June 19, 2011 - June 25, 2011
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June 25, 2011

To: Chris and Johnnie
Listening to the Ravinia program and thinking of you! Wish we were there to sit on the lawn and enjoy Garrison and the wonderful North Chicago weather! Please send our best to everyone in Great Lakes! Cliff and Brenda
—Cliff and Brenda Sharpe

To: Matt Clark
Happy 50th Birthday, Matt! Thanks for coming to Chicago from Palm Desert with Maggie and Patirck to celebrate. Love from your 7 older Clark siblings. We promised Mom to stop picking on you in public,especially today at Ravinia!
—Sally Arden

To: Ash and Bing
To my wife Ash, I love you. To Bing, congratulations on catching your first mouse today.
—Chris Like

To: Emily
Happy anniversary to my fabulous wife. Our first wedding and third Prairie Home Companion at Ravinia!
—Mike Carroll

To: Dr. Frank Sorensen
Dad, I'm sending you my love from Lake Mohawk, NJ to Fort Collins, CO. I'm so glad I was able to spend this past month with you. I know that in the next few days you'll be called back home -- I just wanted to promise that I'll try to be as good a man as you have been. I love you, Poppa.
—Chris Sorensen

To: Charles and Mary Klute
Hello to Charles and Mary Klute who came in from Buchanan, Michigan, for tonight's show. See? It's not so hard to get off the farm. Love, Your son Dan
—Dan Klute

June 24, 2011

To: Bob D
Happy 80th Birthday Pops! We hope you are having fun at Lake Wobegon today. We look forward to our time at Lake Owen this summer. We can hear the loons calling us now. Love, Scott & Christina
—Scott Donald

To: Joanie & Jerry Lucas
Happy 40th Anniversary to Joanie & Jerry, who made a pilgrimage all the way to Ravinia to visit Lake Wobegon, a place which has actually been the setting for their entire love story. We're glad for your love story, so we can be here. Love, Your Offspring
—Cecelia, Arun, Matt, & Kate

To: Rosemary and Walt
Happy 35th Anniversary, Mom and Dad! We hope you're enjoying the show and we all love you very much! -The kids and grandkids
—Sarah, Claire, and Veronica Belback

To: David Montagano
Happy Birthday! Remember Lana's quote for your new year: "Life is a bowl of pasta" and baby, you sure do know how to make pasta. Love
—Marguerite Juliusson

To: Schneider Family
At Ravinia; thinking of you. Know the show will make you smile while recovering.
—Jeanne Kowalski

To: Jackie
Happy first wedding anniversary, sweetheart. I'm glad we could celebrate it together at Ravinia! Love always.
—Frank DiNatale

To: Howard Strickler
Happy 70th Birthday to my husband, Howard. Keep up your 100 miles per week bicycling. It makes your gorgeous body and soul young!
—Vivienne Strickler

To: jeff
Happy 18th anniversary to my wonderful husband! So happy to be celebrating it here with you and our great kids. Looking back is just as nice as looking foward! I'm enjoying every minute!
—Mary Ellen Stahl

To: Proff Tom, Practioner Carrie, Dr. Joe, & Dr. Emily
Thanks for a wonderful 35th surprise anniversary party in Tucson. We[re very proud of your accomplishments. You kids are the best a parent could hope for.
—Larry & Kathy Hunt

To: Catherine Callahan
To my Canadian sweetheart on our 25th anniversary. You are the love of my life: je vous aime beacoup!
—Kevin Callahan

June 23, 2011

To: Joel
Happy half birthday to thee Mr. Sud Savant, Joel! We may not be sipping summer beer by the pool, but at least I'm with my favorite companion!!
—Anna Kolander

To: Mom & Dad Friday
We wouldn't be this good looking without you!! Happy 34th Anniversary. We love you.
—Mary, Jessica And Laura

To: Ron
When you poured a hot bath and a cold martini for me when I was sick, I was SO happy I decided to marry you! I love you immensely.
—Jennifer Suszek

June 22, 2011

To: Layla Eileen
Happy Third Birthday to my sweet Layla Eileen. In the Blue Ridge Hills perhaps you've seen this darling girl with the curley hair and eyes of green.
—Stephanie Duncombe

June 21, 2011

To: Norm Sussman
Happy 83rd, Stormin’ Norman – from your girls and their boys
—Sandy Sussman

To: Charles Snyder
Happy Birthday Dad!
—Cathy Dow

June 20, 2011

To: Mr Bo
Happy 63rd Birthday, darling beau. May Aracadia continue to bring you and the town much engagement and reflection this next year. xo, PWP
—PWP Young

To: Dad
Happy 74th Birthday (8/12/11). Try to cut down on the romantic comedies during chemo. Your crying is scaring the nurses.
—Ken Nelson

To: Bob
Happy silver wedding anniversary my Minnesota Viking. As your dear Norwegian father used to say, "It's a good start." All my love and heart for the next 25 years, your wife
—Kendra Bjoraker

To: Erin and David Newlyweds
Congratulations to Erin and David, our loveliest of friends with the sweetest of songs, who finally got married! Your friends in Gainesville miss and love you!
—Brie von Hausch

June 19, 2011

To: David Reeder
Goodbye to David Reeder, retired Navy, as he makes his last voyage, and my thanks to the Navy for taking his ashes to sea.
—Randall Phillips
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