April 30, 2011 - May 7, 2011
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May 7, 2011

To: Ken Noble (in Port Townsend, WA)
Welcome back from three months of cod fishing in the Bering Sea. We are so, so happy to have you home.
—Lauren, Clara and Jasper

To: Grace
Happy Mother's Day. Can't tell you much about Garrison, too far away. Maybe we will see him better in June. Love Eric & Caitlin
—Caitlin Galer

To: Becca
To Becca and all the great women at CFC in Orem Utah.You are all way above average! See you soon Becca. Love Mom and Dad
—Rick Litman

To: Ninny Face
Ninny Face I am so happy that I am going to be your partner in life. I love you soooo much! Thanks for taking me to Prairie Home Companion!!!
—Andre Cavalcante

To: Our Moms
Happy Mother's Day! If there is anything you need tomorrow just let us know. We'll make sure dad takes care of it. With Love, Craig and Laura
—Craig and Laura Kueffner

To: Dad
Last time we came to the Fox we saw Sesame Street Live – 15 years later we’re back for my 19th birthday. All of my love!
—Will Garbe

To: BIll & Jeanne Clancy
CElebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary. Love from your three beautiful daughters.
—ERin CLancy

To: Kim, Eric, Kevin, & Molly
We are thankful for our grandsons - Corbin, Cullen, & Liam - emphasis on the "GRAND"!
—John & Ketha Knuth

To: Susan
It's great to be in Detroit celebrating our 29th weddng anniversary! Love you sweety!
—Loran Walker

To: Hosley
A very happy birthday to Hosley who is attending today's show in Detroit from your friends in San Mateo, California.
—Elizabeth Greenlee

To: Mark Stephenson
In Memory of my best friend Mark Stephenson. You introduced me to this program and left me with these wise words “never alienate your bartender”! We grew up city boys and became Prairie Home Companions.
—Bobby Anderson

To: Denny and Sherry McGrath
We love you and promise we won't burn the house down while you're gone. Enjoy the show! Your favorite kids, Mary, Dan, and Will
—Mary McGrath

To: Hosley Werner
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a fun day at the PHC show in Detroit!! Lots of love and missing you from Scotland, Auntie
—Carolyn Bell

To: Donna Gregory
Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day as wonderful as you are! Hope you enjoy the show. P.S. Shouldn't you be home crocheting my blanket?
—Dave Gregory

To: Dinah
Happy 29th wedding anniverary! Remember when we used to come to the Fox Theatre to see Iggy Stooge? And now.....well.......
—Charlie Kretschmer

To: Steve
Congrats Steve! Here's to your wanderlust and embracing our new adventure! Love, Suz
—Sue Lenart

May 6, 2011

To: Jennifer
You sure do have some big eyes. But boy are they pretty. They get more blue each and every day. Happy anniversary.
—Matt Swanson

To: Tim
Happy birthday Dad, and too Jeff and Grant. Dad I love you, Jeff and Grant you guys are okay too.
—Alex Lekander

To: Nicole
Great Mothers Day Dinner Nic & Karli! Grandma,Papa Mcauliffe & Mom consumed enough calories to last a month. Love Louis
—Louis Jahn

To: Rita Hermann
From Merrill, Barb, & Eileen Happy 70th Birthday! This is your birthday gift so don't expect a party or anything else. We did that when you were 50.
—Eileen Wright

To: Reginald
Happy Anniversary my darling husband. I've loved listening to Prairie Home Companion with you for the last 20 years and it's wonderful to be with you at the Fox tonight. Looking forward to many more years (as long as you and Mr. Keillor can hold out)!
—Tracey Patterson

To: Tess
For our youngest daughter Tess. Thanks so much for going to see PHC with us at the Fox this weekend. We know how lame we are but please remember how Mr. Keillor simply saying "TOMATO BUTT" would crack you up.
—Gordon Bloem

To: Judy Mousel
Mom came all the way from sunny florida to spend mother's day weekend back in Detroit with A Prairie Home Companion, oh and her son of course.
—Bruce Mousel

To: Christine
Happy Anniversary Honey! It's been quite a journey over the past seven years and I can't wait to see where the next seven take us. Love you lots! Nate
—Nathan Kidwell

To: Nathan Kidwell
Happy 7th Anniversary my love! Here's to all that we have accomplished and all that is yet to come. I love you!
—Christine Kidwell

