October 23, 2011 - October 29, 2011
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October 29, 2011

To: Owain and Dylan
Owain and Dylan, we are looking forward to your Thanksgiving visit from Seattle. I will have warm gingerbread pankakes ready for breakfasthere in Colorado Springs! Love, MuMu and Grampa
—Cynthe Ann Winebrenner

To: Doreen, Carol, and Nancy, and Julie at home
Hi from Leslie! Mom, good thing you wore that neck brace so you could get seats in the accessible section and see Garrison's every pore! Love, sis.
—Leslie Crossland

To: werner stiller
get well soon from your open heart surgery
—natalia escarpita

To: Granddad
There is a wonderful man in Estes Park who is celebrating his 90th birthday today. We miss you, Granddad!
—Erin Rodriguez

To: Ruth and Stan
Enjoy the show and your snow! We'll be back to visit soon. From your flatlander relatives, Gail and Rob in Ames, IA
—Gail White

To: Joel
My Saturday highlight is listening long-distance with you. Warm wishes for many more performances.
—Julie Rose

To: Sue Andzik
Happy 42nd engagement ring anniversary. Knew you 12 days before you said yes to my marriage proposal. Love you, Al Monument, Colorado
—Al Andzik

To: TunaMan Doug
Tuna is the be-all and end-all. Thanks for teaching me to speak fish.
—lidl lidl face

To: John and Liz Reeder
John and Liz, your Minnesotan Granddaughters would like to send you a big "UFF'DA!" from Colorado for your upcoming birthdays! Love, Emma, Greta, Hannah, Jane
—Greta Rieder

To: Chris
Happy 7th Anniversary Sweetie! There's no '7 year itch for me'...but sorry about all the toast breadcrumbs in the bed. I'll keep the toast out of the bedroom in the future.
—Glen Roseboom

To: Steve Manesiotis
Happy 75th Birthday Dad/Grandpa from your daughter and son-in-law who dragged you here today, your grandson living the Mouse dream in California and your granddaughter visiting Canada.
—Kim Greer

To: Linda Shaufler
Happy Birthday to my lovely wife of 26 years. What a better way to spend a day with you listening to Prairie Home Companion. Notice how I omitted the B-day age and opted to mention our years together.
—Gary Shaufler

To: Todd
To my older brother Todd - if you're listening to this, my life is now officially better than yours.
—Sara F

To: Larry Liebross
Dad, Happy 66th birthday! You still owe me $2,500 for my wedding.
—Sara Liebross

To: Garry and Jeanni George
Sorry things didn't work out with me and your son, but I was wondering if I could still get your homemade bran muffin recipe?
—Sara Flowe

To: Grandma and Aunt Charmaine
Here's to 3 generations of women enjoying the same program together across the United States. Wish you were here. Love and miss you both, Autumn
—Autumn Crosby

To: Lou Clark
Please practice piano as soon as the show is over. I bet Rich Dworsky's mommy made him practice too. Love, Your overbearing Mother.
—Kris Clark

To: Bea James
It's rare to have a wife as a best friend, but it makes marriage and love all the more special.
—Jerry James

October 28, 2011

To: Mom
Happy 64th, Mom. Who knew one woman could give birth to both an English major and an accountant! Here's to the Fitz, Forepaughs, and mother-daughter weekends in "the old country"!
—Tammy Crawford-Van Wyhe

To: Jordan
Happy 40th birthday to Navy Chief Walma. Hoping you'll have a safe four months in that desert over there. We'll save some of this Pikes Peak snow until you get back. Mitch and Heather
—Mitchell Walma

To: Noah
Hey son, thrilled you are loving Colorado School of Mines! In response to how someone, hypothetically, would clean soot off their dorm wall from a jet fuel experiment, try Windex.
—Lisa and Eric Langford

To: Bob and Silvia Moody
Bob and Sylvia Moody are celebrating 54 years of marriage. Six years ago, Bob forgot their 48th anniversary and has been paying for that lapse of memory ever since. In the past six years Sylvia has gotten her kitchen remolded, new carpet, landscaping and this year tickets to A Prairie Home Companion.
—Larry Fox

October 27, 2011

To: Deborah Moore
Happy 20th anniversary! I finally took a picture of you that you liked, and now it's on our credit card for everyone to see!
—Robert Moore

To: Oddvar Holum Kopischke
10,000 birthday greetings from the land of 10,000 lakes . . . Sean
—Sean Spillane

To: Oddvar Holum Kopischke
Uffdah, 60 already!? Happy 60th birthday from your sis in Minnesooota! You betcha!
—Debra Kopischkespillane

To: Capt. Bill Doty (USN)
Wish we could be at the show with you and Bill and Cynthia to celebrate your 88th birthday. See you all at Christmas in Connecticut!
—Carol and Ted Platt

October 26, 2011

To: Oddvar Kopishke
Happy 60th Birthday. They say 50 is nifty...but 60 is the new 40!
—Michele Contis

October 25, 2011

To: Aaron
Happy birthday Aaron! I hope you get to hear your name on Prairie Home Companion. That would be the icing on the cake! That is, unless there's icing on a real cake... :)
—Betsy Chatham

To: Debbie McKinzie-Johnson
A wonderful birthday to our mother! Hope you are enjoying the live show. Love, the Good Son and the Other Son.
—Jeremiah/Trevor Johnson

October 24, 2011

To: Susan Bleekman
Happy birthday Susan! Thanks for driving all the way to Ft. Collins for the show. Good to do these things before we're too old.
—Dell Bleekman

Happy Birthday from Mom,Dad,Nanya and your brother,the senior at St.Olaf.We were fortunate to get tickets in the nose bleed section for tonight's performance (Nov.19) at St.Olaf. We're celebrating your 23rd birthday for you while you are working in Seattle with Lutheran Volunteer Corps having recently graduated from LUther College. I KNOW you'd love to be here at the Prairie Home Companion Show but alas you are not. Hope your housemates help you to celebrate.HUGS!
—Elaine Allen

To: Jeff and Meredith
Hi to mom and dad who could not be here tonight, since I am unemployed I will have ample time to watch your trees grow and contemplate my degree from Colorado State.
—William McNamee

October 23, 2011

To: dan & Mari` cary
congratulations on your safe return from S.Korea and oh great guns! a baby due on June 14!! how you thrill an old lady's heart, love, mom and dad
—mom & dad cary

To: Patrick
Our beloved Patrick is always with us! Afer visiting his friend's grave we drove home to a gorgeous sky and the song Will The Circle Be Un-Broken..Divine Intervention for sure!
—Sharon Zayas

To: "Papa Al" and Gigi Holland
Wishing you a safe and happy drive from Oregon to New York! We love you and can't wait to see you.
—Annie, Fiona, & Ricky Fitts
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