May 22, 2011 - May 28, 2011
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May 28, 2011

To: Mom
Mom, Happy Birthday in Rindal, MN. Love, Hil, Roman, & Halle
—Hilary Hund

To: Jerzy and Theresa Serafin
Jerzy, Theresa (& Dan)- Thanks for coming to DC this weekend and putting in some free labor around the house. I figure that the amount of work you did more than makes up for the goats and chickens that were promised as part of Renata's dowry!
—Spence Patterson

To: Nick
Congratulations on catching your first little league fly-ball! Love, Mom and Dad
—Greg Pompelli

To: Dad and Beth
Thanks for watching the new grand baby for an the first over night so Rich and i could come to the show tonite. Even though youve raised children to adulthood, dont forget if you have trouble we've posted 30 YouTube videos on how to care for Lily! Love heather.
—Heather Mitchell

To: Northern VA synchronized ice skaters
Hello to all northern Virginia synchronized ice skaters, who know how to stay cool.
—Elizabeth Eareckson

To: Dad
Celebrating the year, for you, the song "When I'm 64" stopped being a hypothetical. There's a weedy garden and a chilled box of wine waiting for you at home, but Mom's locking the door early. Your son, Christopher.
—Christopher Martin

To: Eddie Lueb
Uncle Eddie, I betcha he would have read this if you had come. Tell everyone in Kansas " Hi". We love you Beth AKA (Bizzet) Beth (AKA Bizzet)
—Elizabeth Heneghan

To: Jess Douglass
Happy 30th birthday Jess! I'm glad we're able to celebrate tonight with Garrison and the Prairie Home Companion Gang!!!
—Heather Emory

To: Greg
I still get excited when you text me, even though it's been over a month since we met. Hope you enjoy the show. Thanks for the cheese.
—Austin Rooke

To: Susan
I hope you've been practicing your wolf howl! It's great that we laugh at the same things - you will always be my treasured friend!
—Chris O'Donnell

To: mugsie
—julie tra

To: Ama and Apa
to Ama & Apa with their barn on the hill, over the river and through the woods, we gave our tickets to a friend because Zeb had a fever and we can't be there in person. See you soon for a summer of chores!
—Brad&Sara Bishop

To: Megan Katra
Hello Auntie!! I am nine years old, now. We are going to Wolftrapp to see a Prairie Home Companion today!! I am so excited!! I hope you like the show!! Love from Silver Spring, Maryland!!
—Jason Nobahar

To: Angel
To Lieutenant Brochu, I am proud and happy to have you in my life! Will you marry me next April 28, 2012. I love you!
—Jerry Rotter

To: Sarah and Ryan
Thanks for the belated (and wonderful!) Mother's Day gift. Looking forward to enjoying the broadcast from Wolf Trap and to spending time with you. Love, Mom
—Natalie Coleman

To: Jerry
The object of my affection is to change your complexion from white to rosy red!
—Angel Brochu

May 27, 2011

To: Chris
Happy Birthday, Chris- here's to another year of making funny noises, adventures and trying to convince me to get a puppy! Love you! Love, L
—Lashley Feaster

To: Will, Maddie, & Tucker
numero ocho con los wolves! Tus amo!
—Brandi Cummings

To: Les
Les, Thank you for marrying me four years ago! Happy Anniversary! Aren't you glad I made you go to the PHC show in Bemidji last winter? I love you! Terri
—Terri Ball

To: Dad and Mom Anglim
Dad and Mom, We're still coming...The Little Maryland Lovebirds are heading up to Minneapolis right after the show...Please put out the milk and cookies !!!
—Chris Anglim

To: Megan Katra
Hello and Happy Summer!! I hope that you are enjoying your days in Anchorage!! Have a great summer!! Love from Gretchen, Chris, Jason, and Noah
—Gretchen Nobahar

To: Jemi
Kiss all the dogs for us. Having a great time at the show. Kay & Janice
—Kay Carhart

To: Ian
Happy First Wedding Anniversary! I didn't decide to let myself go, that's our baby growing in my tummy. We love you, baby Squiggles!
—Julia Becker

To: Jack
Happy 29th anniversary to the man who shows me each day what love really means.
—Holly Lauderdale

To: Don & Lois
Happy 65th anniversary from all the kids. You have set the bar pretty high. (P.S. Happy 97th & 92nd Birthday later this year!)
—David Bacon

To: McGhan and Tangedal Families
Love and blessings to my families listening back home on the prairie lands (Crosby and Westby ND) from the lone east coaster live at the show! Plus kisses and hugs for my wife, little ones and Robertson crew in Glen Allen, VA!
—Matthew McGhan

To: Katherine
Congratulations! From Madison to William and Mary, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, and English Major. We hope the Columbia gig works out.
—Keith Perkins

To: Ben Celestino
Happy 12th birthday! Love our annual family tradition: Wolf Trap for PHC & celebrating your extraordinary self! Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Keillor will give you a shout out on the show this deserve it!
—Catherine Celestino

To: My Favorite Librarian
Hoping to feel a little bit of Minnesota tonight, enough to carry me back to you. All the books in the Library of Congress are not nearly as exciting to me as those in your care in Forest Lake.
—Wendy Davis