To: William S. Davidek
Happy 87th birthday William S.Davidek. You are an artistic genius and you have proved it many times. From your daughter Denise.
—Denise Davidek

May 5, 2011

To: Maxine Thompson
We miss you Momma Maxine, Pappa Gary and Sister Kathy in Tampa. Tiger Town is GGGGGGGGreat! Love-the girls
—Amy Lamoreaux

To: Ma down in Chapel Hill, Ma in Garrison, Ma in Boise
Three Tufts' kids making rhubarb pie, listening to Prairie Home, and wishing our Ma's a sweet mother's day! We surely are thankful!
—Julia, Max, and Carolyn

To: Ma down in Chapel Hill, Ma in Garrison, Ma in Boise
Three Tufts' kids making rhubarb pie, listening to Prairie Home, and wishing our Ma's a sweet mother's day! We surely are thankful you!
—Julia, Max, and Carolyn

To: Sarah Bakken
Happy Birthday and congratulations on your acceptance into the nursing program at the University in Hilo. You have brought such joy to our lives and Grandpa and I are so proud of you!
—Karen Bakken

To: Joan Hall
We finally got you to the show!..Enjoy the view from the FOX. Wendy & Bradley
—bradley hall

May 4, 2011

To: Debbie Kangas
Who would have thought two small-town kids from South Carolina would one day be watching APHC together in Detroit? Thanks for the great seats!
—Jimmy Netzband

To: Jerri Kelly
Here is your greeting That I missed in St. Louis That has had me bugged For from me, Steven, and Carmel Consider thyself hugged!
—Josiah Oliver

To: Chelsea in Denver, Lydia in Athens, and Tess in the seat next to me:
Our lives have been more interesting because I am not like the other mothers. P.S. I think Mr. Keillor is making eye contact with me!
—Nancy Parshall

May 2, 2011

To: Jake Barnett
—Martha Barnett

To: George
To my beloved brudder on your 70th birthday. You have been an inspiration all my life. Long and happy life to you!
—Kate Sibley

To: Cindy Crohan
Happy Birthday to a terrific sister!
—Catherine Crohan

April 30, 2011

To: Cherie Worth
To Mom in the audience from your loving kids in Colorado and New York - we're so proud that you've dedicated more than 40 years to educating the kids who need it most, and happy that this is your last semester before retirement. You're still the best teacher we've ever had.
—Chris & Jennifer Worth

To: Rachel Boeglin
(Please read at your St. Louis show, as Rachel will be in the audience.) Rachel, I was thinking of flunking you, so that EHOC could keep you as an intern, but instead I'll wish you the best as a JVC volunteer in the Big Apple. Ciao!
—Mira Tanna

To: My son, Jacob
Well son, at the tender age of 20, you finally landed yourself a summer job. Not sure who's happier about this - me or my wallet.
—Scott Wilson

To: Larry Kuhl
Your 50 years old this week, so I've been praying that we both live to at least a ripe old age of 100 - that way we can still just be middle aged a little whole longer.
—Scott Wilson

To: Samuel Cooper
Well son, we know tonight is your big prom night, but you see Garrison Keillor has come to town. So, take some pictures for us and let us know how it all goes. Love, your utterly exhausted parents,
—Scott Wilson

To: Joe & Marilynn Wilson
How on earth after 50+ years can you be so completely enamored with one another? Happy Golden Anniversary to Joe & Marilyn Wilson from their finally grateful children.
—Scott Wilson

To: Louis
To Louis, my 10-year-old son, who just got a trumpet yesterday. I wish you many happy toots.
—Angela Morgan

To: Nancy Sturm
Happy 60th Birthday to Nonna Nancy in Ormond Beach, FL. Sorry we are not there to celebrate. You should be HERE at the show! Love,
—Favorite Grandson

To: Pat Coy
Thanks for introducing me to this show 25 yrs ago on that 12 hr van ride on our Spring Break Service Trip.
—Greg Rohde

To: Nana Thacker
Happy Birthday to Nana whose birthday was this past Easter Sunday. The last time your birthday fell on Easter was 1859! We love you, Nana!
—Katie Newman

To: Grandma and Grandpa 'S' and 'Z'
We are planning to visit you the weekend between winter and road construction – is that in May or June this year?
—Matt and Julie Sadler

To: Michelle and Jonny
Looking forward to the "George Straight" wedding in June of my twin sister's daughter, Michelle George, to Jonny Straight in Manitou Springs, Colorado! Hurray!
—Bonnie Wade
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