June 12, 2011 - June 18, 2011
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June 18, 2011

To: Robb
To Robb..Thank you for helping me dog and cat sit
—Julie White

To: Phil & Joanne Richardson
Wishing you a very happy 33rd anniversary!
—Jeff and Kelly Richardson

To: Chris Marino
To Chris Marino, my Cherokee Wolf On the morrow, you'll be over the hill, so get some rest and take your pills In my heart you will always be number one, and not 50! Happy Birthday my love Stace Marino
—Stacey Marino

To: Joe
I'm so glad we moved to Michigan in time to see the show. Now I can cross it off of my bucket list. Making you my husband is the next item on the list. What do say?
—Jennifer Langel

To: Mom & Dad Vipond
Happy 50th anniversary to Mom and Dad Vipond with much love from Todd and Nadine. NOW can you put us back in the will? :)
—Todd Vipond

To: Theresa Corcoran
Happy 50th Birthday Theresa Corcoran. You will always be my Cherry Queen! Mike
—Michael corcoran

To: Kevin and Jenny
There is a growler of beer in the fridge. We wanted to share it with you but not as badly as we wanted to come to the show. See you on Sunday.
—Jennifer Langel

To: Nate and Courtney
We don't wish you were here. We prefer that you're at home digging perennials to plant in our yard. Maybe next year we'll invite you along if our landscaping is done.
—Jennifer Langel

To: Jim Henrickson
Dear Dad, Happy Father's Day! I love you very much.
—Kelsey Vela

To: Eric Hendrixson
Congratulations to Eric on the publication of his first novel, Bucket of Face.
—Sarah Pall

To: Connie Janssen
To my Mom on our fourth time attending the show -- your're my favorite Prairie Home "Companion".
—Gretchen Janssen

To: our family at the tree nursery
we know you are busy on the farm with the trees and cows. Don't forget about us owl banders up here in Northern MI. We miss you Bill, Di and Bali.
—Nova & Chris Mackentley

To: Kate Waugh
Happy 3rd birthday Kate! You have the most gorgeous eyes on the planet. However, it's not nice to be able to beat Grandma and Grandpa playing "Angry Birds!" We love you!
—Brenda Murphy

June 17, 2011

To: Allen Engle
Making fun of you as youngsters we never imagined we'd grow up and find ourselves rolling down the car window yelling, "Fomites!" Happy 51st Dad! -Love Brian, Devon, and Lauren
—Devon Engle

To: Kate Waugh
Happy 3rd Birthday Kate! You have the most beautiful eyes on the planet and you're getting better than Grandma and Grandpa at "Angry Birds!"
—Brenda Murphy

To: Nathan Burnham
In loving memory of your father, Bruce Barkley Burnham. He was the best father-in-law a girl could ask for.
—Alice Friend

To: Ron Gormont
Who would have thought that meeting in Longport, New Jersey, in the summer of 1961 would be remembered so fondly 50 years later? Hugs and kisses on your 70th Birthday! You are a Golden Guy.
—AnnieBird Bodell

To: Nicole Kaufman
Nicole - Glad you got the last ticket for this week's show. I'll be waiting in the car. Love, Scott.
—Scott Harman

To: Bill Popp
Happy 70th birthday to the best dad on earth, Bill Popp!! (My dad will be in the front row at your Interlochen show if you could read this to him -- he's been looking forward to seeing you live for decades).
—Tina Valade

June 16, 2011

To: Emily
Hello to Emily, recent graduate from Michigan State working at Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone National Park. Watch out for geyser rushes, and GO SPARTANS!
—Donna Smith

June 15, 2011

To: June Kimmel
A very happy 78th birthday to June Kimmel from Karen, Glen, Morgane, Trevor, Kevin, Bev, Kylee, Graham, Helana, Matt, & Tyler.
—Kylee Kimmel

To: Matt
Matthew B, in case you're listening this week, Happy 30th Birthday! You're loved very much. Love, Marina
—Marina Klusas

June 14, 2011

To: Mark and Linda Robinson
Happy Birthday! We hope the view isn't obstructed...and if it is,don't worry-it's radio! Love, Edelweiss and Petunia
—Ben and Sara Robinson

June 13, 2011

To: George Bell
For the Interlochen performance on June 18th, please read, "Happy 87th Birthday to George Bell, a volunteer usher for today's performance, from all his family in Washington state."
—Greg BELL

To: Rick Bandstra
"Happy early fathers day dad! Your children love you more than words can tell." (We will be attending the show 6.18.11)
—Carissa Visser

June 12, 2011

To: Wayne Robertson
Happy Father's Day, Daddy! Hope to see you soon. Love ya'll.
—Laura Gilbert
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