May 29, 2011 - June 4, 2011
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June 4, 2011

To: Della Yurcik
I am so proud to be your sister. I love you.
—Kelly Smith

To: WFS sisters
Hello from troutgrrl55 to the WFS women at conference in Allentown,PA. Make a lot of money at the auction. (This is for the June 11 show in Seattle).
—Patricia Martin

To: Riley
Did you ever imagine we would be here? 27+ years of Love, Bonnie
—Bonnie Smith

To: Steve Young
Baby Juliet can't wait to visit Grandpa Young in Battle Lake this summer, and to take her first pontoon ride across the lake and back. Please have the sunfish cleaned, battered, and fried when we get there.
—Erin young

To: Mom and Dad
Hope to make it back for Stiper fishing this season.
—Luke and emily Peterson

To: Richard
Happy 40th Birthday. I don't think you're over the hill, even if you are over the mesa. Love, Emily
—Emily Garding

To: Janine Clark
Janine: Sorry to miss your performance of the national anthem at today’s Diamondbacks game. Instead, we’ll be watching what we’ve been listening to since before you were born. Hope you understand. Love, Mom & Dad
—Roger Clark

To: gary cassidy
hello to Gary Cassidy and family. Even though you are a green beret; your biscuits and gravy are what make you special to me.
—jarrod webb

To: Tony Wesolowski
Happy Birthday Brother, last year you were at the Prarie Home Companion at Blosseum, this year you are stuck at home babysitting the Grandkids.
—mark wesolowski

June 3, 2011

To: Colleen & Steve Gula
From Mark: Hello and lots of love from Flagstaff to Mom & Dad, Colleen & Steve Gula (pronounced "Goo-la"), and to all the parents of happy, well-adjusted, and EMPLOYED English majors.
—Mark Gula

To: Dr Ron Pust
Happy 70th birthday year from Flagstaff, we will bring you back something with Garrison Keillor's name on it.
—Tracy Paul Diana

To: Eunice, Lance, Jenny, Chris & the rest of the family in Wyoming
Wish you guys could be here. See you soon. Gratualations Steven & Courtney on your big day!
—Susie Tressler

To: Leanna
Leanna, Happy 60th birthday and retirement both this month. Enjoy them well, from your working husband, John
—John Anderson

To: Charlotte Lubawy
Congratulations on your well deserved retirement! Twenty years of teaching public high school! You are amazingly tough! We love you so much-your 3 daughters
—Paige Lubawy

To: Michael Umble
Happy 22nd anniversary to my beloved husband. We started out in Lake Wobegon the week we got married at the 3rd Annual Reunion show and you make life as fun as the Joke Show pretty much every day.
—Eden Umble

June 2, 2011

To: Doyle-Holeman families
Hi Everybody!! Wish you were here sitting on the lawn with us. We miss you all and will see you soon!! love Anne and James
—Anne Doyle

To: James
Happy Birthday! It's a good thing you came into my life. You're the only person I would ever want to be engaged to. Love, Your fiance
—Anne Doyle

To: Matt Kaplinski
To my husband: Can you believe our baby, Anya, is 10 months old today? Thanks for being my wonderfully hilarious partner in parenting. To PHC: We will ba at the show on Saturday, June 3. Thanks!
—Amber Meyer

To: Elizabeth
The only rapture going on here in Flagstaff has to do with you and me and rhapsody. Looking forward to our naked wedding!
—Marguerite Walker

To: The Historic Bass Lake Community Church
Happy 140th anniversary to Minnesota’s oldest country community church! A requiem to the majestic Red Oak tree that stood outside; sorry to see it go.
—Rob Nelson

June 1, 2011

To: Jeffrey Bussanich
Happy Birthday dad! Hope it is amazing! Love you lots.
—Emily Bussanich

To: Dick and Claire
Greetings from Hong Kong! Knowing you guys are going to see the PHC on June 4th in Flagstaff, I would like say Hi. Thanks to you that PHC has become my favorite radio program since I was living in the U.S. some years ago. Have a great time!
—Annie Chan

To: Ron DenAdel
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ron in Glen Ellyn, IL....sitting on the deck right now....enjoying his favorite radio show on his least-favorite day!!!
—Betsy Valbracht

May 31, 2011

To: Josiah Canto
May your Frazier Park days be full of whimsical, sassy summer camp songs since, again, you cannot be here with mom for Flagstaff's Prairie Home.
—Kim Canto

May 30, 2011

To: Sara
Happy anniversary, celebrating with A Prarie Home Companion in "Flag" where we married 20 yrs ago; hopefully today it's not snowing like it was then!
—Keith Ryan

To: Johnny & Liz Brisby
Happy 50th Anniversary! We are so proud of the enduring love you demonstrated, even that meant grabbing mom's butt in front of us! From all your kids: Allison, Mark, Josh, and Nathan
—Craig & Allison Roorda

May 29, 2011

To: Martin and Laine
Happy Wedding Day to Martin and Laine. After their high school romance 45 years ago, they have reconnected and today, June 4, they pledge never to part.
—Ellen Wade
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