June 26, 2011 - July 2, 2011
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July 2, 2011

To: Mary A.
I love you mom and I'd be lost without you.
—Krystal Harned

To: Philip and Caitlyn
Congratulations and love to our son and his finance Caitlyn who are in the land of lake wobegon tis 4th of July
—Michael Pulitzer

To: leslie
Leslie, thanks for being the best friend I've ever had. Happy anniversary! Bruce
—bruce myren


To: mom & dad brown
We are here having a great time, wish you were here. We made it to one year of marriage. Thank for everything!
—bruce myren

To: Jane Condon
Happy 79th birthday, Mom. It's a beautiful day at Tanglewood - no rain like last time. Next year in Washington DC. Don't forget to save room for cupcakes! Love - Charly, Karin, Big G, Paula, and Gary.
—Gary Condon

To: Brad and Kate
Hey guys. I just wanted to say "hi". I hope you're having a good evening at such a fancy place with such fancy people. You deserve it.
—Trevor Braun

To: Ventura
Happy 25th anniversary to the best husband ever. Thanks for doing all that stuff you really didn't sign up for... Like driving mom back to the old homestead in Minnesota. At least now you get Garrison's jokes. Yah, ya betcha.
—Kathleen Brown-Perez

To: Martha
Happy 79th birthday Mom!! Are you still glad you left Redwood Falls, Minnesota??
—Kathleen Brown-Perez

To: Debbie Trumble
I'll leave the door open on my way out!
—Suzy Irwin

To: Dad
Dad, you inspire me in how you fight Parkinson's - thanks for calling every Saturday on your walk to remind me of the show! Esther
—esther briggs

To: Mariner Mike
Your father is the only one here with a McDonalds bag. Fair winds and following seas for your last year at Maine Maritime Academy. Happy Independance Day, darlin boy. We love you.
—Ma Pyne Dunn

To: Daniel
Air Force basic training honor grad, we love you and are VERY proud! We know you can hear us! Love, Mom, Dad, Mark, and Heather
—Vin Perrotta

To: Brendan Dieffenbach
Greetings from Tanglewood to you and Lucy, our favorite members of the Professional Organization of English Majors. Bubs and the Squeaker send their love, too!
—Mark and Marie Dieffenbach

To: Anna Louise
Welcome to Anna Louise, out on the lawn at her first Prairie Home Show! Love, Nanna and Grampa
—Mary Jo Ramsey

To: All of Minnesota
Minnesota, I miss you! I'm based in Chicago, and miss the cities, the lakes, and the walleye more then you know. =)
—Tom Ewing

To: Kate
O beleaguered costume mistress of Bay Street Players (Eustis, FL), hope the replacement clothes dryer arrives, soon.
—Debb G

July 1, 2011

To: Kristen
To my sweetie pie, Kristen, celebrating our 1st anniversary of marriage, here in the audience at Tanglewood, July 4th weekend. Looking forward to many more years together on the farm.
—Dale Vargason

To: Elizabeth Gary
Thank you for passing on your love for public radio and tv. I am a better person because of you. Much Love, Michael.
—Michael Gary

To: Peter
Linda from Berkshire Studio Photography says thank you, to her husband Peter (of 26 years) for the GREAT 4th row seats to tonight’s show.
—Linda Haas

To: Michael
Thanks for taking care of the house and animals while I went away to Veterinary Technician College. Made the Dean's List so, hopefully I'll get a job soon.
—Kirsten Reiner

To: Harriet Schwartz
Happy 100th July 4th birthday, Bubba! The fireworks are all for you. With love from your many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, sired and acquired.
—Bob Keynton

To: Katie
To our Katie, studying abroad on the other side of the world in Japan. Here we are at Tanglewood with Prairie Home and sending you this message through the magic of radio and the internet. Much more fun than spying on you through Facebook. Love, Mom and Dad
—Janice Elliott

To: John Liberatore
Happy Third anniversary John, you mean the world to me! Thanks for scoring tickets to this show tonight! Love, Jenni
—Jennica Liberatore

To: Sarah Crane
Greetings to the Crane Family of East Kingston, New Hampshire with love from Colorado. Enjoy this well earned break from the burdens of last week. Take it a day at a time, keep your heads up, your hearts light and keep breathing.
—Jennifer Crane

To: Ken
thanks, honey, you're the best care taker ever! You make being a patient almost enjoyable. Thanks for taking me home from the hospital instead of Donna!
—pam gaspar

June 30, 2011

To: Linda Haas
Congratulations Linda on your New Photo Studio In North Adams - Berkshire Studio - I know you'll Do Great - Love Pete
—Peter Haas

To: Mark
Happy wedding anniversary. I'm so glad I gave you a second chance after you lost my phone number seven years ago. You're a fabulous husband.
—Heather Rowan-Kenyon

