October 30, 2011 - November 5, 2011
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November 5, 2011

To: Jo
Moodle, twenty seven years ago you joined me for our first evening with Garrison and the cast. Three beautiful girls later the Old Firm is branching out! And the we can still spend some evenings with PHC. Love you, Cash Money!
—Barry Brown

To: John Varden
Thank you for never giving up on moving our family to Kentucky. After 15 years of hearing about the beauty and charm of the bluegrass state I am now pleased to call it my home.
—Nancy EJ Varden

To: Mom
We "made it" because you willed it to be so, but our hearts are there with you. Hope you're feeling better soon.
—Dana Davey

To: Phillip Flood
Happy Birthday from your Son and Daughter-in-law. We're glad Garrison Keillor chose to forgo the New York City Marathon to entertain you live in Murray on November 5th.
—Matthew and Echo Flood

November 4, 2011

To: Jane, David, Jeff, Paula, Chet and Nancy
Hello and just thought you should know that you will have a new grandchild next June. Your kids, Andy and Betsy
—Andrew Spohn

To: Mr. Keillor
I am in the audience this evening in KY.I wanted to see PHC in St. Paul in January to get the full frozen Minnesota experience but my spouse said it was silly. How could I convince her it's a good idea?
—David Zelmon

To: Alan and Barb
Hello and best wishes to Alan and Barb in Minneapolis, MN from Mojgan (pronounced Mozh-Gun) and David of Ohio. We made it to a Prairie Home show.
—Mojgan Samardar

November 3, 2011

To: Bill Batchelder from Bemidji
The blond bombshell building the bakery between Beltrami and Broadway is betrothed! No more sweet buns....
—Jim Gould

To: Mary Carpenter
I am so grateful that thirty one years ago we met at the public Library. You are the dearest friend anyone could have! And now we both work at a Library!
—Laura Lohr

To: Phil & Lorain
Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple and special friends.
—Laura Lohr

To: Jim Bryant
Happy Birthday, may our heads always share one pillow. we love you.
—Nicole & Ella Hand-Bryant

To: Christopher King
First came Beezus with those mesmerizing eyes. Next arrived Bo Peep, our pursed-lipped little prize. Any moment we'll meet number three-- A happier wife and mommy, I could never be. Thank you for giving us your creativity, humor, childlike wonder and inappropriate song lyrics. I love you.
—Jenn King

To: Susie Todd
We can't wait to celebrate your first birthday in December! We love you, even if you bite us with your new baby teeth. All our love to our little strawberry girl. Mommy, Daddy, and Lola the dog
—Jenni Todd

November 2, 2011

To: Luke
3 yrs dating, 2 yrs married. Love is patient, love is kind…You’ve certainly been patient. You’ve renovated our house, became a stepdad, joined the Lutherans, and now you're attending a Prairie Home Companion Show with me. Oh the things you do for love the second time around! (we will be at the show on Nov 5 in Murray KY)
—Lisa Mitchell

November 1, 2011

To: Clayton Havens
Happy 39th birthday to Clayton Havens. You are the caffeine in my coffee. Even though you hate coffee. Love, your Tisha
—Tisha King Havens

October 31, 2011

To: harold dorris
Happy Birthday to my Ex-friend H.D. To show my heartfelt appreciation for those Cuban cigars you bought for me (and smoked yourself, claiming fear of Customs), I wanted you to know that I bought you a great bottle of 18-year old Scotch (but drank it myself last week for fear of potential snakebite).
—bill carter

To: Marijo
Happy 28th anniversary. Love you so much. You are an inspiration to others. You make my life worth living. Thanks for taking care of me.
—Terry Swinnen

October 30, 2011

To: Emily Maija Rogstad
Happy 21st birthday to the best daughter ever! You are 'our sunshine'! See you next weekend, love Mom & Dad
—Syver & Mary Rogstad
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