September 4, 2011 - September 10, 2011
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September 10, 2011

To: Marty Wiseman
Daddy, can you believe we are here to sing about "Powder Milk Biscuits" in person after listening for over 25 years!?!?! You have been a great role model, and I look up to you and think of you when I need to make a tough decision. Thank you for teaching me how to be wise. I LOVE YOU!
—Kelly Szczepanski

September 9, 2011

To: Robin James
To Robin, age 10, Dad and I are so happy to be bringing you to your first Prairie Home Companion in Chattanoga! Love, Mom and Dad
—Nancy James

To: Cale Smith
Sorry you couldn't make it tonight, Cale. You might not be as cultured as the rest of the family, but we still hope the baby inherits some of your genes, specifically your math skills and good looks.
—Anne Randle

To: Mom
Do you recall how we spent the evening of the second Saturday of September, 27 years ago? I remember it, and it sounded a lot like this. Thanks for raising four "above-average" children who appreciate sarcasm, folk music and good old-fashioned sound effects.
—Mary Catherine Barganier

To: Nana
I caught Callie drinking my cup of tea. It's decaf but she's only 2. Do I cut her off or offer her cream and sugar?
—Summer Mungle

September 8, 2011

To: Greg Walker
To Dad. I know you are listening from somewhere. Here's to countless Saturdays spent together listening to Prairie Home Companion. We love and miss you.
—Jeanie Walker

To: Emmett Hall (DAD)
To my Beloved Dad! Your Daughter sends her love, wishes you were here at the Tuscaloosa show!
—Samantha Hall

To: Brian Perlman
Happy 21st birthday! Keep soaring to new heights but stay sober when you do!
—Cindy Perlman

To: Sarah Bradley
6-7-8 …our wedding day. 9-10-11 …listening to what Garrison has to say. Who knows what 12-13-14 has in store? I just know …I’ll love you more!
—Michael Bradley

To: Cathy Kott
HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, Mama! We love you so! And thanks for introducing us to this wonderful radio program!
—molly kott

September 7, 2011

To: Debbie
I sure am sorry we drove around in circles last night in Austin after dinner @ the Ga Raj Mahal!
—Michael May

September 6, 2011

To: Elder Garrison Jones
For CHATTANOOGA show September 10th: Thank you Elder Garrison Jones for taking me on the 12,000 mile first date road trip last summer to 11 National Parks. I guess we can't be away from each other, I am still by your side! Love you, Carol
—Carol Jensen Parsons

To: Shannon
To my wife Shannon Darling, Every time I want to wish you a happy anniversary, I count the numbers on my fingers. It still fits on my two hands So do you At least this time I remembered! Jean-Paul
—Jean Paul Peretz

To: AJ Gabrielski
Andy, I can't believe I missed the live reading of your greeting in 2008; the wine was fine and I had to use the restroom. You're mine of the millions and I love you!
—Jessica Gabrielski

September 5, 2011

To: Bret Golson
We finally made it to Prairie Home Companion!! I hope you have a fantastic time- you deserve it! (And maybe Garrison will enjoy T-town!) Love you so much and am grateful you're mine!
—Megan Golson

To: Jennifer Hess
Today we start our lives together and I could not be more happy,I love you and hope you dont mind if I ice fish more this winter!
—Justin Hess

To: Nicholas Serre
Celebrating our 4th Anniversary and the 1st birthday of our Daughter Scarlett. Thank you for the tickets to my favorite show.
—Mary Serre

September 4, 2011

To: Katie & Kyle
Happy Wedding Day (9/10/11) to my sweet niece Katie, and her adorable husband Kyle. May your future be filled with love and laughter.
—Tamara Ferguson
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