October 16, 2011 - October 22, 2011
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October 22, 2011

To: Lady, my recently passed dog
Here's to you, Lady, in Dog Heaven. We miss you and will always appreciate how you watched over the kids. Soon enough, Lauren
—Lauren Dale Reece

To: Francine
Happy birthday from your brother-in-law Dennis
—ray intemann

To: david
Spent all day searching Como park trying to fond Zen in the Japanese Garden. Couldn't find the Japanese Garden. But we found Zen.
—Faifan Tantakitti

To: Lisa
Happy 25th anniversary! My brother says I married up, and he sure was right but I still took 25 years to get you to Prairie Home!
—Jim Korslund

To: My dearest Chris
Happy Wonderful 42 Years! Sorry to be away this most special day; just wait for the celebration later! Love you too much, Pookie
—Susan Kayes

October 21, 2011

To: Gerard
Thanks to my wonderful husband for driving me 1400 miles to see PHC in its home theater in this lovely city and fulfilled a 35 year wish. Greetings to our sons in Michigan and Maryland, who grew up with PHC every Saturday night.
—Sheila Koot

To: Chase Kozak
Happy 11th birthday Chase. Your parents are sure we're fulfilling all your birthday dreams by bringing you to your first Prairie Home Companion show!
—Kim Chase-Kozak

To: Jamie Lee
Congratulations on the job with the TSA. Remember to get clean gloves if you ever need to search your mom, ok?
—Lu Anne Clark

To: Sue and Tom Broadbooks
Congratulations on your 25th wedding aniversary. Being at the show indicates just how wild a couple can be when the kids go off to college.
—Pat Byrnes

October 20, 2011

To: Gerard and Sheila
Even though the Sox aren't in the series, you made it to Minnesota! Have fun and "slow down tiger" from the Dutch Summer Scholars
—Ellen Siegel

To: Faifan
Glad you still wanted to see PHC with me, even after I described it to you. [1st time visitors from Seattle]
—David McWherter

October 19, 2011

To: Sue & Tom. Broad books
Happy 25th anniversary to my sister Sue and her husband Tom Broadbooks who will be celebrating at this Saturday's PHC show. Much love, Shawn
—Shawn Byrnes

To: Tom & Sue Broadbooks
Happy 25th Anniversary! Hope you have a MORE THAN above average day! We love you lots!
—Carrie & Bob Wurr

To: Louise Oven
Sitting in the audience, enjoying PHC for her 53rd birthday, fulfilling a dream on her bucket list! Thanks, GK!
—Pam Oberembt

October 16, 2011

To: Lena Risse
Happy 19th Birthday to our sweet Guy Noir fan, Lena. Hope Concordia (Portland) survives your birthday celebration!! Love, Mom & Papa
—Crystal Risse

To: Eva Risse
Congratulations to my English major daughter Eva, and her newly employed, Engineer-in Training husband, Jeremy-on receiving the new job!!
—Crystal Risse

To: Alyssa Mandel
To my wonderful wife Alyssa, I clearly married over my head so I thought skywriting my love for you but you know how horrible my spelling is. So I did the next best thing Mr. Keilor saying how incredible you are. Love your husband, Brian
—Brian Gomien
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