL. Sorry we are not there to celebrate. You should be HERE at the show! Love,
—Favorite Grandson

To: Pat Coy
Thanks for introducing me to this show 25 yrs ago on that 12 hr van ride on our Spring Break Service Trip.
—Greg Rohde

To: Nana Thacker
Happy Birthday to Nana whose birthday was this past Easter Sunday. The last time your birthday fell on Easter was 1859! We love you, Nana!
—Katie Newman

To: Grandma and Grandpa 'S' and 'Z'
We are planning to visit you the weekend between winter and road construction is that in May or June this year?
—Matt and Julie Sadler

To: Michelle and Jonny
Looking forward to the "George Straight" wedding in June of my twin sister's daughter, Michelle George, to Jonny Straight in Manitou Springs, Colorado! Hurray!
—Bonnie Wade

April 29, 2011

To: Dale Menke, Principal Rockwood Summit High School
Happy retirement, I'll drive you to your last high school prom after the show. From your loving wife.
—Bridget Hermann

To: Various family members in Oklahoma, Iowa, Texas, Tennessee, New York and Washington state.
Melanie and Christopher wish you all could just make a Missouri Compromise and move to St. Louis.....
—Melanie Ave

April 28, 2011

To: Bill Fraser
Happy Birthday to the best Billf in the midwest!
—Walter Robinson

To: Mom
After 28 years of your very persistent suggestions, here we are with tickets. I hope you're as excited as I am. I love you.
—Alfie Cruse

To: Mike Berenc
I could not have made it through the past 6 months without you, thank you. Life begins anew!
—Dale Berenc

To: Margery Plotkin
Happy Belated Birthday and thank you for finding me a wonderful rescue dog!
—Richard Truex

April 27, 2011

To: Janice, Carolyn, James
Kids, Thanks for the tickets for your Dad's 50th. He didn't quite need a walker and we didn't need a baby-sitter Mom and Dad
—Jim Beatty

To: joshua groft
happy 8th anniversary butch! love always, sundance.
—jahnna harvey

To: Margaret Meyer
Happy 50th Birthday to my darling wife of 17 years.. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. (I'd have just done it a lot sooner!)
—Lowell Meyer

To: Emily Saville
We're over a week late, but we'd still like to wish Emi a happy 2nd birthday in Seattle from her grandparents in St. Louis. You go girl, especially on that plasma car!
—Jerri Stroud

To: LeRoy Peters
Happy Birthday! Keep playing that guitar, dancing with Delores and enjoying Jello salads at Lutheran church dinners. Lord, you've eaten lots in your 90 years...
—Susan Vincent

To: Mommy Salami
A GREAT BIG HOOTIE HOO to my saintly mother, without whome i would not be here celebrating the 44th aniversary of my birth. (She drove 8^)
—wooly bull

To: Chris
My dear! Happy Anniversary. Eight years together have been so sweet.
—Kalen Ponche

To: Connor, Annelise (ah nah lees), and Amelia Joy
You are Strong, Kind, Gentle, and True, Sure as the shining stars above the rain, and Miracles like the turtles in the sea. Step every step toward your goals, chin up. My Sweetheart, Sugar Plum and Joy, Your I.E. loves you.
—Jennifer Baur

To: Sharon Megee
Hi Mom and Dad, I hope you have fun at the taping! Wish I could be there. I love you both!
—David Megee

To: Aunt Debbie
Would like to wish my favorite Aunt and Godmother a very happy 50th birthday!
—Liz Gaines

To: Florene Irene Quintero
Hey Mom, Happy Mother's day from your oldest of seven children, Tom (Thomas) in Afghanistan. Thanks for your prayers. You are a good woman that I have the best of within me. I miss you, love you and will be see you soon. COL Tom Quintero, US Forces, Afghanistan
—Tom Quintero

To: Helen & Dudley Shaw
Greetings from the Swiss Alps to the St. Louis Arch!
—Nancy & Urs Kienberger

April 26, 2011

To: Toonie
(for the April 30th Show) Hi to my lovely wife Toonie, who is back at home in Maine, wishing she had a horse.
—Steve Goldstein

April 25, 2011

To: Dave and Mo
Howdy to our cousins in Arlington VA.
—John and Kathy Bartlow

To: Pam Stewart
Happy belated birthday Mom backslash Pam Stewart. We love you. Kate, Madison, Dan, and Popagano the blind bird dog.
—Dan Stewart

To: Jack Poston
Life is an ocean, love is a boat. In troubled waters it keeps us afloat. Happy 30th anniversary! Love you.
—Elizabeth Poston
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