To: Charlie
Happy birthday, darling and happy 7 month anniversary. We are proof of two things; you are never too old to be completely and utterly in love or to find happiness even in the daily routine of life. I love you.
—Holly Spalding

To: Kathy
Happy 27th to my beautiful bride. No better way to spend an anniversary than to be at Tanglewood with a PHC!
—Bill Anderson

To: Scott
When you asked me out in college, who knew one day we'd enjoy listening to a bunch of Minnesotans while sitting on the grass. Thanks for sticking by me during the "in sickness" part of our wedding vows, here's hoping we've hit the "in health" part of our married life.
—Kathy T

To: Bob and Chryl
Happy 26th Anniversary! See you soon at the cottage. If you can have the lake temperature up to 68 degrees by then, we would appreciate it.
—Vincent Lubrano

To: Harriet Brown
Happy to be going to Tangle-wood with HB!
—Calvin Nelson

To: Kevin
Happy 35th birthday to my Daddy! love- Jax
—Jamie Delaney

To: My wife Coralee
Happy 33rd Anniversary to my wife Coralee on July 8th, from her husband Norm
—norman griep

June 29, 2011

To: Dan and Tauria Catlin
Rodolfo and Lori Garcia welcome Dan and Tauria Catlin to our yearly celebration on the lawn under the most sacred palm of Tanglewood.
—Rodolfo and Lori Garcia

To: Judy Kasper
Rob says happy 40th wedding annivesary to Judy. There were only 99 people in your hometown, I think I picked the right one. If not it is too late now.
—Rob Kasper

June 28, 2011

To: Michael Sutherland
Happy 4th to Popsie, Mumsie, and family across the country! I wish I was there, but at least we can meet half-way at Lake Wobegon.
—Amy Sutherland

To: Dale
Happy 1st anniversary. You are my sweetie pie!
—Kristen Vargason

Finally here after all these years. Jim is most well known as the writer of these lyrics from the smash blues hit - "Weymouth Landing Lover" : I'm a Weymouth Landing love for ya, baby. I ain't no Quincy Square. I ain't much for church goin', honey. I sure, ain't no Holyoke. I ain't all that good lookin,darlin'. And I ain't no Braintree. But if it's a beatdown that roamin' rooster would like, then Tangle-I-wood. Cuz I'm a Weymouth Landing lover. I ain't no Quincy Square. Hanover, Hanover, Hanover again.

June 27, 2011

To: John and Diane Clarkin
Greetings to John and Diane Clarkin of Anoka, Minnesota from your daughter Michelle--who is pleased to be able to see Anoka's famous native son at Tanglewood on Saturday night!
—Michelle Clarkin

To: Sydney
Congratulations you are a 3L We are very proud of you good luck in your last year of Law school Love Dad,Karen,Paul,Billy,Christen, and Rob. We always wanted to sue the neighbors.
—Robert Harpin

To: Jack
Happy 11th Birthday Jack! In the words of Hagrid himself.."it's not everyday your young man turns 11!" Love, Mom and Dad
—Kathy Sabadosa

To: Carla, Bill, and Nora
We had a great time visiting you last month! We will stay in the cottage during our winter visit, when the snakes are gone hibernation. -Jane and Ronny
—Jane Howe

To: Sharon
Happy 25th Anniversary to my lovely wife and best friend. No better way to celebrate than for us to be at Tanglewood.
—Randy Metz

To: Linda Brown
Wishing you the most special 30th birthday this 4th of July! Looking forward to hanging out by the river with you and our little Liam on your birthday. Love you babe! ~Cam
—Cam Brown

To: Maureen Cardarelli
To my dear wife, hope you're enjoying seeing the show live at Tanglewood on our "Mystery Independence day weekend" here in Lenox. Happy 15th Anniversary! I love you!
—Andrew Cardarelli

June 26, 2011

To: Jane McKinney
We couldn't get to Minnesota so I aggranged to have the show come to New England! Happy 34th anniversary to the love of my life!
—Tom McKinney

To: Fanny
We wish you a very Happy Birthday and congratulations on our 40th anniversary from your loved ones here across the USA and in Holland.
—Roy Degesero

To: Art & Dort Waer
Happy 75th Anniversary Nana & Grandpa)! 75 years together of clean livin'& lovin' - can't wait to celebrate this wknd w/ you & the whole family & community @ Whittier Methodist in Whittier, California!
—Rebecca Waer

To: Peter Bachand
Hi to Peter, out on the lawn, from Mom in the second row. (Tanglewood, July 2)
—Meridith Singleton

To: Annie Kirvin
To my favorite SIL, thank you for making me part of the Madden Sisters weekend. The kids are old enough now not to worry about them burning down the house cooking dinner!
—Mary Gatslick
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