October 2, 2011 - October 8, 2011
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October 8, 2011

To: Dearest Hoyt
Thank you for surprising me with tickets to the show last week. And thank you for loving me. Happy Third Anniversary Honey! All my love, Louise
—Louise Baker

To: Phil, Michael, Matthew and Lauren
Having a great time visiting the twin cities - hope you're holding down the east coast for us! Happy first anniversary Matthew and Lauren! Love - Faith and Meghan
—Faith Ludvigsen

To: To our Goetz family (pronounced getz)
Looking forward to Thanksgiving at Rosie and Kent's in Colorado. You make the turkey and we'll bring the Surly's!
—Dave and Nancy Goetz

October 7, 2011

To: Rachel Kaplan
Congratulations regarding your decision to be an English major. We've heard you still have a chance to be a success!
—Jonathan Foster

To: Katie McNeil
Month 2 in windy Chicago: just swallowed an orange maple leaf. You were right -- I should always walk with my mouth closed.
—Ali Anderson

To: David F. B. Hein
Happy 70th birthday. Now you’re a REALLY old bear. Wool! Yes, I know bears have fur and not wool, but just say it anyway, ok?
—Angie Hein

To: Nancy Stoddard
Happy 70th Birthday from loving family and friends who finally accept your theory that October 2 marks merely the beginning of your annual "Birthday Season."
—Denis Stoddard

October 5, 2011

To: Rolly and Lucy Schiffman
Happy Anniversary to my parents as they celebrate 70 years together. The early years in Gibbon, MN got them off to a good start and they are still going strong.
—Lolly Schiffman

To: Ron and Donna Taschner
Happy Double Birthdays to our Mom and Dad, Donna and Ron! Each of them are celebrating 70 years - you youngsters you! We will always love you, from your children Tammy, Tony and Teri.
—Tammy Djerf

October 4, 2011

To: Ron and Donna Taschner
Happy 70th birthdays, Mom and Dad. We look forward to celebrating with you at this Saturday's (Oct. 8) Prairie Home show.
—Tony Taschner

To: Holly Lipow
Thank you for nineteen wonderful years of marriage and for our beautiful two sons, Jason and Matthew. I'm looking forward to more precious years that we can share together. Love
—David Lipow

October 3, 2011

To: Roger
Happy Anniversary! Hope you are enjoying our trip!
—Shirlee Scovill

October 2, 2011

To: Christina
My dear wife of three years, we had a baby and built a home together. The fireworks in Spain were nothing compared to what lies ahead. .
—Danny Wysong
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