To: Lisa Strauss
What a great way to spend your birthday. Love Jennifer
—Jennifer Strauss

To: Jennifer Strauss
A shout out to Jennifer Strauss. I hope you are enjoying the show. Love Mom
—Jennifer Strauss

To: Stephen and Susan
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! We love you. Kate and Drew
—Kate Seche

To: Harry and Janet
After endless hours spent trapped in your car listening to this show, whod have thought Id be here willingly and without you, mom and dad?
—Carrie Tallichet

To: Marge McKinney
Welcome Marge, Rachelle, & Rich. While you're listening to the show live we'll be listening, while rocking in our rocking chairs on our front porch in the mountains. Give GK a big kiss! Love, J&D
—Jody & David Kraft

To: Kate Stephens
To Kate from Bill. Happy 25th anniversary. Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me.
—Bill Stephens

To: Jessica
Ten years of dating, eight years of marriage, and forever my best friend--I love you!
—William Hooper

May 26, 2011

To: Elise Hagenberger
You are my world! I can't wait to see A Prairie Home Companion with you. I love you!
—Casey Pittrizzi

To: Rick & Nancy
Who are enduring a live performance of a Prairie Home Companion instead of listening to the pod cast while riding their motorcycle through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Love Ya , Kass & Tim
—Timothy O'Ney

To: Mollie
Happy Birthday Mollie! Who leaves National Park Service DC friends for Western Washington University and North Cascades National Park. Love Mom, Dad & Anthony
—Bill Behn

To: Mom and Dad
Have a happy Memorial Weekend and I hope the puppy doesn't destroy the furniture!
—Melanie Ulen

Greetings from Wolf Trap. Haven't actually seen any wolves or traps but enjoying a great show. See you at the Lake soon.
—Janice Roberson

To: Josh Adler
I'm so glad you proposed to me one year ago today in this very place. I love you very much. Forever's wonderful with you.
—Colleen Adler

To: Todd
Welcome Home Todd; Glad you're safely back from another deployment to Afghanistan. We missed you. Enjoy the show on May 28. Thanks for serving our country. Oohrah! We love you, Jolene, Marilyn, and John
—Jolene Richardson

May 25, 2011

To: bebe & mimi
so glad you're here with me for the big picnic. thanks for keeping the wolves away.
—josey sanchez

To: Mom, Dad, Eli, Cody
Greetings from the lawn seats at Wolftrap! We wish you here to share this bottle of wine and we can't wait to see you in Chicago in July. Hopefully the mosquitos won't be too bad at the cottage. Love, Zoe and Mike
—Zoe Berman

To: Laura
Happy 10th anniversary to the love of my life. Wake me up if he reads this.
—Dale Temp

To: Scott, Anne and Sofia
i'm so excited to be at this show at wolf trap with 3 really great friends. thanks for coming with me and in exchange i will go to the "sound of music" sing along. cheers to new and old friends.
—Austin Cooper

To: Moms and Dads in Prattville Ala
Greetings from the girls on the "Girl's Trip" with Granny and Granddaddy--Mary Grace, Grace, Mary Lise, and Skylar. Granddaddy says don't forget to feed the birds breakfast while we are away!
—Richard & Peggy Allen

To: Pippin
Dancing with you to this show is the highlight of my week. Will you marry me again?
—Jenny Johnstone

May 24, 2011

To: John
Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy the show! Love you!
—Marilyn Clarke

To: Ashley
While it certainly isn't cake and therefore not 'birthday-ish' by yuor usual standards, I hope our time spent together watching Prairie Home Companion has made for a most adventurous twenty-third birthday. Love, SuperBoyfriend
—Zachary Sanford

To: Dan
Here we are celebrating our anniversary at Wolftrap, just as we have for the last ten years. Nothing like commemorating our love with close friends and Garrison!
—Suzanne Schmidt

To: George Bibel
Here's to George, in celebration for his 2nd book. His friends thank God he does not tweet, for who wishes to receive hourly updates of his Amazon ratings?
—Cindy Swope

May 23, 2011

To: Ken Mayo
Happy 38th Anniversary Ken. I'm listening to Prairie Home Companion in Tallahassee, Florida while you are listening in Horsleys Green, England. There are a lot of things I enjoy and spending Saturday evenings by the radio with you is one of my favorites.
—Kay Mayo

To: Emily
Happy 4th (or is it 5th?) anniversary! Looking forward to 40 (or 50?) more. -Your loving husband
—John Keeton

To: Tom & Bizzet
Sorry I could not attend the show with you this year, but go ahead and get me tickets for next year. Love Uncle Ed from Seneca, Ks
—Jan Lueb

To: Nancy Gerhard
Hello to my wonderful family in the audience--Nancy, Alison,and William--wish I was there with you instead of here at Camp Eggers, Afghanistan.
—Bill Gerhard

May 22, 2011

To: Loren Crawford
Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great time celebrating with your friends at Prairie Home Companion at Wolf Trap and not at an ice skating rink!
—Dina Gold

To: Darrell
Happy birthday. I love you so much I sprung for good seats this year, after last year we could barely see from the lawn.
—Josh Israel

To: Jenny
The piano down the avenue is the one you play, and you are my sweet someone coming through that door.
—Phillip Hamrick
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