May 8, 2011 - May 14, 2011
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May 14, 2011

To: Gena Mena & Jason
You are the ***Best*** daughter in the world!!! Love you so much!!! And to my quietly reserved Son In-Law... I am so lucky to have you in my life too!Love you both!!!
—Maria Cloud-Jaques

To: Cal Hardie
Happy 54th birthday. Andrew sends his love from Denver. Patrick gives a shout-out and BIG HUG from the seat beside you! Many more years, love P.S. Great Job. Perfect Seats!
—Rosann Chamberlain

To: Tim & Katherine
Congratulations. You survived your first Minnesota winter following your move in December from sunny California to Minneapolis. We know your California friends and family think you're crazy. We know the real reason was to be closer to God's country and see Prairie Home Companion live tonight. Love, Mom& Don
—Mary Olson

To: Kendal, Bekcy, & Joe
Mom & Dad, glad you got to leave Eastern Montana for the big city. Joe, stay safe overseas. Wish we were there. Love, Kendra & Jake
—Kendra Kallevig-Childers

To: Katie
Congratulations on receiving your Masters Degree in Human Resources from the University of Minnesota. Now it's time to become "Human" and get into the working world. We are so very proud of you. Love mom and Dad
—Frank Lopuszynski

To: Dave Ziesel
Happy Birthday Yappa, from Luna and Tooley,and the new baby on the way we love you. We are so excited to visit.
—Logan Edwards

To: Carolyn
Nancy and Don in Springfield, Massachusetts, wish Carolyn in Milton, Pennsylvania, a happy 75th birthday.
—Nancy & Don Evans

May 13, 2011

To: Debra Weaver
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart, you are God's sweetest gift to me. After 29 years of marriage I still do!
—Tracy Weaver

To: Don & Inez
Mom and Dad, Hey you crazy octogenarians! Stop kissing and listen to the program. Love, your daughter
—Kathy Krohn-Gill

To: David and Bernice Jacobson
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!!
—stacey jacobson

To: Karen
Congratulations on getting your PhD. Proud of all you've accomplished. Cleveland or bust!
—Jim Yoh

To: Bobby
Happy birthday, can't beleive your already 16. Where do the years go? Hope you enjoyed your day. And remember, your my Favorite little brother, and I love you.
—Michael Rodgerson

To: Kendal and Becky Kallevig
Welcome to Minnisota on your trip from Eastern Montana. I hope you can escape the cold sometime this year.
—Joe Kallevig

To: Honeybaby
Honey lamb. Thank you so much for creating the wonderful time to see the ol' National Treasure! Next stop, WSS. I love you.
—Mama Rivas

To: Diane, John, Laura and Carole
Sending our love to you all. We still love Mel,too, but we know he's not listening to the show.
—Deb and Rick Burns

To: Bev
Bev, Congratulations on your retirement and as we say at the casino, enjoy this bonus round!
—Cindy Johnson

May 12, 2011

To: Asianna Grace Davis
—Susan Wilpitz

May 11, 2011

To: Irene Valdivia (née Score)
Happy 80th birthday, in Lima, Peru, where hot is 85 and cold 55. You left North Dakota over 55 years ago and you stayed down there, wonder why? Daughters Corinne and Shirley flew from the States to be with you in this grand day. Kisses from your busy grandchildren Lucía and Sebastián.
—Domingo Martínez

To: Jean
Jean, We know you're listening tonight, and wanted to send our love your way as you struggle with your illness. Terry, Dan, Emily, Mo and Brad
—Brad Schnee

May 9, 2011

To: Miss Lindsay Brown
Congratulations! This weekend you graduate from the University of Miami. It began in Findlay, Ohio thru Skagway,Dunedin, New Zealand,Rockport, Maine.Four years later South Beach. Grandpa and Grancy
—Larry Slaughterbeck

May 8, 2011

To: Charlotte B McMillan
To my Mother who during WWII had a personal tour of of the royal bedrooms in Windsor Castle: they were a mess. Royalty and dignity are not always united, except in my Mom and Prairie Home.
—Andrew McMillan
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